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MODUL Sky v2.0

21 Nov
MODUL schickt seine Generalüberholung für ArmA´s Himmelszelt in die zweite Runde. Anstatt die Änderungen zu beschreiben, zeigte er folgende Bilder.
Dateigröße: 4.41 MB
Autor: MODUL
Datum: 21.11.08
Downloads: 720

ACE Island Pack Beta 4

10 Nov
In Verbindung mit dem Proper World Mod werden ArmA bekannte Vegetationen erzeugt. Einige Bäume und Büsche sind zwar noch OFP Konvertierungen aber das Team arbeitet derzeit an weiteren Optimierungen und verschiedenen Vegetations-Packs, welche u.a. auch komplett ArmA Vegetation enhalten soll.

Q's Zusammenfassung

OFP:CWC and OFP:Resistance islands in ArmA:





OFP World

No dependencies. You can load them with any other addon or MOD.

Tested in MP / dedicated server.

VerifySignatures key and bisign files.

Replaced all possible objects/buildings with an ArmA counterpart.

Single ground texture technology - several to choose from via client side config.
You can assign each island a texture individually now.

You can force the default texture by only allowing the
'ace_island_rvmat.pbo' on your server instead of the 'ace_island_rvmat_dta.pbo' (default).

Replaced the vegetation with OFP:Resistance vegetation.

SAT texture technology support.

ArmA clutters (especially via PROPER World - see more info below).

Weitere Infos und Download Möglichkeiten auf der BIKI Page.
Dateigröße: 196 MB
Autor: Q
Datum: 10.11.08
Downloads: 533

Hippie Funland released (Alpha)

06 Nov
Loki veröffentlichte seine Alpha Version der Insel "Hippie Funland". Die Insel enthält erst 1/3 des geplanten Gesamtprojektes, ist aber für eine erste Erkundung für die Allgemeinheit freigegeben.
Dateigröße: 47 MB
Autor: Loki
Datum: 06.11.08
Downloads: 198


05 Nov
Dateigröße: 38.95 MB
Datum: 05.11.08
Downloads: 1616

31st WW2 - Normandy Mod (beta)

03 Nov
Rip31st veröffentlichte die erste Beta Version der WW2 Mod. Die Mod behandelt hierbei im Wesentlichen die Landung in der Normandie im Jahr 1944 durch die Alliierten.

Siehe auch Operation Overlord.

Rip31st Features - ENG

-US 2nd infantry Division by Agamoth
-101st Airborne Division by Agamoth
-Bofors 40mm by Project RACS, textured & reconfigured by rip31st
-WC51 Dodge truck by Burner converted for Arma use by rip31st
-Horsa glider by T_roc converted for Arma, added hinged nose by rip31st
-BF109 F4 by FFS studios Faust & Frizy, reconfigured and swastikas removed by rip31st
-Opel Blitz(desert & grey) by FFS Studios Faust & Frizy reconfigured to play the universal roll of supply, ammo & repair truck by rip31st
-Kubelwagon (desert & grey) by FFS studios Faust & Frizy
-Flak 36 8.8cm by Johns_ART converted for Arma, custom sound by rip31st
-Flak 38 20mm by Johns_Art reconfigered by rip31st
-Kubel MHQ (German MHQ for ww2warfare mission) by rip31st using FF studios kubelwagon
-Normandy.pbo ( THE MAP ) 156,300 meters x 156,300 meters by rip31st
-WW2 objects ( OIA_objects) by Mr Burns
-BF109 E1 by rip31st
-C47 by rip31st
-Gotha go 242 german assault/transport glider by rip31st
-HE111 H. By Atomic, configered by rip31st, textured by Enigma
-Hawker Hurricane MK IIc by rip31st
-Jagdpanther by Spamurai configured and textured rip31st
-Junkers JU-52 by rip31st
-Avro Lancaster heavy bomber by Atomic, configered by rip31st and textured by Enigma
-LCM(3) Allied landing craft - by rip31st
-Sherman M4A4 V by rip31st
-M26 Pershing heavy tank by rip31st, textured by Enigma (texture revision coming soon)
-M101 105mm Howitzer by Atomic, configered & textured by rip31st
-Pak38 by rip31st textured by my good Aussie friend Paul
-Panther by rip31st, textured by Enigma
-PZ 3F by rip31st ( alternate version coming soon by T_roc)
-PZ 4H by rip31st ( alternate version coming soon by T_Roc)
-R667 bunker by rip31st
-Supermarine Spitfire Mk XIV E by rip31st, textured by Enigma
-Tiger I by rip31st, textured by Enigma ( more versions to be added later by T_roc and others)
-*UPDATED VILAS WEAPONS PACK by vilas, modified for the ww2 mod by rip31st - several static weapons
-*UPDATED VILAS WW2 Infantry pack - HEAVILY MODIFIED - Sounds by rip31st, models modified and retextured by StubbleHopper - contains several infantry models.
-warfare.pbo modified for ww2warfare trucks by rip31st
- Willy's Jeep by Atomic, configured dy rip31st, textured by Enigma
- WW2 Festung obstacle pack by AST_Walker
- Easter egg ( who will find it first?)

