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ArmA2 Patch 1.05

22 Dez

====Version 1.05 Highlights===

* Free bonus campaign Eagle Wing
* Free bonus helicopter addon AH-64D
* New Warfare multiplayer mode When Diplomacy Fails, including 3-sides and support for dimplomacy between factions
* Major AI tweaking and balancing (better combat cooperation, better situational awareness, new Suppressive fire command)
* Significant performance improvements, especially in large towns
* Fixed compatibility problems under Windows Vista and Windows 7 x64 with 8 GB and more RAM
* Grass now provides concealment also in distance
* Improved hit detection and damage system
* Improved object visibility and less significant objects popping in distance
* Spatial sound improvements
* Automatic launching of user made addons (units, missions etc.) via "pbo" file association with the game
* Possibility to switch between windowed and fullscreen mode at any time in game menus using Alt + Enter or through video options
* Various crash opportunities fixed
* Linux server support added (dedicated server file available as separate download)
* New GUI to various dedicated server settings
* DRM free for users of legitimate installs
* Optional BattlEye anti-cheat protection
* Airplane Heads-Up displays reworked

Dateigröße: 270.52 MB
Autor: Bohemia Interactive
Datum: 22.12.09
Downloads: 39568

ArmA2 Patch 1.04

15 Sept
Zitat von Version 1.04 Highlights:
  • Mouse controls: Improved mouse handling and responsivness
  • Stability: Fixed CTD caused by Voice Over Net when many players were speaking simultaneously and other stability problems
  • Sound: Fixed speed of sould simulation and other improvements
  • Multiplayer: fixed scoring, multiple mission parameters added and various other MP-related improvements

Change Log

* New: Added mouse smoothing to game options.
* New: Enabled multiple parameters for MP missions.
* New: Mouse filtering strenght adjustable using mouseSmoothing=NNNN in user config.
* New: Command line argument -cpuCount=NNN to override cpu count detection.
* Improved: Mouse smoothing disabled for fast movement.
* Improved: Mouse smoothing can be disabled in user profile file using line mouseSmoothing=0;
* Improved: Audio volume settings.
* Fixed: Soldier were walking on non-existant heaps of debris from destroyed buildings.
* Fixed: Autocoordination caused rudder oscillation in high speed flight.
* Fixed: Crashes in VoN when many players were speaking simultaneously.
* Fixed: Immortal freezed soldiers occured in MP.
* Fixed: Broken kill scoring in MP (two points for unit kill).
* Fixed: Input key actions are no longer active while chat mode.
* Fixed: Diag_log used with long text argument caused crash.
* Fixed: Mouse scrolling in diary.
* Fixed: Enemy kills made by player using stolen enemy vehicle are no longer considered as friendly kills.
* Fixed: Switching to Utes from Chernarus caused Utes to contain infinite landscape.
* Fixed: Time of day synchronized on client after connection to server.
* Fixed: Speed of sound simulation.
* Fixed: Fire from rifle distort sound.
* Fixed: Crash by malformed input to a diag_log scripting function.
* Fixed: Dark muzzle flash in some of the weapon optics.
* Fixed: MP: Ships and boats used excessive bandwidth and CPU power.
* Fixed: Players are no longer forced to reconnect after MP Load on server.
* Fixed: Bike rider can be no longer healed.
* Fixed: Sometimes crew of a near vehicle was visible through the vehicle.

* Improved: Communication menu updated to work with the new menu systems.
* Fixed: Some persistent RE calls added for better JIP compatibility in campaign.
* Fixed: Music was sometimes not playing properly due to faulty playMusic RE command call.
* Fixed: Scene area cleared from exploding destroyed vehicles during various scenes.
* Fixed: Possible appearance of immortal non-player characters in campaign.
* Fixed: (First to Fight) MP: Logos shown on client every time after JIP.
* Fixed: (First to Fight) MP: Skeet shooting not working for clients after JIP.
* Fixed: (First to Fight) Players not boarded in the chopper if they got in the towing tractor.
* Fixed: (Into the Storm) MP: Bad position of client players during converation.
* Fixed: (Into the Storm) Some voice-subtitles difference in the first dialog.
* Fixed: (Into the Storm) MP: No callsign for HQ entity on clients.
* Fixed: (One Week Later) MP: Clients not sitting on bikes after leaving the AAV.
* Fixed: (One Week Later) MP: Player is no longer the co-pilot in the Osprey.
* Fixed: (Manhattan) Escort chopper often shot down.
* Fixed: (Manhattan) Palyer stuck in the animation after first scene.
* Fixed: (Badlands) Prizrak no longer initiates conversation if Cooper is in a vehicle.
* Fixed: (Badlands) Non-fucntional ending in campaign scenario.
* Fixed: (Missing in Action) Redundant random sentences from Razor.

