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Schwimmendes im weiteren Sinne: Boote, größere Schiffe, sowie Flugzeugträger und U-Boote.

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A.C.E. Mod 1.07 Full

20 April
Heute veröffentlichte das A.C.E.-Mod Team Version 1.07 ihrer Modifikation. Wie in den letzten Updates wurden wieder einige Probleme behoben, Kleinigkeiten hinzugefügt oder geändert. Beispielsweise wurde die Helikopterpanzerung verringert und Flares hinzugefügt, die man auch bei Tageslicht sehen kann. Desweiteren haben nun Zweibeine eine Funktion, indem man sie mit dem bereits bekannten "Waffe auflegen" im Liegen aufklappen kann und so nun zusätzliche Stabilität erhält.

Dateigröße: 807 MB
Datum: 20.04.09
Downloads: 9324

31st WW2 - Normandy Mod (beta)

03 Nov
Rip31st veröffentlichte die erste Beta Version der WW2 Mod. Die Mod behandelt hierbei im Wesentlichen die Landung in der Normandie im Jahr 1944 durch die Alliierten.

Siehe auch Operation Overlord.

Rip31st Features - ENG

-US 2nd infantry Division by Agamoth
-101st Airborne Division by Agamoth
-Bofors 40mm by Project RACS, textured & reconfigured by rip31st
-WC51 Dodge truck by Burner converted for Arma use by rip31st
-Horsa glider by T_roc converted for Arma, added hinged nose by rip31st
-BF109 F4 by FFS studios Faust & Frizy, reconfigured and swastikas removed by rip31st
-Opel Blitz(desert & grey) by FFS Studios Faust & Frizy reconfigured to play the universal roll of supply, ammo & repair truck by rip31st
-Kubelwagon (desert & grey) by FFS studios Faust & Frizy
-Flak 36 8.8cm by Johns_ART converted for Arma, custom sound by rip31st
-Flak 38 20mm by Johns_Art reconfigered by rip31st
-Kubel MHQ (German MHQ for ww2warfare mission) by rip31st using FF studios kubelwagon
-Normandy.pbo ( THE MAP ) 156,300 meters x 156,300 meters by rip31st
-WW2 objects ( OIA_objects) by Mr Burns
-BF109 E1 by rip31st
-C47 by rip31st
-Gotha go 242 german assault/transport glider by rip31st
-HE111 H. By Atomic, configered by rip31st, textured by Enigma
-Hawker Hurricane MK IIc by rip31st
-Jagdpanther by Spamurai configured and textured rip31st
-Junkers JU-52 by rip31st
-Avro Lancaster heavy bomber by Atomic, configered by rip31st and textured by Enigma
-LCM(3) Allied landing craft - by rip31st
-Sherman M4A4 V by rip31st
-M26 Pershing heavy tank by rip31st, textured by Enigma (texture revision coming soon)
-M101 105mm Howitzer by Atomic, configered & textured by rip31st
-Pak38 by rip31st textured by my good Aussie friend Paul
-Panther by rip31st, textured by Enigma
-PZ 3F by rip31st ( alternate version coming soon by T_roc)
-PZ 4H by rip31st ( alternate version coming soon by T_Roc)
-R667 bunker by rip31st
-Supermarine Spitfire Mk XIV E by rip31st, textured by Enigma
-Tiger I by rip31st, textured by Enigma ( more versions to be added later by T_roc and others)
-*UPDATED VILAS WEAPONS PACK by vilas, modified for the ww2 mod by rip31st - several static weapons
-*UPDATED VILAS WW2 Infantry pack - HEAVILY MODIFIED - Sounds by rip31st, models modified and retextured by StubbleHopper - contains several infantry models.
-warfare.pbo modified for ww2warfare trucks by rip31st
- Willy's Jeep by Atomic, configured dy rip31st, textured by Enigma
- WW2 Festung obstacle pack by AST_Walker
- Easter egg ( who will find it first?)

Installation:Unzip to your ArmA installtion and create a launch icon using the mod folder method.


Change log:
-All swastikas removed for our German friends so they can play.

This is a BETA release. The idea here and intention is to receive relative constructive input/feedback from the community. Please use the appropriate forum links for feedback. All future WIP will be posted in teh WIP thread, feedback and subsequent releases, patches and updates will be posted in this thread.

-Infantry use Vilas weapons
-Many custon sounds included for vehicles and weapons, sound mods are not compatible
-*** I will not include the "ww2warfare" mission until after its final testing on the server today- so look for an additional download to be posted later.
-Some vehicles feature ramps or hinged doors that open, look for your action menus.
-Most aircraft do not contain cockpits - They will be added in future releases.
-Two tanks have funny road wheel axis's - That will be adjust later.
-***Keep your speakers turned down initially, especially if you are using SUB's as this mod contains some very loud audible sound, it may rumble your house or neighbors!

