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Autos, LKWs, unbewaffnete Truppentransporter und andere Fahrzeuige für Armed Assault.

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XAM 1.4 (english)

04 Jan
rapante rapante
Dateigröße: 790.47 MB
Autor: XAM-Mod-Team
Datum: 04.01.08
Downloads: 2357

CWR v0.36

04 Jan
[hr1]Cold War Rearmed v0.36 released

OFP Demo State[/hr1]

cwrpromo #1cwrpromo #0

Bohemia Interactive and the Cold War Rearmed team are delighted to announce the first release of the Cold War Rearmed Modification for Armed Assault. This release tries to bring the OFP Demo State to Armed Assault.

  • Malden island
  • The OFP User Interface
  • Completely new US and Russian soldiers from the 1985 era
  • A new BMP-1 model
  • New and converted buildings and plants
  • Music files from Operation Flashpoint
  • Jeep from OFPE
  • AT-4 Fagot, AT-4 Carl Gustav and M-72 LAW Launchers from OFP
  • M60 MG from OFPE
  • Two SP demo missions and four MP bonus missions

Dateigröße: 305.08 MB
Autor: CWR
Datum: 04.01.08
Downloads: 1563

CWR Addons v0.80

04 Jan
[hr1]Cold War Rearmed Addons v0.80[/hr1]

cwr\_add #1cwr\_add #0

As a little special, we decided to release some addons which have not been in the original OFP:R series.

  • Mikero made the CWR Editor addon which conatins classes of the OFP Editor/Object addons.
  • BergHoff and some others created Winter Kolgujev.

Please note that this is a fun addon. It's there to make it easier to convert OFP missions. Some things in the Editor Addon are only templates etc...

Also note that this addon is not going to work with later CWR releases. We'll provide you with an updated version shortly after the release of Cold War Rearmed 1.00 :)

Have fun anyway. :)

Dateigröße: 139.11 MB
Autor: CWR
Datum: 04.01.08
Downloads: 524

HWM Addon Pack #2

07 Jan
Dateigröße: 76.1 MB
Autor: Hellenic Warfare Mod
Datum: 07.01.08
Downloads: 1392

Aliens V2.0

20 Jan
Alien Addon #1Alien Addon #0
Ryan_Ds Alien-Addon.
Dateigröße: 7 MB
Autor: Ryan_D
Datum: 20.01.08
Downloads: 795

Shelby GT 1.0 (Final)

27 Jan
genns\_cob #0genns\_cob #1genns\_cob #2genns\_cob #3

Dateigröße: 2.15 MB
Autor: General_NS
Datum: 27.01.08
Downloads: 512

Yugo 45 Pack (beta)

27 Jan
-Yugo 45 Police
-Yugo 45 A (civilian)
yugo\_beta #0yugo\_beta #1yugo\_beta #3

Dateigröße: 1.55 MB
Autor: General_NS
Datum: 27.01.08
Downloads: 445

Lada 1200 v1.0

12 Feb
lada1200 #1lada1200 #0

Dateigröße: 8.3 MB
Autor: Sergei_Q
Datum: 12.02.08
Downloads: 617

Johns Buggys v1.1

20 Feb
johnsbuggys #5johnsbuggys #3johnsbuggys #4
johnsbuggys #1johnsbuggys #2johnsbuggys #0

Dateigröße: 17.97 MB
Autor: JOHNsArT
Datum: 20.02.08
Downloads: 672

XAM 1.4.05 "light"

06 März
Zitat von snake22000:
You are waiting for a XAM Mod version allowing you to connect on any server without troubles while enjoying sound and visual effects and some of the XAM gameplay without any change in ArmA core ?

XAM 1.4 Light is coming, it will allow all that !

This will allow you to connect on any server without troubles while enjoying sound and visual effects and some of the XAM gameplay without any change in ArmA core.

This light version is compatible with all other community addons & with Arma version 1.08

Dateigröße: 373.1 MB
Autor: XAM Mod
Datum: 06.03.08
Downloads: 702


12 März
El Templato Gigante

Opensource template for a Car with multiple turrets.

Thanks to.

BWMod for the first help with the basic car (you know who you are guys).
Glen for listning to all my stupid questions at wird times.