* Improved: Ambient Civilians module caused lag in MP due to window lights.
* Fixed: Undefined variables in Ambient Civilians module.
* Fixed: High Command could behave strange when someone added his own display event handler.
* Fixed: Wrong positions of objects/logics.
* Fixed: Performance problems related to Animals module in MP.

* Improved: Some of the vehicle HUDs now contain missing info.
* Fixed: Alignment issues on several wrapper UI screens.

Dateigröße: 134 MB
Autor: Bohemia Interactive
Datum: 15.09.09
Downloads: 10730

BI Editing Tools 2

14 Aug
Nun ist es endlich soweit, nach langer Wartezeit wurden die Editingtools für ArmA2 veröffentlicht. Die Editing Tool-Suite enthält folgende Programme: Oxygen 2; Visitor 3; TexView 2; BinPBO; Sound Tools; FSM Editor; BinMake und Tools Drive. Bei der Installation werden die alten BI-Tools überschrieben.
Dateigröße: 33.37 MB
Autor: Bohemia Interactive
Datum: 14.08.09
Downloads: 1255

ArmA 2 - Windows Standalone Server 1.03

06 Aug
ArmA 2 - Windows Standalone Server 1.03


Copyrigt (c) 2009 Bohemia Interactive Studio. All rights reserved.

For more information please visit:

Installation instructions:


1) Copy the whole "ArmA 2" directory to your server.

2) Add there ArmA2Server.exe

Dateigröße: 4.34 MB
Autor: Bohemia Interactive
Datum: 06.08.09
Downloads: 363

ArmA2 Patch 1.03

05 Aug
Endlich ist es wieder soweit, nach einer längeren Wartezeit hat Bohemia Interactive heute den dritten Patch 1.03 veröffentlicht. Das Update kann über alle bisherigen Versionen (ausser STEAM!) drüberinstalliert werden. Verbessert wurde dabei u.A. die KI, die Kampagne und der MP-Modus.
Dateigröße: 134.48 MB
Autor: Bohemia Interactive
Datum: 05.08.09
Downloads: 10931

Dedizierter Server, Windows (Version 1.01, Beta)

05 Juni
Dies ist die Beta Version der dedizierten Serversoftware für ArmA 2 1.01 (Final).
Dateigröße: 9 MB
Datum: 05.06.09
Downloads: 841

ArmA2 Patch 1.01 (Final, Deutsch)

05 Juni
Der finale Patch 1.01 für die deutsche Version von ArmA 2. Einige der wichtigsten Neuerungen:

  • Behebt Fehler in der KI Routine (KI reagiert nicht)
  • Stabilere Scripts in der Kampagne
  • Behebt einige Abstürze, Texturenflackern und verbessert die Performance

Die Installation über den Beta Patch ist laut Entwickler möglich.

Patch 1.01 Final [Sammelthread] - Forendiskussion
Dateigröße: 99 MB
Datum: 05.06.09
Downloads: 35143

ArmA2 Patch 1.01 (Beta, Deutsch)

29 Mai
Die Betaversion des ersten Patches für die deutsche Version von ArmA 2. Dieses 80MB große Paket berichtigt vor allem KI, Scripting und UI Probleme der deutschen Version.

  • Alte Spielstände können mit diesem Beta Patch nicht verwendet werden
  • Für die Installation des finalen Patches Ende Juni muss ArmA 2 neu installiert werden Laut BIS soll sich der finale Patch über den Beta Patch installieren lassen
  • Eine Neuinstallation ist außerdem für das Entfernen des Beta Patches nötig

Changelog 1.01


* AI improvements: collision avoidance, MicroAI communication, suppress fields
* Improved: AI coordination in combat
* Improved: automatic VTOL vectoring.
* Improved STOL takeoff/landing control
* Improved: shot simulation
* Enabled taxiing for Mv22
* Fixed: weapons inside vehicles were sometimes white.
* Fixed: Some crash opportunities
* Fixed: flickering textures sometimes
* Fixed: muzzle flashes and other alpha objects cutting into the water.
* Fixed: long cutscene animations could cause bad LODs/textures.
* Fixed: Terrain LOD causing white dots


* radio chatter improvements
* generic conversations about known targets improved


* music soundtrack added to more places in the campaign
* various improvements in cutscenes
* improved Star Force transport service (player can better command it, occasional problem with Star Force froze on spot fixed)
* on screen notification for each evidence collected added
* various smaller fixes and improvements
* some missing dubbings fixed
* improved cooperative play in the campaign


* Improved sea rendering
* Various smaller fixes and improvements


* effect for player near big explosion (beep in his ears, temporarily deaf)


