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ARMA 1.18 (Final / RC)

20 Juli
Zitat von Bohemia Interactive:
We consider this patch final but we mark it Release Candidate just in case some major problem is found.


Copyright © 2009 [ Bohemia Interactive]. All rights reserved.[/b]

This application will update your [ ArmA: Armed Assault / Combat Operations] installation.




Visit [ updates section at] to update your ArmA as necessary.

October 2006 DirectX 9 runtime is required (d3dx9_31.dll) and patch installer will update your system with it automatically if you don't have it installed.

OpenAL will be updated during the patch process to version 2.0.7.


First make sure that you have version 1.08 or newer and run the patch exe to apply the patch setup automatically (you may be prompted to choose your exact version in some occasions).

It will install all content of the patch to folder with your ArmA installation (default is C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA or C:\Program Files\Atari\ArmA).

===CHANGELOG IN 1,18 FROM 1,14===

5278 - Fixed: Game did not run on some systems with 8 GB RAM and 1 GB VRAM.
5278 - Fixed: improved alt-tab stability (fixed bug in texture loading on lost device)
5278 - Fixed: Game now recovers by resetting the D3D device from "Cannot create surface" error.
5278 - Fixed: Improved AI path planning when riding a bike.
5272 - New: Action inputs "Car more left" / "Car more right".
5272 - New: Action inputs "Car more left" / "Car more right".
5272 - New: Action inputs "Car more left" / "Car more right".
5272 - New: Action inputs "Car more left" / "Car more right".
5272 - Fixed: Game did not run on ATI cards in fullscreenmode on Vista x64 with more then 4 GB RAM (fixed again).
5273 - Fixed: Reduced excessive virtual memory fragmentation with ATI/AMD graphics cards.
5276 - Fixed: Changed BattlEye integration (fixing "random" player kicks)
5277 - Attempt to fix: Crash opportunity


ArmA Warfare, included as a bonus update in this patch, is a blend of a team-based multiplayer mission and realtime strategy. Two sides (BLUFOR vs. OPFOR) fight for control of the whole map. It is multiplayer map designed for 1 up to 32 players. It also uses other bonus content included in the patch: desert Marines and a modified Southern Sahrani map.

To start ArmA Warfare game, start multiplayer mission as usual. In the Create game screen select "Southern Sahrani" island. The "Warfare v1.0" and "Warfare v1.0 for 32" players missions appear in the list on the right. Select them to play Warfare. Standard Warfare is the 16 player (8 vs 8) mission. Warfare for 32 players (16 vs 16) is recommended for higher performance systems. See briefing screen of the Warfare mission for more instructions.

Full ArmA Warfare Manual is included in pdf file in the patch distribution.


This patch will automatically offer you to install anti cheating software for online games to your ARMA working folder. If you decide not to install Battleye, your patch still will be working but you may not be able to join game servers that will have installed Battleye software for increased anti cheating protection.

It will install all BattlEye content to a folder "BattlEye" (default is C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\BattlEye or C:\Program Files\Atari\ArmA\BattleEye). If BattlEye was installed, it will be securing online sessions hosted on your server (requiring all clients to have BattlEye also installed) unless it is disabled in server config using line "battlEye = 0;"

NOTE: BattlEye itself will be run from ARMA's application data folder (default is C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Local Settings\Application Data\ArmA\BattlEye) to have write access in order to be able to download/install updates and/or create logs and other BE-related files.


There's an uninstall application UnInstallBE.exe installed in the BattlEye installation folder that allows you to remove BattlEye from ARMA. You can also remove BattlEye using Add/Remove Programs control panel.


