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Desert Mercenaries & BlackOps

22 Juli
Update: SchnapsdroSel veröffentlichte eine neue Version seines Mercenary Pakets, welches nach anfänglichen Startschwierigkeiten nun in einer gefixten Fassung zum Download bereit steht.

An Neuheiten sind diesmal, wie gut auf den Bildern zu erkennen ist, einige Aufständische & Gangster, Piloten mit Atemmasken, sowie verschiedene andere Einheiten mit Gasmasken enthalten.
schnaps\_mercs #1schnaps\_mercs #2
schnaps\_mercs #3schnaps\_mercs #4

Wer sich noch an SchnapsdroSel´s Mercenary Paket für ArmA1 erinnern kann weiss schon was ihn hier erwartet. Seit gestern Abend gibt es die erste Auskopplung seiner Söldner für ArmA2. Enthalten sind elf Einheiten in einer bunten Mischung aus Strassen & Tarnkleidung, sowie acht Blackops.
schnapsdrosel\_mercs #8schnapsdrosel\_mercs #9schnapsdrosel\_mercs #10
schnapsdrosel\_mercs #11schnapsdrosel\_mercs #6schnapsdrosel\_mercs #7
schnapsdrosel\_mercs #1schnapsdrosel\_mercs #2schnapsdrosel\_mercs #3schnapsdrosel\_mercs #4schnapsdrosel\_mercs #5schnapsdrosel\_mercs #12

Dateigröße: 39.7 MB
Autor: SchnapsdroSel
Datum: 22.07.09
Downloads: 1425

Isla Duala

30 Dez
Pünktlich zum anstehenden Jahreswechsel nimmt das Touristikbüro der autonomen Republik Afrene im Süden der Insel Duala erste Buchungen entgegen.

IceBreakr bemühte sich in seinem zweiten Werk, nach Panthera, ein durch Bürgerkriege zerissenes Idyll mit Savannen Flair und Anlehungen an alte Werke von BAS virtuelle Wirklichkeit werden werden zu lassen. So weist z.B. die Stadt Larenga eine unverkennbare Ähnlichkeit zum Tonal´esischen Lorengau auf.
isla\_duala #1isla\_duala #2isla\_duala #5
isla\_duala #6isla\_duala #7isla\_duala #8
isla\_duala #1isla\_duala #2isla\_duala #3isla\_duala #4

Dateigröße: 213.92 MB
Autor: IceBreakr
Datum: 30.12.09
Downloads: 1798

An-2 Pack

03 Nov
Ein weiteres schönes Flugzeug wurde grade eben im BI Forum released. SMERSH und sein Team bei Studio Sarmat haben sich alle Mühe gegeben die, offenbar, für ihre Langlebigkeit und Sicherheit bekannte An-2 im Spiel umzusetzen. Im Paket enthalten sind fünf Varianten.
sarmat\_AN-2 #1sarmat\_AN-2 #2sarmat\_AN-2 #3sarmat\_AN-2 #4

Zitat von Wings of Russia:
Scheme of this plane prove its reliability and safety. Correct plane construction can save crew and passengers in extreme situations.
It can lands on different types of landscapes, even on landscape without special preparations. When engine stops, plane can glide.
Only this plane producing more than 61 year!
Modifications of this plane producing even today. this is Giness record.

    The pack includes:
  • AN-2 Emergency
  • AN-2 Aeroflot
  • AN-2 AMA
  • AN-2 Air Force
  • AN-2 Flying Velkopopovitse

Dateigröße: 181.62 MB
Autor: Studio Sarmat
Datum: 03.11.09
Downloads: 3159

ArmA2 Patch 1.05

22 Dez

====Version 1.05 Highlights===

* Free bonus campaign Eagle Wing
* Free bonus helicopter addon AH-64D
* New Warfare multiplayer mode When Diplomacy Fails, including 3-sides and support for dimplomacy between factions
* Major AI tweaking and balancing (better combat cooperation, better situational awareness, new Suppressive fire command)
* Significant performance improvements, especially in large towns
* Fixed compatibility problems under Windows Vista and Windows 7 x64 with 8 GB and more RAM
* Grass now provides concealment also in distance
* Improved hit detection and damage system
* Improved object visibility and less significant objects popping in distance
* Spatial sound improvements
* Automatic launching of user made addons (units, missions etc.) via "pbo" file association with the game
* Possibility to switch between windowed and fullscreen mode at any time in game menus using Alt + Enter or through video options
* Various crash opportunities fixed
* Linux server support added (dedicated server file available as separate download)
* New GUI to various dedicated server settings
* DRM free for users of legitimate installs
* Optional BattlEye anti-cheat protection
* Airplane Heads-Up displays reworked