PERMISSIONS- Were obtained from the original authors prior to any modification(s) or conversions

Credits & Special Thanks to: First and foremost, the ArmA community. This release would have not been possible without the endless hours of contribution from everyone. I nearly sank 12-14 hour days myself into this for the last 90 days. I will be taking a short break then back to work on phase 1 patches and phase 2. Special recognition goes to Vilas, FFS Studios Faust & Frizy, Burner, Mr Burns, Atomic, Enigma, AST_Walker(emoticon man), Agamoth for his beatiful infantry!, WLD427 & project RACS, Johns_ART and his awesome paint and models, DVDOC for his input on modeling and game play ideas. Thanks to all, you guys did a awesome job! Gsleighter, Pauld, Paul from the land down under and many more. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone. IF I do slap me! The entire 31st Wrecking crew squad.

Dateigröße: 239 MB
Datum: 03.11.08
Downloads: 5437

FDF Mod v1.0

19 Dez

Neben einigen erwarteten Überraschungen bringt dieser Dezember auch ein wirkliches Schmankerl mit sich, denn die Jungs von FDF haben ihre Mod "fiNNished"!

Neben der obligatorischen Vielzahl an Einheiten und Waffen, bekommt ihr auch eine neue Insel namens Podaga (wir berichteten), sowie eine Single Player Kampagne und einige MP Missionen.
Dateigröße: 419.61 MB
Autor: FDF Mod
Datum: 19.12.08
Downloads: 3363

ACE Mod - Public Beta v1.0

24 Dez
= A.C.E. Mod Readme =
Welcome to the Advanced Combat Environment Mod!

== Links ==
* Wiki (Guidance and Help):
* Forums:
* Bug Reports, Feature Requests and Feedback:
* Hall of Fame:
* Credits: see credits.txt or visit
* License and Copyright: see ACE License and Copyrights.txt
* Feature List & Descriptions:

Dateigröße: 633.74 MB
Autor: ACE
Datum: 24.12.08
Downloads: 3356

USS Nimitz (CVN-68) - beta

09 April
The USS Nimitz (CVN-68): Aircraft Carrier Beta 1

The Nimitz-class supercarrier in ArmA. A stationary platform capable of launching and recovering aircraft, as well as re-arming and refuelling them. At this
stage we have not been able to implement some features yet, but we know the ArmA community is dying for one of these babies so we've gone ahead and released the first beta. We
hope you enjoy it. It currently features a fully transversable flight deck, working catapults, re-arming and refueling capabilities, and the flight deck tower has been designated as a
"rearm" unit for the Hornet, allowing players who use the add on to activate the GUI load out system on the flight deck.

1. Credits:

Original OFP Add-On Model: DaSquade and Hawks
ArmA Port/Testing: USMCRP, Franze, and Tykell
Textures: Unknown. Please let me know who you are if you did the new textures for the port.

2. Contacts:



3. Installation and requirements:

Installation: copy hwk_uss_nimitz.pbo addon in addons\ folder.

Addon was created and tested under Arma ver:
- 1.08

The only aircraft that currently takes full advantage of the Nimitz' features is Franze's F/A-18 Superhornet. Aircraft such as the A-10, Su-34, and AV8B can take off from the
carrier, however it is very tricky to land them using the arrestor hook script. It is far easier to use Franze's built-in arrestor hook on his F/A-18, which indeed is the only true
carrier-capable aircraft modelled in ArmA at the moment.

With that said, it goes without saying that we cannot guarantee 100% compatibility with other free-distributed addons, besides Franze's F/A-18 Superhornet.

4. Known Issues:

- The Nimitz deck, for whatever reason, is unstable when placed in some areas. Holes in the deck are everywhere and the planes spawn in mid air. This is usually corrected by simply moving the Nimitz
a few meters in the editor or alternatively rotating it. When you find a place where the Nimitz is stable, it is guaranteed to always be stable at that location.

- The radar's rotation sometimes goes a bit crazy and rotates unrealistically. Minor cosmetic issue.

- The catapult system is hard to trigger, you have to look down at the deck when you're in position and have to be in a pixel perfect location.

- The arrestor cable system is VERY tricky to use to land planes such as the harrier, a-10, or SU. Franze's F/A-18 works fine since it has a built-in arrestor system.

- The tower's MLOD is kind of messed up. Some walls can be walked through and some floors have holes in them. Something I'd like to fix but I don't know how. You can still walk through the tower,
just be careful in some areas. Doors are hard to open though.

