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Pistolen, Gewehre, Maschinengewehre und -pistolen für Armed Assault.

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FDF Mod v1.0

19 Dez

Neben einigen erwarteten Überraschungen bringt dieser Dezember auch ein wirkliches Schmankerl mit sich, denn die Jungs von FDF haben ihre Mod "fiNNished"!

Neben der obligatorischen Vielzahl an Einheiten und Waffen, bekommt ihr auch eine neue Insel namens Podaga (wir berichteten), sowie eine Single Player Kampagne und einige MP Missionen.
Dateigröße: 419.61 MB
Autor: FDF Mod
Datum: 19.12.08
Downloads: 3363

CSLA3 Phase1 - v1.0

14 Dez
Die Jungs von CSLA bescheren euch ein frühes Weinachtsgeschenk mit der Veröffentlichung von Phase 1 ihrer Mod. Neben einer reichaltigen Auswahl an Waffen, Einheiten und Fahrzeugen, gibt es zudem auch gleich 10 SP - sowie einige MP Missionen damit die Addons nicht im Editor verstauben.
csla3phase1 #1csla3phase1 #2csla3phase1 #3
csla3phase1 #7csla3phase1 #8csla3phase1 #9
csla3phase1 #4csla3phase1 #5csla3phase1 #6

Dateigröße: 229 MB
Autor: CSLA Mod
Datum: 14.12.08
Downloads: 1730

31st WW2 - Normandy Mod (beta)

03 Nov
Rip31st veröffentlichte die erste Beta Version der WW2 Mod. Die Mod behandelt hierbei im Wesentlichen die Landung in der Normandie im Jahr 1944 durch die Alliierten.

Siehe auch Operation Overlord.

Rip31st Features - ENG

-US 2nd infantry Division by Agamoth
-101st Airborne Division by Agamoth
-Bofors 40mm by Project RACS, textured & reconfigured by rip31st
-WC51 Dodge truck by Burner converted for Arma use by rip31st
-Horsa glider by T_roc converted for Arma, added hinged nose by rip31st
-BF109 F4 by FFS studios Faust & Frizy, reconfigured and swastikas removed by rip31st
-Opel Blitz(desert & grey) by FFS Studios Faust & Frizy reconfigured to play the universal roll of supply, ammo & repair truck by rip31st
-Kubelwagon (desert & grey) by FFS studios Faust & Frizy
-Flak 36 8.8cm by Johns_ART converted for Arma, custom sound by rip31st
-Flak 38 20mm by Johns_Art reconfigered by rip31st
-Kubel MHQ (German MHQ for ww2warfare mission) by rip31st using FF studios kubelwagon
-Normandy.pbo ( THE MAP ) 156,300 meters x 156,300 meters by rip31st
-WW2 objects ( OIA_objects) by Mr Burns
-BF109 E1 by rip31st
-C47 by rip31st
-Gotha go 242 german assault/transport glider by rip31st
-HE111 H. By Atomic, configered by rip31st, textured by Enigma
-Hawker Hurricane MK IIc by rip31st
-Jagdpanther by Spamurai configured and textured rip31st
-Junkers JU-52 by rip31st
-Avro Lancaster heavy bomber by Atomic, configered by rip31st and textured by Enigma
-LCM(3) Allied landing craft - by rip31st
-Sherman M4A4 V by rip31st
-M26 Pershing heavy tank by rip31st, textured by Enigma (texture revision coming soon)
-M101 105mm Howitzer by Atomic, configered & textured by rip31st
-Pak38 by rip31st textured by my good Aussie friend Paul
-Panther by rip31st, textured by Enigma
-PZ 3F by rip31st ( alternate version coming soon by T_roc)
-PZ 4H by rip31st ( alternate version coming soon by T_Roc)
-R667 bunker by rip31st
-Supermarine Spitfire Mk XIV E by rip31st, textured by Enigma
-Tiger I by rip31st, textured by Enigma ( more versions to be added later by T_roc and others)
-*UPDATED VILAS WEAPONS PACK by vilas, modified for the ww2 mod by rip31st - several static weapons
-*UPDATED VILAS WW2 Infantry pack - HEAVILY MODIFIED - Sounds by rip31st, models modified and retextured by StubbleHopper - contains several infantry models.
-warfare.pbo modified for ww2warfare trucks by rip31st
- Willy's Jeep by Atomic, configured dy rip31st, textured by Enigma
- WW2 Festung obstacle pack by AST_Walker
- Easter egg ( who will find it first?)

