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SPON Scuba

Dank Spooner wird Dynamitfischen nun auch in ArmA zum Trend. Sein Scuba Addon ermöglicht nicht nur die Steuerung und das Überleben eines Tauchers, sondern auch die Platzierung von Unterwasserbomben.

Erhältlich gibt es das Ganze rein als Script, für die Missionmacher unter euch - sowie als Addon zum einfachen Gebrauch.
spon\_scuba #1spon\_scuba #0


SPON Scuba v0.1.0

- Released: 2008-10-23 (at OFPEC)
- Install size: 38k (mission scripts) / 92k (addon version)
- (mission version) 100% scripts with no addon dependencies
- (addon version) Requires XEH (1.9 or higher), but a copy of the latest version is included in the release.
- Requires ArmA 1.09 (or higher) and SPON Core (v0.5.1 or higher).
- See attached README.html for full details

Explore the vast undersea kingdom at last...and blow it up! Underwater swimming and demolitions.

Requires that the SPON Core be installed in the mission (v0.5.1 or higher). Both SPON Scuba and SPON Core are available in two versions: One is a client-side addon and the other is mission-script-based, which does not require any addons to be installed on client or server. Both require ArmA 1.09 or higher.

Recommended for use with the ADO Combat Diver model (From ADO compagnie addon which requires ADO armes). I am not in any way affiliated with the ADO mod.

* Swim upwards or downwards in water (Uses <Helicopter Up> and <Helicopter Down>, which defaults to 'Q' and 'Z' keys).
* All equipment, that would otherwise be lost, is preserved while swimming and re-equipped when getting out of the water.
* Player can hold breath when swimming underwater, for a certain time, then starts taking damage. Resurfacing replenishes breath.
* A player with air-supply equipment will use that when swimming underwater, rather than holding breath, until it runs out (AI are considered to have an infinite air-supply).
* Accelerated swimming speed for players, at about 2x normal (pretending we are wearing a wetsuit and flippers).
* AI can be made to scuba too, though they won't do it normally (using SPON_Scuba_swimAtDepth function).
* AI breathe when underwater, producing bubble effect (particles).
* Compatibility:
o SP: Yes (not team-switch), but see limitations, below.
o MP: No
o Missions or addons that don't share key event handlers: No.

* When equipment is re-equipped after swimming, all large magazines will be refilled and primary/secondary weapons reloaded!
* As far as the engine is concerned, you are really floating on the surface of the water, so AI can still see and shoot at you at that surface position and you can't swim under boats.
* AI have infinite air-supplies.
* Can't touch off underwater satchel charges when inside a vehicle (not implemented yet).
* Satchels are placed instantly, when they should take a couple of seconds (not implemented yet).
* When using SPON_Scuba_swimAtDepth, the AI will instantly move to that depth. They won't smoothy swim to it (not implemented yet).
* When taking suffocation damage, there is no aural or visual indicator (not implemented yet).
* No limitation of depth that can be dived to. Should take damage below about 50m due to pressure (not implemented yet).

Known Issues
* In MP, other players flicker quite badly and appear both in their actual submerged position and on the surface at once! This also means you can be shot by other people firing at your "surface-image", even if you are swimming far below the surface.
* When swimming very near the sea bed, movement for the local player can be a bit jerky.
* You can still take equipment out of the cargo of a boat while swimming, even though you already have gear preserved (when you get out, you can be carrying too much gear).
* AI getting reequipped when they get out of the water always equip their pistol, if they have one, rather than correctly going back to their primary weapon.

* Harpoon gun!
* A lot more configuration options.
* A better display than using a hint.
* Fire pistol when treading water on surface (not firing when underwater or through water).

Design Aims
* Explore an entirely new dimension of the game!
* Avoid addons, in favour of scripting, as far as possible. 100% mission-scripts version available!

(See readme.html for full details of changes before current version)

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KaKu Redakteur

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ja dit nen ick mal ne coole sache,jetzt müssen nur noch navyklamotten raus kommen und der massenschlacht zu wasser,zu lande und in der luft steht nichts mehr im wege ^^.
25.10.08 um 12:03 Uhr



Gabs nicht schon mal ein Kampftaucher Addon?

Super Sache.
25.10.08 um 12:13 Uhr


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Jetzt brauchen wir doch den Hai den es vor geraumer Zeit mal als Techdemo zu sehen gab ^^
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Als Addon version einfach in den addon ordner packen und es geht sofort oder muss ich da irgendwas in der mission mit angeben? MP Fähig?
25.10.08 um 18:20 Uhr


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Zitat von Clawhammer:
Als Addon version einfach in den addon ordner packen und es geht sofort oder muss ich da irgendwas in der mission mit angeben? MP Fähig?

[ ] du hast die extra verlinkte Readme gelesen.
26.10.08 um 01:44 Uhr


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das ist mal ne richtig geile sache jungs....da kommt doch en haufen freude auf.
da wird das armaherz kreativ :)
02.11.08 um 11:00 Uhr


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Wo gibts die Bohrinsel zum bomben dazu?

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