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Naval Missle Pack V.03

02 April
Neuste version des Naval Missle Packs
Dateigröße: 1 MB
Autor: DesertPhoenix
Datum: 02.04.08
Downloads: 267

SLX Vehicles v1.1

30 März
Contains animated vehicles with several features:

-Doors/ramps that open when people get in.
-Animated weapons(belts, bolts, feedtray covers, triggers, etc).
-Glass materials that don't get messed up by shadows, and shadows inside vehicles.
-Antennas that sway back when moving forward.
-The doors open to a random degree when the vehicle is destroyed.
-The scripts for each vehicle are hopefully open ended enough to be used with any vehicle, but shouldn't be too hard to modify for most.
Included vehicles:

HMMWVs (all BIS types)
M113 (US and RACS)
UAZs (all BIS types)
UH60s (all BIS types)
Change log 1.1:
Possibly fixed MP flapping doors bug.
Fixed UAZ .tga texture errors on servers.
Added random flat tires on HMMWVs when destroyed.
Moved scripts to config addon.

This is an unofficial addon, and is not connected with Bohemia Interactive. The maker of this software is not responsible for any harm that comes to anything resulting in the use of this software. All SLX releases are provided "as is" with no warranty or guarantee of support of any kind. This addon is subject to the BIS models license. All content in this addon may be modified and used in any way with or without credit, within the bounds of the BIS models license. All content copyright by it's respective author(s).

Dateigröße: 18.85 MB
Autor: Solus
Datum: 30.03.08
Downloads: 1680

ArmA Effects Version 0.7

30 März
Eine ältere Version des Addons muss unbedingt gelöscht werden, da ihre Dateien andere Bezeichnungen haben und dadurch Probleme entstehen könnten.
Dateigröße: 7.02 MB
Autor: Maddmatt
Datum: 30.03.08
Downloads: 563

MIG 15

29 März
MIG 15 #0
Wie die Jungs von berichten, haben Bdfy und Volksturm über ihr Forum eine MIG 15 veröffentlicht.

* highly detailed cockpit
* several weapon loads
* hull numbers
* compatible with Multiplayer and effect mods

Dateigröße: 20 MB
Autor: Bdfy & Volksturm
Datum: 29.03.08
Downloads: 1182

Nightvision fix

28 März
Fixed Range Nightvision #0Fixed Range Nightvision #1Fixed Range Nightvision #2Fixed Range Nightvision #3Fixed Range Nightvision #4

s_Hole hat in den BI Foren die Überarbeitete Version des BIS Nightvisions veröffentlicht. Leider, treten immer noch Probleme mit dem Orginal NVG auf, die er schon seit zwei Monaten probiert zu fixen, leider gelingt es ihm nicht. In seiner Nightvision Variante werden die verschiedenen Lichtquellen mit ein bezogen. Dies kann man sehr gut an den beiden Splitscreenbildern erkennen.
Dateigröße: 10 kB
Autor: s_Hole
Datum: 28.03.08
Downloads: 65

RACS M1A1 Abrams

26 März
Doomek RACS M1A1
Wie die Kollegen von berichten, wurden Ihnen eine neue Version des wüstentarngefärbten RACS M1A1 von Doomek übersandt.
Dateigröße: 2 MB
Autor: Dommek
Datum: 26.03.08
Downloads: 486

MK19/AGS-30 No-Recoil R-Pack

26 März
This is a simple replacement pack that changes the ammunition used in the MK19 and AGS-30 grenade launchers used in vehicles. A common complaint of the default BIS weapons is that they moved several-ton vehicles around with their recoil.

This addon changes the behavior of the default units and weapons. I have tried numerous other tweaks and improvements to weapons and vehicles but I left them out of this mod because I wanted to make something "pure" that everyone should see as a definite improvement without any changes that might not be welcome.
Dateigröße: 900 kB
Autor: Frederf
Datum: 26.03.08
Downloads: 210

Autuum Plants Standalone

26 März
Autumn plants in standalone version:

-only europe-like plants (no bananas, palm etc)
-various colors for some models
-possibility look it via editor (Empty/kndr_autumn plants)
-sometimes used prefix:

g - green
y - yellow
o - orange
b - brown
0 - black
1 - white
2 - gray

this means "kndr_autumn gy_briza" will have color something like green+yellow
Dateigröße: 85 MB
Autor: Przemek_kondor
Datum: 26.03.08
Downloads: 114