Who els i forgot.. franly.. one persons memory is really fryed after working 14 hrs in a row :S
El-Templato #0El-Templato #1

Dateigröße: 61.4 kB
Autor: RavenDK
Datum: 12.03.08
Downloads: 99

Skoda Felicia v1.0

23 März
skoda\_felicia #3skoda\_felicia #2skoda\_felicia #1skoda\_felicia #0

Dateigröße: 2.99 MB
Autor: Frizy & Faust (FF Studio)
Datum: 23.03.08
Downloads: 708

SLX Vehicles v1.1

30 März
Contains animated vehicles with several features:

-Doors/ramps that open when people get in.
-Animated weapons(belts, bolts, feedtray covers, triggers, etc).
-Glass materials that don't get messed up by shadows, and shadows inside vehicles.
-Antennas that sway back when moving forward.
-The doors open to a random degree when the vehicle is destroyed.
-The scripts for each vehicle are hopefully open ended enough to be used with any vehicle, but shouldn't be too hard to modify for most.
Included vehicles:

HMMWVs (all BIS types)
M113 (US and RACS)
UAZs (all BIS types)
UH60s (all BIS types)
Change log 1.1:
Possibly fixed MP flapping doors bug.
Fixed UAZ .tga texture errors on servers.
Added random flat tires on HMMWVs when destroyed.
Moved scripts to config addon.

This is an unofficial addon, and is not connected with Bohemia Interactive. The maker of this software is not responsible for any harm that comes to anything resulting in the use of this software. All SLX releases are provided "as is" with no warranty or guarantee of support of any kind. This addon is subject to the BIS models license. All content in this addon may be modified and used in any way with or without credit, within the bounds of the BIS models license. All content copyright by it's respective author(s).

Dateigröße: 18.85 MB
Autor: Solus
Datum: 30.03.08
Downloads: 1679

Sigma6 Vehicles (v 1.0 BETA)

23 April
*Sigma-6's Vehicles v0.9*
Here is a set of vehicles. A school bus, an updated version of my Mack R model, a 2008 Challenger concept, a Honda Civic (my own car, in fact), a Dodge Monaco, and a bulk carrier. These addons are *not finished*, and they are *full of bugs*, but I realized that I would never release them if I didn't just send them out anyway, because my time is limited by school. I definitely welcome and invite anyone else with the expertise to finish these and debug them. I'm mainly an artist, anyway. . . ;)

Everything in this pack is Copyright (c) 2007 by William Richardson. Use this addon pack according to the BIS O2 and ArmA licenses. If you have any intention of editing or altering anything in this pack for re-release, or have any comments, please contact me at: I'm usually good about that kind of stuff.
*Installing this addon:*
Place the .pbo files inside your Arma Addons folder, if you have any previous versions, overwrite all previous files with the ones presented in this zip file.

The land vehicles will be found under 'civilian/Sigma Wheeled'.

* Known Bugs: *
Lights are not fully functional. Gauges do not work. Driver and Passenger animations are much less than ideal. The ship has even more bugs.

All of these issues are slated for future versions, but if anyone skilled in these areas wants to go ahead and update for these issues, do not hesitate to contact me.

*List of changes:*
v0.9 First release version
v0.9 First release version
v0.9 First release version

*For mission makers:*

Classnames are:

Dateigröße: 37.77 kB
Autor: Sigma6
Datum: 23.04.08
Downloads: 1427

Hifi Sound FX V1.4

31 Mai
Dateigröße: 50.75 MB
Autor: Mark XIII
Datum: 31.05.08
Downloads: 1722

Cold War Operations Release 01

07 Juni
********** Cold War Operations Addon Pack 1 (beta 0.2) **********

1. Contents & Information:

This Pack is the first release Of the Cold War Operation (CWO) Modification and contains 4 add-ons.
- Mk. 19 MOD3
- M2 HMG
- M923 5t truck (MERDC european winter camouflage)
- M923A1 5t Truck (CARC woodland camouflage)

All included add-ons are still in development and some things are missing, like specular maps, more detailed textures (mud and dust) and other things.

If you find a bug please report it with all necessary details to locate the problem.

Contact me via PM on BI forums or my E-Mail:

2. Installation:

Place the following *.pbo’s in your add-on folder:
- cwo_data.pbo
- mc_m2hmg.pbo
- mc_m923a1wd.pbo
- mc_923ew.pbo
- mc_mk19mod3.pbo

You will find the add-ons on BLUFOR side under:
- U.S. Army (1981-85): Car
- U.S. Army (1986-90): Car
- U.S. Army (1981-85): Support
- U.S. Army (1986-90): Support
- U.S. Army (1981-85): Weapons
- U.S. Army (1986-90): Weapons
- U.S. Marine Corps (1981-85): Car
- U.S. Marine Corps (1986-90): Car
- U.S. Marine Corps (1981-85): Support
- U.S. Marine Corps (1986-90): Support
- U.S. Marine Corps (1981-85): Weapons
- U.S. Marine Corps (1986-90): Weapons

At the moment the BIS soldiers is used as a place holder for the crew. Maybe in later additions an Infantry add-on will follow.