Installation:Unzip to your ArmA installtion and create a launch icon using the mod folder method.


Change log:
-All swastikas removed for our German friends so they can play.

This is a BETA release. The idea here and intention is to receive relative constructive input/feedback from the community. Please use the appropriate forum links for feedback. All future WIP will be posted in teh WIP thread, feedback and subsequent releases, patches and updates will be posted in this thread.

-Infantry use Vilas weapons
-Many custon sounds included for vehicles and weapons, sound mods are not compatible
-*** I will not include the "ww2warfare" mission until after its final testing on the server today- so look for an additional download to be posted later.
-Some vehicles feature ramps or hinged doors that open, look for your action menus.
-Most aircraft do not contain cockpits - They will be added in future releases.
-Two tanks have funny road wheel axis's - That will be adjust later.
-***Keep your speakers turned down initially, especially if you are using SUB's as this mod contains some very loud audible sound, it may rumble your house or neighbors!

PERMISSIONS- Were obtained from the original authors prior to any modification(s) or conversions

Credits & Special Thanks to: First and foremost, the ArmA community. This release would have not been possible without the endless hours of contribution from everyone. I nearly sank 12-14 hour days myself into this for the last 90 days. I will be taking a short break then back to work on phase 1 patches and phase 2. Special recognition goes to Vilas, FFS Studios Faust & Frizy, Burner, Mr Burns, Atomic, Enigma, AST_Walker(emoticon man), Agamoth for his beatiful infantry!, WLD427 & project RACS, Johns_ART and his awesome paint and models, DVDOC for his input on modeling and game play ideas. Thanks to all, you guys did a awesome job! Gsleighter, Pauld, Paul from the land down under and many more. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone. IF I do slap me! The entire 31st Wrecking crew squad.

Dateigröße: 239 MB
Datum: 03.11.08
Downloads: 5437

PROPER Weapon Collision Shape

01 Nov
Q veröffentlichte ein weiteres, sehr nützliches Addon aus der PROPER Reihe mit dem Namen "Weapon Collision Shape".

Dieses Addon sorgt dafür, das Ihr Euch auch in sehr engen Räumen und Gängen mit Eurer Waffe problemlos wenden könnt. Wer hat nicht schon mal ins Kissen gebissen weil er sich nicht in einem Hausflur drehen konnte?

Weitere Infos und Demo-Videos findet ihr im BI Forenthread.
Dateigröße: 1.87 kB
Autor: Q / General Baron / rocko
Datum: 01.11.08
Downloads: 214

SF Scars v0.6 (beta)

23 Okt
ardvarkdb & scubaman3D, veröffentlichten in den BI Foen ein kleines gemeinsames Projekt. Da die beiden nebenher bei ACE tätig sind, kann man schon fast von einem Einheiten Teaser sprechen - die SCAR´s z.B. werden nämlich auch in der ACE Mod enthalten sein.


- Weapon addon
- Adds SCAR L (aka CAR L aka MK16), SCAR H (aka CAR H, aka MK17) and EGLM (aka MK13)
- Adds weaponbox.

Unzip the archive into your ArmA/Addons folder.


A SCAR Weaponbox can be found in the "Ammo" tab in the editor


- EGLM quadrant sight is currently non-functional. Don't worry, I'll get it working. Just needs some love and tenderness.
- Not tested in Multiplayer so I cannot say in that regard whether there are issues.
- No materials on some models (will fix in future - lazy now. Won't type full sentence)

Enjoy the addon!

Dateigröße: 40.8 MB
Autor: Scubaman3d
Datum: 23.10.08
Downloads: 566

Reworked Weapon Crates

06 Okt
i0n0s Munkisten #1
Von i0n0s gibt es heute ein paar überarbeitete Munkisten zu sehen, auf denen klar sichtbar geschrieben steht, was drinnen steckt.
Dateigröße: 660 kB
Autor: i0n0s
Datum: 06.10.08
Downloads: 283

Vilas Weapon Packs 28/09/08

29 Sept
Vilas veröffentlichte in den BI Foren mal wieder ein Update zu seinen bisher erschienenen Weapon Packs. Neben vielen Verbesserungen und komplett neuen Schiessprügeln wurde in dieser Version das große Paket aufgesplittet, um in Zukunft einfacher Updates durchführen zu können, und nicht zuletzt um dem User die Wahl zu lassen was er nutzen mag und was nicht.


