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ArmA Effects v1.0

26 April
Als kleinen Hinweis, bevor ihr die neue Version installiert löscht bitte vorher die alte ArmA Effects Version.

Arma effectsArma effects2

Features von 1.0:
  • Sparks toned down
  • Various dust changed by Nikita, including chopper downwash, tank cannon dust and dust kicked up by moving vehicles
  • Weapon firing smoke and dust toned down, more realistic and doesn't obscure vision.
  • Tank cannon muzzleflash changed
  • Building destruction effects optimised
  • Other minor changes

Dateigröße: 4 MB
Autor: Maddmatt
Datum: 26.04.08
Downloads: 543

Schmalfelden v0.8

23 April
schmal #1schmal #0
schmal #3schmal #2

Dateigröße: 53.2 MB
Autor: Nicholas Bell
Datum: 23.04.08
Downloads: 784

Sigma6 Vehicles (v 1.0 BETA)

23 April
*Sigma-6's Vehicles v0.9*
Here is a set of vehicles. A school bus, an updated version of my Mack R model, a 2008 Challenger concept, a Honda Civic (my own car, in fact), a Dodge Monaco, and a bulk carrier. These addons are *not finished*, and they are *full of bugs*, but I realized that I would never release them if I didn't just send them out anyway, because my time is limited by school. I definitely welcome and invite anyone else with the expertise to finish these and debug them. I'm mainly an artist, anyway. . . ;)

Everything in this pack is Copyright (c) 2007 by William Richardson. Use this addon pack according to the BIS O2 and ArmA licenses. If you have any intention of editing or altering anything in this pack for re-release, or have any comments, please contact me at: I'm usually good about that kind of stuff.
*Installing this addon:*
Place the .pbo files inside your Arma Addons folder, if you have any previous versions, overwrite all previous files with the ones presented in this zip file.

The land vehicles will be found under 'civilian/Sigma Wheeled'.

* Known Bugs: *
Lights are not fully functional. Gauges do not work. Driver and Passenger animations are much less than ideal. The ship has even more bugs.

All of these issues are slated for future versions, but if anyone skilled in these areas wants to go ahead and update for these issues, do not hesitate to contact me.

*List of changes:*
v0.9 First release version
v0.9 First release version
v0.9 First release version

*For mission makers:*

Classnames are:

Dateigröße: 37.77 kB
Autor: Sigma6
Datum: 23.04.08
Downloads: 1427

Soy ArmA - Building Pack

20 April
Dateigröße: 42.88 MB
Autor: simba
Datum: 20.04.08
Downloads: 517

OFrP Objects Pack

20 April
ofrp\_rel #3
Dateigröße: 2.88 MB
Autor: OFrP Mod
Datum: 20.04.08
Downloads: 481

OFrP Sea Pack

20 April
ofrp\_rel #2
Dateigröße: 676 kB
Autor: OFrP Mod
Datum: 20.04.08
Downloads: 646

OFrP Weapons Pack

20 April
ofrp\_rel #1
Dateigröße: 50.93 MB
Autor: OFrP Mod
Datum: 20.04.08
Downloads: 813

OFrP Infantry Pack

20 April
ofrp\_rel #0
Dateigröße: 40.43 MB
Autor: OFrP Mod
Datum: 20.04.08
Downloads: 592


18 April
rte\_v4 #2rte\_v4 #0rte\_v4 #1

Zitat von i0n0s,April 18 2008,19:09:
Basing on RTEV3

Editor controls:
Camera movement: WASD
Use R & F to zoom, Q & Y to change camera angle and X & C to change camera direction.
Left double-click for object creation.
Right click to move an object.
Shift and Mouse to rotate an object, CTRL and Mouse to raise or lower an object.

How to export:
Start ArmA RTE Capture and activate monitoring. Then switch back to ArmA. Select the object you wish to export (only one object on the same time). The click on "Export". In the editfield below a text like "Controller Text;[2544.14,2510.21,0];0;UAZ;" will show up. Copy the hole text using ctrl + C. ArmA RTE Capture should now get the focus and the copied text should show up in ArmA RTE Capture. Then switch back to ArmA and export the other object the same way. After having all items exported, stop monitoring in ArmA RTE Capture.
Now you can save the file (in RTE Capture) and convert it into a script.

What I forgot in the readme about the export:
You also can use the 3D Controller by LowFly to capture the string.

If you've got an error: Please make a screenshot, so that I can find the code which produce the error.

Dateigröße: 232 kB
Autor: i0n0s
Datum: 18.04.08
Downloads: 1277


18 April

Zitat von armatech,April 18 2008,12:24:

This is a small addon that will give you the option to halo jump out of any air unit with out any codeing needed

What else is in it:
A game logic for them who would require every player to have this addon
A script set to allow halo use on all air units.

