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Häuser, Bäume, etc.

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Russian Architecture Pack v2.0

06 Okt
SMERSH vom Studio -=SARMAT=- veröffentlichte eine neue Version des Addon Paketes Russian Architecture Pack in der Version 2.0 in den BI Foren.

Neben Fehlerbeseitigungen wurden auch zahlreiche neue Objekte hinzugefügt. Das neue Paket enthält inzwischen 93 einzelne Gebäude bzw. Objekte.
Dateigröße: 47 MB
Datum: 06.10.08
Downloads: 389

Russian architecture pack v1.0

01 Okt
SMERSH spendierte seinem kürzlich veröffentlichtem Objekt Paket ein kleines Update, womit es nun bei Version 1.0 angelangt ist.
Verbesserte view/fire/ & geometry lods, sowie funktionierende Schatten zählen neben dem geänderten Maßstab eingier Häuser zu den wichtigstens Neuerungen.

Fixed & New in v1.0:

- Geometry lods
- Viev geometry & Fire geometry lods
- Scale is corrected

- Select of the soldier positions in the buildings
- Shadows of the objects
- 1 new building
- Shop is opened now


The russian architecture pack includes 35 different objects.
It contains models created by SARMAT and models, converted from the other games.
We do not claim for the authorship modells, converted from other games and ask to take this correctly.
We don't wanted to glorified at the expense of others' work. We wanted to introduce some new and beautiful to ArmA.
We hope this objects will help you in creating of missions, campaigns, islands, videos abd screen-arts.

Dateigröße: 42.35 MB
Autor: SMERSH & Studio SARMAT
Datum: 01.10.08
Downloads: 207

Russian architecture pack (beta)

24 Sept
Vor gerade mal einer Woche gab es erste Mutmaßungen über einen bevorstehenden Release der atmospärischen Objekte vom russischen Addonmacher SMERSH vom Studio SARMAT, und bereits heute gibt es einen Beta Release zu verkünden. Neben den Objekten bekommt ihr obendrein noch passende Truppen und einen modifizierten T-72 geboten.
Dateigröße: 40.22 MB
Autor: SMERSH & Studio SARMAT
Datum: 24.09.08
Downloads: 312

Extended Event Handlers v1.9

22 Sept
Killswitch hat erneut ein Update des, nun bereits standardmäßigen, XEH Addons veröffentlicht.

Obwohl nur die Cracks unter euch wirklich etwas von den Änderungen/Verbesserungen verstehen werden, ist es auch als Otto Normal User immer ratsam die neueste Version installiert zu haben.
Dateigröße: 24 kB
Autor: Solus & Killswitch
Datum: 22.09.08
Downloads: 1234


02 Juli
Zitat von deanosbeano:
1 i have added a new little bus stop kind of building , i have done this to test some new materials such as wood and glass.

2 . i have added a single wall which is not in two parts , but you can blast a hole in it and it still retains it geometry .
this is probably the most important part of this release because if this works ok then i can release a real building ,with rodways and paths that will remain intact for ai and human use even when it has a hole or a full wall or even corner blown out.

3. i have place and unpbo mission for easier copy and paste .

4 the mission this tme is to blow the two tanks outside the wall nrth and south , using ai and kill sniper and grenadier in the west hill . i want to see if ai acknowledge the hole and will attempt to shoot the tanks via the hole.

5 please note i have exagerated the effects on the wall when shot by bullets ,this is to determine any lag and if it does then i will add exit if server to future release and see how that goes ..

Dateigröße: 723 kB
Autor: deanosbeano
Datum: 02.07.08
Downloads: 60

JTD Smoke Effects 5.21

24 Juni
DMSmokeEffects beta 5 Multiplayer by DM.
*Please note that DMSmokeEffects is now part of the JTD group*

**This addon requires Extended Event Handlers addon by Solus**

This beta includes:

DMSmokeEffects, thick billowing smoke for helicopters & fuel trucks, and thick black smoke for tanks etc. After about a twenty minutes (default timing, can be affected by multiplier in ArmA\dta\DMSmokeEffects_Config.hpp file) the smoke changes to smoldering smoke. After another twenty minutes the smoldering smoke peters out. If it rains, the smoldering smoke will steadily get lighter in colour and will extinguish quicker, depending on how fast it's raining. After about three-quarters of an hour the average battlefield will be clear of smoke generally, but there's randomness coded in.

