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Modifikationen von Armed Assault, OFP und Game2.

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SLX Mod 1.0

27 April
Dateigröße: 33.28 MB
Autor: Solus
Datum: 27.04.08
Downloads: 2864

BWMod Teaser #1

06 Juli

The following BW addons used in this teaser are not (yet :p ) related to BW Mod:
- ViconX Units & MG3
- LLW Pzfst3
Other non related Addons:
- 6th Sense Tracers
- Schmalfelden Map by Nicholas Bell
- Maddmatts FX
- David Marwicks Smoke FX

Dateigröße: 168 MB
Autor: BW Mod
Datum: 06.07.08
Downloads: 2567

XAM v1.5

31 Aug
Version: v1.5

Changelog (short summary):

- Full support of the 1.14 version.
- Stability improvedBUG FIXED
- Smoke grenades are now fully effective for blocking the IA sight
- The M1 Abrams Desert now have access to the computer board
- Thermal vision removed for the M113,BMP2,Vulcan and Shilka
- Rotating turrets sound backADJUSTMENTS
- Angle of view adjusted like in the 1.08 version
- New sound effects for the distant bullets
- Ballistic greatly adjusted to be more dynamic and realist (VBS2 values)
- Decrease of the night atmosphere for more hearing comfort
- Animations faster for the weapons swap (binoculars, AT launcher...)
- Computer board of helico better and more functional
- Visual enhancement for the explosions effectsNEW
- Recon UAV with its console
- AA vehicle SA-6
- F-16 aircraft
- New tracer bullets effect with dynamic luminosity
- Possibility of disable the audio warnings in the aircraft
- "Flyby" sound for the helico and the aircraft added
- New ammo crate for the XAM mines (Claymore and leaping mines)SUPRESSIONS
- Supressions of the Everon and Rahmadi Extended maps
- Supressions of the bleeding system
- Supressions of the French Forces, Africans rebels, and FAMAS

Dateigröße: 491 MB
Autor: XAM / snake22000
Datum: 31.08.08
Downloads: 2222

BWMod Leopard 2A6 v0.1

12 Sept
BWMod v 0.1 (Public Beta)

- Leopard 2A6 (NATO Camo)

Extract the archive into your Armed Assault folder.
Create a shortcut to your ArmA.exe and add to the target line

The target line should look similiar to this
"C:\Program Files\ArmA\Arma.exe" -mod=BWMod

Make sure you have the latest version of Armed Assault (currently 1.14)
installed before starting the game.

Leopard 2A6 BWMod_Leopard2A6

This is a beta release!

- Leopard 2A6: - Loader's MG3 sound is only played on left speaker when in
optics mode.
- The loader can turn the MG3 while inside the tank.
- The loader is missing a proper animation.


Dateigröße: 9.65 MB
Autor: BWMod
Datum: 12.09.08
Downloads: 2403

YASM Soundmod

14 Sept
It is Sunday!

After about 6 months of editing, testing, editing, testing... I would like to introduce my Soundmod.
Back in March I just wanted to experiment with some sounds, but finally it became a huge project.
Most of the time I spent working on the vehicle sounds, because tank battles etc were not very immersive in Vanilla ArmA. I'm pretty satisfied with the result.

-new vehicle, aircraft, armor sounds
-new explosions and impacts
-some new ambient sounds
-some new FX
-new weapon sounds

Dateigröße: 100 MB
Autor: vo.2
Datum: 14.09.08
Downloads: 1137

BWMod v0.2 (beta)

14 Sept
BWMod v 0.2 (Public Beta)

  • Leopard 2 A6 v0.2
  • Wiesel 2 Ozelot v0.1

Extract the archive into your Armed Assault folder.
Create a shortcut to your ArmA.exe and add to the target line

The target line should look similiar to this
"C:\Program Files\ArmA\Arma.exe" -mod=BWMod

Make sure you have the latest version of Armed Assault (currently 1.14)
installed before starting the game.

Wiesel 2 Ozelot BWMod_Wiesel 2 Ozelot
Leopard 2A6 BWMod_Leopard2A6

This is a beta release!

- Leopard 2A6
- Loader's MG3 sound is only played on left speaker when in
optics mode.
- The loader can turn the MG3 while inside the tank.
- The loader is missing a proper animation.
- The tracks are partly transparent.