* improved GPS support (RCtrl + M when GPS is available)
* tasks without map (J key by default)
* list of players without map (P key by default)
* improved rendering of perihperal vision simulation (dots on the screen edge simulating real world field of view)
* leader icon displayed on screen permanently for Regular difficulty
* tasks faded out to be less intrusive in the middle of the screen


* fixed cargo compartments in aircraft (cargo should not switch positions with pilots during flight)
* fixed camera position for BTR and T90 gunner optics views
* fixed view gunner lods for turned-out crew in wheeled vehicles
* improved hand animation for AA laucnhers
* twisted arms for AA missile launchers
* fixed fire geometry of billboards model
* tractor and bus sound changed
* added sign on hotel building
* fixed municipal house ruin
* changed texture on G36, fixed MG36 icon
* fixed gunner animation on BRDM-ATGM
* improved model of AK-107
* improved enviromental reflection map
* improved A10 gun cursor
* fixed T34 icon texture, fixed optics and turret stabilisation definitions and added exhaust smoke

Dateigröße: 69 MB
Autor: BIS
Datum: 29.05.09
Downloads: 10841

ArmA Beta Patch 1.16

24 April
Der Patch enthält eine Vielzahl neue Fixes und Optimierungen für ArmA. Der Patch wird parallel zu 1.14 installiert und muss manuell mit der "Launch Arma Beta Patch" Verknüpfung im Hauptverzeichnis von ArmA gestartet werden.

Frisch aus dem BI Forum, gibt es heute den einen neuen Patch der soeben von Maruk veröffentlicht wurde.

Dateigröße: 51.65 MB
Autor: Bohemia Interactive
Datum: 24.04.09
Downloads: 10815

OFP: DR Ego Tech Trailer

19 Feb
OFP2 Cover #1
Dieser Trailer zeigt die technische Seite der EGO Engine, die in OFP: Dragon Rising Verwendung findet.

Das Video enthält Kommentare der Entwickler.

  • Auflösung: 1280x720px
  • Format: WMV

Dateigröße: 198 MB
Autor: Codemasters
Datum: 19.02.09
Downloads: 805

Patch 1.15 Beta

23 Dez
Dieser Patch wird parallel zu 1.14 installiert und kann mit der "Launch Arma Beta Patch" Verknüpfung im Hauptverzeichnis gestartet werden.

Version 1.14 wird benötigt. Eine Installationsbeschreibung und weitere Hinweise des Entwicklers findet ihr auf der Patch 1.15 Biki Seite.

Changelog 1.15

5257 - Fixed: Game did not run on ATI cards in fullscreenmode on Vista x64 with large memory.
5257 - Fixed: Crash at ArmA.exe:0x174b27 - caused by wrong internal weapon state.
5257 - Fixed: Crash at ArmA.exe:0x56536 - caused by wrong turret state in MP.
5257 - Fixed: MP: Player driving motorcycle could be ejected with no apparent reason, sometimes leading to death.
5257 - Fixed: MP: Sometimes falling of a parachute a few meters above the ground.
5257 - Fixed: Dedicated server: Bandwidth balancing was often wrong, showing problems esp. when new players were joining.
5257 - Fixed: Players connecting JIP with custom files do not cause server lagging.
5257 - Fixed: Players with custom files get no longer kicked when server does not run on default port.
5257 - Optimized: Reduced memory usage with large view distances.
5257 - Fixed: Scene loading when starting a mission might sometimes use excessive amounts of memory.
5257 - Optimized: Slightly reduced VRAM usage with large view distances.
5257 - New: "Absolute" mouse control bindings (no auto centering) are now possible.
5257 - Improved: Provided error message for some unexpected memory initialization failures.
5258 - Fixed: Command line parameter -maxmem=xxx was not working on LINUX dedicated server.
5258 - Fixed: Crash at offset 0xfb57.
5259 - Fixed: Voice over Side channel could be transmitted to wrong listeners after respawn.
5260 - Fixed: Dedicated server crashed when script made soldier fire with Binocular.
5260 - Fixed: Grass and foliage was not affected by helicopter down wash since 1.04 version.
5260 - Fixed: status of disableAI was reset during save
5261 - Fixed: The FOV was deflected after TrackIR +tZ input had been removed from Zoom in/out action.
5262 - Fixed: Fast forward is now disabled when using binocular.
5262 - New: Optional server.cfg entry timeStampFormat to specify time stamp for each line in *.rpt file. Possible values: "none", "short", "full".
5262 - Fixed: Manual camera left/right movement was not mapped to mouse.
5262 - Fixed: Some AI commands on dedicated server might be delayed when the server window had focus.
5263 - Improved: Texture mip management more reliable in low VRAM conditions.
5264 - Fixed: Incorrect simulation importance for some entities in MP (for players in vehicles)
5264 - Fixed: Only relative path is now supported in commands: loadFile, exec, execVM, execFSM, preprocessFile, preprocessFileLineNumbers, kbAddTopic

* FIX (USMCD) Wound materials for all WDL soldiers.
* NEW (USMC) More Woodland Army soldiers.
* FIX (MI-17 (57mm rockets)) Fixed rockets count.

