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Operation Arrowhead Patch 1.62

Operation Arrowhead Patch 1.62

Das aktuelle Käfer Reduktions Pflaster für Operation Arrowhead, mit besonderem Hinweis auf die ebenfalls erhältlichen Beta Builds, welche meist bereits weiter fortgeschritten sind.

ArmA2 Beta Patches

ArmA2 Beta Patches

Bohemia Interactive bietet allen interessierten Usern die Möglichkeit, sich aktuelle Beta Builds für ArmA2 herunterzuladen. Die Updates installieren sich seperat zur "Vollversion" - ArmA2 kann also weiterhin mit oder ohne den neuesten Beta-Patch gestartet werden. Selbes gilt auch für Operation Arrowhead.

ArmA2: Operation Arrowhead für 22,41€ inkl. Versand vorbestellen! …ein Teil des Geldes geht an uns und hilft dabei im Netz zu halten.

Kiowa v.1 Beta

Ebel hat sich erneuert die Arbeit gemacht und ein weiteres OFP Addon nach ArmA konvertiert.
Das dem original Spiel entnommene Modell bietet neben einer Reihe von neuen Features auch eine verschiedene Varianten. Der Download enthält eine normale und eine XEH Version.
Kiowa Konvertierung #1Kiowa Konvertierung #2Kiowa Konvertierung #3


Current weapon systems fitted are:

All versions have the Mast Mounted Sight, operated by the gunner, primary use is for laser designation/spotting.
Zoom is approx 1.5 longer than cobra.

Addon features

normal/Spec maps for textures.
Mast mounted sight, arma engine, no scripts
no scripts used in the addon
hellfires/rack taken from cobra cut in half.
Ah6 machine gun used in place of correct .50 cal weapon model
UH60 main and small rotor used and reshaped/resized to fit.
Revised and more balanced flight model.
Basic shadows by wld427 from project RACS
new textures by eddyD who built upon the great textures from vektorboson.
Rotor sounds thanx to SGT_SAVAGE

Weapon loadouts:

2 x Hellfire, 1 x XM296 .50 Cal. (12.7-mm) machine gun
2 x hellfire, 7 rnds FFAR
7 rnds FFAR, 1 x XM296 .50 Cal. (12.7-mm) machine gun
7 rnds FFAR, 7 rnds FFAR
2 x Hellfire, 2 x Stingers.

1. Copilot/gunner can lase and shoot hellfire. (yes)
2. Pilot can shoot .50/rocks. (yes)
3. Copilot/gunner can lase for other aircraft/weapon systems. (yes)

The version that has 2 x hellfire, 1 x .50 cal can self lase hellfires, meaning it can target objects at will, be it houses/structures etc as well as the normal targets.

The other versions, can lase for any third party vehicle, be it the AV8 GBU harriers or any other addon that has laser lock weapons.

The hellfires can lock onto laser targets so ground units can lase for all the Kiowas carrying hellfires.

Special notes: hellfires can laser lock so two Kiowa's working in pink teams can fire Hellfires at fixed targets
like buidlings etc. The first version, 2 x hellfire, 1 x M296 can self lock laser hellfires, first select the laser
and ping the target, second use guns to lock target, second select hellfire and fire away,
this is the only version that can self lock the hellfires. (takes practice to do this)I found this works as the gunner, not been able to get this to work as a pilot.

Known issues - important:

Now things I'm aware off, the gun is lifted straight from the Ah6, so it works fine, but doesn't look 100% like a Kiowa's gun does.

Cockpit textures need a total overhaul.

Rotors are lifted from the UH-60 and resized to the Kiowa.

The Eyball isn't the correct shape.

The FFAR version fires the last two rockets from the right hand side (arma engine coded?) Hellfire side.

The Stinger version, fires the missiles from the hellfire side.

Damage textures to be implemented.

When in the turret view the gunner can use the cannon like the Cobra except it can fire in 360 degrees
(AI gunners will also use the gun like a normal turret weapon)

I'm looking for help in the following areas:

I need a fix for the gunner being able to fire the gun following the eyeball line of sight, I need the gun fixed forward.

Base class:

Kiowa - FFAR/Hellfires
OH58b - Hellfire/50.Cal
OH58c - FFAR/50. Cal
OH58d - FFAR
OH58e - Hellfires/Stingers

Special thanks to eddyD who built upon the great textures from vektorboson.

And thanks to wld427 from project RACS for fault finding many times.

Right time to open myself up to my monthly community abuse session.

This addon is far from perfect, but it brings the Kiowa to Arma.

The MLOD are available on request as I have used BIS models etc I have to make them available to all.

Most of all I hope people have fun with this addon, I will be updating as I go along, but the best testers are you guys.
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