Use this add-on at your own risk, RHS and its members are not responsible for any damage caused to your PC or your ArmA installation.
e report it with all nessesary details to locate the problem

Dateigröße: 74.7 MB
Autor: FischKopp
Datum: 07.06.08
Downloads: 422

HWM Addon Pack v3.0

21 Juni
Weeeeeeee‘re baaaack! Well, actually we never left…which is not the case for our wives and girlfriends, as they finally grasped the concept of us being married to ArmA modding and filed for a divorce…sad story…

Anyway, to the really good news…our 3rd release is here, and we are really excited about this one! New weapons from scratch, completely reworked older versions of weapons, new units, bug fixes plus a bonus: RACS and US version of the UH-1H Huey.

For the first time since our work began, we were able to use a modular system in order to incorporate complementary community work in our mod. In this release, you will find Vietnam era versions of the UH-1H Huey, requested and reskinned by Red Devil. For further clarification please contact us.

Have a look at these ingame pictures and do not forget to clear the HWM folder of any older version of HWM. No other files except the ones from this release should be in the addons folder, Hellenic or Greek.

As always, constructive feedback is welcome!
Have fun!


BUG FIXES from Version 2.0
-UH-1H now has a flaps animation giving better flight control on vertical dives.
-UH-1H rotors now are spinning at the correct direction
-UH-1H reworked config.
-UH-1H Racs version tail marking texture now is correct.
-Leopard1A4 now APDS and HEAT rounds have different behavior and unique realistic characteristics.
-Leopard1A4 apply camo net is now MP compatible
ENHANCEMENTS from Version 2.0
-H&K G3 series weapons reworked from scratch.
-All weapons now have a unique magazine model.
-Update characteristics for all addons to comply under patch 1.14
(unique recoils, upgraded armor for all vehicles)
The full new features list
New Weapons
-H&KG3A3 - H&KG3A4 - H&KG3A4 Marksman
-FN-FAL - FN-FAL Para - FN-FAL Marksman
-M60 - M60E
-M72 LAW

New Soldier Units
-Greek Army Units (4 different types) with retextured skins using original BI p3ds.
-Custom Camo Faces for the units.

New UH-1H Variants
-UH-1H M60D mounted
-UH-1H Cargo Transport

New Enhancement
-UH-1H Cargo Transport System, which gives the ability of Weapons and magazines transport through user friendly dialog.

*UH-1H cargo Transport System, Not MP Compatible
*Refer to the HWM Addon Pack 3.0 manual, for how to use the system

Dateigröße: 172.65 MB
Autor: Hellenic Warfare Mod
Datum: 21.06.08
Downloads: 2707

SIG Vehicles v1.0

11 Juli
Dateigröße: 145 MB
Autor: Sigma6
Datum: 11.07.08
Downloads: 1359

Armored Traktors v1

28 Juli
Armored traktors version 1
Model, textures and config: BIS / oyman
Model help: Sniperskull
some config help and constant whining: BigdawgKS
oyman_trak : traktor with dshk
oyman_trak1 : traktor with dshk and blade
oyman_trak2 : traktor with ags30
oyman_trak3 : traktor with ags30 and blade
oyman_trak4 : traktor with spg-9 recoiless rifle
Weapons / ammo classnames:
oyman_74Gun : SPG-9 weapon
oyman_AGS30 : AGS-30 weapon
oyman_74HE : spg-9 ammo HE
oyman_74AT : spg-9 ammo AT
oyman_AGS30HE : Ags-30 ammo
No major bugs found yet, just some RPT errors.
If this addon blows up your computer, then its no ones fault but yours for downloading this addon.

Dateigröße: 4.47 MB
Autor: oyman
Datum: 28.07.08
Downloads: 553


29 Juli
NZX_VP1 = Vehicle Pack 1

M1151 (M2)
M1114 (M2)

Editor Location:
WEST NZX - Car - Desert = M1151 (M2)
WEST NZX - Car - Desert = M1114 (M2)


Added a somewhat version of the M1114 (M2)
Also added versions of the M1151 (M2)
...M1151 (M2... = Has Rhino with Front Bumper
..M1151 (M2.. = Has only the Front Bumper
.M1151 (M2. = Has no front Bumper or Rhino
Truck can be played with.

Today I fixed some issues that where mentioned on the forums.
I have also Animated the Rhino. To bring up the menu,
Just walk up to the center front bumper to bring up the user action.

This Addon is a Project that is being developed in the spare time of some of us.
So its still a "Work in Progress". An I really want to share it with the
ARMA community. So I have decided to release the M1151 (M2) today. Its not perfect
or completed but it beats waiting another day. I hope that some will enjoy it at
its current state. There is still things I want to add.
So anyways try this vehicle out maybe even give some feed back or something.


BIS - HMMWV Base Model
NZX - Modeling/Config/Texture
VXR - Textures
Ebolax - Reference
DaSquade - M134 Weapon Model
Dateigröße: 29 MB
Datum: 29.07.08
Downloads: 502
Ältere Downloads: 123