Dateigröße: 270.52 MB
Autor: Bohemia Interactive
Datum: 22.12.09
Downloads: 39558

ArmA2 Patch 1.05-1.07

25 Juni
Da der offizielle Release von Operation Arrowhead in großen Schritten näher rückt, veröffentlichte Bohemia Interactive heute den 1.07 Patch, welcher viele Performance-Optimierungen für 4-Kern-Cpu´s als auch Systeme mit mehr als 4GB Ram bietet. Natürlich beinhaltet das Update alle Verbesserungen aus den unzähligen Betapatches (zB. Ki-Verbesserungen) und wird alle betapatchfaulen Spieler mit Sicherheit zufriedenstellen.


===ARMA 2 UPDATE 1.07 ===

Copyright (c) 2010 Bohemia Interactive. All rights reserved.

This free update is sponsored by Sprocket, the online store where you can buy Arma 2 and other games directly from the developers.


* ANY ORIGINAL VERSION OF ARMA 2 from 1.05 (including the Steam version, note that Verify file cache and autoupdate will not work properly until the full 1.07 is also out directly on Steam)

* DirectX 9 from February 2010 or newer is required and should be updated during the patching process automatically as needed or you can update your version of DirectX from


Run the patch exe to apply the patch setup automatically.

It will install all content of the patch to the folder with your ArmA 2 installation (default is C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2 or Bohemia Interactive\ArmA2).

Please note that it is not possible to rollback to a previous version after the installation of this patch, only a full reinstall of the game is possible, if you want to keep your previous version you may want to backup the entire game installation folder before applying this patch.

===Version 1.07 Highlights===

* Numerous stability and peformance improvements
* Various multiplayer fixes and improvements
* Improved support for CPUs with 4 and more cores
* Larger file cache on systems with more RAM
* Sound improvements
* AI improvements