  • 1) AWP - American weapons ;
  • from M1911, Greasegun, by M14, M60 till M4, added USP lately

  • 2) EUW - Western Europe weapons pack, mostly British (L42, Sterlings, L1A1) and Belgian (FAL, FNC),
  • it contains also UZI and UZI SD because they were produced by F.N. company,

  • 3) GWP - German weapons pack, from famous STG-44, by many G3 variants, by G33 for RACS mod and newest MG-4 and AG36,
  • also HK P8 and UZI, because it was used widely by German army as MP-2,

  • 4) IMI - Israeli made weapons (UZI, Mini UZI, Galils), latest added Galil 7.62, soon for IDF mod IMI Fal will be added,

  • 5) PWP - Polish army weapons, latest added P99 , P94, SWD-M, also added from Soviet arsenal PK, AKMS, RPG7,
  • file is the same name as old Polish pack, so it will rewrite old file :]

  • 6) SVW - Svedish army weapons, reworked AK-4 Aimpoint, added short AK-5,

  • 7) WPN - Eastern weapons pack, filename left vilas_wpn.pbo due to missions/addons functioning,
  • but please remember that this file will rewrite bigger weapons pack (before divided)
    now it contains only weapons from : USSR, Russia, East Germany, Czechoslovakia and few other specimens

    weapons from SKS, AK47, PPS43, by most popular in the world AKMS, by Zastava M70A/B, DDR MPi, SA-58,
    TT to newest added AK107 with Cobra sight, VSS, AK105, RPK with drum magazine and etc.


Zitat von Vilas:
for test purpose (not fully tested by me nor my testers, cause their got exams on studies, private life activity and etc.)
divided weapons packs: classnames left unchanged, just divided

one big weapons pack was divided for other mods purpose, now every weapons pack should be independant, many weapons added at other mods requests
few packs will be easier to update in future, than one big pack, althought one big pack is more friendly, cause has some textures common and more HD saving

due to dividing some textures are are in every pack, some weapons are doubled - for example AKMS is in Polish and East pack, UZI is in Israeli, German and W.Europe packs
name of file VILAS_WPN.pbo left for East European weapons pack only
some errors in previous weapons were fixed when i noticed it, some new weapons added

as i told it was not tested fully, i hope it works

some nights on dividing :D
if you will find bug please treat it is as test version :]

Dateigröße: 136.82 MB
Autor: vilas
Datum: 29.09.08
Downloads: 2199

Specnaz FSB (beta)

24 Sept
Vor gerade mal einer Woche gab es erste Mutmaßungen über einen bevorstehenden Release der atmospärischen Objekte vom russischen Addonmacher SMERSH vom Studio SARMAT, und bereits heute gibt es einen Beta Release zu verkünden. Neben den Objekten bekommt ihr obendrein noch passende Truppen und einen modifizierten T-72 geboten.
Dateigröße: 35.62 MB
Autor: SMERSH & Studio SARMAT
Datum: 24.09.08
Downloads: 887

SJB SMG-Pack v1.00 (beta)

15 Sept

##### ##### ####
# # # #
##### # ###
# # # #
##### ## ####

Released on: Sunday 14th Spetember 2008

NOTE: This readme.txt is best read with WordWrap OFF

> Armed Assault/ArmA/Combat Operations (patched to v1.08 minimum).


You may re-distribute this package provided the file is kept in its original state and is
not modified, and that no commercial gain is made by either renting, leasing or selling of
this package.

The addon file (in .CAB format) should contain the following:
> sjb_tossmg.pbo - PBO containing the models/textures.
> sjb_tossmg_cpp.pbo - PBO containing the config.cpp defines for the weapons.
> sjb_optics.pbo - Optic models used by some of the weapons in this pack (and future releases).
> sjb_tosammo.pbo - Ammo defines used by this pack (and future releases).
> *.pbo.SJB.bisign - Signed files to prevent MP cheating.
> Credits.txt - Please check this file out, it shows who truly made this pack possible.