Installation:Unzip to your ArmA installtion and create a launch icon using the mod folder method.


Change log:
-All swastikas removed for our German friends so they can play.

This is a BETA release. The idea here and intention is to receive relative constructive input/feedback from the community. Please use the appropriate forum links for feedback. All future WIP will be posted in teh WIP thread, feedback and subsequent releases, patches and updates will be posted in this thread.

-Infantry use Vilas weapons
-Many custon sounds included for vehicles and weapons, sound mods are not compatible
-*** I will not include the "ww2warfare" mission until after its final testing on the server today- so look for an additional download to be posted later.
-Some vehicles feature ramps or hinged doors that open, look for your action menus.
-Most aircraft do not contain cockpits - They will be added in future releases.
-Two tanks have funny road wheel axis's - That will be adjust later.
-***Keep your speakers turned down initially, especially if you are using SUB's as this mod contains some very loud audible sound, it may rumble your house or neighbors!

PERMISSIONS- Were obtained from the original authors prior to any modification(s) or conversions

Credits & Special Thanks to: First and foremost, the ArmA community. This release would have not been possible without the endless hours of contribution from everyone. I nearly sank 12-14 hour days myself into this for the last 90 days. I will be taking a short break then back to work on phase 1 patches and phase 2. Special recognition goes to Vilas, FFS Studios Faust & Frizy, Burner, Mr Burns, Atomic, Enigma, AST_Walker(emoticon man), Agamoth for his beatiful infantry!, WLD427 & project RACS, Johns_ART and his awesome paint and models, DVDOC for his input on modeling and game play ideas. Thanks to all, you guys did a awesome job! Gsleighter, Pauld, Paul from the land down under and many more. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone. IF I do slap me! The entire 31st Wrecking crew squad.

Dateigröße: 239 MB
Datum: 03.11.08
Downloads: 5437

WIP-BLUEFOR Replacement

03 Nov
Wipman veröffentlichte auf Basis von Jonny´s Marines 1.6 und Jonny´s Army Special Forces ein Replacement Pack.
Dateigröße: 1 kB
Autor: Wipman
Datum: 03.11.08
Downloads: 533

F-14 Tomcat (beta)

01 Nov
Nicht wirklich neu, aber immernoch hübsch, ist die F-14 welche Southy nun veröffentlichte. Wieder handelt es sich um einen OFP Import, natürlich mit Genehmigung des ursprünglichen Machers: IkaRikar\_f14


With permission, coversion of IkaR's F 14 Tomcat from Opf by Southy

Video showing ROI (Gunners position):

Addon features:
Fully integrated gunners position
Spec/normal maps
full special effects packeage (Afterburner, sonic boom and vapour, Special FX by Lethal edited by Gnat and further modified by the Project RACS Mod/Scars)
Modified flight model
Binarized PBO
XEH compatible
3 x custom textures thanks to EddyD
1 x USN colour scheme
2 x Iranian colour schemes
templates for creating your own textures, again thanks to EddyD
Weapon scrips work thanks to namman2[/list]

Multi weapon loadouts:
CAS 38 FFAR, cannon, 2 x AIM9 and 4 x AGM65
CAP - 6 x AIM 54, 2 x Aim9, Cannon
Strike 5 x GBU12 (LANTIRN system), 2 x Aim9, Cannon (Bombcat)

Working ROI (Gunner position) target selection etc.

Known issues:
Cockpit textuers need tweaking
Damage textures need completing
Shadow LODs need to be included
Uses standard BIS land gear, can fold on landing on carrier if too hard a landing (manual landing gear to be implemented)

Please remember this is Beta 1 so it will have bugs.

I'm aware of the large amount of interest in this addon, at least from the way my in-box has filled up, if anyone can help move this addon on to make it better please let me know.