Dateigröße: 50 MB
Autor: BIS
Datum: 23.12.08
Downloads: 9512

ArmA 2 Trailer

27 Nov
Dies ist der erste, offizielle Trailer von ArmA 2. Dauer: über 4 Minuten.

ArmA2 Trailer HD #0ArmA2 Trailer HD #1ArmA2 Trailer HD #2ArmA2 Trailer HD #3

Ihr könnt Ihn euch in 1280x720er Auflösung, sowohl als WMV als auch als MP4 Video herunterladen, oder in voller Qualität hier als Stream anschauen:
ArmA 2 Trailer HD Stream
Dateigröße: 180 MB
Autor: BIS
Datum: 27.11.08
Downloads: 3456

ArmA2 PDF Sammlung

23 Nov
Im Downloadbereich der offiziellen Seite sind mehrere PDF Dokumente erschienen:

ArmA2 Feature ‹berblickArmA2 Feature Liste

Dieser Download enthält alle genannten PDFs als ZIP-Archiv.
Dateigröße: 6 MB
Datum: 23.11.08
Downloads: 353

CC:GM Teaser

11 Okt
Vor geraumer Zeit haben wir erstmals von CC:GM berichten können.
Nun wurde die offizielle Carrier Command: Gaea Mission Homepage um einen kleinen CGI Teaser erweitert.
gaea\_trailer #0gaea\_trailer #1

Dateigröße: 54 MB
Autor: IDEA Games
Datum: 11.10.08
Downloads: 546

BI Editing Tools

10 Okt
Offizielles ArmA Editing KIT von Bohemia Interactive.


Complete editing tool suite for Bohemia Interactive's game engine used in ARMA (requires version 1.14) consisting from:

Oxygen 2 Personal Edition - model editing and animation package
Visitor 3 Personal Edition - terrain and map editing
TexView 2 - texture convertor and viewer
BinPBO Personal Edition - packer
Sound Tools - sound and lipsync utilities
BinMake - conversion tool
Tools Drive - main working directory for tools with mandatory data files

BI Biki
Dateigröße: 26 MB
Autor: Bohemia Interactive
Datum: 10.10.08
Downloads: 2234

Ivan Buchta ArmA2 Interview Episode 2

05 Okt
In Episode 2 des Radio Sahrani Interviews beantworten die beiden Moderatoren bestmöglich einige noch einige schriftlich eingereichte Communityfragen.
Dateigröße: 78 MB
Datum: 05.10.08
Downloads: 50

Ivan Buchta Interview Episode 1 Recovert

05 Okt
In der ersten Episode erzählt der BIS Chef-Designer Ivan Buchta etwas über sich selbst, seine Arbeit bei BIS und beantwortet einiger der eingesendeten Fragen der Community.

Die erste Version dieses Interviews war von so schlechter Qualität, dass sich das Radio Sarahni Team entschieden hat, das Interview zusammen mit Ivan Buchta erneuert aufzunehmen.
Dateigröße: 68 MB
Datum: 05.10.08
Downloads: 73

Ivan Buchta Interview @ Sahrani Radio Episode1 - edit

29 Sept
In der ersten Episode mit Jerry Hopper, wird Ivan Buchta etwas über sich selbst und seine Arbeit erzählen, sowie einige selbstaufgenommene Fragen der Community beantworten.

Dies ist eine bearbeitete Version welche uns Hammergut zukommen liess. Obwohl es sich nun ein wenig nach "Telefongespräch" anhört, ist es insgesamt verständlicher geworden.
Dateigröße: 42.48 MB
Autor: / jerry hopper
Datum: 29.09.08
Downloads: 67

Ivan Buchta interviewed by Radio Sahrani Episode1

28 Sept
In der ersten Episode mit Jerry Hopper, wird Ivan Buchta etwas über sich selbst und seine Arbeit erzählen, sowie einige selbstaufgenommene Fragen der Community beantworten.
Dateigröße: 61 MB
Datum: 28.09.08
Downloads: 39

GC ´08 Pressekit

20 Aug
off. ArmA 2 Pressekit zur Games Convention 2008
Dateigröße: 9.27 MB
Autor: BIS
Datum: 20.08.08
Downloads: 1294
Ältere Downloads: 1234