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Modifikationen von Armed Assault, OFP und Game2.

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G85 Editor Addon

27 Nov
Der Germany 85 Mod veröffentlichte das erste erhältliche ArmA Editor Addon.
Dateigröße: 6.41 kB
Autor: G85´ Mod
Datum: 27.11.06
Downloads: 2961

6thSense ArmA Language Patcher v0.3

28 Nov
Der Patcher übersetzt die dt. oder cz. Version von Armed Assault in die englische oder deutsche Sprache.
Dateigröße: 522 kB
Autor: 6thSense
Datum: 28.11.06
Downloads: 2081

ArmA Face Pack V1

06 Dez
Alle ArmA Standard Faces in einem Paket, geeignet zur Erstellung eigener Custom Faces.
Dateigröße: 39.64 MB
Autor: BloodOmen / BIS
Datum: 06.12.06
Downloads: 2847

Realism soundpack v1.0

06 Dez
Sound Mod für ArmA -
Verändert werden einige Waffen und Explosions Effekte
Dateigröße: 9.97 MB
Autor: Novusordo
Datum: 06.12.06
Downloads: 3351


28 Dez
Das Video zeigt ein animiertes GUI-Interface des CnC Tiberian Genesis Mod.

Dateigröße: 9 MB
Datum: 28.12.06
Downloads: 188

XAM 1.4 (english)

04 Jan
rapante rapante
Dateigröße: 790.47 MB
Autor: XAM-Mod-Team
Datum: 04.01.08
Downloads: 2362

CWR Missi Pack

04 Jan
Zusammenstellung aller bisher konvertierten Mission für CWR.

Dateigröße: 10.31 MB
Autor: diverse
Datum: 04.01.08
Downloads: 313

CWR v0.36

04 Jan
[hr1]Cold War Rearmed v0.36 released

OFP Demo State[/hr1]

cwrpromo #1cwrpromo #0

Bohemia Interactive and the Cold War Rearmed team are delighted to announce the first release of the Cold War Rearmed Modification for Armed Assault. This release tries to bring the OFP Demo State to Armed Assault.

  • Malden island
  • The OFP User Interface
  • Completely new US and Russian soldiers from the 1985 era
  • A new BMP-1 model
  • New and converted buildings and plants
  • Music files from Operation Flashpoint
  • Jeep from OFPE
  • AT-4 Fagot, AT-4 Carl Gustav and M-72 LAW Launchers from OFP
  • M60 MG from OFPE
  • Two SP demo missions and four MP bonus missions

Dateigröße: 305.08 MB
Autor: CWR
Datum: 04.01.08
Downloads: 1563

CWR Hotfix1

04 Jan
[hr1]Cold War Rearmed v0.36 Hotfix 1[/hr1]

Staetverknüpfungen für ArmA mit Version 1.09
Dateigröße: 3 kB
Autor: CWR
Datum: 04.01.08
Downloads: 685

CWR Addons v0.80

04 Jan
[hr1]Cold War Rearmed Addons v0.80[/hr1]

cwr\_add #1cwr\_add #0

As a little special, we decided to release some addons which have not been in the original OFP:R series.

  • Mikero made the CWR Editor addon which conatins classes of the OFP Editor/Object addons.
  • BergHoff and some others created Winter Kolgujev.

Please note that this is a fun addon. It's there to make it easier to convert OFP missions. Some things in the Editor Addon are only templates etc...

Also note that this addon is not going to work with later CWR releases. We'll provide you with an updated version shortly after the release of Cold War Rearmed 1.00 :)

Have fun anyway. :)

Dateigröße: 139.11 MB
Autor: CWR
Datum: 04.01.08
Downloads: 525

ADF Mod Core Pack v1.0

04 Jan
Das ADF Mod Core Pack beinhaltet zur Zeit :
- ADF Infantrie: Beeinhaltet AusCam und DesCam Varianten.
- ADF Waffen: Beeinhaltet die F88A1, F88A2, F89, Mag58 und SR-98.
- ADF Fahrzeuge: Beeinhaltet den M1A1 in AusCam und DesCam Varianten und den ADF Landrover.
- ADF Flugzeuge: Beeinhaltet den ARH Tiger, S-70 Blackhawk und MRH-90.
adf modadf mod2

adf mod3
Dateigröße: 50 MB
Autor: ADF Mod
Datum: 04.01.08
Downloads: 378
Download Pack 1 v0.4

08 Jan
Dies ist das derzeitige Pack 1 v0.4. Weitere Informationen zum Pack gibts hier.

Die Packs sind in verschiedene Einheiten unterteilt, die man nach Belieben zur eigenen Benutzung weglassen oder hinzufügen kann.

Einheiten des 1. Packs v0.4:
  • Misc has many many functions, vars and scripts inside. Misc is a required addon for every Addon.
  • Tools Systems for Unit/Group Tracking, Network Services Lite, DeadBody Remover, UI Changes for chatmessages, option to disable all radio-voices, you name it! Even with support for the latest creation of MadDogX (ArmA Anti Cheat!)
  • You can configure the features of Tools in the SIX_Tools.hpp file,
  • Blood - OFPEC Blood (Incl. Squirts), SQF Format, enabled for all!
  • CRDS has been massively improved, now AI also bleeds, sounds are broadcasted over the network in MultiPlayer, better message system etc.
  • Tracers bugs have been squashed, some code has been refined.
  • EditorUpdate no changes, just included.

