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Autos, LKWs, unbewaffnete Truppentransporter und andere Fahrzeuige für Armed Assault.

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12 März
El Templato Gigante

Opensource template for a Car with multiple turrets.

Thanks to.

BWMod for the first help with the basic car (you know who you are guys).
Glen for listning to all my stupid questions at wird times.

Who els i forgot.. franly.. one persons memory is really fryed after working 14 hrs in a row :S
El-Templato #0El-Templato #1

Dateigröße: 61.4 kB
Autor: RavenDK
Datum: 12.03.08
Downloads: 99

XAM 1.4.05 "light"

06 März
Zitat von snake22000:
You are waiting for a XAM Mod version allowing you to connect on any server without troubles while enjoying sound and visual effects and some of the XAM gameplay without any change in ArmA core ?

XAM 1.4 Light is coming, it will allow all that !

This will allow you to connect on any server without troubles while enjoying sound and visual effects and some of the XAM gameplay without any change in ArmA core.

This light version is compatible with all other community addons & with Arma version 1.08

Dateigröße: 373.1 MB
Autor: XAM Mod
Datum: 06.03.08
Downloads: 702

Johns Buggys v1.1

20 Feb
johnsbuggys #5johnsbuggys #3johnsbuggys #4
johnsbuggys #1johnsbuggys #2johnsbuggys #0

Dateigröße: 17.97 MB
Autor: JOHNsArT
Datum: 20.02.08
Downloads: 672

Lada 1200 v1.0

12 Feb
lada1200 #1lada1200 #0

Dateigröße: 8.3 MB
Autor: Sergei_Q
Datum: 12.02.08
Downloads: 617

Yugo 45 Pack (beta)

27 Jan
-Yugo 45 Police
-Yugo 45 A (civilian)
yugo\_beta #0yugo\_beta #1yugo\_beta #3

Dateigröße: 1.55 MB
Autor: General_NS
Datum: 27.01.08
Downloads: 445

Shelby GT 1.0 (Final)

27 Jan
genns\_cob #0genns\_cob #1genns\_cob #2genns\_cob #3

Dateigröße: 2.15 MB
Autor: General_NS
Datum: 27.01.08
Downloads: 512

Aliens V2.0

20 Jan
Alien Addon #1Alien Addon #0
Ryan_Ds Alien-Addon.
Dateigröße: 7 MB
Autor: Ryan_D
Datum: 20.01.08
Downloads: 795

HWM Addon Pack #2

07 Jan
Dateigröße: 76.1 MB
Autor: Hellenic Warfare Mod
Datum: 07.01.08
Downloads: 1392

CWR Addons v0.80

04 Jan
[hr1]Cold War Rearmed Addons v0.80[/hr1]

cwr\_add #1cwr\_add #0

As a little special, we decided to release some addons which have not been in the original OFP:R series.

  • Mikero made the CWR Editor addon which conatins classes of the OFP Editor/Object addons.
  • BergHoff and some others created Winter Kolgujev.

Please note that this is a fun addon. It's there to make it easier to convert OFP missions. Some things in the Editor Addon are only templates etc...

Also note that this addon is not going to work with later CWR releases. We'll provide you with an updated version shortly after the release of Cold War Rearmed 1.00 :)

Have fun anyway. :)

Dateigröße: 139.11 MB
Autor: CWR
Datum: 04.01.08
Downloads: 524

CWR v0.36

04 Jan
[hr1]Cold War Rearmed v0.36 released

OFP Demo State[/hr1]

cwrpromo #1cwrpromo #0

Bohemia Interactive and the Cold War Rearmed team are delighted to announce the first release of the Cold War Rearmed Modification for Armed Assault. This release tries to bring the OFP Demo State to Armed Assault.

  • Malden island
  • The OFP User Interface
  • Completely new US and Russian soldiers from the 1985 era
  • A new BMP-1 model
  • New and converted buildings and plants
  • Music files from Operation Flashpoint
  • Jeep from OFPE
  • AT-4 Fagot, AT-4 Carl Gustav and M-72 LAW Launchers from OFP
  • M60 MG from OFPE
  • Two SP demo missions and four MP bonus missions

Dateigröße: 305.08 MB
Autor: CWR
Datum: 04.01.08
Downloads: 1563

XAM 1.4 (english)

04 Jan
rapante rapante
Dateigröße: 790.47 MB
Autor: XAM-Mod-Team
Datum: 04.01.08
Downloads: 2357
Ältere Downloads: 123