Place armat_aahalo.pbo in your arma/addons folder or as we always recommend use a mod folder to keep your Arma install clean to prevent errors in the future.
If you do not know how to use/setup a mod folder have a look in our FAQ.

Included .pbo files:

This is a signed addon. The serverkey for serveradmins in included in this download.

Example missions:
This file comes with a MP mission and an example mission for the editor.

Go jump in a chopper/plane what ever and hit halo
First your see a halo dialog
Click to pull your FIRST chute
Now your in a chute you can either wait until you get to the deck or hit "C" and cut from your first chute
if you hit "C" you will be cut from your first chute and placed back in the halo dialog
Now click to pull your SECOND chute
This chute is controllable (Basic control) use "W" "A" "S" "D"

Dateigröße: 282 kB
Autor: armatech
Datum: 18.04.08
Downloads: 534

Hifi Sound FX V1.1

17 April
V1.1 Fix/Update

-Hand grenade throw sound reworked. should work better with the animation.
-m4 volume notched up alittle
-Hand grenade Explosions reworked (added some bass frequencies to the boom sound and falling debris to the trailoff sound)
-M203 & GP 25 explosion sounds reworked (added more variation in sounds, watched some footage on Youtube, noticed variation in the sound over range was quite different so tried to copy it. the problem I beleive is that the 8 samples designated for this fire off randomly, so you could be firing at close range and here an explosion sound that would be virtually 200-300 metres away...Guess we'll have to see, please comment on this as I'm also considering building 1 base sound and then modeling the other 7 sounds around that, just for consistancy.
-MP5 volume notched up alittle
-Javelin sorted ! (nasty phasing sound busted)
-Bikey thingy fixed
HiFi Sound v1

Small Arms.
Crew Mounted Arms.
Vehical Mounted Arms.
Sonic Cracks.
Projectile Hits.
Enviromental FX.
Misc small FX changes.

Dateigröße: 34.35 MB
Autor: Mark XIII
Datum: 17.04.08
Downloads: 238

Lit_200X ver1

10 April
Zitat von GranQ:
Version 1.0

  • Normal Lithuania soldier in camo.
  • NBC soldier (same soldier with a gas mask)
  • UN solider.

Ak4 rifle (A H&K G3 rifle) with 20 round magazine and riflegrenades.

BI Foren Thread: Clickety Clack
Dateigröße: 14.32 MB
Autor: GranQ
Datum: 10.04.08
Downloads: 127

Stryker & BRDM (SAM) v1.2

10 April
Zitat von Karaya1:
I have made a very quick and dirty BRDM-2 AA conversion based on the normal ATGM one that ships with the game.
I know it's neither very realistic nor a substitute for a real SA-9 "Gaskin" but should be fun to have non the less.

Just made a few corrections

- changed the name of the unit from "BRDM-2 (Strela)" to "BRDM-2 AA" in order to be more in line with the rest of the gang
- changed the new launchers name to "Strela" so it doesnt show up in game as "AT-5" anymore
- changed the initspeed (= muzzle velocity) of the Strela Magazine

I've now also created a Stinger armed Stryker to give Blufor a similar AA platform.
I wanted to stay somewhat realistic and kept the magazine capacity of 2 missiles on the Stryker.
To make up for this disadvantage when compared to the BRDM-2 AA (5 per mag) I cut down the magazine reload time for the Stryker (12 vs 30).


zug. BI Foren Thread

Dateigröße: 2.54 kB
Autor: Karaya1
Datum: 10.04.08
Downloads: 509

Robotech Vf-1s Fighter (beta)

10 April
robojet #3robojet #2robojet #0robojet #1

Zitat von Ghost:
There is some bugs (notably on some textures alpha), but nothing that doesn't prevent from using the addon entirely. The "biggest " bug concerns AI which does not succeed in hiring a target with the plane. I could not make tests in multi, then it is possible that there is bugs also there.

Features :
- Plane is quick (until 2400 km/h) and rather heavy (difficult to make him raise the nose in takeoff).
- It is more robust than a conventional plane, but avoid being in carried by shooting of a cannon of tank (support the impact of 2 shooting AA, but not a shooting AT).
- The weapon is identical to that introduced in my video (Laser, cannon, missiles by salvo of 2 or 4 and " Gun pod ").
- The weaponry is rather powerful, but asks for one good aim (has part the missiles which are auto-guided). For instance, for one T72, 4 missile can destroy it, while 2 shooting to purpose with "Gun Pod" is needed.
- Variable geometry is automatic and begins 700 kms / h. Obturators have an influence on this geometry: when they went out, geometry returns in " normal mode ".
- The additional booster work with a restricted length and consume rather well of kerosène. But it allows to earn about 1000 km / h in some seconds (what take of shelter).
- There are quite a lot of small securities, as for instance the boost which cannot be triggered off when the train went out.
- HUD of the cockpit is functional and shows information, on top of that, on the boost, the position of variable geometry (seeing home gauche), essence (seeing red down to the right, when there is not almost any more), the position of the undercarriage (in the centre to the left), a warning when the plane is locké by a missile, etc...
- To it is added some + as the glass roof who opens is close up automatically, the animations of the undercarriage, the animations of the fire of thrusters, shells ejected by the cannon when one shooting, 2 levels of destruction on the plane, etc...