> sjb_mercedits.pbo - A Preview of the Mercenary units myself and Safetycatch have been working on
for the past few months on and off. Some are re-workings of the original
Queen's Gambit Mercenaries (so these WILL require Queen's Gambit) and some
are brand new "Personal Units" based around gear Safetycatch and myself
would carry if we were to ship out to Sahrani as PMCs.

Extract all the files to your '\ArmA\MODFOLDER\addons' folder, for example

The standard US units carrying the weapons from the pack can be found under:
'WEST > Men (SJB Weapons - SMGs)'

- Public BETA Version v1.0 (THIS RELEASE)
- ~65 Sub-Machineguns with more to come.

- Numerous errors per model reported in the ArmA.rpt file (issues with buggy faces in the model etc). These may, or may not, be fixed in future releases.
- There are probably other issues/niggles I've forgotten to mention and/or fix, so feel free to report in the release thread on the BIS Forums.

Last edit: 23:24 on 13/09/2008

Dateigröße: 139 MB
Autor: Jackal326
Datum: 15.09.08
Downloads: 226

XAM v1.5

31 Aug
Version: v1.5

Changelog (short summary):

- Full support of the 1.14 version.
- Stability improvedBUG FIXED
- Smoke grenades are now fully effective for blocking the IA sight
- The M1 Abrams Desert now have access to the computer board
- Thermal vision removed for the M113,BMP2,Vulcan and Shilka
- Rotating turrets sound backADJUSTMENTS
- Angle of view adjusted like in the 1.08 version
- New sound effects for the distant bullets
- Ballistic greatly adjusted to be more dynamic and realist (VBS2 values)
- Decrease of the night atmosphere for more hearing comfort
- Animations faster for the weapons swap (binoculars, AT launcher...)
- Computer board of helico better and more functional
- Visual enhancement for the explosions effectsNEW
- Recon UAV with its console
- AA vehicle SA-6
- F-16 aircraft
- New tracer bullets effect with dynamic luminosity
- Possibility of disable the audio warnings in the aircraft
- "Flyby" sound for the helico and the aircraft added
- New ammo crate for the XAM mines (Claymore and leaping mines)SUPRESSIONS
- Supressions of the Everon and Rahmadi Extended maps
- Supressions of the bleeding system
- Supressions of the French Forces, Africans rebels, and FAMAS

Dateigröße: 491 MB
Autor: XAM / snake22000
Datum: 31.08.08
Downloads: 2220

MP5 Pack *Fixed Version*

29 Juni
* This addon was fixed by Ack - *
* Change Log: 6-28-08 *
* class CfgAmmo was incorrect *
* class CfgMagazines was missing data *
* class Mode_SemiAuto was missing data *
* class Mode_Burst: Mode_SemiAuto was missing data *
* class Mode_FullAuto: Mode_SemiAuto was missing data *

oooo ooo_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
ooooooooooooooooo \
oooooooooooooooooo GENERAL_NS \
ooooooooooooooooo /
oooo ooo_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/

H&K MP5 + H&K MP5 SD
Version: 1.0 (18. Mart, 2008)

These addon contain two weapons, H&K MP5 and H&K MP5 with silencer. Also, this addon contain two briefcase, one with H&K MP5, second with H&K MP5 SD.


Addon contain:
"MP5Special.pbo" - 9mm H&K MP5
"MP5SpecialSD.pbo" - 9mm H&K MP5 with silencer
"briefcasemp5.pbo" - briefcase with H&K MP5
"briefcasemp5sd.pbo" - briefcase with H&K MP5 SD