Improved building collapse effects. Basically just made the existing effect 10x bigger and last 10 times longer. Also made the dust grey, heavier, and more difficult to see through for longer.

Grenade effects. I'm really happy with this one, it looks almost exactly the same as footage I reseached on grenades. A sudden "poofing" of instantaneous dark smoke, which lightens and drifts & settles over 10 or so seconds.

Various improved effects & settings. Tank rounds that miss their target & impact the ground will now throw up huge clods of earth for example.



**This addon requires Extended Event Handlers addon by Solus**

1. Extract content to someplace.
2. Put the @JTD folder in your ArmA folder
3. Make a shortcut to your ArmA game with the switch -mod=@JTD or add the @JTD to your list of mods already there.
4. Place DMSmokeEffects_Config.hpp file into your ArmA\dta folder.
5. Place the sample mission into your ArmA/MPMissions folder.
6. Ingame, select New MP game, and select the mission "Smoke Effects Beta x" and choose one of the civilians. It's a stress test that I use to guage the general performance and as such will probably drag the FPS down. However, for light to moderate armour battles you should see no appreciable drop in performance.

Instructions for the totally clueless :) (as requested)
1. First, make sure you copied the @JTD folder into your ArmA game folder, AND you also copied the DMSmokeEffects_Config.hpp file into your ArmA\dta folder.

2. right click on your desktop ArmA shortcut, copy it and paste the copy right back in the same place. You now have TWO desktop shortcuts, one of which we will now modify to use the DMSmokeEffects mod, the other will remain just ArmA.

3. Right click one of the shortcuts, and choose Properties from the list.
In the Target textbox field you will see the command that is executed by this shortcut, it will read something like:
"D:\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\arma.exe"

You will now add
to the end of this, so in the example above the entire line in the textbox will read:
"D:\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\arma.exe" -mod=@JTD

4. Now you can OK the Properties box and the shortcut will now run DMSmokeEffects. You can rename the shortcut to remind you of what mod it runs, I have several shortcuts that run various different mods.

5.1 improvements
Bikey added. Added config setting to include more ammo types for the dirt debris particles.

5.0 improvements
Multiplayer friendly :) Server and clients must have addon or DMSMokeEffects error message will show.
Configuarable. ArmA\dta folder must contain the file DMSmokeEffects_Config.hpp. At the moment this file only contains 3 config settings, smoke particle lifetime multiplier(which affects how long particles hang around for, smoke source lifetime multiplier (which affects how long vehicles burn for). You are also able to switch smoke viewblock on & off with this, but be aware that viewblock smoke severely impacts your FPS.
Viewblock can be activated for serverside only, or clientside and serverside. I expect serverside to be most useful as all server controlled AI will be affected by viewblock, but if you want player-controlled AI to be affected by smoke viewblock then clientside must also be enabled.
Bigger & better fuel fire effects.
Tweaked grenade effects.

4.3a improvements
Extended Init compatible. (Extended Init addon v1.1 required, and included, with this release. If you already have Extended Init eventhandler addons you can delete them from the @DMSmokeEffects Addons folder.)
Smoke grenades have AI viewblock functionality. The viewbock reacts to wind direction & strength.
A new player Action, Wind info, is added. This is useful for smoke grenade usage, as well as general realism & ballistics addons. On use it will give you the strength & direction of the wind at the time you requested it.
Frag grenades tweaked slightly to be lighter in colour.
Although extensive viewblock functionality for vehicle & building smoke is coded in, for this "a" release it is disabled for FPS concerns. Another "b" version will be released with it enabled for those who wish to try it out.