Finnish Conscripts (M/91) - v1.5

24 März
Karko\_fin #2Karko\_fin #1Karko\_fin #0

    v1.4 Changes:
  • Added: Military Police Officer
  • Added: Crewman
  • Added: Pilot
  • Added: UN Peacekeeper (FRDF)
  • Changed: Ammobox content
  • Changed: Tweaks in the M/91 camouflage

    v1.5 Changes:

  • Added: FRDF Peacekeeper Officer
  • Added: FRDF Peacekeeper Medic
  • Added: Finnish Colonel
  • Fixed: Small bugs and tweaks

Dateigröße: 19.62 MB
Autor: Karko
Datum: 24.03.08
Downloads: 233

Skoda Felicia v1.0

23 März
skoda\_felicia #3skoda\_felicia #2skoda\_felicia #1skoda\_felicia #0

Dateigröße: 2.99 MB
Autor: Frizy & Faust (FF Studio)
Datum: 23.03.08
Downloads: 710

Apocalypse Mod 1.0 (beta)

19 März
Zitat von agamoth:
The Resistance units has been turned into a post-apocalypse mod now and there will much more to it from here on...
Before I get on with that here's the last beta of the units so you don't have to wait too long to try out the newest additions.

The new version contains following:
    Freedom fighters:
  • 46 unique units
  • includes the 5 new female models

  • New order:
  • new order is the opfor of the resistance they are more organized army looking group with an officer and a group leader
  • There's 9 New Order units and 2 new zombie/mutant models (no new textures though)

  • Object pack:
  • A couple of Beta objects
  • Two half-textures biohazrd contrainers/barreks
  • Two concrete wall sections and a concrete shelter
  • A destroyed baby carrige
  • A propane bomb
  • And my personal favorite the Teddybear bomb

Dateigröße: 68.97 MB
Autor: agamoth
Datum: 19.03.08
Downloads: 759

PKW Mercenary

15 März
pkw\_merc #2pkw\_merc #1
pkw\_merc #3pkw\_merc #0

  • Marksman - equipped with M21 EBR and Glock 17SD
  • Teamleader - equipped with G36K, and Glock 17
  • Mercenary - equipped with SIG 551 ACOG scope
  • Grenadier - equipped with M4GL
  • Machinegunner - equipped with M 259 Para Elcan scope and Glock 17
  • Ghille suit sniper : - equipped with M21SD and Glock 17SD
  • Night-ops : equipped with MP5 and Glock 17SD

Dateigröße: 65.68 MB
Autor: YacieK
Datum: 15.03.08
Downloads: 513

PKW Weapons

15 März
Dateigröße: 28.32 MB
Autor: YacieK
Datum: 15.03.08
Downloads: 863

ECS Server 10150

14 März
Enhanced Configuration System - für Server
Dateigröße: 199 kB
Autor: ECS Mod
Datum: 14.03.08
Downloads: 115

ECS Client HD 10150

14 März
Enhanced Configuration System (High Definition) - für Client
(HD: high quality sound version of ECS, for users that experienced sounds problem in the game with using high compression level Ogg vorbis or for users that want the max sounds quality)
Dateigröße: 172.58 MB
Autor: ECS Mod
Datum: 14.03.08
Downloads: 597

ECS Client 10150

14 März

Enhanced Configuration System - für Client
Dateigröße: 26.64 MB
Autor: ECS Mod
Datum: 14.03.08
Downloads: 159
Download Weaponpack v0.2beta2

13 März
== Wiki ==

== Installation ==
* Place the Addon folder: @SIX_Weaponpack into your ArmA Installation Folder
* Edit your ArmA shortcut to include the mod, add: -mod=@SIX_WeaponPack
* or if you have multiple mods, per example: -mod=@ModWar;@MAP_Air;@SIX_Weaponpack

== Notes ==
* Currently Beta

== Classes ==
=== Weapons ===
* SIX_HK416
* SIX_HK416_aim
* SIX_HK416_eotech
* SIX_HK416_eotech_gl
* SIX_HK416_ACOG_gl
* SIX_HK416_CarS
* SIX_HK416_Leu
* SIX_HK417
* SIX_HK417_ACOG_gl
* SIX_HK417_Leu

