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Roleplay Objects

07 März
This addon contains a couple of objects which can be carried in your inventory. Its designed for roleplay missions or missions that have some roleplay aspects. In this version you will get 35 magslot objects and a new building (jail). Even if this is not a beta version you can expect another version with more military content in the future (maybe in ACE-Mod).
Theres one know bug when using this addon. Everytime you pick up a new weapon all objects will be taken out of your inventory and put into the crate/body from which you where resuplying.
I hope you enjoy this addon please give me feedback and let me know if you making missions with it (would like to play them then ;) )
    Content and classnames:
  • RPO_obj1 = 1Kg cocaine
  • RPO_obj2 = 5Kg Cocaine
  • RPO_obj3 = $100 pack
  • RPO_obj4= $200 pack
  • RPO_obj5= $500 pack
  • RPO_obj6= $1000 pack
  • RPO_obj7= $2000 pack
  • RPO_obj8= $5000 pack
  • RPO_obj9= $10000 pack
  • RPO_obj10= $50000 pack
  • RPO_obj11= $100000 pack
  • RPO_obj12= $500000 pack
  • RPO_obj13= $1000000 pack
  • RPO_obj14= PDA
  • RPO_obj15= W810i mobile phone
  • RPO_obj16= 300g goldbar
  • RPO_obj17= Smirnoff Red Label
  • RPO_obj18= German Passport
  • RPO_obj19= UK Passport
  • RPO_obj20= US Passport
  • RPO_obj21= 500 Euro
  • RPO_obj22= 1000 Euro
  • RPO_obj23= 2000 Euro
  • RPO_obj24= 5000 Euro
  • RPO_obj25= 10000 Euro
  • RPO_obj26= 20000 Euro
  • RPO_obj27= 50000 Euro
  • RPO_obj28= 100g dope
  • RPO_obj29= Compass
  • RPO_obj30= GPS
  • RPO_obj31= Radio
  • RPO_obj32= Watch
  • RPO_obj33= HMMWV spare tire
  • RPO_obj34= Fuel can
  • RPO_obj35= fire extinguisher
You can find a sample crate under
Empty>>Roleplay objects>> objects box

The second addon is a new building that can be used as jail. There are 4 animated doors but only the main entrance door can be opened directly. To open the cell doors you need to got to the control panel behind the observation window.

You can find it under:
Empty>>roleplay objects>> jail

Dateigröße: 19.3 MB
Autor: Al Simmons & Tiger
Datum: 07.03.08
Downloads: 357

Sky Replacement

05 März
Zitat von Ryan_D:
Was bored so made a little replacement addon that changes the ArmA sky. I changed the no cloudy sky, semi cloudy sky, and cloudy sky. Rain clouds are still the original ones, because I got the pics of google and couldn't find any good ones for them.
sky-repl #1sky-repl #0

Dateigröße: 935 kB
Autor: Ryan_D
Datum: 05.03.08
Downloads: 166

Unique ammo models

04 März
Zitat von andersson:
I been dead tired on the satchel bags as ammo. Now when BI so kindly released their mlods it was a piece of cake to do this. So most credit goes to BIS as they made the models, I only cutted away the magasines.

As this is made using the released BI mlods I agree to the licens they are released with. So read the readme if you are going to use something for your own models.

One thing I'm not really satisfied with is the grenades, they use the same model regardless of HE or flare...

Dateigröße: 1.31 MB
Autor: andersson
Datum: 04.03.08
Downloads: 881

Lowplants v1.1

04 März
Kegetys Lowplants entfernt einige Shader aus der Vegetation was zu erheblicher Performancesteigerung führt.

Zitat von Kegetys:
Here's a small mod I made, it changes the vegetation in Sahrani to use the 'very low' detail shaders when shader detail is set to a higher setting. This increases performance quite alot without having to disable all the normal maps etc from everywhere as you get with 'very low' shaders. The vegetation textures are also modified so that they do not look as pale without the normal maps. The main grass model and texture are also modified for better performance and appearance. All this gives a nice performance boost without a significant loss in image quality.

Some comparison screenshots (Downscaled from 2048x1536):
Shot 1: Normal shaders (25FPS) / with lowplants (37FPS, 48% increase)
Shot 2: Normal shaders (16FPS) / with lowplants (24FPS, 50% increase)
Shot 3: Normal shaders (33FPS) / with lowplants (46FPS, 40% increase)

To install, just run the installer and then use the 'lowplants' modfolder (Ie. add -mod=lowplants to your ArmA shortcut).

Dateigröße: 4.29 MB
Autor: Kegetys
Datum: 04.03.08
Downloads: 434

Claymore 1.0

01 März
- Simulated shrapnel as well as blast damage.
- Peep sight for sighting in.
- Safety mechanism so that you can safely blow a predetermined set of mines.
- Command detonated up to 200m and tripwire (Illegal in many armies).
- Anyone (including enemies) may rotate, attach tripwires or disarm any claymore.
- Scripts included for mission editors to place armed claymores anywhere (pointing anywhere too) with thier own triggers.

Please note! This script does not use extended event handlers and will require you to place a claymore ammo box in the mission somewhere to have them work properly.

I consider this release quite stable, it has gone through two betas and private testing. All mods are free to use and modify this addon, all I ask is that credit remains mine and any useful modifications are made avaliable to the community again. I'd suggest that vietnaam mods take out the night vision for the peep sight and modern warfare mods remove the tripwires if it's not legal. Night vision can be removed in peep_sight.sqf, tripwires can be removed in proximity_loop.sqf. If you need help, PM me.

Here's the mirror for now, will update when someone mirrors it properly. Please call it 'claymore', the version is 1.0.
Dateigröße: 1.1 MB
Autor: _Pingu_
Datum: 01.03.08
Downloads: 517

Bank Building (beta)

29 Feb
bankbuilding #0bankbuilding #1bankbuilding #2bankbuilding #3bankbuilding #4bankbuilding #5

Dateigröße: 1.31 MB
Autor: I.M.G.
Datum: 29.02.08
Downloads: 398
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