Dateigröße: 1.65 MB
Autor: Team
Datum: 08.01.08
Downloads: 204
Download Pack 2 v0.1

08 Jan
Dies ist das derzeitige Pack 2 v0.1. Weitere Informationen zum Pack gibts hier.

Das Pack ist in verschiedene Einheiten unterteilt, die man nach Belieben zur eigenen Benutzung weglassen oder hinzufügen kann.

Einheiten des 2. Packs v0.1:
  • AIAccuracy - Based on TrueRangeAI - Gives the AI better ability to spot and identify enemies. Unlike TrueRangeAI, it is a lot less aggressive
  • AIRange - Based on TrueRangeAI - Gives the AI the possibility to engage from further ranges. Basicly, they are a little better able to spot due to AIAccuracy addon. But they are able to fire back from further or engage earlier due to AIRange
  • Reloadtime - Updated reloadtimes of rifles with values that are closer to reallife
  • Weaponsway - Updated weapon sway values. Rifles move more realisticly in hand while standing, sitting, laying down etc. etc.

Dateigröße: 13.4 kB
Autor: Team
Datum: 08.01.08
Downloads: 184

XAM 1.4.05

01 März
We are back at it again, after being away for too many weeks, XAM is back in a 1.4:05 version, featuring:

- Gameplay balance.
- Bugs corrections
- Main stability and performances improvement .
- Content added.

This version works with 1.09 Beta patch for Armed Assault ! We suggest to download this update needed to improve stability and performances.
An ArmA 1.08 compatible version, is on the way and will be here soon, but it's a less recommended version.
Dateigröße: 885 MB
Datum: 01.03.08
Downloads: 567

XAM 1.4.05 "light"

06 März
Zitat von snake22000:
You are waiting for a XAM Mod version allowing you to connect on any server without troubles while enjoying sound and visual effects and some of the XAM gameplay without any change in ArmA core ?

XAM 1.4 Light is coming, it will allow all that !

This will allow you to connect on any server without troubles while enjoying sound and visual effects and some of the XAM gameplay without any change in ArmA core.

This light version is compatible with all other community addons & with Arma version 1.08

Dateigröße: 373.1 MB
Autor: XAM Mod
Datum: 06.03.08
Downloads: 702

FFN Config Replacement

09 März
Zitat von william1:
Some time ago , TonyRanger released a beautiful minimod that went quite unnoticed between the Arma comunity ,it contained some beautiful features especially the great dodge movement when hit or the cqb movement. Unfortunately those features were only available for his Tr_men.

Well, i thought to give it a new go with a updated replacement config that enables some of ffn mod features to the default Arma soldiers . So you can make an idea of how it works you can see this video:

The replacement comes in two versions, normal and XAM 1.405 compatible version, read the "how to install" before installing. To run, the replacement needs the "TR_OBJ.PBO" from FFN mod ,(Included in the rar file).
Note : only tested in SP since i never play MP, so anyone more skilled than me is free to optimize the replacements as he wish

Dateigröße: 18.5 MB
Autor: TonyRanger
Datum: 09.03.08
Downloads: 313

ECS Client 10150

14 März

Enhanced Configuration System - für Client
Dateigröße: 26.64 MB
Autor: ECS Mod
Datum: 14.03.08
Downloads: 159

ECS Client HD 10150

14 März
Enhanced Configuration System (High Definition) - für Client
(HD: high quality sound version of ECS, for users that experienced sounds problem in the game with using high compression level Ogg vorbis or for users that want the max sounds quality)
Dateigröße: 172.58 MB
Autor: ECS Mod
Datum: 14.03.08
Downloads: 597

ECS Server 10150

14 März
Enhanced Configuration System - für Server
Dateigröße: 199 kB
Autor: ECS Mod
Datum: 14.03.08
Downloads: 115

XAM 1.406

02 April
Main features of this version
- Compatibility with the other addons improved.
- large reduction of bugs when connecting to a no-XAM server.
- stability improved on dedicated servers.
- Fully Compatible with the 1.11 Armed Assault Betapatch.
- More dynamic Balistic.
- AI accuracy widely reduced.

- Temporary vision Trouble when hit by a bullet, according the shock intensity.

- introduction screens Changed when launching the mod.
- suppressive Flashes modified in order to reduce the handicap at night.
- light zoom added when in ironsight view.
- ammo count added.
- helicopters armor lightly reinforced.
- sound of the engine starting of cars changed.

- Optimised XAM engine.
- useless lines of code removed.
- useless functions removed.

- "flying UAZs" bug corrected.
- "music radio" bug corrected.
- Soldiers hit at the leg by a single assault rifle shot don't die immediatly anymore.

Dateigröße: 833 MB
Autor: XAM Mod
Datum: 02.04.08
Downloads: 615
Ältere Downloads: 1234