You can run your existing ArmA normally, your version was updated. There is no way to uninstall the patch, in order to get back to previous version you need to uninstall ArmA



* Newly adjusted default field of view
* Improved performance (up to 100% increase in frame rate depending on scene, video settings and graphics card)
* Significant optimizations with large view distances
* New scripting functions (string manipulation, multiplayer synchronization)
* Further improved recoil
* Improved airplane turn dynamics simulation (including improved rudder simulation)
* Fixed clipping issues with 16:9 or TripleHead displays

* Numerous voice over net and multiplayer related fixes and improvements
* BattlEye anti-cheating system

* AI bridge pathfinding much improved
* Many combat AI improvements and tuning
* Fixed some bugs in the AI target recognition both visually and aurally

====Stability and Compatibility====
* Fixed compatibility issues with Vista x64 platform with 4 GB RAM
* Fixed Out Of Memory problems caused by exhausting 32b virtual address space
* Fixed compatibility problems caused by various copy protections used
* Fog is rendered correctly on DX10 generation cards

====New content====

* ArmA Warfare
* Southern Sahrani
* Desert Marines
* Woodland Army soldiers


5164 - Fixed: spinning in select() on Linux Dedicated Server
5164 - Fixed: Handling of invalid CD keys on dedicated servers improved
5164 - Fixed: Signature verification timeout significantly relaxed.
5164 - Fixed: System audio mixer settings no longer changed by ingame volume options.
5164 - Fixed: Vehicle channel no longer transforms to a side channel when not in the vehicle.
5164 - Fixed: assignToAirport did the same as landAt. Now it assigns for purpose of future getout commands.
5164 - Fixed: MP: Player driving motorcycle could die suddenly with no apparent reason.
5164 - Fixed: Building ruins were not visible for JIP-ed players.
5164 - Improved: UI - better detection of focused buttons
5170 - New: Scripting: Full object orientation can be set now using new function setVectorDirAndUp
5170 - Fixed: Handling of duplicate CD key improved
5170 - Added: Improved anti-cheat measures
5170 - New: Command line argument -ranking=... was removed. MP mission statistics
can be written to file specified by logFile entry in the server config.
5170 - Fixed: Memory leak on dedicated server (several KB per a mission played).
5170 - Fixed: leader, AI tanks subordinate to a player sometimes did not open fire against some enemy tanks.
5170 - Fixed: AI was not able to fire over sandbags unless the enemy came very near.
5170 - Fixed: Recoil was working badly (moving in unexpected directions) when fps was low.
5170 - Fixed: AI was able to pinpoint enemy by ear after seeing him for a while.
5170 - Fixed: Fixed: Fog on DX10 cards (nVidia 8800, ATI X2900) was too dense.
5170 - Fixed: AI was sometimes unable to move when seeing enemy very near.
5170 - Fixed: Error when loading a save from a complex mission (containing a lot of variables).
5170 - Fixed: Possible crash caused by malformed resize scripting command.
5175 - Fixed: Chat message length limited to 150 characters
5175 - Added: After 3 wrong attempts to log in as an admin further attempts are ignored for some time
5175 - Fixed: Reduced loading time for large textures.
5178 - Fixed: Default handling of different data detected was stricter then intended, resulting in a kick of players.
5178 - Fixed: Dedicated server sometimes crashes after downloading Squad.xml.
5178 - Experimental: Depth only pass used to reduce pixel shader load on some GPUs.
5178 - New: Improved Voice over Net packet re-translation (voice is re-translated when no direct
Peer to Peer connection is available or to spare some network bandwidth).
5179 - Fixed: VoN loudness is sometimes not matching selected voice channel (too quiet on Global channel
or too loud on Direct channel).
5180 - New: BattlEye protection integration
5180 - New: Better NAT traversal for VoN.
5180 - Optimized: Reduced GPU load of shore area rendering.
5181 - Fixed: NAT traversal for VoN makes dedicated server crashing.
5184 - Fixed: AI units in safe mode could randomly stop