4.2 improvements:
New, more varied look to entire effect.
New pale animated smoke texture for more realistic battlefield look.
MaddMatt's settings for fuel explosion effect.
Default vehicle smoke altered substantially.
Smoke grenade improvements.
Most smoke effects now have lighting effects too for better night battles.
Smoke effects are now relative to world axis rather than vehicle axis. (Before, a tank on it's side would eject smoke to the side. Or even straight down if it was upside-down.)

4.1 improvements:
A new animated fuel fire particle.
Tank classes start their smoke effect a lot sooner.
All animated particles are now hi-res and no longer blurry.
Microdebris sounds temporarily disabled until a problem can be fixed.

4.0 improvements:
Now a "magic" addon, works just by having the addon. No in mission trigger is needed anymore and the install & use instructions below have been amended to reflect this.
New effects including fuel-fire effects, helicopters planes fuel trucks all burn with this effect. Especially effective at night :)
More config tweaks including (but not limited to) tank firing dust, helicopter damage smoke.
Streamlined sripting, now the effects are split into their own files instead of being one huge effects file. Better for editing & keeping track of.
Half of all tank class vehicles have the same effect applied (huge plumes of dark smoke) but half have a different behavior. Now half the tanks will eject lighter coloured but heavier smoke, more in keeping with some footage I have seen, and also a few people requested drifting smoke.
More particle images for people to use in their own addons if they so please. Just credit me etc :)

3.3 improvements:
All files are placed into one single PBO file now. PLEASE DELETE ALL THE OLD @DM FILES.
Added micro-debris sound for grenades. Each grenade is likely, but not necessarily definately, to produce small debris sound effects.
Added building collapse micro-debris sounds. A wall of dust will be accompanied by a wall of crunching, tinkling sounds as dust debris strikes all surfaces.
Lost the fuel station smoke effect, as it was an ugly basic test that was accidentally left in the last release. Also it was interfereing with MapFact's Chinhook helicopters. Mapfact Chinhooks do not call the helicopter smoke scripts for some reason.

3.2 improvements:
New texture for building collapse particles, tweaked settings.

*3.1 improvements:
Better grenade effects
Better smoke effects

Leave feedback :)

All the new custom textures may be used for your own projects, just credit me :) they're fairly nice :)

Vehicles that land or otherwise end up on their side or upside down eject smoke along their own Z-axis. (fixed mostly as of 4.2)
Very, very occasionally all the smoke in the game will suddenly disappear, and will start again. It's only happened to me twice in all the tests I did (hundreds) so I don't know if it's an ArmA bug or too much data :)
A smoking tank on a bridge will have the smoke effects origin underneath the bridge.
Vehicles moved after destruction will have the smoke effect still apparent at it's old location.

Kindest regards

DM (DMarkwick)

Dateigröße: 1,8 MB
Autor: DM (DMarkwick)
Datum: 24.06.08
Downloads: 537

Desrtuctible Building (Dedi server Version)

21 Juni
---------Desrtuctible Building Dedi server Version---------
----------A linker Split and DeanosBeano production---
This release is merely to obtain feedback from dedicated server owners, its simple little test, although you may feel free to copy my mission template into any of your own.
I reccomend this to be used with liker splits island


Put @dbo in your main arma directory and dedi server as you would any other (not fully upto speed)
put new_hut.intro from isnide the @dbo/addons in your mp missions folder

Many thanks to:

Linkersplit of course, and our weekend's laboratory ;)
Mandoble for his Help with Math
Al simmons original brick Model
MaddogX for his Mdfxplode.sqf (sorry i have no way to contact you to ask if i could modify for own use )
All the others who helped (there are 100s and will be indivudally mentioned in full release)

Permission is granted for personal use only. Any commercial, military or educational use is strictly forbidden without permission from me.
Permission is granted to distribute this software as long as it is 100%
free of charge and this readme file is distributed with it.
I assume no responsibility for any damages this program may cause - use at your own risk. If your video card overheats or your computer blows up you're on your own.

Contact: Mrbrickmaker on youtube via PM

Deanos Beano
I will be releasing a tutorial in 2 weeks or so on blogger

Copyright © 2008 Bohemia Interactive a.s. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use is strictely prohibited.