[71721] Game is now Large Address Aware, should improve stability and allow using more RAM with 64b OS.
[71543] File cache size increased a lot on systems with 4 GB RAM or more.
[71484] Fixed: C130 was crashing on takeoff.
[71373] Fixed crash
[71143] Improved: -cpuCount=4 is now default on computers with more than four logical CPUs to prevent hyperthreading causing performance problems. If you want to use more CPUs, use -cpuCount=N to override this.
[71117] Optimized: Geometry loading in now optimized for multiple cores. Extra threading now enabled by default on computers with more that 2 CPUs. New possible -exThreads values: 5 (thread geometry loading only) and 7 (thread all)
[70817] Fixed: Crash while rendering some custom worlds, e.g Schmalfelden
[70793] Fixed: Character animation jerky after a unit disembarked a vehicle (
[70790] Fixed: Fps stayed low after spawning and deleted many units. See
[70663] New: Weather config values "size" and "height" for better control over the cloud layer. Default values: size = 1.0; height = max(bright,0.6)
[70661] Improved: File handle management when more then 448 pbos are present is now more efficient.
[70651] Improved: Increased limits to prevent "Too many virtual memory blocks requested" error.
[70650] Fixed: Crash possible when loading map with older binarized format (pre 20, e.g. Schmalfelden).
[70646] Fixed: Some objects were shortly "flashing" while changing LODs.
[70582] Improved: Increased dynamic cloud layer visibility.
[70493] Fixed: Shadow artifacts visible on some windows while moving.
[70484] Fixed: Car horn not played in MP
[70439] Fixed: Transient z-fight-like shadows artifacts while zooming.
[70372] Fixed: AI vision was too good on moonless nights.
[70198] Fixed: Steam Overlay used during loading screen no longer disabled the keyboard.
[70192] New: Parameter exThreads=N to control extra threading. Following values of N are currently supported: 0 = no extra threads, 1 = file operations, 3 = texture loading
[69714] "enablesimulation" fixed on dedicated server
[69683] VoN volume slider
[68990] Improved: Reduced stutter when looking around, esp. with visibility 5 km or more.
[68694] Reduced parallax map artifacts on sloped terrain.
[68157] HDRPrecision 16 or 32 respected when users selects it and card supports it.
[68030] MP: Changed bandwidth estimation defaults as almost all players use broadband connection.
[67312] Fixed: AI is now able to take off with Camel airplane addon.
[67033] Improved AI airplane landing from very high altitude.
[66997] Optimized: Grass not rendered when flying high and fast, should reduce stutter.
[65703] New: Units report when reloading in combat situations.
[65703] New: Units report when throwing grenades in combat situations.
[65679] Fixed: AI Units called "covering" repeatedly while reloading.
[65656] "Cover me", "Covering" was often told repeateadly after busy radio channel periods.
[65605] Optimized: Fixed problems caused on some Vista systems by running too many threads at the same time.
[64561] New: Scripting function hideObject.
[64056] Fixed: Shining glasses on head preview in "edit player" menu.
[63164] Changed: Removed relics from dynamic building destruction development, including scripting function deleteCollection.
[63126] Improved: AI airplane now aiming at the ground targets using rudder as well.
[63126] Fixed: Some AI airplanes oscillated sideways when flying slow.
[62888] Fixed: Improved helicopter aiming with unguided rockets.
[62868] Fixed: AT/RPG soldiers often missed targets.
[62700] Fixed: Spatial weapon sounds
[62687] Fixed: 3D resolution now maintained correctly when Alt-Tabbing.
[62627] Improved: "Invalid crew" config error no longer exits to desktop.
[62533] Fixed: The voice over net speech was often delayed more than required.
[62532] Fixed: The voice over net speech was often delayed more than required.
[62492] Fixed: Window size/position was not stored after a change.

Fixes and improvements in most of the campaign, SP and MP missions

Improved: armor on MLRS, Ikarus and armored HMMWV.
Fixed: speed indicator on M1030 motocycle.
Fixed: geometry on "Objects - Illuminant Tower".
Fixed: get-in points in GRAD.
Fixed: graphics artifact on T72 wreck and pickup wreck.
Fixed: shadows on ammo-boxes.
Improved: iron signs on Makarov, M9 and M9 SD
Improved: penetrability on wrecks of vehicles.
Fixed: zeroing of silenced G36.

===Update 1.07 incorporates all fixes included in previous patches, most notable are:===

* Free bonus campaign Eagle Wing
* Free bonus helicopter addon AH-64D
* New Warfare multiplayer mode When Diplomacy Fails, including 3-sides and support for dimplomacy between factions
* Major AI tweaking and balancing (better combat cooperation, better situational awareness, new Suppressive fire command)
* Significant performance improvements, especially in large towns
* Fixed compatibility problems under Windows Vista and Windows 7 x64 with 8 GB and more RAM
* Grass now provides concealment also in distance
* Improved hit detection and damage system
* Improved object visibility and less significant objects popping in distance
* Spatial sound improvements
* Automatic launching of user made addons (units, missions etc.) via "pbo" file association with the game
* Possibility to switch between windowed and fullscreen mode at any time in game menus using Alt + Enter or through video options
* Various crash opportunities fixed
* Linux server support added (dedicated server file available as separate download)
* New GUI to various dedicated server settings
* DRM free for users of legitimate installs
* added pbo file extension support for direct launching of the simulation
* Optional BattlEye anti-cheat protection
* Airplane Heads-Up displays reworked
* Improved multiplayer and cooperative campaign (saving games, connection issues)
* Numerous fixes and improvements in the Harvest Red campaign
* Mission editor improvements
* Many new scripting functions
* Improved AI driving skills
* Improved Micro AI tactics, attack in pairs, path limiting to avoid passing through walls.
* Fixed multiplayer session NAT negotiation
* Multiple save slots supported
* Improved terrain shape beyond map borders