5190 - Fixed: Bad object ID after loading a game - caused frequent crashes when loading Rahmadi Conflict saves.
5191 - New: publicVariable now works for all types of variables
5191 - Added: function addPublicVariableEventHandler
5191 - Fixed: Airplanes bombing laser designated targets.
5193 - Changed: aiDispersionCoef now used scaled by unit skill, high skill units always having low dispersion.
5194 - Fixed: Airplanes with tail wheel were placed with the tail in the air when mission was started.
5195 - Added: functions toUpper, toLower, toArray, toString
5196 - Fixed: Airplanes standing on the ground sometimes oscillated (observed esp. with DC3)
5196 - New: Added difficulty option VonID (VON ID), allowing to see in-game who is currently speaking over the radio.
5196 - New: Added difficulty option DeathMessages (KILL MSG), allowing disabling of XXX killed by YYY messages.
5196 - Fixed: Improved dynamic range handling for vehicle interior sounds (reduces their loudness)
5196 - New: Added difficulty option NetStats (MP SCORE), allowing disabling of scoreboard functionality.
5198 - Fixed: Dead players can no longer talk or write to in-game players unless they are admins.
5199 - Fixed: Further reduced virtual address space usage. Should reduce frequency of out of memory errors.
5201 - New: Command line option -noPause to allow the game running even when its window does not have a focus.
5203 - New: Option to mute individual players in the Players screen (key P)
5203 - Fixed: Thrust vectoring was not transferred in MP, causing warping of hovering airplanes.
5203 - Fixed: Possible crashes with VoN used with HW acceleration.
5203 - Improved: Some ingame .rpt messages removed or clarified to make them more useful
5205 - Fixed: MP "Head bug" - when two players were boarding passenger space of the vehicle simultaneously, one of them
might end outside of the vehicle with no control over direction of his character.
5207 - Problem was with mouse movement adaptive filtering, which handled badly transition from fast
to slow motion, causing the fast motion to leak into the slow motion region.
A barrier was placed to rejected samples so that sample once rejected is not considered in any more computations.
5207 - Fixed: When fast moving with mouse, cursor sometimes jumped once more after turning was stopped.
5207 - Fixed: Players in Seagull mode cannot hear direct speech of others properly.
5209 - Fixed: When switching VON channels quickly, the VON ID indication could still show the old channel.
5209 - Fixed: Improved handling of situations where graphical card VRAM is completely exhausted.
5209 - Fixed: In some complex MP missions the memory space for network messages could be exhausted, resulting in CTD.
5209 - Fixed: Direct speech inside vehicles was not hearable often.
5209 - Fixed: Tank which crew has ejected might sometimes continue spinning forever.
5209 - Fixed: Seized by trigger was mission a hint in the mission editor.
5209 - Fixed: nearTargets returned position more accurate than known by AI.
5209 - New: nearTargets now returns approximate assumed position accuracy as well.
5209 - Fixed: Bad weapon selection by some armored units when engaging some target types (e.g. Mi17 with FFARs)
5209 - Fixed: Sometimes AI might wrongly favor audible information over a visual one after not seeing the target for a while.
5209 - Fixed: AI was unable to destroy empty targets on Destroy WP using full auto weapons (mguns, cannons).
5211 - Fixed: AI detected IR / radar targets very late compared to human players.
5211 - Improved: AI: Better weapon selection when target is far away.
5211 - Fixed: Label on map with map info enabled sometimes revealed real target location even when it was not known.
5211 - Fixed: Improved airplane turn dynamics, including improved rudder dynamics model and fixed auto coordination.
5211 - Fixed: Improved recovery from "VB Lock failed, E_OUTOFMEMORY" error
5212 - Fixed: Further reduced virtual address space usage.
5213 - Fixed: AI tank/APC/ZSU ballistics computation when firing at distant targets.
5213 - Fixed: MP freeze opportunity fixed.
5214 - Fixed: ArmA is now compatible with Vista x64 with 4 GB RAM.