- Objects on the carrier have to be spawned 20m in the air using the command "this setPos [getPos this select 0, getPos this select 1, 20]" in the unit's init field. Unavoidable, I believe, and it
is to be expected.

- The AA guns on the carrier are not yet working. Relatively minor, but I don't have the knowledge to do it and Franze is busy with his own things.

5. List of class names:

Building - Do Not Use. Using this unit in the editor will cause a CTD.
USS Nimitz - The ship object itself that spawns the other pieces and syncs them together. Use this and nothing else.
USS Nimitzback1 - The stern of the ship. Using this unit in the editor will cause a CTD.
USS Nimitzlata - The center of the ship. Using this unit in the editor will cause a CTD.
USS Nimitznose - The bow of the ship. Using this unit in the editor will cause a CTD.

Dateigröße: 2.26 MB
Autor: Hawk / Tykell
Datum: 09.04.08
Downloads: 3159

Gnats Fregattenpack Beta3

24 Feb
Gnat, vorwiegend spezilisiert auf das Treiben auf hoher See, veröffentlichte eine neue Version seines Fregattenpack. Neben zahlreichen Features, wie z.B. Ein funktionierendem Helikopterport, oder der Möglichkeit sich auf dem Schiff zu bewegen, packte er oben drauf den Hubschrauber Kamov Ka-27, mit dem bis zu 9 Personen transportiert werden können.

Gnat Fregattenpack #1Gnat Fregattenpack #2

Dateigröße: 7 MB
Datum: 24.02.09
Downloads: 2405

XAM 1.4 (english)

04 Jan
rapante rapante
Dateigröße: 790.47 MB
Autor: XAM-Mod-Team
Datum: 04.01.08
Downloads: 2358

XAM v1.5

31 Aug
Version: v1.5

Changelog (short summary):

- Full support of the 1.14 version.
- Stability improvedBUG FIXED
- Smoke grenades are now fully effective for blocking the IA sight
- The M1 Abrams Desert now have access to the computer board
- Thermal vision removed for the M113,BMP2,Vulcan and Shilka
- Rotating turrets sound backADJUSTMENTS
- Angle of view adjusted like in the 1.08 version
- New sound effects for the distant bullets
- Ballistic greatly adjusted to be more dynamic and realist (VBS2 values)
- Decrease of the night atmosphere for more hearing comfort
- Animations faster for the weapons swap (binoculars, AT launcher...)
- Computer board of helico better and more functional
- Visual enhancement for the explosions effectsNEW
- Recon UAV with its console
- AA vehicle SA-6
- F-16 aircraft
- New tracer bullets effect with dynamic luminosity
- Possibility of disable the audio warnings in the aircraft
- "Flyby" sound for the helico and the aircraft added
- New ammo crate for the XAM mines (Claymore and leaping mines)SUPRESSIONS
- Supressions of the Everon and Rahmadi Extended maps
- Supressions of the bleeding system
- Supressions of the French Forces, Africans rebels, and FAMAS

Dateigröße: 491 MB
Autor: XAM / snake22000
Datum: 31.08.08
Downloads: 2220

Submarine Pack - Beta 1

14 April
[APS]Gnat zeigte kürzlich in den BI-Foren neue Bilder und Informationen zu seinen U-Booten (u.a. die Akula-Klasse).
gnat\_navy #1gnat\_navy #2
So kann die KI nun selbstständig tauchen um sich zu schützen. Auch sollen die Boote unter Wasser bewegt werden können und die Torpedos nun richtig funktionieren.
gnat\_sub #1gnat\_sub #2gnat\_sub #3
Dateigröße: 9.7 MB
Autor: Gnat
Datum: 14.04.09
Downloads: 1700

CWR v0.36

04 Jan
[hr1]Cold War Rearmed v0.36 released

OFP Demo State[/hr1]

cwrpromo #1cwrpromo #0

Bohemia Interactive and the Cold War Rearmed team are delighted to announce the first release of the Cold War Rearmed Modification for Armed Assault. This release tries to bring the OFP Demo State to Armed Assault.