For more information about ArmA addons modelling visit

This archive contains a sample model, configs and model configs to be used in BI Editing Tools to create custom models for ArmA.

To distribute or modify or use the ArmA Sample Models in any way, you must agree to the following license:


1) Bohemia Interactive grants to you a personal, nonexclusive License to open, modify and distribute the ArmA Sample Models for the purpose of designing, developing, testing, and producing non-commercial game content for PC game ArmA and its sequels or expansion packs.

2) You acknowledge and agree that you will not commercially exploit any game content you may created using the models without Bohemia Interactive prior written permission.

3) Bohemia Interactive doesn't give you permission to exploit ArmA Sample Models in any other way, especially not to convert them for use in any other game or engine than ArmA or its sequels and expansion.

4) If you create and distribute a work based on the ArmA Sample Models you must license the entire work, as a whole, under this License to anyone who will be using it. This License gives no permission to license the work in any other way, but it does not invalidate such permission if you have separately received it.


CA\buildings\hut01.p3d now as dbo_hut and sections thereof under names such defined as DBObr_x
Textures are derived from there original source via means of path only
with the exception of a free for none comemrcial use texture , this bars this addon to be used in any product that is used as a whole
or in part whilst including said texture for paid training and or any other commercial enterprise.
If you use this addon in any BIA product or third party partner of BI ,BIA ,BIS then you accept full responsibilty for any action that the owner of the i.p of said texture should
ensue due to its use .that includes any host of this addon that does not include the read me ,any computer based training company that uses this addon in a commercial pre or post paid training session in a thirdparty product military civilian or otherwise or video where commercially advertisements are present.
In essence only use In armed assault or you accept full responsibility.

Dateigröße: 634 kB
Autor: deanosbeano
Datum: 21.06.08
Downloads: 275

Extended eventhandlers (xeh) 1.7

17 Juni
This addon allows a virtually infinite amount of event handlers to be used
together from different addons. The event handlers are executed for the matching
class and all inheriting classes. The event handler init line also contains the
extended event handler class to look for, so you can have a custom inheritance
for custom units.

Normally event handlers can only be added in configs, and trying to add a new
event handler caused all previous event handlers to be overwritten. This addon
allows that limitation to be overcome. This is mostly useful for having addons
that can add different functionality, for example in OFP addons that had their
own event handlers wouldn't inherit default event handlers, such as a custom
unit with EHs being used with ECP or FFUR wouldn't have the ECP or FFUR effects.

This adds support for using extended event handlers for all Arma event types.

Extended fired event handler:
This allows a virtually infinite amount of fired event handlers to be used
together from different addons.

The extended fired event handler has several different parts:

- First the extended init EH is run for all units to add together and compile all of the inherited fired event handlers and use setVariable to attach those to the unit.
- The extended fired event handler is added to the base class called Extended_EventHandlers so that all of the CfgVehicles class EventHandlers inherit it. When a unit fires and sets off the event handler the shot is immediately captured in the same game state cycle. Then the compiled extended fired events are called by using getVariable to retrieve them from the unit.
- The fired event handler init line contains the extended event handler class to look for, so you can have a custom inheritance for custom units. The event
handlers are executed for the matching class and all inheriting classes.
- It allows more fired events to be used together, for example a script that makes shots affected by wind and a tracer script could be used together.

Extract the pbo(s) in your Arma/addons folder or as we always recommend use a modfolder.
If you do not know how to use mod folders have a loom in our FAQ.

Included files:

There are two example Extended Init addons included to demonstrate how to assign new event handlers and the event handler inheritance. The example pbos should not be installed except for testing.

There is an example addon included to demonstrate how to assign new fired eventhandlers and the event handler inheritance. The example also has a quickly called function that is able to capture information on the shot in the same game state cycle before the shot is updated and moves away from it's starting position and changes it's status. The example pbo should not be installed except for testing.

The addon "SightAdjustment_AutoInit.pbo" is an addon that makes gmJamez'
"GMJ_SightAdjustment" addon compatible with XEH.

