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RAF Chinook

20 Mai
Royal Air Force, CH-47 HC/2 Chinook

ALL CREDIT goes to AfrographX & UOE.Txalo and FFAA Spanish Mod

Here is an add-on for you to feast your eyes on, the RAF Chinook. Released with a collaboration of people, and with permission granted, the Chinook is now a standalone add-on based on the old ofp model from AfrographX.

The flight dynamics have been impressively created by the Spanish mod and fly’s like a dream, this is no hacked flight dynamics, and it will fly correctly based on its real life counterpart.

The add-on has no extra script functions, nor any cargo possibilities; however the possibility is always open to talented individuals who could make it possible, providing they seek permission. (See readme)

Hope you enjoy it, and please view the readme for further details, located in the rar.

Dateigröße: 23.79 MB
Autor: Smiley_Nick & others
Datum: 20.05.08
Downloads: 2203

Vilas Weapon Packs 28/09/08

29 Sept
Vilas veröffentlichte in den BI Foren mal wieder ein Update zu seinen bisher erschienenen Weapon Packs. Neben vielen Verbesserungen und komplett neuen Schiessprügeln wurde in dieser Version das große Paket aufgesplittet, um in Zukunft einfacher Updates durchführen zu können, und nicht zuletzt um dem User die Wahl zu lassen was er nutzen mag und was nicht.


  • 1) AWP - American weapons ;
  • from M1911, Greasegun, by M14, M60 till M4, added USP lately

  • 2) EUW - Western Europe weapons pack, mostly British (L42, Sterlings, L1A1) and Belgian (FAL, FNC),
  • it contains also UZI and UZI SD because they were produced by F.N. company,

  • 3) GWP - German weapons pack, from famous STG-44, by many G3 variants, by G33 for RACS mod and newest MG-4 and AG36,
  • also HK P8 and UZI, because it was used widely by German army as MP-2,

  • 4) IMI - Israeli made weapons (UZI, Mini UZI, Galils), latest added Galil 7.62, soon for IDF mod IMI Fal will be added,

  • 5) PWP - Polish army weapons, latest added P99 , P94, SWD-M, also added from Soviet arsenal PK, AKMS, RPG7,
  • file is the same name as old Polish pack, so it will rewrite old file :]

  • 6) SVW - Svedish army weapons, reworked AK-4 Aimpoint, added short AK-5,

  • 7) WPN - Eastern weapons pack, filename left vilas_wpn.pbo due to missions/addons functioning,
  • but please remember that this file will rewrite bigger weapons pack (before divided)
    now it contains only weapons from : USSR, Russia, East Germany, Czechoslovakia and few other specimens

    weapons from SKS, AK47, PPS43, by most popular in the world AKMS, by Zastava M70A/B, DDR MPi, SA-58,
    TT to newest added AK107 with Cobra sight, VSS, AK105, RPK with drum magazine and etc.


Zitat von Vilas:
for test purpose (not fully tested by me nor my testers, cause their got exams on studies, private life activity and etc.)
divided weapons packs: classnames left unchanged, just divided

one big weapons pack was divided for other mods purpose, now every weapons pack should be independant, many weapons added at other mods requests
few packs will be easier to update in future, than one big pack, althought one big pack is more friendly, cause has some textures common and more HD saving

due to dividing some textures are are in every pack, some weapons are doubled - for example AKMS is in Polish and East pack, UZI is in Israeli, German and W.Europe packs
name of file VILAS_WPN.pbo left for East European weapons pack only
some errors in previous weapons were fixed when i noticed it, some new weapons added

as i told it was not tested fully, i hope it works

some nights on dividing :D
if you will find bug please treat it is as test version :]

Dateigröße: 136.82 MB
Autor: vilas
Datum: 29.09.08
Downloads: 2199

ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead - DEMO

20 Juli
Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead Demo allows you to experience the unique gameplay featured in the full version of Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead including multiplayer, as well as samples of the vast amount of vehicles, weapons and units and realistic environment.
The demo also contains a part of Takistan terrain, which is based on the real-life landscape.

Contents of the Demo

  • Singleplayer mission Coltan Blues from the main campaign
  • Singleplayer scenarios Benchmark and Little Bird
  • 3 Boot Camp scenarios: Basic, Driving and Helicopter tutorials
  • Multiplayer missions Hike In The Hills and One Shot One Kill
  • Multiplayer template Team Deathmatch
  • Mission Editor with save/load option

Read more about Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead Demo
Dateigröße: 2540 MB
Autor: Bohemia Interactive
Datum: 20.07.10
Downloads: 2127