For weapons:
SJB Weapons pack 1.1
This addon is made for Operation Flashpoint.
I remake weapons for my need, and make it for Arma
Special thanks go out to the following:
- SelectThis/Deadmeat/The BAS Team: Eotech Holosight optic.
- FliPer: C-Mag Textures.
- -X-/sas.stu: M4A1 model and textures, P-228 base-model and textures, SVI Infinity model and textures.
- Marcinko: ACOG base textures, AN/PEQ-2 model and textures made exclusively for SJB.
- Ankalar/Thor: USP/MP5/AK47 models and textures.
- Wannabe: Raging Bull model/textures and various misc textures.
- Duffman/Chimp: Original Colt Anaconda model/textures respectively.
- JAM/BAS: Some weapon sounds.
- MAA/CSLA Team: AK47 Optic textures.
- AK/Hybrid/Coleman (AKA Hotshot)/Fudge/Fransden/Para-Trooper/Delta-One-Zero/ThirtyG/GordonB: BETA testing.
- Para/ThirtyG/EricJ/GordonB: Providing reference material for various weapons.
- Willem-Matthijs Crielaard: Elcan texture.
- RASP: Guiding me towards the problem involving the huge drop the sniper-rifle bullet's exhibited when fired over
distances greater than 750m.
- Those on the official BIS/BIA and SJB forums: Feedback on images and new suggestions/ideas.
All uptades maded by General_NS


Extract all .PBO files from archive and place it in your "Bohemia Interactive/ArmA/AddOns/" folder.
All ammo boxes (and briefcases) can be find in editor in "unit\empty\ammo".

Weapons: Magazines:
mp5special | 30Rnd_9x19_specmp5
mp5special_sd | 30Rnd_9x19_MP5SD


Author: General_NS
Date: 18. Mart, 2008

Dateigröße: 12,3 MB
Autor: General_NS und Hit_Sqd_Ack
Datum: 29.06.08
Downloads: 625

HWM Addon Pack v3.0

21 Juni
Weeeeeeee‘re baaaack! Well, actually we never left…which is not the case for our wives and girlfriends, as they finally grasped the concept of us being married to ArmA modding and filed for a divorce…sad story…

Anyway, to the really good news…our 3rd release is here, and we are really excited about this one! New weapons from scratch, completely reworked older versions of weapons, new units, bug fixes plus a bonus: RACS and US version of the UH-1H Huey.

For the first time since our work began, we were able to use a modular system in order to incorporate complementary community work in our mod. In this release, you will find Vietnam era versions of the UH-1H Huey, requested and reskinned by Red Devil. For further clarification please contact us.

Have a look at these ingame pictures and do not forget to clear the HWM folder of any older version of HWM. No other files except the ones from this release should be in the addons folder, Hellenic or Greek.

As always, constructive feedback is welcome!
Have fun!


BUG FIXES from Version 2.0
-UH-1H now has a flaps animation giving better flight control on vertical dives.
-UH-1H rotors now are spinning at the correct direction
-UH-1H reworked config.
-UH-1H Racs version tail marking texture now is correct.
-Leopard1A4 now APDS and HEAT rounds have different behavior and unique realistic characteristics.
-Leopard1A4 apply camo net is now MP compatible
ENHANCEMENTS from Version 2.0
-H&K G3 series weapons reworked from scratch.
-All weapons now have a unique magazine model.
-Update characteristics for all addons to comply under patch 1.14
(unique recoils, upgraded armor for all vehicles)
The full new features list
New Weapons
-H&KG3A3 - H&KG3A4 - H&KG3A4 Marksman
-FN-FAL - FN-FAL Para - FN-FAL Marksman
-M60 - M60E
-M72 LAW

New Soldier Units
-Greek Army Units (4 different types) with retextured skins using original BI p3ds.
-Custom Camo Faces for the units.

New UH-1H Variants
-UH-1H M60D mounted
-UH-1H Cargo Transport

New Enhancement
-UH-1H Cargo Transport System, which gives the ability of Weapons and magazines transport through user friendly dialog.

*UH-1H cargo Transport System, Not MP Compatible
*Refer to the HWM Addon Pack 3.0 manual, for how to use the system

Dateigröße: 172.65 MB
Autor: Hellenic Warfare Mod
Datum: 21.06.08
Downloads: 2710

ADO© Weapons v1.0

21 Juni

// L'armée de l'ombre (ADO©)
// ---------------------------------------------------
// par ADO©GMC le 25/05/08 :
// ---------------------------------------------------


auteur: ADO© GMC du Clan ADO©.

fichier: ado_armes.pbo ; taille: 49 Mo
fichier: ado_compagnie.pbo ; taille: 157 Mo

(1) Installation:

Vous devez impérativement avoir installé la version 1.08 d'Armed Assault.