5214 - Fixed: Possible crash when moving fast with high visibility set (like in airplane).
5215 - Fixed: Possible low framerate when rendering with a large viewdistance (introduced in 5180)
5217 - Improved: Water rendering now uses LOD for finer wave animation and better performance with large viewdistances.
5218 - Fixed: VoN - VOID channel indication.
5218 - Fixed: VoN - mouth is moving but no voice is heard.
5218 - Fixed: VoN - voice crackling reduced.
5219 - Fixed: Possible crash in scene loading when mission was started.
5219 - Fixed: Improved handling of missing or old OpenAL32.dll
5219 - Optimized: Improved grass LOD selection with high terrain detail settings.
5220 - Fixed: Night sky background was too black, now slightly brighter.
5224 - Optimized: Faster texture loading when starting mission with large view distance.
5225 - Fixed: Several crash opportunities with malformed addons.
5226 - Fixed: Improved text clarity.
5226 - Fixed: VoN - Unable to hear other players issue.
5226 - Fixed: Reduced AI eye sensitivity during night time.
5227 - Fixed: MP: Head movement for players in cargo is now visible.
5229 - Fixed: Improved AI pathfinding on bridges.
5231 - Fixed: VoN - Direct channel volume is louder now.
5231 - Fixed: Parts of terrain were sometimes clipped with wide viewing angles.
5231 - Fixed: Objects were sometimes disappearing with wide viewing angles.
5232 - Fixed: Dynamically added static object might sometimes be disappearing when viewed from some angles.
5232 - Fixed: Some object shadows could be incorrectly ignored when corresponding objects were occluded.
5232 - Fixed: VoN - P2P connection was not established sometimes.
5232 - Fixed: Reduced network traffic caused by hovering seagulls.
5234 - Fixed: For players in driver and gunner position of the vehicle, obsolete network transfer was generated
5240 - Fixed: More than 64 players can use VoN now.
5241 - Optimized: Reduced CPU load of shore area rendering.
5241 - Fixed: Too large update messages (caused by unusual weapon setups) were not sent.
5241 - Fixed: Paused streaming sounds resumed from a bad position after Alt-Tab or after resuming the game from pause.
5241 - Fixed: Parameter -nopause caused some sounds not to advance when the game did not have a focus.
5242 - Fixed: AI can spell the whole alphabet now.
5243 - Fixed: Cargo is involved in chat on vehicle channel now.
5243 - Fixed: Direct communication chat enabled inside vehicles.
5245 - Fixed: AI unable to board boats in water(introduced in 1.11)
5246 - Improved: Mouse ballistics allowing for more precise aiming.
5248 - Fixed: NAT negotiation failed issue while connecting to server.
5248 - Fixed: Memory management not called regularly on dedicated server, could cause excessive memory allocation.
5249 - Changed: -vm108 option no longer supported.
5249 - Fixed: Reduced commit charge, esp. on dedicated server (DS now assumes -maxmem=512 by default).
5249 - Fixed: Grenade launcher did not respect soldier animation, always fired in the straight direction.
5248 - Fixed: UTF-16LE files which caused dedicated servers shutdown on Linux are readable now.
5249 - Fixed: Reduced recoil for slow ammo, like Mk19 grenades.
5252 - Fixed: Data loading when entering a mission or after Alt-Tab now does not stop the simulation
+ communication (could cause BattlEye timeouts).
5252 - Fixed: Force feedback + iFeel recoil effects now stronger and more reliable.
5252 - Fixed: Recoil curves are now less dependent on framerate.
5252 - Fixed: Expression stack overflow handling was not reliable. Fixed by making expression stack size unlimited.
5253 - Fixed: File Server was not working properly on Linux dedicated server. (Causing script files not being executed sometimes.)
5253 - Fixed: Changes of BattlEye filter in server browser were not saved.
5253 - New: BattlEye filter to show servers not running BattleEye in server browser
5253 - Fixed: Visual artfifact (strange grass spikes on some locations) when running full screen on ATI cards.
5254 - Fixed: BattlEye issues while using server.cfg on Linux dedicated server
5254 - Fixed: Heap size detection on Linux (causing config file problems and low server FPS)
5255 - Fixed: Player could not use grenades added by Rearm