For full information about the included changes between versions 1.00 and 1.06 please visit

Dateigröße: 88 MB
Datum: 25.06.10
Downloads: 13062

Chernarus (taktische Karte)

03 Juni
Karte von Chernarus, gestrickt von Corp. 19MB @ 12806x12805px.

Zusätzlich mit Grid der großen Sektoren, und Nummerierung der Sektoren.
Dateigröße: 19 MB
Autor: AGSF|
Datum: 03.06.09
Downloads: 1154

Radio Sarahni Interview Screenshotpacket

27 Sept
Ivan Buchta/ArmA2 #2
Jerry Hopper veranstaltet ein Interview mit Ivan Buchta und bekam dafür vorab ein kleines exclusives Screenshotpacket geschickt.

Denn in der Datei sind neben RL Fotos von Ivan Buchta auch zwei exklusive Screenshots von ArmA2 enthalten.
Dateigröße: 2 MB
Datum: 27.09.08
Downloads: 97

VopSound 2.2

11 Juli
Über den orginalen ArmASound (besonders Waffensounds) wurde schon immer viel diskutiert. Ob er nun gut oder schlecht ist, ist aber auch vollkommen egal, denn um sich ein atmosphärisches Sounderlebnis zu verschaffen, gibt es schließlich viele sehr gute Soundmods. Für eine der beliebtesten, der VopSound-Modifikation von vo.2, gibt seit gestern ein umfangreiches Update, welches so gut wie alle Bereiche (Waffen/Fahrzeuge,Explosionen/Umgebungssounds) abdeckt. Diese funktioniert natürlich auch in Operation Arrowhead, Sounds für die neuen Waffen des Expansions gibt es in dieser Version (2.2) jedoch noch nicht.

Installation und Changelog


Create a folder called @VopSound2.2 and inside this folder another called Addons in your ArmA2 main directory.
It should look like: C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\@VopSound2.2\Addons

Place the .pbo and .bisign files you would like to use from your extracted archive and copy them into Addons folder. The pbo names are selfexplaining.

Environmental Sounds: Ambient and Nature sounds (minor update)
Explosions,Snaps and Impact Sounds: Any kind of explosion, bulletsnap and impact sounds (complete overhaul)
Fixed Wings: Sounds for fixed wings aircrafts (F35 added)
Footsteps and Gear Sounds: less annoying footsteps and gear rattling for west troops(no more clonketyclonk) (minor update)
Gun Sounds: new sounds for nearly every weapon ingame(complete overhaul)
Wheeled Vehicles: Sounds for wheeled vehicles (updated)

Vops_c_*** stands for config container
Vops_s_*** stands for sound container
YOU NEED BOTH OF A CATEGORY IN YOUR ADDONS FOLDER TO GET IT TO WORK. (and the appropriate .bisign files of course)

This .bisign files are there so players using properly signed addons can join to that server which requires them.

Rightclick on the ArmA shortcut in the desktop or where you have it and select properties.
In the target box add -mod=@VopSound2.2
It should look like:
"C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\arma2.exe" -mod=@vopsound2.2

To load more than one mod folder use semi-colons to separate them. (-mod=@mod1;@mod2;@mod3)


If a server admin decides addon signatures should be verified, he should add the following line to the server.cfg file:


Server admin can decide which addon makers he considers trustworthy by placing their public keys in the "keys" directory. Usually (vanilla installation) there's only Bohemia Interactive's signature, called bi.bikey, in this directory.
You can find the Public Key for VopSound in this package in a folder named "Server Key".


It has been a long time, I've no idea what has changed. Propably too much to mention.

Dateigröße: 276 MB
Autor: vo.2
Datum: 11.07.09
Downloads: 5212

Chernarus (normale Karte)

03 Juni
Karte von Chernarus, gestrickt von Corp. 19MB @ 12806x12805px.
Dateigröße: 17.82 MB
Autor: AGSF|
Datum: 03.06.09
Downloads: 528

Ivan Buchta Interview Episode 1 Recovert

05 Okt
In der ersten Episode erzählt der BIS Chef-Designer Ivan Buchta etwas über sich selbst, seine Arbeit bei BIS und beantwortet einiger der eingesendeten Fragen der Community.