- Wiesel 2 Ozelot:
- no specular map
- only one shadow volume
- no detailed normal map


v 0.2 09/14/08
- General
- pbo files signed
- public key added

- Leopard 2A6
- added two additional shadow volumes to the Leopard 2A6
- fixed: commander optics not moving up and down
- fixed: loader optics not moving with the turret

- Wiesel 2 Ozelot included.

v 0.1 09/12/08 Initial release


Dateigröße: 11.95 MB
Autor: BWMod
Datum: 14.09.08
Downloads: 2421

Leopard 1&2 Pack v1.0

05 Okt
Heimlich still und leise veröffentlichte Vilas gestern in den BI Foren eine Beta des Leopard Addons welches für die Project'85 zusammengeschustert wird. Enthalten sind Leopard 1A4, 1A5 & 2A4
Dateigröße: 12.7 MB
Autor: P'85 / vilas
Datum: 05.10.08
Downloads: 3536

RTE V4 Fix

05 Okt
RTE V4 #1RTE V4 #0

I0n0s veröffentlichte ein Fix zu seiner erst kürlich veröffentlichten RTE Version4. Mit den Fix werden einige Bugs behoben und Lösungen für bestimmte Anwendungsprobleme gefunden. Mehr dazu etwas weiter unten.
Dateigröße: 1 MB
Datum: 05.10.08
Downloads: 419

Soundmod CSM V2 (Beta)

12 Okt
Die allseits beliebte Soundmod CSM von Chammy wurde nun in die 2. Runde geschickt.

Chammy hat die neue Version V2 gestern in den BI Foren released.
Dateigröße: 90 MB
Autor: Chammy
Datum: 12.10.08
Downloads: 1552

31st WW2 - Normandy Mod (beta)

03 Nov
Rip31st veröffentlichte die erste Beta Version der WW2 Mod. Die Mod behandelt hierbei im Wesentlichen die Landung in der Normandie im Jahr 1944 durch die Alliierten.

Siehe auch Operation Overlord.

Rip31st Features - ENG

-US 2nd infantry Division by Agamoth
-101st Airborne Division by Agamoth
-Bofors 40mm by Project RACS, textured & reconfigured by rip31st
-WC51 Dodge truck by Burner converted for Arma use by rip31st
-Horsa glider by T_roc converted for Arma, added hinged nose by rip31st
-BF109 F4 by FFS studios Faust & Frizy, reconfigured and swastikas removed by rip31st
-Opel Blitz(desert & grey) by FFS Studios Faust & Frizy reconfigured to play the universal roll of supply, ammo & repair truck by rip31st
-Kubelwagon (desert & grey) by FFS studios Faust & Frizy
-Flak 36 8.8cm by Johns_ART converted for Arma, custom sound by rip31st
-Flak 38 20mm by Johns_Art reconfigered by rip31st
-Kubel MHQ (German MHQ for ww2warfare mission) by rip31st using FF studios kubelwagon
-Normandy.pbo ( THE MAP ) 156,300 meters x 156,300 meters by rip31st
-WW2 objects ( OIA_objects) by Mr Burns
-BF109 E1 by rip31st
-C47 by rip31st
-Gotha go 242 german assault/transport glider by rip31st
-HE111 H. By Atomic, configered by rip31st, textured by Enigma
-Hawker Hurricane MK IIc by rip31st
-Jagdpanther by Spamurai configured and textured rip31st
-Junkers JU-52 by rip31st
-Avro Lancaster heavy bomber by Atomic, configered by rip31st and textured by Enigma
-LCM(3) Allied landing craft - by rip31st
-Sherman M4A4 V by rip31st
-M26 Pershing heavy tank by rip31st, textured by Enigma (texture revision coming soon)
-M101 105mm Howitzer by Atomic, configered & textured by rip31st
-Pak38 by rip31st textured by my good Aussie friend Paul
-Panther by rip31st, textured by Enigma
-PZ 3F by rip31st ( alternate version coming soon by T_roc)
-PZ 4H by rip31st ( alternate version coming soon by T_Roc)
-R667 bunker by rip31st
-Supermarine Spitfire Mk XIV E by rip31st, textured by Enigma
-Tiger I by rip31st, textured by Enigma ( more versions to be added later by T_roc and others)
-*UPDATED VILAS WEAPONS PACK by vilas, modified for the ww2 mod by rip31st - several static weapons
-*UPDATED VILAS WW2 Infantry pack - HEAVILY MODIFIED - Sounds by rip31st, models modified and retextured by StubbleHopper - contains several infantry models.
-warfare.pbo modified for ww2warfare trucks by rip31st
- Willy's Jeep by Atomic, configured dy rip31st, textured by Enigma
- WW2 Festung obstacle pack by AST_Walker
- Easter egg ( who will find it first?)