* FIX {RECOIL}: recoil for all hand weapons were reworked.
* NEW (AMMO): ballistics reworked introducing air friction specific values for each bullet class
* FIX (AMMO): AT4 and RPG7 reduced HIT strength and changed ballistics
* FIX (AMMO): Improved Javelin missile precision.
* FIX (AMMO): land mines - increased indirect hit range and reduced hit value
* FIX (AMMO): Grenades and Flares deflection reduced to half
* FIX (WEAPONS): Unloaded Javelin will not show optics attachment to avoid view blocking in most of the moves.
* FIX (AMMO): count of ammo is changed (M113).
* FIX (AMMO): Cobra cannon ammo changed from AP to HEI
* FIX (AMMO): Sabot rounds no longer produce large explosion effects
* FIX (WEAPONS): GAU-8 fixed rate of fire
* NEW (WEAPONS): Added unguided rockets salvo for AI.
* FIX (WEAPONS): Weapon ranges tweaks. Increased minimum range hit probability.
* FIX (AMMO): reduced secondary explosion range (destroyed vehicle blast range)
* FIX (AMMOBOXES): added some weapons and magazines to existing ammoboxes.
* FIX (ANIMATIONS): Improved turning around with launcher.
* FIX (WEAPONS): Improved M16A2 reload time (faster).
* FIX (VEHICLES): Increased structural armor value of several vehicles to give the crew more chances for survival.
* NEW (DATA): reworked grass clutter on Northern Sahrani, New Sahrani designed for smoother gameplay experience
* FIX (LOCALIZATION): various localization fixes
* FIX (ANIMATIONS): some problems with ladders introduced in 1.08 (stuck on ladders, problem when going from
knelt or prone on a ladder, healing when knelt with rifle or launcher)
* FIX (LOCALIZATION): mission M13 is localized to all languages
* FIX (RUSSIAN): several missing translations in the Russian version, UI.pbo
is modified to prevent an error message displayed in Russian version of the game when entering Single mission directory
* FIX (DC3): Eject speed is correct, improved get in and get out time, now it's possible to get out.
* FIX (HILUX, DATSUN): Game doesn't fail when using this car in ARMA without Queens Gambit mod.
* FIX (OILFIELDS): Improved animation.
* NEW (GUI): BattlEye filtering in multiplayer games list.
* FIX (ANIMATIONS): Crew in cargo can move with head.
* FIX (WIND CLUTTERS): Wind clutters are now without fire and view geometry.
* FIX (WEAPONS): M4 replaced by M4A1 in ammoboxes and in crews and pilots.
* FIX (RESPAWN WEAPONS): fixed respawn weapons and magazines.
* FIX (M4A1): now use fullauto fire mode instead burst.
* FIX {RECOIL}: recoil and smoke reduced for vehicle mounted grenadelaunchers
* FIX (SOUND): added sound for unguided rockets launch and flight
* FIX (AMMO): added GP25 rounds to SLA Weapons Crates
* FIX (ANIM): slower Oil fields derrick animation
* FIX {ANIM}: improved weapons swaping.
* IMPROVEMENT {GENERAL}: default infantry FOV values adjusted.

