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WIP Status Report

Project 85 WIP Update
Um euch zu beweisen, dass die Welt noch nicht nur aus ArmA2 und OFP2 besteht, gibt es heute mal ein größeren WIP Statusreport.

Unteranderem präsentierte Vilas vom Project '85, Faly von CSLA und itim_tuko seines Conflict Zone Mindanao neue Screens ihrer Moddingprojekte.

Außerdem zeigte noch Kapyong zwei Screens seines RLK-Packs und icemotoboy präsentierte ein größeres Update zu seiner C130 Hercules Maschine.

Alles das seht ihr unter Weiterlesen.
Vilas veröffentlichte in den BI-Foren sechs neue Screens des Project '85. Zusehen gibt es in den actiongeladenen Screens Einheiten und den T-55.

Project 85 WIP Screens #1Project 85 WIP Screens #0

Project 85 WIP Screens #3Project 85 WIP Screens #2

Project 85 WIP UpdateProject 85 WIP Screens #4

Itim_tuko informierte in seinem BI-Forum Theard über den WIp Status seines Conflict Zone Mindanao Projekts.

Conflict Zone Mindanao WIP

"MILF" are Moro Islamic Liberation Front (Muslim Rebels/Terrorists)
"NPA" are New Peoples Army (Communists)
"SB" are Sword Bearers (fictional Muslim Terrorists)

USEC C130 Update
icemotoboy klärte in einem großen Update über den derzeitigen WIP Status seines C130 Hercules Projekts auf und erläuterte zudem noch die Features des Addons.

USEC C130 Update #1

Major progress in pretty much all areas. I've remodelled the flaps to include the inner flaps. They are independently animated, and move backwards and angle downwards at the same time, to ensure the effect is similar to what I have seen when researching the C130.

USEC C130 Update #2

After no joy getting exhausts to work on the engines through the engine (appears to only work for vehicles and ships), I decided to script my own in.

USEC C130 Update #3

I have nearly finished my base textures, in grey USEC markings. I will be producing variants for camo and etc... if I have time but I won't let it hold up the release. I have Specular, Normal, and Detail mapping on the body.

USEC C130 Update #4

The cockpit is fully animated, I am modelling the gauges with as much attention to detail as I can (including rotating numbers in the altimeter). I will be rebaking it once I have finished modelling.

USEC C130 Update #5

The cockpit provides great visibility, and I am hoping to have a rudimentary VOR/NAV script in place that allows you to place VORs and use them with the HSI I have put in. The navigator will have the ability to set this for the pilot. This may not be in for Alpha.

Faly vom CSLA Studios veröffentlichte in den BI-Forums neue Screens vom CSLA Phase 1 Projekt.

CSLA Phase 1 WIP #0
(OT-64) / M1964 middle wheeled armored personal carrier

CSLA Phase 1 WIP #1
M1953/1959 30mm antiaircraft twingun Lizard

CSLA Phase 1 WIP #1CSLA Phase 1 WIP #0
(RPG-75) (jet-propelled AT grenade) / M1975 rocket-propelled grenade

Zuguter letzt zeigte Kapyong noch zwei neue Screens seines RLK-Armory Projekts.

Addition of a 100rnd C-MAG to the FNC with Bi-Pod.
Will become the staple of the RLK Infantry Section.
RLK Armory Update #1RLK Armory Update #0

On the Flip of the spectrum, the Baiks Manufacturing Company has produced a copy of the AK-74, which has become popular with Leskap Sepratists.
Here is an example of one captured by an RLK Special Forces Team.

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