New in 1.3: The example addon "SLX_Advanced_Init_Example" shows how to create
an XEH init EH that will only be used on units that are of the class SoldierWB, ie the West "Rifleman". Units that inherit from "SoldierWB", eg the Grenadier, won't run the init EH.

One can do the same thing for the other XEH event types. For example, to add a
"GetIn" event handler that works only on the the vehicle XYZ_BRDM2, but not on the XYZ_BRDM2_ATGM variant you would do something like this:
class Extended_GetIn_Eventhandlers
class XYZ_BRDM2
class XYZ_BRDM2_GetIn
scope = 0;
getin = "[] exec ""\xyz_brdm2\getin.sqf""";

class Vehicles
class XYZ_BRDM2: BRDM2

Note to addonmakers:
Note to addon makers: Before XEH 1.1, you had to make sure to add a ";" at the
end of your extended init line to separate it from other extended inits. This
is no longer necessary - the Extended Init EH will separate them automatically, so ending without one won't cause a problem

Change log:
XEH Change log
Fixed: Removed XEH from class Static, which stops ArmA from crashing to desktop
when resuming saved games.

Fixed: The "exclude" property will apply to the specified class(es) and all
subclasses thereof.

Added: Composite ("inner") XEH classes can have an extra property, "exclude"
which is either a string or an array of strings with the class name(s)
of vehicles that should *not* get a particular XEH event handler.

Added: "Static" class vehicles can now have XEH event handlers.
Added: A respawn monitor that restores non-init XEH event handlers after the player respawns. Many thanks to Sickboy, LoyalGuard and ViperMaul for the initial research and suggestions!

- Added: The ability to use "nested" XEH classes with a "scope" feature
to limit certain event handlers to objects of specific classes.

- Fixed: SightAdjustment_AutoInit.
- Fixed: Extended Dammaged EventHandler

- Fixed: XEH can now handle extended event handlers that are missing a trailing semicolon.
- Fixed: the example addons now require the Extended_Eventhandlers addon instead of the two older ones. Also, the debug sideChats are now guaranteed to be seen when previewing a mission with the example addons loaded.
- Fixed: XEH init EH:s are now actually being called on units inside vehicles.

- Initial Release
- Combined Extended Init, Fired, and Other event handlers. Thanks to Killswitch for combining them and adding the other extended event handlers!
Added signature and bikey.

Init EH Change log:
- Fixed signature files, bikey, and .pbos.

- Fixed signature files and added bikey.

- Added signature file.
- Fixed a bug that caused crashes on some missions. Thanks to LCD344!
- Changed ExecVM to Call Compile. Thanks to UNN!

- Fixed people in vehicles having no inits.
- Included SightAdjustment example "bridge" addon that allows the GMJ_SightAdjustment addon to be used with other extended init event handler addons.

- Initial Release

Fired EH Change log
- Initial release

Dateigröße: 22 kB
Autor: Solus & Killswitch
Datum: 17.06.08
Downloads: 968

Cold War Operations Release 01

07 Juni
********** Cold War Operations Addon Pack 1 (beta 0.2) **********

1. Contents & Information:

This Pack is the first release Of the Cold War Operation (CWO) Modification and contains 4 add-ons.
- Mk. 19 MOD3
- M2 HMG
- M923 5t truck (MERDC european winter camouflage)
- M923A1 5t Truck (CARC woodland camouflage)

All included add-ons are still in development and some things are missing, like specular maps, more detailed textures (mud and dust) and other things.

If you find a bug please report it with all necessary details to locate the problem.

Contact me via PM on BI forums or my E-Mail:

2. Installation:

Place the following *.pbo’s in your add-on folder:
- cwo_data.pbo
- mc_m2hmg.pbo
- mc_m923a1wd.pbo
- mc_923ew.pbo
- mc_mk19mod3.pbo

You will find the add-ons on BLUFOR side under:
- U.S. Army (1981-85): Car
- U.S. Army (1986-90): Car
- U.S. Army (1981-85): Support
- U.S. Army (1986-90): Support
- U.S. Army (1981-85): Weapons
- U.S. Army (1986-90): Weapons
- U.S. Marine Corps (1981-85): Car
- U.S. Marine Corps (1986-90): Car
- U.S. Marine Corps (1981-85): Support
- U.S. Marine Corps (1986-90): Support
- U.S. Marine Corps (1981-85): Weapons
- U.S. Marine Corps (1986-90): Weapons

At the moment the BIS soldiers is used as a place holder for the crew. Maybe in later additions an Infantry add-on will follow.