Dateigröße: 136.4 MB
Autor: Bohemia Interactive
Datum: 20.07.10
Downloads: 13043

Modem DKMM RAH66 Conversion

27 Aug
Leider wird dies eines der letzten Addons aus dem Hause Maik sein, denn er hat beschlossen sich bald aus dem Modderalltag zurückzuziehen und will sich anderen Dingen zuwenden. Vorher möchte er aber noch seine begonnenen Projekte abschliessen, darunter auch NH-90, G-82 & T-55.
Den Anfang von modEmMaik´s alles muss raus Aktion macht die Konvertierung des DKM Mod Comanche Helikopter, womit er sich einen wahren Klassiker rausgepickt hat. Sogar die damals einmaligen HUD-Funktionen sind erhalten geblieben.

Dateigröße: 7.44 MB
Autor: modEmMaik / DKM Mod
Datum: 27.08.09
Downloads: 3660

CWR: Cold War Rearmed Public Beta

18 Mai
Der Cold War Rearmed Mod bringt, in Zusammenarbeit mit BIS, die Kampagne aus Operation Flashpoint nach Armed Assault.

Da es sich um eine Public Beta handelt, sind noch einige Modelle unvollständig und es kann im Missionsablauf zu Fehlern kommen.

Update: Für die Resistance Kampagne benötigt man dieses Update.
Dateigröße: 1400 MB
Datum: 18.05.09
Downloads: 5122

ADF Mod Beta 2.0 incl. Hotfix

26 April
Gestern veröffentliche der ADF Mod die Beta 2.0 und kurz darauf einen Hotfix. Der Mod enthält Infantrie und viele verschiedene Fahrzeuge der australischen Streitkräfte.
ADF Mod 2ADF Mod 5

Eine Übersicht über den gesamten Inhalt des Mods, weitere Screenshots und die Files (der aktuelle Fix ist in unserem Link schon enthalten!) findet ihr unter Weiterlesen...
Dateigröße: 141 MB
Autor: ADF Mod
Datum: 26.04.09
Downloads: 972

Zaz-968m von USSRsniper

25 April
USSRsniper veröffentlichte heute in den BI-Foren seinen Zaz-968m. Dabei handelt es sich quasi um einen "Volkswagen" der ehemaligen Sowjetunion, weshalb er sich seiner eigenen Aussage nach auch besonders für Szenarien in Nord-Sahrani eignet.

Dateigröße: 9.01 MB
Autor: USSRsniper
Datum: 25.04.09
Downloads: 298

ArmA Beta Patch 1.16

24 April
Der Patch enthält eine Vielzahl neue Fixes und Optimierungen für ArmA. Der Patch wird parallel zu 1.14 installiert und muss manuell mit der "Launch Arma Beta Patch" Verknüpfung im Hauptverzeichnis von ArmA gestartet werden.

Frisch aus dem BI Forum, gibt es heute den einen neuen Patch der soeben von Maruk veröffentlicht wurde.

Dateigröße: 51.65 MB
Autor: Bohemia Interactive
Datum: 24.04.09
Downloads: 10815

A.C.E. Island Pack Version 1.2-1.3 Update

23 April
Q veröffentlichte heute in den BI-Foren die neuste Version des A.C.E.-Islandpacks, das hauptsächlich alte OFP-Inseln wie Everon, Nogova, Freya, Ocassus, Gaia und viele mehr in einer überarbeiteten Version beinhaltet. Die Objekte der Inseln wurden durch die von Armed-Assault ersetzt, auch findet ihr auf den Inseln z.B. Gras. Manch alte Insel ist sehr "kantig", um die Inseln jedoch nicht grob zu verfälschen entschied man sich sie im Originalzustand zu lassen.
Dateigröße: 3.15 MB
Datum: 23.04.09
Downloads: 559

A.C.E. Island Pack Version 1.3 Full

23 April
Q veröffentlichte heute in den BI-Foren die neuste Version des A.C.E.-Islandpacks, das hauptsächlich alte OFP-Inseln wie Everon, Nogova, Freya, Ocassus, Gaia und viele mehr in einer überarbeiteten Version beinhaltet. Die Objekte der Inseln wurden durch die von Armed-Assault ersetzt, auch findet ihr auf den Inseln z.B. Gras. Manch alte Insel ist sehr "kantig", um die Inseln jedoch nicht grob zu verfälschen entschied man sich sie im Originalzustand zu lassen.
Dateigröße: 282 MB
Autor: A.C.E. Mod
Datum: 23.04.09
Downloads: 2120

A.C.E. Island Pack version 1.2 Full

21 April
Das A.C.E. Island Pack enthält viele bekannte Inseln aus OFP die für Armed-Assault (natürlich mit der jeweiligen Erlaubnis) konvertiert wurden. An den Inseln wird nach wie vor gearbeitet, die Version 1.2 ist die aktuellste. Dabei sind alte Damen wie Nogova, Everon, Ocassus, Gaia, Freya und viele mehr. Dieses Island-Pack wird vor allem im Multiplayer auf vielen Servern benötigt, da es relativ verbreitet ist.

Dateigröße: 297 MB
Datum: 21.04.09
Downloads: 383

A.C.E. Mod 1.06 (hotfix)

20 April
Heute veröffentlichte das A.C.E.-Mod Team Version 1.06 ihrer Modifikation. Wie in den letzten Updates wurden wieder einige Probleme behoben, Kleinigkeiten hinzugefügt oder geändert.

Hierbei handelt es sich um einen Hotfix, der Probleme mit dem Multiplayer-Modus behebt.

Der Hotfix muss auf die Version 1.05 aufgespielt werden. Solltet ihr euch A.C.E. neuinstallieren, empfehlen wir Euch die "Full"-Version des neusten Patches herunterladen!

