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Operation Arrowhead Patch 1.62

Operation Arrowhead Patch 1.62

Das aktuelle Käfer Reduktions Pflaster für Operation Arrowhead, mit besonderem Hinweis auf die ebenfalls erhältlichen Beta Builds, welche meist bereits weiter fortgeschritten sind.

ArmA2 Beta Patches

ArmA2 Beta Patches

Bohemia Interactive bietet allen interessierten Usern die Möglichkeit, sich aktuelle Beta Builds für ArmA2 herunterzuladen. Die Updates installieren sich seperat zur "Vollversion" - ArmA2 kann also weiterhin mit oder ohne den neuesten Beta-Patch gestartet werden. Selbes gilt auch für Operation Arrowhead.

ArmA2: Operation Arrowhead für 22,41€ inkl. Versand vorbestellen! …ein Teil des Geldes geht an uns und hilft dabei im Netz zu halten.

SKS Leopard2 (beta1)

sks\_leos #2sks\_leos #0
sks\_leos #3sks\_leos #1
Nach einer viel zu langen Durstrecke scheint es nun so, als wenn die Macher & Liebhaber von Bundeswehr Addons endlich wieder Vertrauen in ArmA gefasst hätten, sodaß wir uns nun kaum noch der Releaseflut erretten können.

Vicon X schliesst sich dem Trend an und veröffentlicht heute seine Panzer Leopard 2A5 & 2A6.


This is the first Beta Release of my Leopard 2 Pack inlcuding a german Leopard 2a5 and Leopard 2a6.
To be honest i only tested the Addon on my own computer and never on Multiplayer so maybe this Addon
will not work at all on your machine ;o). Also i want to note that this Addon never was meant to be
released so it not optimized for gaming or compatibility to other Mods and Addons.I haven´t done any
tests but it seems to work with ArmA Effects and

Now on the config Part i have to give big Credit to Mateck.
Why? Oh because iam a total noob at scripting and my config is mainly a rewritten version of his.

I hope there will be no compatibility problems to his M1A1 Pack but i don´t think so (i haven´t noticed any).
modEmMaik was a helping hand on most parts of the config.cpp and the model.cfg so i think it will be ok.
Also Maik provided me with some great example files which helped me alot on setting up my model.Kudos Maik!

Now there are the biskey´s i never signed an Addon before but in this Pack there are Betakeys included but i don´t
know if they are working.

I recommend to use this addon only for testing and having some fun in the editor but not in Multiplayer or Missions
released to the public because there maybe a lot of changes in possible future releases.

Mmh what else to say? Yeah this is a Beta Release i need to work on everything (textures, normal- and specMaps, config,
...) and there is a 1% chance that this addon will work for you. So if it doesn´t work don´t blame me but you for
downloading it hehe ;o)

This Release is to get some feedback and suggestions by the Com to improve my Addon.
I will listen to all suggestions made on this Addon but i can´t promise you that any of it will be included in
possible future releases because as i said i don´t know anything about scripting. If you like to help feel free
to contact me. Oh and please no more Emails about other variations of the Leopard my mailboxes are already full
of requests lol. All i can say is maybe, maybe not but no promises and maybe there will be no updates at all i
need a brake of Addon editing for a few days now.


Included in the downloaded SKS_Leopard2Beta1 folder:

Addons: vxtracked.pbo + vxtracked.pbo.VXBW.bisign

Keys: VXBW.bikey for server admins

Media: some screenshots



also included in the Pack are the Extended_Eventhandlers19 by Solus and Killswitch they are required for my Addon
so if you don´t already have them you need to install them too.



Before you start make sure you read the license.txt. Sorry for the need to include it but this isn´t focused against
the community most of you stick to Codex but to point the finger at those few who doesn´t.(mainly those money making companies)

Put the vxtracked.pbo and vxtracked.pbo.VXBW.bisign in your preferred Addonfolder.
You will also need to install the Extended_Eventhandlers19.


Features: Nothing special


Known Bugs: Many

i haven´t started a list for them right now but sure they are there ;o) so fell free to report them.
For all other Problems that may occur "It´s not a bug it´s a feature".



Mateck and his Team
Solus and Killswitch
all Community Members, Bohemia Interactive and everyone i forgot.
My Sister JazzMa for doing nothing but always make me laugh ;o)


Greetings to:

My lovely godchild Jana and her mother, last but not least my whole family especially my cousin David.


Some last words:

Use this software at your own risk.


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tach acuh wollte wissen wieso ich diese datei nich runterladen kann genauso wie die anderen
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Funktioniert hier einwandfrei.

Falls es weiterhin nicht geht, schreib mal lieber nen Post ins Forum, weil hier findet niemand deine Anfrage ;)
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Der beste Leopard II, seit es Arma gibt!

b.g.Obstlt. Iron
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hi geht das auch bei ArmA 2
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