Use this add-on at your own risk, RHS and its members are not responsible for any damage caused to your PC or your ArmA installation.
e report it with all nessesary details to locate the problem

Dateigröße: 74.7 MB
Autor: FischKopp
Datum: 07.06.08
Downloads: 422

Tomb addon

18 Mai
ncluded in this archive:

A island (Cataworld)... oh well I should say a "island". It's the ground level of the tomb so expect nothing special, it's all at the same height. Use enableEnvironment false to get rid of bird sounds and other stuff.

A tomb showing what you can build with this addon, if you see some flickering it's because some walls are overlapping (can you say this in English?)...

EditorUpdate_v102.pbo by LowFly
Not by me, but it's needed for the example mission.

bhpyramid.pbo by Bierrolt
Not by me and not in this file but needed for the example mission. Get it here:

Use this setpos [(getpos this select 0),(getpos this select 1),XX] to get a rooftop with cavefloor 3x3 or ceiling 2.
You can also build really huge halls with this (see example map). CRTL-C, CRTL-V, CRTL-SHIFT and shift combined with mouse are your best friends...

It contains all the glorious walls, floors and stuff. Mind that the Floors can be used by AI but very limited,
they won't walk about the next floor (needs to be one object), that's why I created "Cataworld".

This addon is unofficial, use at your own risk, BIS is in no way afflitated with this.

Dateigröße: 6.05 MB
Autor: Icewindo
Datum: 18.05.08
Downloads: 378

Soy ArmA Film (low)

20 April
Dateigröße: 27.13 MB
Autor: simba
Datum: 20.04.08
Downloads: 306

Soy ArmA - Building Pack

20 April
Dateigröße: 42.88 MB
Autor: simba
Datum: 20.04.08
Downloads: 520

OFrP Objects Pack

20 April
ofrp\_rel #3
Dateigröße: 2.88 MB
Autor: OFrP Mod
Datum: 20.04.08
Downloads: 481


18 April
rte\_v4 #2rte\_v4 #0rte\_v4 #1

Zitat von i0n0s,April 18 2008,19:09:
Basing on RTEV3

Editor controls:
Camera movement: WASD
Use R & F to zoom, Q & Y to change camera angle and X & C to change camera direction.
Left double-click for object creation.
Right click to move an object.
Shift and Mouse to rotate an object, CTRL and Mouse to raise or lower an object.

How to export:
Start ArmA RTE Capture and activate monitoring. Then switch back to ArmA. Select the object you wish to export (only one object on the same time). The click on "Export". In the editfield below a text like "Controller Text;[2544.14,2510.21,0];0;UAZ;" will show up. Copy the hole text using ctrl + C. ArmA RTE Capture should now get the focus and the copied text should show up in ArmA RTE Capture. Then switch back to ArmA and export the other object the same way. After having all items exported, stop monitoring in ArmA RTE Capture.
Now you can save the file (in RTE Capture) and convert it into a script.

What I forgot in the readme about the export:
You also can use the 3D Controller by LowFly to capture the string.

If you've got an error: Please make a screenshot, so that I can find the code which produce the error.