That to say furthermore (it already makes a lot and it explains the left out time). And say that by beginning, I knew nothing in scripts :)

Dateigröße: 6.53 MB
Autor: Ghost
Datum: 10.04.08
Downloads: 1027

USS Nimitz (CVN-68) - beta

09 April
The USS Nimitz (CVN-68): Aircraft Carrier Beta 1

The Nimitz-class supercarrier in ArmA. A stationary platform capable of launching and recovering aircraft, as well as re-arming and refuelling them. At this
stage we have not been able to implement some features yet, but we know the ArmA community is dying for one of these babies so we've gone ahead and released the first beta. We
hope you enjoy it. It currently features a fully transversable flight deck, working catapults, re-arming and refueling capabilities, and the flight deck tower has been designated as a
"rearm" unit for the Hornet, allowing players who use the add on to activate the GUI load out system on the flight deck.

1. Credits:

Original OFP Add-On Model: DaSquade and Hawks
ArmA Port/Testing: USMCRP, Franze, and Tykell
Textures: Unknown. Please let me know who you are if you did the new textures for the port.

2. Contacts:



3. Installation and requirements:

Installation: copy hwk_uss_nimitz.pbo addon in addons\ folder.

Addon was created and tested under Arma ver:
- 1.08

The only aircraft that currently takes full advantage of the Nimitz' features is Franze's F/A-18 Superhornet. Aircraft such as the A-10, Su-34, and AV8B can take off from the
carrier, however it is very tricky to land them using the arrestor hook script. It is far easier to use Franze's built-in arrestor hook on his F/A-18, which indeed is the only true
carrier-capable aircraft modelled in ArmA at the moment.

With that said, it goes without saying that we cannot guarantee 100% compatibility with other free-distributed addons, besides Franze's F/A-18 Superhornet.

4. Known Issues:

- The Nimitz deck, for whatever reason, is unstable when placed in some areas. Holes in the deck are everywhere and the planes spawn in mid air. This is usually corrected by simply moving the Nimitz
a few meters in the editor or alternatively rotating it. When you find a place where the Nimitz is stable, it is guaranteed to always be stable at that location.

- The radar's rotation sometimes goes a bit crazy and rotates unrealistically. Minor cosmetic issue.

- The catapult system is hard to trigger, you have to look down at the deck when you're in position and have to be in a pixel perfect location.

- The arrestor cable system is VERY tricky to use to land planes such as the harrier, a-10, or SU. Franze's F/A-18 works fine since it has a built-in arrestor system.

- The tower's MLOD is kind of messed up. Some walls can be walked through and some floors have holes in them. Something I'd like to fix but I don't know how. You can still walk through the tower,
just be careful in some areas. Doors are hard to open though.

- Objects on the carrier have to be spawned 20m in the air using the command "this setPos [getPos this select 0, getPos this select 1, 20]" in the unit's init field. Unavoidable, I believe, and it
is to be expected.

- The AA guns on the carrier are not yet working. Relatively minor, but I don't have the knowledge to do it and Franze is busy with his own things.

5. List of class names:

Building - Do Not Use. Using this unit in the editor will cause a CTD.
USS Nimitz - The ship object itself that spawns the other pieces and syncs them together. Use this and nothing else.
USS Nimitzback1 - The stern of the ship. Using this unit in the editor will cause a CTD.
USS Nimitzlata - The center of the ship. Using this unit in the editor will cause a CTD.
USS Nimitznose - The bow of the ship. Using this unit in the editor will cause a CTD.