Die erste Version dieses Interviews war von so schlechter Qualität, dass sich das Radio Sarahni Team entschieden hat, das Interview zusammen mit Ivan Buchta erneuert aufzunehmen.
Dateigröße: 68 MB
Datum: 05.10.08
Downloads: 73

ArmA2 @game-tv GC´08

22 Aug
Mitschnitt vom live stream der GC08 vom game-tv stand
Dateigröße: 94.28 MB
Autor: / Chriz6662
Datum: 22.08.08
Downloads: 2838

G36 Reflex Visier (fix)

04 Juni
Es ist wieder da!
Nach einigem HickHack gibt es nun doch noch ein kleines Addon welches das, mit dem 1.01 beta Patch, verschwundene Reflex Visier des G36 wieder in A2 einfügt.
Seid gewarnt, die Benutzung dieses Addons könnte dazu führen das ihr auf den meisten Dedicated Servern nicht mehr beitreten könnt.
Dateigröße: 132 kB
Autor: the terp & the burns
Datum: 04.06.09
Downloads: 1441


04 Juni
ArmA2-Mark ist eine Einzelspielermission welche (relativ) vergleichbare Tests zur Bestimmung der Systemleistung in ArmA2 ermöglicht. Die ursprünglich von Toadlife für OFP erfundene Benchmark Mission geht dank binkster´s Konvertierung in die dritte Runde.

Eine genaue Anleitung zur Verwendung und die empfohlenen Test Einstellungen, sowie Ergebnisse der internationalen Community findet ihr hier:
Dateigröße: 48.1 KB
Autor: Toadlife / binkster
Datum: 04.06.09
Downloads: 1368

Modem DKMM RAH66 Conversion

27 Aug
Leider wird dies eines der letzten Addons aus dem Hause Maik sein, denn er hat beschlossen sich bald aus dem Modderalltag zurückzuziehen und will sich anderen Dingen zuwenden. Vorher möchte er aber noch seine begonnenen Projekte abschliessen, darunter auch NH-90, G-82 & T-55.
Den Anfang von modEmMaik´s alles muss raus Aktion macht die Konvertierung des DKM Mod Comanche Helikopter, womit er sich einen wahren Klassiker rausgepickt hat. Sogar die damals einmaligen HUD-Funktionen sind erhalten geblieben.

Dateigröße: 7.44 MB
Autor: modEmMaik / DKM Mod
Datum: 27.08.09
Downloads: 3657

SP-Mission LibertySTAR

11 Jan
Die Lage auf Japahto ist schwierig. Es wird berichtet, dass die aufständischen Truppen ethnische Säuberungen der Zivilbevölkerung vornehmen. Die Drohnenaufklärung meldet verschiedene Hinweise auf kleinere Gefechte. Die Russen, unter dem Oberbefehl von General Götz Serginski, befinden sich auf Japahto und scheinen die Aufständischen mit Waffen zu unterstützen. Unsere Aufklärungssatelliten haben ein russisches Lager, Codename Wodka, entdeckt. Offiziell leugnen die Russen, dass Sie auf Japahto operieren. Da wir derzeit über kein UN-Mandat für einen militärischen Einsatz auf
Japahto verfügen, ist es nicht möglich die Truppen von General Götz Serginski direkt anzugreifen. Dies ändert sich jedoch wenn wir Beweise finden, dass es zu ethnischen Säuberungen gekommen ist und die Russen dies unterstützen.

So wird das Team Razor nach Japahto gebracht um eben diese Beweise zu finden, es muss abwechslungsreiche Nebenmissionen erfüllen, und letztendlich den Verantwortlichen zur Rechenschaft ziehen. Im Laufe der Mission kann das Razorteam verschiedene Arten von Unterstützung anfordern und sich in feindlichen Lagern neu aufmunitionieren. Mehr Informationen findet ihr im Briefing!

Dateigröße: 3.57 MB
Autor: r3D
Datum: 11.01.10
Downloads: 1434

ACE2 v1.0 (stable/RC10)

10 März

Release Info

A.C.E. Mod for ArmA 2, Official Announcement!