  • Malden island
  • The OFP User Interface
  • Completely new US and Russian soldiers from the 1985 era
  • A new BMP-1 model
  • New and converted buildings and plants
  • Music files from Operation Flashpoint
  • Jeep from OFPE
  • AT-4 Fagot, AT-4 Carl Gustav and M-72 LAW Launchers from OFP
  • M60 MG from OFPE
  • Two SP demo missions and four MP bonus missions

Dateigröße: 305.08 MB
Autor: CWR
Datum: 04.01.08
Downloads: 1563

sc9 Ships - beta1

12 Jan
Scars09 veröffentlichte eine erste Testversion seiner Schiffe. Enthalten sind 3 RACS Dampfer, einer für OPFOR und ein Fischkutter für die Civi´s welcher auch als statisches Objekt vorhanden ist, damit sich "Boardingmissionen" realisieren lassen ohne das dauernd jemand durch´s Deck fällt. Weiterhin bekommt ihr 2 retexturierte Offiziere die fortan als Kapitän herhalten dürfen.
Dateigröße: 31.27 MB
Autor: Scars09
Datum: 12.01.09
Downloads: 1509

Extended Event Handlers v1.92

09 Feb
Ein weiteres Update des Standard Addons von Killswitch wurde zusammen mit dem ACE Mod veröffentlicht.

Mehr Info´s zu den neuesten Änderungen in XEH findet ihr im Klapptext.
Dateigröße: 25.8 kB
Autor: Killswitch
Datum: 09.02.09
Downloads: 1397

A.C.E. Mod 1.06 -> 1.07 Patch

20 April
Heute veröffentlichte das A.C.E.-Mod Team Version 1.07 ihrer Modifikation. Wie in den letzten Updates wurden wieder einige Probleme behoben, Kleinigkeiten hinzugefügt oder geändert. Beispielsweise wurde die Helikopterpanzerung verringert und Flares hinzugefügt, die man auch bei Tageslicht sehen kann. Desweiteren haben nun Zweibeine eine Funktion, indem man sie mit dem bereits bekannten "Waffe auflegen" im Liegen aufklappen kann und so nun zusätzliche Stabilität erhält.

Dateigröße: 370 MB
Autor: A.C.E. Mod
Datum: 20.04.09
Downloads: 1013

Kuznetsov CV beta2

28 Aug
Russian Carrier
Conversion of Ivans OFP unit by Gnat
Retextured again by eddyD

Now includes Aircraft Tug

Uses much Mando Magic too
- Uses all above addons
- Using Mando Missiles (PBO version included)
- Using Mando Guns (script version)
- New Mando Landing for carrier landings

- READ THE README's before whining !
- Kuznetsov needs lots more work, but is functional enough
- constructive comments and suggests always appreciated.
Sukhoi Su-33 Templates
Dateigröße: 4.66 MB
Autor: [APS]Gnat / Ivan
Datum: 28.08.08
Downloads: 917

Shinmeiwa PS1/US1/US2 (beta)

01 Okt
Heute hat Gachopin in den BI Foren sein neues Addon JMSDF (Japan Marine Self Defense Force) in den 3 Varianten PS1/US1/US2 als Beta released.


JMSDF PS1/US1/US2 addon by Gachopin
This Addon include 3 flying boats.

Independent - Air - PS1
- US1A (US1)
- US1Akai (US2)

Those planes can swim on water (player only).

This is beta version.

Dateigröße: 3.5 MB
Autor: Gachopin
Datum: 01.10.08
Downloads: 859

Sparviero - Fast Attack Hydrofoil (beta)

02 Dez
Redfox wies uns darauf hin das Gnat in den BI Foren seine "Torpedoboote" veröffentlichte - im Genauen handelt es sich dabei um eine 1. Beta zu seinem ArmA Naval Units Projekt über das wir bereits in der ein oder anderen WIP News berichtet haben.
gnat\_sparviero #1gnat\_sparviero #3

Dateigröße: 4.31 MB
Autor: Gnat
Datum: 02.12.08
Downloads: 695

OFrP Sea Pack

20 April
ofrp\_rel #2
Dateigröße: 676 kB
Autor: OFrP Mod
Datum: 20.04.08
Downloads: 646

A.C.E. Mod 1.06 (hotfix)

20 April
Heute veröffentlichte das A.C.E.-Mod Team Version 1.06 ihrer Modifikation. Wie in den letzten Updates wurden wieder einige Probleme behoben, Kleinigkeiten hinzugefügt oder geändert.

Hierbei handelt es sich um einen Hotfix, der Probleme mit dem Multiplayer-Modus behebt.

Der Hotfix muss auf die Version 1.05 aufgespielt werden. Solltet ihr euch A.C.E. neuinstallieren, empfehlen wir Euch die "Full"-Version des neusten Patches herunterladen!

Dateigröße: 72,6 MB
Autor: A.C.E. Mod
Datum: 20.04.09
Downloads: 603

Water Color Mod (beta)

05 Feb
The mod comes with 10+ colors to choose from so ppl can choose tropical blue's or muddish sewage like brown or even a lovely sewage like green

Dateigröße: 2.28 MB
Autor: anzacsas
Datum: 05.02.08
Downloads: 309