Dateigröße: 72,6 MB
Autor: A.C.E. Mod
Datum: 20.04.09
Downloads: 603

Vopsound 1.19 (+ A.C.E. Edition)

20 April
Vo.2 bringt mit dem Virtual Operations Soundmod Version 1.19 einen neuen Soundmod heraus, der mit einer beiliegenden Config mit dem A.C.E.-Mod betrieben werden kann. Mittlerweile setzt vo.2 bei seinem Soundmod den Schwerpunkt auf A.C.E., so wurden nicht nur alle normalen Sounds aus Armed-Assault sondern auch alle die im A.C.E.-Mod enthalten sind.

Vopsound 1.19
In der Datei sind zwei verschiedene Configs enthalten - welche ihr mit dem Mod ladet hängt davon ab, ob ihr ArmA "normal" oder mit A.C.E. spielen möchtet.
Dateigröße: 184 MB
Datum: 20.04.09
Downloads: 1529

A.C.E. Mod 1.07 Full

20 April
Heute veröffentlichte das A.C.E.-Mod Team Version 1.07 ihrer Modifikation. Wie in den letzten Updates wurden wieder einige Probleme behoben, Kleinigkeiten hinzugefügt oder geändert. Beispielsweise wurde die Helikopterpanzerung verringert und Flares hinzugefügt, die man auch bei Tageslicht sehen kann. Desweiteren haben nun Zweibeine eine Funktion, indem man sie mit dem bereits bekannten "Waffe auflegen" im Liegen aufklappen kann und so nun zusätzliche Stabilität erhält.

Dateigröße: 807 MB
Datum: 20.04.09
Downloads: 9319

A.C.E. Mod 1.06 -> 1.07 Patch

20 April
Heute veröffentlichte das A.C.E.-Mod Team Version 1.07 ihrer Modifikation. Wie in den letzten Updates wurden wieder einige Probleme behoben, Kleinigkeiten hinzugefügt oder geändert. Beispielsweise wurde die Helikopterpanzerung verringert und Flares hinzugefügt, die man auch bei Tageslicht sehen kann. Desweiteren haben nun Zweibeine eine Funktion, indem man sie mit dem bereits bekannten "Waffe auflegen" im Liegen aufklappen kann und so nun zusätzliche Stabilität erhält.

Dateigröße: 370 MB
Autor: A.C.E. Mod
Datum: 20.04.09
Downloads: 1013

ACE - Update 1.05

16 März

Generated by ArmA BuildTools v0.9.0, by Sickboy (
Dateigröße: 519 MB
Autor: Sickboy
Datum: 16.03.09
Downloads: 1820

SenChi NewSkyPack

24 Feb
Manch einer, der tagsüber die die Prärie von Sahrani streift und sein Blick gen Himmel richtet, dem wird aufgefallen sein, dass der Standarthimmel etwas langweilig aussieht. Das geht noch schöner, sagte sich auch SenChi und veröffentlichte nun in den BI-Foren ein neue Betaversion seines eher düsteren Skypacks. Das Pack beinhaltet neben neuen Texturen, Schatten auch neue Modelle für die Wolkenbilder.
SenChi New Sky #1SenChi New Sky #2

Dateigröße: 18 MB
Datum: 24.02.09
Downloads: 79

US Infantry - 2005

24 Feb
*** 2005 US Infantry ***

AUTHOR: Cameron McDonald, aka CameronMcDonald (who would have guessed?).

CONTACT: Send me a PM (to CameronMcDonald) on the BIS forums.

VERSION: v1.00.
Dateigröße: 70 MB
Autor: CameronMcDonald
Datum: 24.02.09
Downloads: 211

38th Infantry Division

24 Feb
38th Infantry Division IN Army National Guard v0.1
Copyright Binkowski 2009, do not alter / change without my permission
Dateigröße: 32,2 MB
Autor: Binkowski
Datum: 24.02.09
Downloads: 139

crCTI 1.0 Final

01 Jan
Der seit vielen Jahren beliebte Spielmodus crCTI hat nun einen finalen Status mit der Version 1.0 für ArmA durch Serg vom ZZ United Clan erreicht.

crCTI (cleanrock's Capture the Island) ist derzeit die mit komplexeste Möglichkeit ArmA im CTI Modus zu spielen.