It has been nearly 1 year, since the A.C.E. Advanced Combat Environment Mod, for ArmA 1, was released.
Since that release, we have been constantly working on our Mod, to improve it, expand it, and fix the things we could.
In the meantime, ArmA 2 has been released for about 6 months, and our attention has been on the mod for ArmA 2, for at least that long.

Today we would like to announce our Public Beta Release.
We intend to keep updating our Mod on a daily basis in this Public Beta stage.
We do this to get as much feedback and bug reports as possible, as soon as possible, and provide everyone the latest code to test.
This means the development will be ongoing, new improvements and additions will arrive as we go

What is A.C.E. and what is it not

A.C.E. for ArmA 2 is a full conversion mod and is based on A.C.E. for ArmA 1, which was based on WGL for OFP.
The WGL roots were "When realism matters". We lifted this already a little bit with A.C.E. 1.
And with A.C.E. 2 it is no different. We try to keep a balance between realism and gameplay. We try not to sacrifice either in name of the other.
We try to please as many as possible, but it is simply impossible to please all.
Please feel free to give constructive feedback on our choices.

The Package

The A.C.E. Package for ArmA 2 consists out of 3 building blocks:

CBA and ACE are a requirement, while ACEX is an optional expansion pack.
This way, we hope to support our users who have requested smaller mod size, and ability to concentrate on their type of units/vehicles/weapons for countries they like to play with/against.


Much of the Mod has been rewritten / optimized, and we have based our workflow and tools on CBA methods.
Frequently Asked Questions
Previous ACE2 Discussion Thread
ACE Features
ACEX Features
Youtube ACE2 Channel


We strive to keep our addons/mods as compatible as possible with others.
Sometimes this is not possible, or there were specific reasons why we had to go some way.
Please feel free to supply feedback on any compatibility issue you might encounter.


Our thanks goes to everyone involved in our Mod, from Developers to Testers, Contributors to Supporters, PR to Hosters, and Programmer- and Docu-wizards.
Special thanks goes out to our Lead Developer, Rocko, who has devoted most (if not all :p) of his free time and dedication to the mod's development.

Installer, Updater, Patcher

There have been significant changes to the way we distribute our Mod.
Due to the ever growing sizes of content, and thus installers and updates, we have switched to a realtime patching system, called rSync, which is the core tool of the "Six Updater" Suite.
The software, once installed, can be used to install, update, maintain and repair managed modfolders.
It uses smart technologies to minimize the amount of data that needs to be downloaded, and is a very lightweight and fast protocol.

The technology has been in use for several months by the ACE team, and individual testers aswell as communities.
Documentation will be provided, and support delivered where possible.

Our milestone releases will be available in easy mirrorable 7z files, to minimize the stress on the rsync system, and give people casual means to download the initial install.

More Info


On the BIKI

Downloads & Installation

Hier gehts zum offiziellen Thread im BI-Forum.
Dateigröße: 917 MB
Autor: ACE Mod
Datum: 10.03.10
Downloads: 5171

Namalsk Island

06 Okt
Namalsk Test Neu
Heute veröffentlichte Sumrak von der "Shadow of Namalsk" Modifikation seine fertiggestellte Winter-Insel "Namalsk". Diese Insel bietet sehr interessante Locations für die Missionsdesigner, denn sie enthält viele neue Gebäude, neue Vegetation und statische Objekte. Zusätzlich beinhaltet das Pack auch noch einige Multiplayermissionen, um die Insel bequem testen zu können und eine Alpha-Version der eigens erstellten Module, mit denen es möglich ist verschiedene Farbfilter für seine Missionen zu nutzen. Ein kleines "Gewinnspiel", wenn man es so nennen darf, gibt es auch... die ersten drei Spieler, welche auf der Insel vier Schneemänner gefunden haben und dies mit Screenshots bestätigen, haben die Ehre, die Kampagne der Modifikation betatesten zu dürfen.
SoN Screen#4SoN Screen#3SoN Screen#2SoN Screen#1SoN Screen#6SoN Screen#5

Dateigröße: 308 MB
Autor: Sumrak
Datum: 06.10.09
Downloads: 695

Christian.1987 Aug A3 Pack

23 Feb
Christian.1987 Aug A3 Pack
Christian.1987, welcher in der Vergangenheit schon viele Waffenmodelle nach ArmA2 konvertierte, veröffentlichte heute sein Aug A3 Pack om BIS-Forum. Dieses Paket beinhaltet viele Versionen, mit unterschiedlichen Optiken.