Editor - Forrest fight

24 Nov
Dateigröße: 225 MB
Autor: burns
Datum: 24.11.06
Downloads: 2123

A.C.E. Island Pack Version 1.3 Full

23 April
Q veröffentlichte heute in den BI-Foren die neuste Version des A.C.E.-Islandpacks, das hauptsächlich alte OFP-Inseln wie Everon, Nogova, Freya, Ocassus, Gaia und viele mehr in einer überarbeiteten Version beinhaltet. Die Objekte der Inseln wurden durch die von Armed-Assault ersetzt, auch findet ihr auf den Inseln z.B. Gras. Manch alte Insel ist sehr "kantig", um die Inseln jedoch nicht grob zu verfälschen entschied man sich sie im Originalzustand zu lassen.
Dateigröße: 282 MB
Autor: A.C.E. Mod
Datum: 23.04.09
Downloads: 2123

Vopsound-Keys für ArmA2

07 Juni
Vo.2 reichte heute die Keys für den Vopsound 2.0 nach. Enthalten sind Server- und Clientkeys.

Vopsound 2.0 ArmA2
Dateigröße: 4 kB
Datum: 07.06.09
Downloads: 2120

User Videos

12 Nov
Insgesamt acht neue Videos, die von ArmA Fans erstellt wurden.

User Videos #1User Videos #2
User Videos #3User Videos #0

Vier der Videos stammen von Noobs-Reloaded.

arma_9.avi und arma_10.avi sind Performancetests.
Dateigröße: 373 MB
Datum: 12.11.06
Downloads: 2103

6thSense ArmA Language Patcher v0.3

28 Nov
Der Patcher übersetzt die dt. oder cz. Version von Armed Assault in die englische oder deutsche Sprache.
Dateigröße: 522 kB
Autor: 6thSense
Datum: 28.11.06
Downloads: 2079

LoBo Taliban v1.2

02 Feb
Miles Teg veröfentlichte dieses Nebenprojekt der Lost Brothers Mod in den BI Foren. Enthalten sind acht Taliban Kämpfer und drei Zivilisten, allesamt gekleidet im typisch Paschtunischen Stil.
taliban\_addon #1taliban\_addon #2taliban\_addon #3
taliban\_addon #4taliban\_addon #5

Dateigröße: 57.65 MB
Autor: LoBo Mod
Datum: 02.02.09
Downloads: 2078

Assault on Parato

24 Nov
Dateigröße: 82.11 MB
Autor: Mr Burns
Datum: 24.11.06
Downloads: 2049

PCFormat Nightfight Video

19 Okt
Dieses kurze Video stammt vom englischen Magazin PCFormat. Es zeigt einen sehr effektvollen Panzerkampf bei Nacht:
PCFormat Night FightPCFormat Night FightPCFormat Night FightPCFormat Night Fight

Dateigröße: 3.7 MB
Autor: PCFormat
Datum: 19.10.06
Downloads: 2029

UH60 Rundflug - Rahmadi

24 Nov
Dateigröße: 93.2 MB
Autor: burns
Datum: 24.11.06
Downloads: 2025

ArmA Mark v1.0

07 Dez
Eine Einzelspielermission welche vergleichbare Tests zur Bestimmung der Systemleistung in ArmA ermöglicht.

Ergänzend dazu können Ergebnisse auf der ArmAMark Homepage eingetragen und mit denen anderer User verglichen werden: Homepage
Dateigröße: 50 kB
Autor: Toadlife & co.
Datum: 07.12.06
Downloads: 1999


17 Juli
===ARMA 2 UPDATE 1.10 ===

Copyright (c) 2011 Bohemia Interactive. All rights reserved.

This free update is sponsored by Sprocket, the online store where you can buy Arma 2 and other games directly from the developers.


* ANY ORIGINAL VERSION OF ARMA 2 from 1.05 (including the Steam version, note that Verify file cache and autoupdate will not work properly until the full 1.10 is also out directly on Steam)

* DirectX 9 from February 2010 or newer is required and should be updated during the patching process automatically as needed or you can update your version of DirectX from


Run the patch exe to apply the patch setup automatically.

It will install all content of the patch to the folder with your ArmA 2 installation (default is C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2 or Bohemia Interactive\ArmA2).

Please note that it is not possible to rollback to a previous version after the installation of this patch, only a full reinstall of the game is possible, if you want to keep your previous version you may want to backup the entire game installation folder before applying this patch.