Installation:Unzip to your ArmA installtion and create a launch icon using the mod folder method.


Change log:
-All swastikas removed for our German friends so they can play.

This is a BETA release. The idea here and intention is to receive relative constructive input/feedback from the community. Please use the appropriate forum links for feedback. All future WIP will be posted in teh WIP thread, feedback and subsequent releases, patches and updates will be posted in this thread.

-Infantry use Vilas weapons
-Many custon sounds included for vehicles and weapons, sound mods are not compatible
-*** I will not include the "ww2warfare" mission until after its final testing on the server today- so look for an additional download to be posted later.
-Some vehicles feature ramps or hinged doors that open, look for your action menus.
-Most aircraft do not contain cockpits - They will be added in future releases.
-Two tanks have funny road wheel axis's - That will be adjust later.
-***Keep your speakers turned down initially, especially if you are using SUB's as this mod contains some very loud audible sound, it may rumble your house or neighbors!

PERMISSIONS- Were obtained from the original authors prior to any modification(s) or conversions

Credits & Special Thanks to: First and foremost, the ArmA community. This release would have not been possible without the endless hours of contribution from everyone. I nearly sank 12-14 hour days myself into this for the last 90 days. I will be taking a short break then back to work on phase 1 patches and phase 2. Special recognition goes to Vilas, FFS Studios Faust & Frizy, Burner, Mr Burns, Atomic, Enigma, AST_Walker(emoticon man), Agamoth for his beatiful infantry!, WLD427 & project RACS, Johns_ART and his awesome paint and models, DVDOC for his input on modeling and game play ideas. Thanks to all, you guys did a awesome job! Gsleighter, Pauld, Paul from the land down under and many more. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone. IF I do slap me! The entire 31st Wrecking crew squad.

Dateigröße: 239 MB
Datum: 03.11.08
Downloads: 5447

XAM 1.6 B2 Released

11 Nov

Snake22000 hat die neue Version des XAM Mods 1.6 B2 (Beta) veröffentlicht.

Zitat von Snake22000:
The main features in version 1.6b2 are:

- Completly new architecture
- Lastest extented event handlers used
- Optimization
- new Dynamic AI chat system (more than 1500 sentences)
- new "soundscape" system for audio natural environment
- audio part of the mod much more better
- AI echanced
- Effects echanced
- realistic weather (thunder realistic simulation)
- many Default weapons models replaced HD weapons
- BTR80, BTR90

Fixed Bugs

- Impossible to run the commanding computer in Abrams
- M4EOtech does not have any recoil
- Script "XAM_engine/soldiers/sound_simulation/wizzby.sqs" not found at the time of the shooting for all the air vehicles thus some armoured tanks
- The music radio does not work any more
- the player was surrender sometimes
- The desert eagle does not have any recoil
- Speed information on HUD partially visible

Dateigröße: 780 MB
Autor: Snake22000
Datum: 11.11.08
Downloads: 1413

CSLA3 Phase1 - v1.0

14 Dez
Die Jungs von CSLA bescheren euch ein frühes Weinachtsgeschenk mit der Veröffentlichung von Phase 1 ihrer Mod. Neben einer reichaltigen Auswahl an Waffen, Einheiten und Fahrzeugen, gibt es zudem auch gleich 10 SP - sowie einige MP Missionen damit die Addons nicht im Editor verstauben.
csla3phase1 #1csla3phase1 #2csla3phase1 #3
csla3phase1 #7csla3phase1 #8csla3phase1 #9
csla3phase1 #4csla3phase1 #5csla3phase1 #6

Dateigröße: 229 MB
Autor: CSLA Mod
Datum: 14.12.08
Downloads: 1732

FDF Mod v1.0

19 Dez

Neben einigen erwarteten Überraschungen bringt dieser Dezember auch ein wirkliches Schmankerl mit sich, denn die Jungs von FDF haben ihre Mod "fiNNished"!

Neben der obligatorischen Vielzahl an Einheiten und Waffen, bekommt ihr auch eine neue Insel namens Podaga (wir berichteten), sowie eine Single Player Kampagne und einige MP Missionen.
Dateigröße: 419.61 MB
Autor: FDF Mod
Datum: 19.12.08
Downloads: 3366

PROPER - Shader removal

21 Dez
    = Features =

    Removes a specific shader with the lowplants tool from the given PBO.
    This gives more FPS if shaders details are set to low or higher.
    Removes the shine effect on the unit made by the shader.