BETA Version 1.10 of Steyr Aug A3 Pack Projekt by Christian.1987

Made for ArmA2 by Christian.1987 and HD_Laeppli in a BETA Version (1.10)
For Error´s, please contact me on the BI Forum´s, Armaholic Forum, or ICQ 498923791.
or per MSN:

Use at your own risk ! I am not liable for damage.

This is a Work for Modern Irish Defence Forces Mod.
In this Pack, gives you for the Game ArmA2 a Steyr Aug A3 Weapons in different Target-Optics.

The currently Optics:

- Leupold CQ T 1-3x Scope.
- Acog QC 3.5x Zoom Scope.
- EoTech Reflexvisor.

A Independent Ammunition is used for the addon, range limit, Muzzle velocity, Tracer, ect. was create
adapted for the Aug A3, served as the information from Weapon-Wiki. (
To given yours to a reality Ballistics for the Shoots. (But it can get variations to this Future).

This is not an Official AddOn !
Editing or Redistributing of this AddOn, or any part of it, is not allowed in any way without my
Explicit, Written, Permission, and Permissions from ohter Poaples of this Projects !

This is a BETA Version (1.10). Not the Final Version, whe Work on improvements and extensions.
for this Projects.
For Improvements i am open for you feedback, feel free to send my your Improvements.


Dated: 23 Feb. 2010



- New: GL Version Added.
- New: AN/PAQ Model Added.
- New: Sounds (for Reload).
- Fix: A better Performance (because better lod´s models).
- Fix: The Fire Modes (Brust mode removed).
- Fix: The Acog Zoom.
- Fix: The Eotech lens rvmat Problem.
- Fix: Better GUI Pics.


Known Errors:

Current no distracting errors.


Addons Needed:



So you can use the Weapon´s.

As an example for you

For Unit.
Init: removeallweapons this; this addmagazine "30Rnd_556x45_Aug"; this addweapon "MIDF_Aug_A3"

or a

Ammunition Box in to (Empty/MIDF Weapons/MIDF Rifle AmmoBox)

Have Fun.


A Big Thx. to Switzerland Mod for Cooperation of the Work, (HD_Laeppli).
Thx. to Philibuster's for the great Aug A3 Model.
Thx. to Twinke Masta for the great Acog Model.
Thx. to TheLama for the great EoTech Model.
Thx. to The Spork for the great An/PAQ Model.
Thx. to all ohter Poples for the ground Textures.
Thx. to HD_Laeppli for the Scope Textures.
Thx. to Norrin from Australians At War Addon Team for the Great Hand-Anim.
Thx. to RobertHammer and Rocket for the Sound´s.
Thx. to HD_Laeppli, RobertHammer, Syncing, modEmMaik, Norrin, and all other, to help my whit Addon Editing.
Thx. to Bohemia Interactive for the best Game 4ever.

Dateigröße: 12.1 MB
Autor: Christian.1987&HD_Laeppli
Datum: 23.02.10
Downloads: 303

FDF Podagorsk Island

20 Dez
Und wieder beschert uns ein Mod-Team, welches uns schon seit Operation Flashpoint Zeiten begleitet, ein vorzeitiges Weihnachtsgeschenk. Hierbei handelt es sich um eine Insel mit dem Namen "Podagorsk", welche vom FDF Team erstellt wurde. Natürlich soll diese dem finnischen Flair gerecht werden und kann mit ihren vielen neuen Objekten und ihrer Vegetation überzeugen.
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Datum: 20.12.09
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15 Dez
Der Clan "ADO" hat die Insel Quesh-Kibrul veröffentlicht. Das Setting der Insel ist unübersehbar an den Nahen Osten angelehnt.

Quesh-Kibrul 1Quesh-Kibrul 2

Quesh-Kibrul 4Quesh-Kibrul 5

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