** !!! Vous devez impérativement avoir désinstallé les anciens Addons ADO©. !!! **

placer les fichiers ado_armes.pbo, ado_compagnie.pbo dans le répertoire \Addons de Arma ou dans un mini-Mod.
Les unités ADO© sont accessibles dans l'éditeur dans:
-camp: Indépendant
-classe: ado_compagnie

* Soldat ADO© : ado_soldat
* Soldat (Infirmier) ADO© : ado_infirmier
* Soldat (AT) ADO© : ado_AT
* soldat (Radio) ADO© : ado_radio
* soldat (Eclaireur) ADO© : ado_eclaireur
* Officier ADO© : ado_officier
* Sniper Urbain ADO© : ado_sniper_urbain
* Sniper Ghillie ADO© : ado_sniper_Ghillie
* soldat (Commando) ADO© : ado_commando
* soldat (Mitrailleur) ADO© : ado_Mitrailleur
* Soldat (Assault) ADO© : ado_s_assault
* Soldat (N.B.C) ADO© : ado_soldat_NBC

-classe: ado_GIGN
* Bouclier (G.IG.N) ADO© : ado_gign
* Assaut (G.IG.N) ADO© : ado_gign2
* Sniper (G.IG.N) ADO© : ado_gign3
* Officier (G.IG.N) ADO© : ado_gign4

-class ado_hubert
* Nageur combat (hubert) ADO© : ado_nageur_combat

-camp: OPFOR
-classe: ado_terro

* Soldat Arabe : ado_terro1
* Soldat Arabe AT : ado_terro2
* Soldat Rebel : ado_terro3
* Rebel civil : ado_terro4


* Famas F1 : arme= ado_famasF1 : chargeur= ado_5_56Mag
* Famas F1 SD : arme= ado_famasF1SD : chargeur= ado_5_56Mag
* Famas F1 ACOG zoom *3 : arme= ado_famasF1ACOG : chargeur= ado_5_56Mag
* Famas F1 M203 : arme= ado_famasF1M203 : chargeur= ado_5_56Mag : chargeur= ado_M203
* Famas F1 J4 zoom *4 : arme= ado_famasF1j4 : chargeur= ado_5_56Mag
* Fusil FRF2 zoom *8 : arme= ado_frf2 : chargeur= ado_SnipeMag
* Fusil FRF2SD Camo zoom *8 : arme= ADO_frf2SD_camo : chargeur= ado_SnipeMag
* Fusil QBU88 zoom *10 : arme= ado_QBU88 : chargeur= ado_SnipeMag
* Fusil à pompe SPAs12 : arme= ado_SPAS12 : chargeur= ado_ChevroMag
* Mitrailleuse HK21E : arme= ado_HK21E : chargeur= ado_7_62Mag
* Lanceur AT/GMX : arme= ado_ATGMX : chargeur= ado_ATGMXMag


-classe: ado_objet

* Caisse de munitions 1 : objet= ado_caisse1
* Caisse de munitions 2 : objet= ado_caisse2
* Caisse d'armes : objet= ado_caisse_armes

Pour plus d'informations sur cet addon, visitez le site ADO©:

(2) Bugs corrigés

(3) Crédits

Le Sniper Ghillie a été basé sur le model 3D de Lodu.
Ont participé au béta Test Killer & les membres du clan ADO©.
Merci aux ADO©.

// Bon jeu la Team ADO©.
// L'armée de l'ombre (ADO©) :
// ADO©GMC :

Dateigröße: 21.39 MB
Autor: GMC / ADO©
Datum: 21.06.08
Downloads: 869

UKF Weapon Packs v0.1

13 Juni
Hier stand mal ein Text.
Dateigröße: 14.13 MB
Datum: 13.06.08
Downloads: 420

Aimpoint Desert Weapon Pack 1.2

09 Juni
AimPoint veröffentlicht in den BI Foren ein Update seines Desert Weapon Packs.

Dieses zeigt die Standart Waffen von Armed Assault in neuem, Wüstenartigen, Gewand. Diese passen natürlich super in die Staubig trockene Wüste auf Sarahni.
Und für die Leute dennen es 100% gefällt, die können gleich die beigelegte Replacement Config einbinden und haben immer die "Wüsten Waffen" mit an Bord.
Dateigröße: 18 MB
Datum: 09.06.08
Downloads: 1518

Cold War Operations Release 01

07 Juni
********** Cold War Operations Addon Pack 1 (beta 0.2) **********

1. Contents & Information:

This Pack is the first release Of the Cold War Operation (CWO) Modification and contains 4 add-ons.
- Mk. 19 MOD3
- M2 HMG
- M923 5t truck (MERDC european winter camouflage)
- M923A1 5t Truck (CARC woodland camouflage)

All included add-ons are still in development and some things are missing, like specular maps, more detailed textures (mud and dust) and other things.