Neben dieser addon-freien Version welche Ihr im Anhang findet, gibt es auch eine addonbasierte Version welche alle Standardeinheiten ersetzt.

Das Mission Pack wurde von Squ33z3 in den BI Foren bislang für folgende Inseln veröffentlicht:

  • sara
  • saralite
  • uhao
  • slx_desertisland

Vielen Dank an Muecke von Angry-Insects für die Information in unseren Foren inklusive dem kurzen Video Tutorial.

Download der Missionen und weitere Infos unter Weiterlesen.
Dateigröße: 4 MB
Autor: Serg
Datum: 01.01.09
Downloads: 796

Patch 1.15 Beta

23 Dez
Dieser Patch wird parallel zu 1.14 installiert und kann mit der "Launch Arma Beta Patch" Verknüpfung im Hauptverzeichnis gestartet werden.

Version 1.14 wird benötigt. Eine Installationsbeschreibung und weitere Hinweise des Entwicklers findet ihr auf der Patch 1.15 Biki Seite.

Changelog 1.15

5257 - Fixed: Game did not run on ATI cards in fullscreenmode on Vista x64 with large memory.
5257 - Fixed: Crash at ArmA.exe:0x174b27 - caused by wrong internal weapon state.
5257 - Fixed: Crash at ArmA.exe:0x56536 - caused by wrong turret state in MP.
5257 - Fixed: MP: Player driving motorcycle could be ejected with no apparent reason, sometimes leading to death.
5257 - Fixed: MP: Sometimes falling of a parachute a few meters above the ground.
5257 - Fixed: Dedicated server: Bandwidth balancing was often wrong, showing problems esp. when new players were joining.
5257 - Fixed: Players connecting JIP with custom files do not cause server lagging.
5257 - Fixed: Players with custom files get no longer kicked when server does not run on default port.
5257 - Optimized: Reduced memory usage with large view distances.
5257 - Fixed: Scene loading when starting a mission might sometimes use excessive amounts of memory.
5257 - Optimized: Slightly reduced VRAM usage with large view distances.
5257 - New: "Absolute" mouse control bindings (no auto centering) are now possible.
5257 - Improved: Provided error message for some unexpected memory initialization failures.
5258 - Fixed: Command line parameter -maxmem=xxx was not working on LINUX dedicated server.
5258 - Fixed: Crash at offset 0xfb57.
5259 - Fixed: Voice over Side channel could be transmitted to wrong listeners after respawn.
5260 - Fixed: Dedicated server crashed when script made soldier fire with Binocular.
5260 - Fixed: Grass and foliage was not affected by helicopter down wash since 1.04 version.
5260 - Fixed: status of disableAI was reset during save
5261 - Fixed: The FOV was deflected after TrackIR +tZ input had been removed from Zoom in/out action.
5262 - Fixed: Fast forward is now disabled when using binocular.
5262 - New: Optional server.cfg entry timeStampFormat to specify time stamp for each line in *.rpt file. Possible values: "none", "short", "full".
5262 - Fixed: Manual camera left/right movement was not mapped to mouse.
5262 - Fixed: Some AI commands on dedicated server might be delayed when the server window had focus.
5263 - Improved: Texture mip management more reliable in low VRAM conditions.
5264 - Fixed: Incorrect simulation importance for some entities in MP (for players in vehicles)
5264 - Fixed: Only relative path is now supported in commands: loadFile, exec, execVM, execFSM, preprocessFile, preprocessFileLineNumbers, kbAddTopic

* FIX (USMCD) Wound materials for all WDL soldiers.
* NEW (USMC) More Woodland Army soldiers.
* FIX (MI-17 (57mm rockets)) Fixed rockets count.

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Autor: BIS
Datum: 23.12.08
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Insel Daraisolas

04 Dez
IceBreakr stellte in den BI Foren seine Insel Daraisolas vor. Die Insel ist 5km x 5km groß und enhtält eine üppige Vegetation.

Leider jedoch ohne nennenswerte Gebäude, Straßen oder Flughafen. Für kleinere Missionen ist die Insel sicherlich gut einsetzbar.
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Datum: 04.12.08
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