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USEC Project "Shaker" Update

Rocket zeigte heute in den BI Foren seine sehr beeindruckende WIP Arbeit für das USEC Projekt "Shaker". Einzelne Teile sollen separat released werden, der Hauptteil allerdings ist für das USEC Projekt bestimmt.

Weitere Infos und Videos unter "Weiterlesen".
Zitat von Rocket:
USEC has been operating PROJECT SHAKER for the past few months, with the details classified to those within USEC. The culimation of this was a final weapon systems test tonight.

Videos and images speak for themselves. I will be releasing many of the components, but the main package is for USEC.

If there are any credible maritime makers out there who need the Phalanx or MK13 launcher, they can contact me. I made a Mk21 but due to proxy limitations with static objects I didn't like the result, so made a MK13 instead.

The B-1B has been a longterm project and is nearing maturity. I've decided to make it public as I accidentally mentioned it in a few posts anyway. I've reached my photo limit so B-1B photos will come later.

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02.11.08 um 06:06 Uhr




wenn ihr das raus bringt, bin ich der erste ders hat!! xD

wie geil!

02.11.08 um 07:14 Uhr


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junge junge da kommt doch mal freude auf in dem großen zockerherz...super arbeit freue mich schon assozial aufs release :)

ganz großes kino