* SIX_SCAR_L_acog
* SIX_SCAR_L_leu_gl
* SIX_SCAR_L_CQB_eotech
* SIX_SCAR_L_CQB_eotechS
* SIX_SCAR_L_Marksman
* SIX_SCAR_L_MarksmanS
* SIX_SCAR_H_acog
* SIX_SCAR_H_CQB_eotech
* SIX_SCAR_H_CQB_eotechS
* SIX_SCAR_H_Marksman
* SIX_SCAR_H_MarksmanS

* SIX_M14
* SIX_M14_des
* SIX_M14_wdl
* SIX_M14_wdl_acog
* SIX_M14_reflex
* SIX_M14_nam
* SIX_M14_sop
* SIX_M14_sop_gl
* SIX_M14_sop_aim
* SIX_M14_sop_aim_gl
* SIX_M14_sop_acog
* SIX_M14_sop_acog_gl
* SIX_M14_sop_cmore
* SIX_M14_sop_dmr
* SIX_M14_sop_elcan
* SIX_M14_sop_eotech
* SIX_M14_sop_eotech_gl
* SIX_M14_sopS
* SIX_M14_sop_aimS
* SIX_M14_sop_acogS
* SIX_M14_sop_cmoreS
* SIX_M14_sop_dmrS
* SIX_M14_sop_elcanS
* SIX_M14_sop_eotechS
* SIX_M21
* SIX_M21_des
* SIX_M21_wdl
* SIX_M21_dmr
* SIX_M21_dmrS
* SIX_M21_Police

* SIX_M32
* SIX_WilsonCombat"

=== Magazines ===
* SIX_20Rnd_762x51_Nato
* SIX_20Rnd_762x51_Nato_Nt
* SIX_20Rnd_762x51_NatoSUPER
* SIX_20Rnd_762x51_NatoSUB
* SIX_25Rnd_762x51_Nato

* SIX_20Rnd_762x51_M14
* SIX_20Rnd_762x51_M21
* SIX_20Rnd_762x51_FAL
* SIX_20Rnd_762x51_HK417
* SIX_20Rnd_762x51_HK417_Match
* SIX_20Rnd_762x51_SCAR
* SIX_20Rnd_762x51_SCAR_Match

* 20Rnd_556x45_Stanag (original ArmA)
* 30Rnd_556x45_Stanag (original ArmA)
* SIX_30Rnd_556x45_StanagSuper
* SIX_30Rnd_556x45_StanagSub

* SIX_6Rnd_HE_M32
* SIX_8Rnd_1911"

=== Boxes ===
* SIX_WeaponPack_WBox - All Weaps+Mags

== Credits ==
* Addon & Configs by Sickboy
* M14/M21, HK416/417, M32 and M1911 Wilson Combat by Garlay
* M1911 Config help by Ghost
* M14 Sight/scope models and textures by SJB Team (Jackal326, DaSquade, Drill Sergeant). Models based on work by Vilas
* SCAR-L/H/AK by Scubaman3D
* Weapon Characteristics by Alex T.

Dateigröße: 43.81 MB
Autor: sickboy /
Datum: 13.03.08
Downloads: 1407

Hornet 0.15beta

13 März
franze\_hornet #0
Franze hat seiner wunderschönen Hornet ein kleines Update spendiert und erhöht die Versionsnummer damit von 0.1beta auf 0.15beta.

  • ST errors resolved due to binarization.
  • Model sections optimized: Main LOD has less than 20 sections.

Dateigröße: 16 MB
Autor: Franze
Datum: 13.03.08
Downloads: 385

Predators 2.0

13 März
UAV-Update 2
Die Predatoren von EMSI & pochyst haben Version 2.0 erreicht. Leider gibt es keine ausreichenden Informationen respektive Changelogs über das was sich geändert hat. Oder der Autor hat's überlesen.
Dateigröße: 3 MB
Autor: EMSI & pochyst
Datum: 13.03.08
Downloads: 1051

agamoth resistance update

13 März
agamoth hat seine Widerstandskämpfer verbessert und eine neue Version im BI-Forums veröffentlicht. Änderungen entnehmt ihr bitte dem Zitat, den Download findet ihr unter weiterlesen.

agamoth resistance update #2
  • fixed custom faces
  • new units
  • new grayish color tone to all units
  • a few smaller bugs corrected

Dateigröße: 70 MB
Autor: agamoth
Datum: 13.03.08
Downloads: 330
Ältere Downloads: 12...67891011121314151617