Dateigröße: 232 kB
Autor: i0n0s
Datum: 18.04.08
Downloads: 1284

Festung Pack I Version 1.0

06 April
quote]We are pleased to announce the release of our "Festung. Pack I. Version 1.0." for Armed Assault !

Burner and i we found a ww2 HUB called Operation WW2.
Operation WW2 is an united group of ww2 minimods (to simplify the production and release ww2 mods before ArmA2).
URL: (short url)
Our youtube channel Operation WW2.
Our OFPEC tag / Public Key is WW2[/quote]
ww2\_objekte #3ww2\_objekte #2ww2\_objekte #1ww2\_objekte #0

That's our first official addon pack for ArmA. "Festung. Pack I. Version 1.0." and is composed of:

(Name in the editor | Config class)
  • Panzermauer (L) A | WW2_pzmauer_0L1
  • Panzermauer (L) B | WW2_pzmauer_0L2
  • Panzermauer (3m) | WW2_pzmauer_03m
  • Panzermauer (6m) | WW2_pzmauer_06m
  • Panzermauer (12m) | WW2_pzmauer_012m
  • Panzermauer (18m) | WW2_pzmauer_018m
  • Panzermauer (24m) | WW2_pzmauer_024m
  • Panzermauer (30m) | WW2_pzmauer_030m
  • Panzermauer (36m) | WW2_pzmauer_036m
  • R58c-d fMG A | WW2_tobruk_01a
  • R58c-d fMG B | WW2_tobruk_01b
  • R58c-d Beob A | WW2_tobruk_02a
  • R58c-d Beob B | WW2_tobruk_02b
  • R58c-d Beob (roof) | WW2_tobruk_03
  • R58c-d Beob (foundation) | WW2_tobruk_04
  • Schildwachthut (schw.) A | WW2_schildwachthut_01a
  • Schildwachthut (schw.) B | WW2_schildwachthut_01b
  • Beton-Tetraeder | WW2_betontetraeder_01
  • Hemmbalken | WW2_hemmbalken_01
  • Wegsperre | WW2_wegsperre_01
  • Wooden door | WW2_wdoor_01

Panzermauer mean: Antitank wall
fMG mean: f(or a)M(achine)G(un)
Beob mean: o(bservation) p(oint)
Schildwachthut (schw.) mean: Sentry Box (heavy)
Hemmbalken mean: Break beam
Wegsperre mean: Iron spikes

Dateigröße: 4.06 MB
Autor: WW2 Mod: Festung
Datum: 06.04.08
Downloads: 773

Naval Missle Pack V.03

02 April
Neuste version des Naval Missle Packs
Dateigröße: 1 MB
Autor: DesertPhoenix
Datum: 02.04.08
Downloads: 267

Autuum Plants Standalone

26 März
Autumn plants in standalone version:

-only europe-like plants (no bananas, palm etc)
-various colors for some models
-possibility look it via editor (Empty/kndr_autumn plants)
-sometimes used prefix:

g - green
y - yellow
o - orange
b - brown
0 - black
1 - white
2 - gray

this means "kndr_autumn gy_briza" will have color something like green+yellow
Dateigröße: 85 MB
Autor: Przemek_kondor
Datum: 26.03.08
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Apocalypse Mod 1.0 (beta)

19 März
Zitat von agamoth:
The Resistance units has been turned into a post-apocalypse mod now and there will much more to it from here on...
Before I get on with that here's the last beta of the units so you don't have to wait too long to try out the newest additions.

The new version contains following:
    Freedom fighters:
  • 46 unique units
  • includes the 5 new female models

  • New order:
  • new order is the opfor of the resistance they are more organized army looking group with an officer and a group leader
  • There's 9 New Order units and 2 new zombie/mutant models (no new textures though)

  • Object pack:
  • A couple of Beta objects
  • Two half-textures biohazrd contrainers/barreks
  • Two concrete wall sections and a concrete shelter
  • A destroyed baby carrige
  • A propane bomb
  • And my personal favorite the Teddybear bomb

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Autor: agamoth
Datum: 19.03.08
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Predators 2.0

13 März
UAV-Update 2
Die Predatoren von EMSI & pochyst haben Version 2.0 erreicht. Leider gibt es keine ausreichenden Informationen respektive Changelogs über das was sich geändert hat. Oder der Autor hat's überlesen.
Dateigröße: 3 MB
Autor: EMSI & pochyst
Datum: 13.03.08
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P44 Buildings 0.1b

09 März
P44\_Buildings #0P44\_Buildings #1
P44\_Buildings #0P44\_Buildings #1

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Autor: DPS
Datum: 09.03.08
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