If you find a bug please report it with all necessary details to locate the problem.

Contact me via PM on BI forums or my E-Mail:

2. Installation:

Place the following *.pbo’s in your add-on folder:
- cwo_data.pbo
- mc_m2hmg.pbo
- mc_m923a1wd.pbo
- mc_923ew.pbo
- mc_mk19mod3.pbo

You will find the add-ons on BLUFOR side under:
- U.S. Army (1981-85): Car
- U.S. Army (1986-90): Car
- U.S. Army (1981-85): Support
- U.S. Army (1986-90): Support
- U.S. Army (1981-85): Weapons
- U.S. Army (1986-90): Weapons
- U.S. Marine Corps (1981-85): Car
- U.S. Marine Corps (1986-90): Car
- U.S. Marine Corps (1981-85): Support
- U.S. Marine Corps (1986-90): Support
- U.S. Marine Corps (1981-85): Weapons
- U.S. Marine Corps (1986-90): Weapons

At the moment the BIS soldiers is used as a place holder for the crew. Maybe in later additions an Infantry add-on will follow.


Use this add-on at your own risk, RHS and its members are not responsible for any damage caused to your PC or your ArmA installation.
e report it with all nessesary details to locate the problem

Dateigröße: 74.7 MB
Autor: FischKopp
Datum: 07.06.08
Downloads: 422

Hifi Sound FX V1.4

31 Mai
Dateigröße: 50.75 MB
Autor: Mark XIII
Datum: 31.05.08
Downloads: 1722

CWM Pack 1.0

11 Mai
The mod contains:

UI modification (optional)

MVD troops in woodland reed camo
MVD troops in urban/snow blue reed camo
MVD OMON troops in urban/snow blue reed camo
MVD Sniper in KLMK camo
MVD troops in mixed Kamysh woodland and urban tiger camo

Russian MI17 MG
Russian MI17 FFAR
Russian Kamov

BMD-1 (green and desert camo)

MVD Ammo crate containing:

Weapon name
AKS74 GP25
Bizon CWM_Bizon
Bizon Silenced
VSS Vintorez
SVD Dragunov

How to install:

copy the "@CWM" folder into your ArmA folder
create shortcut on desktop then add -mod=@CWM -nosplash
it should be like this :
D:\ArmA\arma.exe -mod=@CWM -nosplash
1.12 beta
D:\ArmA\beta\arma.exe -mod=beta;@CWM -nosplash

note: if you use a sound mod, be sure to add the "@CWM" after the sound mod. In example : "C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\beta\arma.exe" -nosplash -mod=beta;@sSound;@Radical_G_IVD;@CWM

Join the CWMod at : (English, Russian and french forum)
to report bugs, make suggestions, contribute and help us in any way or simply say hi !

These units are dedicated to those who served and died in this conflict.

The CWM dev team

Dateigröße: 107.07 MB
Autor: Chechnya War Mod
Datum: 11.05.08
Downloads: 1570

LLW Panzerfaust

07 Mai
The BW MOD team kindly gave permission for Lowlands Warrior to release a version of this unreleased updated Panzerfaust 3 addon. All due credit should go to the original creators. Model, skin and configuration of the OFP original are by McCancey, Helifreak, Terpentin and Marco-Polo (BWMod). Adapted for Lowlands Warrior and converted to Arma by Sander.

A simple demo mission is included with the addon.
Dateigröße: 827 kB
Autor: BW & LLW Mod´
Datum: 07.05.08
Downloads: 793

OFrP Weapons Pack

20 April
ofrp\_rel #1
Dateigröße: 50.93 MB
Autor: OFrP Mod
Datum: 20.04.08
Downloads: 813
Ältere Downloads: 123