  • proper_a10.pbo
  • proper_air.pbo
  • proper_buildings.pbo
  • proper_cti_buildings.pbo
  • proper_misc.pbo
  • proper_signs.pbo
  • proper_tracked.pbo
  • proper_water.pbo
  • proper_weapons.pbo
  • proper_wheeled.pbo

Very high shaders (standard)

proper\_noshade #1proper\_noshade #2proper\_noshade #3

Very high shaders (lowplants applied on tracked.pbo)

proper\_noshade #1proper\_noshade #2proper\_noshade #3

Dateigröße: 719.58 MB
Autor: Q / Kegetys
Datum: 21.12.08
Downloads: 880

ACE Mod - Public Beta v1.0

24 Dez
= A.C.E. Mod Readme =
Welcome to the Advanced Combat Environment Mod!

== Links ==
* Wiki (Guidance and Help):
* Forums:
* Bug Reports, Feature Requests and Feedback:
* Hall of Fame:
* Credits: see credits.txt or visit
* License and Copyright: see ACE License and Copyrights.txt
* Feature List & Descriptions:

Dateigröße: 633.74 MB
Autor: ACE
Datum: 24.12.08
Downloads: 3356

BWMod v0.3 (beta)

24 Dez
Mit leichter Verspätung gibt es auch von der BWMod noch einen kleinen Release. In der neusten Beta-Version sind unter anderem das MG3, das MG4 und die Panzerfaust, sowie ein Soldatenmodell enthalten. Zusätzlich wurden einige Fehler der alten Version gefixed.
Dateigröße: 27.1 MB
Autor: BWMod
Datum: 24.12.08
Downloads: 2603

FFAA Mod v3.4

11 Jan
Das Pack beinhaltet eine Vielzahl von Spanischen Einheiten. Es ist aufgeteilt in 4 kleinere Packs, welche neben Fahrzeugen, Helikoptern und einem umfangreichen Waffenarsenal auch arabische Einheiten beinhaltet.
ffaa\_mod #1ffaa\_mod #2
ffaa\_mod34 #1ffaa\_mod34 #2ffaa\_mod34 #3ffaa\_mod34 #4
ffaa\_mod34 #5ffaa\_mod34 #6ffaa\_mod34 #7ffaa\_mod34 #8

Das Addonpack benötigt Queens Gambit.

Dateigröße: 819.97 MB
Autor: FFAA Mod
Datum: 11.01.09
Downloads: 1525

ACE Mod - Update 1.01

20 Jan
Die ACE Mod ist nach der Veröffentlichung der Beta nicht eingeschlafen, im Gegenteil. Weniger als einen Monat nach dem Release schlägt schon der 1. Patch mit satten 330mb zu Buche.

Besonders hervorzuheben wäre ein neues Feature namens Ace_sys_weaponrest. Dieses erlaubt euch nun erstmals in OFP/ArmA die Waffe auf Objekten abzustützen, was einen merklich geringeren Rückstoss zur Folge hat.

Alle weiteren Neuheiten, Fixes und Änderungen könnt ihr im englischsprachigen Changelog einsehen.
Dateigröße: 332 MB
Autor: ACE Mod
Datum: 20.01.09
Downloads: 1769

BWMod v0.4 (beta)

23 Jan
Unverhofft kommt oft könnte man fast sagen, denn heute gibt es wieder eine neue Version der BWMod, mit 3 neuen Fahrzeugen!
Zum Einen hat Helifreak die Wiesel-Familie etwas erweitert, denn ab heute gesellt sich das Wiesel MK20 zum Ozelot. Außerdem kommt noch ein geeignetes Transportmittel für die jüngst veröffentlichten Soldaten hinzu, TeRp hat die UH1D in der Transport- und SAR-Variante spieltauglich gemacht.
bwmod\_04 #1bwmod\_04 #2
bwmod\_04 #3bwmod\_04 #4

Dateigröße: 42.50 MB
Autor: BWMod
Datum: 23.01.09
Downloads: 6271

RACS Mirrage III Update

29 Jan
Project RACS #3
Das Project RACS Mod veröffentlichte auf ihrer Seite zwei Updates ihrer Flugzeuge.

Die Mirage III enthält nun eine Kompatibilität zum XEH Mod, ein neue Flare-System und eine neue Anti-Tank Version.
Dateigröße: 5,3 MB
Datum: 29.01.09
Downloads: 997
Ältere Downloads: 1234