Dateigröße: 19.35 MB
Autor: IkaR / Southy
Datum: 01.11.08
Downloads: 1325

Russian Architecture Pack v3.0

01 Nov
Das Studio -=SARMAT=- veröffentlichte nun die 3. Version ihres russischen Objekt Addons. Besonders erfreulich für die männliche Gesellschaft, es gibt auch einen Bagger! Der Rest unserer qualitativ anspruchsvollen Leserschaft freut sich über neu vorhandene Detail LOD's, sowie über weitere Verbesserungen an Geo&Fire LOD's.


It contains models created by SARMAT and models, converted from the other games.
We do not claim for the authorship of modells, converted from other games and ask to take this correctly.
We don't wanted to glorified at the expense of others' work. We wanted to introduce some new and beautiful to ArmA.
We hope this objects will help you in creating of missions, campaigns, islands, videos and screen-arts.

Especially thanks to:

SofD - this man much helped us in a config writing. Thank you for your good help.

In this version we done many changes:


- Long distation viev lods.
- Corrections of geometry lods.
- Usage of few ladders in one building.
- New buildings, objects and ruins.
- Now buildings can be destroyed.
- Fences can be destroyed with a land transport.
- Stringtable.csv for Russian and English.

New buildings:

- Big factory building with a fence and gates.
- big factory building without fence.
- Farm house with fence.
- farm house without objects.
- Radiotower.
- Water-tower with a fence.
- Water-tower without fence.
- Destroyed brick fence.
- Fire departament building.
- Office building.
- Watchtower.
- 2 oil-tanks.
- Large crane.
- Builded building.
- Pack of pipes.
- Concrete slabs.
- Building dust.
- Damaged helicopter.
- KamAZ with a tent.
- ZIL firetruck.
- Devil wood.
- Zil 130.
- Police post.
- Bus.
- Zil 130 dump-truck.
- Crashed Uaz.
- Garage.
- Excavator.

Dateigröße: 67.5 MB
Autor: Studio -=SARMAT=-
Datum: 01.11.08
Downloads: 860

PROPER Weapon Collision Shape

01 Nov
Q veröffentlichte ein weiteres, sehr nützliches Addon aus der PROPER Reihe mit dem Namen "Weapon Collision Shape".

Dieses Addon sorgt dafür, das Ihr Euch auch in sehr engen Räumen und Gängen mit Eurer Waffe problemlos wenden könnt. Wer hat nicht schon mal ins Kissen gebissen weil er sich nicht in einem Hausflur drehen konnte?

Weitere Infos und Demo-Videos findet ihr im BI Forenthread.
Dateigröße: 1.87 kB
Autor: Q / General Baron / rocko
Datum: 01.11.08
Downloads: 214

Nevada Terrain v0.1

31 Okt
Opteryx veröffentlichte eine Alpha Version seiner Nevada Map an der er erst seit drei Tagen arbeitet. Obwohl sie 'untenrum' noch karg daherkommt, ist die Map für einen gemütlichen Rundflug schon gut zu gebrauchen.
opt\_nevada #7opt\_nevada #6opt\_nevada #5opt\_nevada #4
opt\_nevada #3opt\_nevada #2opt\_nevada #1

Dateigröße: 300 MB
Autor: Opteryx
Datum: 31.10.08
Downloads: 637

SF Det. Alpha Units v1.0

23 Okt
ardvarkdb & scubaman3D, veröffentlichten in den BI Foen ein kleines gemeinsames Projekt. Da die beiden nebenher bei ACE tätig sind, kann man schon fast von einem Einheiten Teaser sprechen - die SCAR´s z.B. werden nämlich auch in der ACE Mod enthalten sein.

Download: SF Scars v0.6 (beta)
Größe: 40.8 MB Download
Datum: 23.10.08


-Special Forces units from the Alpha detachment. These units come in ACU camo as well as two variants of the SPEAR jacket.
The green version of the spear jacket is seen on units with (D) in their name, and the black is seen on units with (N) in their name.
-By no means milspec, based more off of the VBS2 SF units.

There is one PBO file in the .7zip archive, which needs to be extracted into your ArmeA/Addons folder.

Put the following files in your addons folder:

Put the following files in your keys folder:

Put !ONE! of the follwing in your addons folder: <- Only if you wish to replace the default ARMA SF units with these units

Units can be found under "BLUFOR\SF A-Team".
Groups can be found under "BLUFOR\SF Detatchment Alpha".

- Not tested in Multiplayer so I cannot say in that regard whether there are issues.
- Adding scars to the replacement SF units was causing some issues, so only the units are replaced. Looking into getting the scars on the replacement units.
_ No optics on SCAR EGLMs when firing grenades.