Dateigröße: 2.26 MB
Autor: Hawk / Tykell
Datum: 09.04.08
Downloads: 3158

Festung Pack I Version 1.0

06 April
quote]We are pleased to announce the release of our "Festung. Pack I. Version 1.0." for Armed Assault !

Burner and i we found a ww2 HUB called Operation WW2.
Operation WW2 is an united group of ww2 minimods (to simplify the production and release ww2 mods before ArmA2).
URL: (short url)
Our youtube channel Operation WW2.
Our OFPEC tag / Public Key is WW2[/quote]
ww2\_objekte #3ww2\_objekte #2ww2\_objekte #1ww2\_objekte #0

That's our first official addon pack for ArmA. "Festung. Pack I. Version 1.0." and is composed of:

(Name in the editor | Config class)
  • Panzermauer (L) A | WW2_pzmauer_0L1
  • Panzermauer (L) B | WW2_pzmauer_0L2
  • Panzermauer (3m) | WW2_pzmauer_03m
  • Panzermauer (6m) | WW2_pzmauer_06m
  • Panzermauer (12m) | WW2_pzmauer_012m
  • Panzermauer (18m) | WW2_pzmauer_018m
  • Panzermauer (24m) | WW2_pzmauer_024m
  • Panzermauer (30m) | WW2_pzmauer_030m
  • Panzermauer (36m) | WW2_pzmauer_036m
  • R58c-d fMG A | WW2_tobruk_01a
  • R58c-d fMG B | WW2_tobruk_01b
  • R58c-d Beob A | WW2_tobruk_02a
  • R58c-d Beob B | WW2_tobruk_02b
  • R58c-d Beob (roof) | WW2_tobruk_03
  • R58c-d Beob (foundation) | WW2_tobruk_04
  • Schildwachthut (schw.) A | WW2_schildwachthut_01a
  • Schildwachthut (schw.) B | WW2_schildwachthut_01b
  • Beton-Tetraeder | WW2_betontetraeder_01
  • Hemmbalken | WW2_hemmbalken_01
  • Wegsperre | WW2_wegsperre_01
  • Wooden door | WW2_wdoor_01

Panzermauer mean: Antitank wall
fMG mean: f(or a)M(achine)G(un)
Beob mean: o(bservation) p(oint)
Schildwachthut (schw.) mean: Sentry Box (heavy)
Hemmbalken mean: Break beam
Wegsperre mean: Iron spikes

Dateigröße: 4.06 MB
Autor: WW2 Mod: Festung
Datum: 06.04.08
Downloads: 773

Avro Vulcan B.2 v1.1

05 April
RAF - Avro Vulcan B.2 - Strategic Bomber

By CheyenneAH56

- Cockpit Model and texture by CheyenneAH56
- Model and textures by Paul Foster, Phoenix Design, FS2004 Vulcan
- Nuclear Script from "GIG_Scud"

Installation :

Put "AvroVulcan.pbo" in your ArmA's Addons file

Use this Addons at your own risk

If you want to modify the Addons, send an Email to
fsxflitschen #0
Dateigröße: 8.15 MB
Autor: CheyenneAh56
Datum: 05.04.08
Downloads: 1685

Kaman SH-2G Seasprite

05 April
Kaman SH-2G Seasprite

Final Project By ***CheyenneAH56***


- 3d Model and Texture from Flight Simulator 2004 & FSX project by ***Nigel Booth***


Installation :

Put "SH2.pbo" in your ArmA's Addons file

Use this Addons at your own risk

If you want to modify the Addons, send me an Email to

fsxflitschen #1
Dateigröße: 14.79 MB
Autor: CheyenneAh56
Datum: 05.04.08
Downloads: 1393

Fletcher FU-24

05 April
Fletcher FU-24 --- By CheyenneAH56

3d Model by Deane Baunton

Special tanks to Ocramweb, team =DST= for his excelent technical support, and help.

Installation :

Put FU24.pbo in your ArmA's Addons file or another mini mods Addons file

Use this Addons at your own risk

If you want to modify the Addons, send me an Email at
fsxflitschen #2
Dateigröße: 3.94 MB
Autor: CheyenneAh56
Datum: 05.04.08
Downloads: 596

XAM 1.406

02 April
Main features of this version
- Compatibility with the other addons improved.
- large reduction of bugs when connecting to a no-XAM server.
- stability improved on dedicated servers.
- Fully Compatible with the 1.11 Armed Assault Betapatch.
- More dynamic Balistic.
- AI accuracy widely reduced.

- Temporary vision Trouble when hit by a bullet, according the shock intensity.

- introduction screens Changed when launching the mod.
- suppressive Flashes modified in order to reduce the handicap at night.
- light zoom added when in ironsight view.
- ammo count added.
- helicopters armor lightly reinforced.
- sound of the engine starting of cars changed.

- Optimised XAM engine.
- useless lines of code removed.
- useless functions removed.

- "flying UAZs" bug corrected.
- "music radio" bug corrected.
- Soldiers hit at the leg by a single assault rifle shot don't die immediatly anymore.

Dateigröße: 833 MB
Autor: XAM Mod
Datum: 02.04.08
Downloads: 611
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