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Operation Arrowhead Patch 1.62

Operation Arrowhead Patch 1.62

Das aktuelle Käfer Reduktions Pflaster für Operation Arrowhead, mit besonderem Hinweis auf die ebenfalls erhältlichen Beta Builds, welche meist bereits weiter fortgeschritten sind.

ArmA2 Beta Patches

ArmA2 Beta Patches

Bohemia Interactive bietet allen interessierten Usern die Möglichkeit, sich aktuelle Beta Builds für ArmA2 herunterzuladen. Die Updates installieren sich seperat zur "Vollversion" - ArmA2 kann also weiterhin mit oder ohne den neuesten Beta-Patch gestartet werden. Selbes gilt auch für Operation Arrowhead.

ArmA2: Operation Arrowhead für 22,41€ inkl. Versand vorbestellen! …ein Teil des Geldes geht an uns und hilft dabei im Netz zu halten.

modEmMaik's NH90

Der NH90 ist nach wie vor in schicken BW Farben gekleidet, hat in der Final Version aber auch einige neue Sounds von Sgt.Elias spendiert bekommen.


modEmMaik's NH90 (original by AfrographX, based on ADF Core release) Final Release

Copy the modem_nh90.pbo and the modem_nh90.pbo.smurfCModEmMaik.bisign to your addon folder
Copy the modem_nh90_a2_repl.pbo (located in the ArmA2_config folder) plus modem_nh90_a2_repl.pbo.smurfCModEmMaik.bisign to your addon folder

Copy the modem_nh90.pbo and the modem_nh90.pbo.smurfCModEmMaik.bisign to your addon folder

- Enabled crew vulnerability (had to change fire lod texture to ca\data\data\black.pac)
- Added latest Stg.Elias sounds to A2 config (Big thanks to Sgt.Elias)
- Added detail texture
- A2 narrowed pilot's view
- Added "anti-kamikaze-config", which issues a drop on topspeed (~260)
- Darkened cargo texture to prevent bloom effect
- Fixed aft rotor hitpoints

- Added rotors to damage sections
- Added new material for outside glass (A1 only)
- Removed shadows from some MFD's (reduces shadow artifacts in A2)
- Readjusted direction indicator

- Fixed some shader issues in the first visual LOD
- A2 config added fraction

- Refixed laser-position (laser is centered again now)
- Added NH90 icon
- Added Damage-texture and env_co.paa to textures (caused A2 error message)
- Added A2-Compatibility .pbo
- Fixed icon (A2 propted a warning message)
- New gunnerview (from Tiger project)
- Minor fixes in gunner / pilotview
- config rebased to class helicopter and removed external dependencies for A2 compliance
- Crew is vulnerable now
- Added motorDamageTextureSection (exhaust ports)
- Removed ejectDeadxxx
- Gear animation changed to source="gear" to enable landing on buildings.

- Repos of position lights
- Increased engine loudness
- Corrected back rotor direction
- Added no-shadow rvmat to rotor blur
- Added alt-dependent rotor tilt
- Lowered the bumpeffect caused by the back ramp

- Activated turret animation for gunner
- Changed geoLOD for flightbehavior
- Added back door animation
- Added MH6 repl config
- Added clansigns
- Reintegrated cockpit instruments

- Added laser marker for gunner
- Prepared for custom textures
- Added gear and door animations
- Added specmap (based on textures)
- Modified center of mass to improve flight handling
- Changed Cargo proxies
- Added Damagetextures
- Added visual LOD's / firegeo LOD / shadow LOD's / hitpoint LOD
- Added some info from

Basic Package: modem_nh90.pbo
required addons: none

mission addon name: "modem_nh90 / modem_nh90"
Mission editor's container: BLUFOR / Air
"NH90 TTH (Laser)"

Main Features:
- Improved version from ADF Core Release (
- Laser-marker for gunner (Mapfact style)

- Due to AI-kamikaze fix, the helicopter does not reach the full speed any more.
AI-kamikaze fix: min/max/neutrtalMainRotorDive values in the config prevent the AI to start kamikaze like attacks.

ArmA2-Compatibility Package: modem_nh90_a2_repl.pbo
required addons: modem_nh90.pbo
Mission editor's container: "Bundeswehr - Heer" / Air
"NH90 TTH (Laser)"

Main Features:
- Sgt.Elias Soundpack (very big thanks for your hard work, Sgt.Elias ;) )
- "Bundeswehr - Heer" faction according to BIForums: Faction config discussion thread
- Compatibility package to set up the correct crew
Copy modem_nh90_a2_repl.pbo plus modem_nh90.pbo to your ArmA2 addon folder
Else the game might crash when placing non-empty NH90

Permission grated by AfrographX
Permission grated by RicoADF

Credits to:
Sgt. Elias for his great sounds
wolang for ArmA 2 tests and support
WGL.Q, Burns and Redfox @hx3-forums for beta testing
AfrographX for his top notch OFP addon (
ADF team for their great mod.
Bigmike for his ArmA import version
Mapfact for their MAP_AIR package
Raedor for the MP-conpatible numers
Burns, WGL.Q and King Homer for their support and material
T_bone, CameronMcDonald, hamis, Gedis, A.T.R.F. special: Marijus plus all the others @ for tests, photos and suggestions
Rellikki (
piranha-dl (
Vilas (
WGL mod team ( for their great mod
ACE team (, successors of the former WGL team
Solus & Killswitch for their Extended_Eventhandlers implementation
BI ( for their sample models
Wikipedia Project ( for additional information

have fun and good luck,

I will not take any resposibility for crashed harddisks, sleepless nights, problems with your boy/girlfriend.
If the included content does not match your expected quality, use the "delete"-feature provided with your operating system...
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