Dateigröße: 46.2 MB
Autor: Ardvarkdb
Datum: 23.10.08
Downloads: 325

SF Scars v0.6 (beta)

23 Okt
ardvarkdb & scubaman3D, veröffentlichten in den BI Foen ein kleines gemeinsames Projekt. Da die beiden nebenher bei ACE tätig sind, kann man schon fast von einem Einheiten Teaser sprechen - die SCAR´s z.B. werden nämlich auch in der ACE Mod enthalten sein.


- Weapon addon
- Adds SCAR L (aka CAR L aka MK16), SCAR H (aka CAR H, aka MK17) and EGLM (aka MK13)
- Adds weaponbox.

Unzip the archive into your ArmA/Addons folder.


A SCAR Weaponbox can be found in the "Ammo" tab in the editor


- EGLM quadrant sight is currently non-functional. Don't worry, I'll get it working. Just needs some love and tenderness.
- Not tested in Multiplayer so I cannot say in that regard whether there are issues.
- No materials on some models (will fix in future - lazy now. Won't type full sentence)

Enjoy the addon!

Dateigröße: 40.8 MB
Autor: Scubaman3d
Datum: 23.10.08
Downloads: 566

Crazy Frog Bike

16 Okt

The function of this mod is to get a good thing and make it annoying. I revamped the thing I made for... "That Movie"... and made it available to all of you.

Find the annoying bike under:
  • OPFOR / Cars / TT650G Crazy Frog

Dateigröße: 247 kB
Autor: Deepsmeg
Datum: 16.10.08
Downloads: 190

GLT Animarkers v1.0

14 Okt
[GLT]Myke veröffentlichte gestern eine nette Spielerei für die Missionsmacher unter euch.
Seine "Animarker" werden per Script gesteuert, und lassen sich vielfältig kombinieren. Im untenstehenden Video werden einige Beispiele gezeigt.

Youtube Video

Dateigröße: 3 kB
Autor: [GLT]Myke
Datum: 14.10.08
Downloads: 93

SAP Air Beta 0.5

12 Okt
Von Sgt.Ace gibt es heute eine Überraschung für alle Hubschrauberfetischsten. Er veröffentlichte nicht einen, sondern gleich 2 Quirls in den BI Foren, nämlich den Hughes 300c & die Bell\_air
sap\_air #3sap\_air #2sap\_air #1sap\_air #0

Dateigröße: 18.8 MB
Autor: Martin / Sgt.Ace
Datum: 12.10.08
Downloads: 672

Soundmod CSM V2 (Beta)

12 Okt
Die allseits beliebte Soundmod CSM von Chammy wurde nun in die 2. Runde geschickt.

Chammy hat die neue Version V2 gestern in den BI Foren released.
Dateigröße: 90 MB
Autor: Chammy
Datum: 12.10.08
Downloads: 1552

Eurofighter 2000 v1.1 (beta)

11 Okt
Eble setzt seine Bemühungen den Luftraum über Sahrani mit mehr fliegenden Kisten zu füllen fort, und veröffentlichte heute den OFP BWMod Eurofighter Typhoon - für ArmA. Natürlich mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Hardrock.
Dateigröße: 8.21 MB
Autor: Hardrock / Eble
Datum: 11.10.08
Downloads: 2405

Terrrain Kit by blackknight63

10 Okt
Sahrani Nogova Insel Vergleich
blackknight63 veröffentlichte heute in den BI Foren eine Anleitung sowie Templates für eine einfache Erstellung von Inseln.

Ziel dieses Projektes mit der Step-by-Step Anleitung ist es, ein breiteres Publikum für die Bereitstellung von neuen Spielewelten zu gewinnen da es für Neulinge doch einen recht schweren Einstieg in die hohe Kunst der Insel Erstellung bedeutet.

Zusätzlich werden die BI Editing Tools benötigt (VISITOR 3).

Download: BI Editing Tools
Größe: 26 MB Download
Datum: 10.10.08

Dateigröße: 140 MB
Datum: 10.10.08
Downloads: 475

Monster Trucks von bluevein (beta)

10 Okt
Die erste Version der Monster Trucks wurden von bluevein in den Foren von veröffentlicht.
Dateigröße: 1 MB
Autor: bluevein
Datum: 10.10.08
Downloads: 400

Naoyuki Su47 Beta1

10 Okt
Eine weitere OFP Konvertierung bescherte uns wie zuvor auch mit der Mirage 2000, Eble. Nun stellte Eble in den BI Foren seine Beta Version der Sukhoi Su-47 in den BI Foren zum Download bereit.
Dateigröße: 2 MB
Autor: Eble
Datum: 10.10.08
Downloads: 851
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