Engine 1.09-1.10 Changelog
* Improved: Stronger signature checking.
* Commandline option -donothing (engine closes immediately after detecting this option)

Data 1.09-1.10 Changelog
* Fixed: USMC_SoldierM_Marksman shadow bug
* Fixed: GP-25 smoke ammo missing images

Dateigröße: 129.9 MB
Autor: Bohemia Interactive
Datum: 17.07.11
Downloads: 1997

Farmland Zombie Mod V. Beta 1

28 Feb
Dateigröße: 61 MB
Autor: Cervantes
Datum: 28.02.08
Downloads: 1995

Dingo vom AMT

30 Mai

Zur späten Stunde haben wir noch etwas ganz feines für euch. Frankyman Armatoren-Modding-Team veröffentlichte soeben ein weiteres Bundeswehr Addon, welches den deutschen Fuhrpark wieder aufstockt. Hierbei handelt es sich um das Dingo Radfahrzeug, welches mit seiner leichten Bewwaffnung hauptsächlich für Konvoi und Patrouillenfahrten eingesetzt wird. Natürlich steht dieser in verschiedenen Tarnanstrichen zur Verfügung und kann somit für alle Vegetationszonen der ArmA-Welt eingesetzt werden.

amt\_twingo #1amt\_twingo #2amt\_twingo #3


The ArmAtoren Modding Team or AMT in short Form is builded up by two Member from the Bastard ArmAtors of Hell or ArmAtoren called Community.
The Members are Tuxinator (Webspace, Website and PR) and Frankyman (3D-Artist,Modells & Texturings) a former Member of the great BW-Mod Team.
There is no Path what Kind of Modells or an Theme on an existing Army we build AddOns for. Only clear is that "We Build what we Like".
For now our main decission is to support the BW-Mod Team ( but we also supporting other Modding Crews with Models and or Textures
if the Team has enough Time and Manpower to Help out on that.

The AddOn
This AddOn contains the Dingo2A2 with an 40mm Grenade Trower on it´s Top.
We put in all Manpower and Know How we have to develop this AddOn. If there will be any Kind of Failure or other Problems, then let us know about it on
our Homepage ( in the specific Boards (We have one Area (English) for international Support and our main German spoken Area).
Nobody is perfect ... :-D

The Dingo2A2 comes in four different Types of Camouflage, one in Winter Camo, one in the typical German Camouflage and two in desert Camouflage,
one of them in the ISAF Style like it is used in Afghanistan.
The AddOn is signed and brings an Server Key File with it. You know how to place it, don´t you :-D

Needed AddOn´s

-BWMod 1.6 ( )

-Klassenname Dingo Woodland = AMT_Dingo2A2
-Klassenname Dingo Desert = AMT_Dingo2A2_desert
-Klassenname Dingo ISAF = AMT_Dingo2A2_isaf
-Klassenname Dingo Winter = AMT_Dingo2A2_snow

Where to find in Editor
--> faction = "Bw" --> vehicleClass = "Amt_Radfahrzeuge"

All classes for "AMT_Dingo2A2" comes from "Car" and all Dingo Models uses the main Class "AMT_Dingo2A2".

With installing the AddOn you accept the End User License Agreement(EULA).
It is allowed to install and use the AMT AddOns for personal Purposes.
Every Military, Commercial and/or use for training is forbidden without a written authorization from the Athor.
All Material is Copyrightet by the Author.
You are also allowed to share the Files if the included Data is unchanged and corresponds to the original.
Reverse Engineering and releases from changed or modified Data needs the commitment from the Author, without it is forbidden.

The Use of the AddOn is on own risk !

Thx to ...
the BW Mod Team for their patience, the successful Addons and the deployment of configs to learn ;-)
Xeno and Rocko for the ACE 2 and CBA adjustments :-D
BIS for the fourius Series which startet with OFP followed by ArmA and ArmA2, thx for the great Engine and the possibility to use Mods in your Engines.

Author Webpage

Dateigröße: 40.8 MB
Autor: ArmAtoren Modding Team
Datum: 30.05.10
Downloads: 1895

Previously on Lost

21 Okt
William Porter, einer der handelnen Figuren aus der Armed Assault Kampagne, veröffentlichte auf seinem Blog wieder ein neues Video.
Im Video sieht man in einem Helikopterrundflug die schönen, neuen Wellenanimationen.

Previously on Lost…Previously on Lost…William Porter

Dateigröße: 9,2 MB
Datum: 21.10.06
Downloads: 1879

FDF Podagorsk Island

20 Dez
Und wieder beschert uns ein Mod-Team, welches uns schon seit Operation Flashpoint Zeiten begleitet, ein vorzeitiges Weihnachtsgeschenk. Hierbei handelt es sich um eine Insel mit dem Namen "Podagorsk", welche vom FDF Team erstellt wurde. Natürlich soll diese dem finnischen Flair gerecht werden und kann mit ihren vielen neuen Objekten und ihrer Vegetation überzeugen.
Dateigröße: 158.58 MB
Autor: FDF Mod
Datum: 20.12.09
Downloads: 1877

F-15 Eagle/Strike Eagle v1.1

16 Jan
Eble hat mit der Zustimmung von Footmunch, dessen alte OFP F-15 Modelle in ArmA konvertiert und heute in den Bi-Foren veröffentlicht. Das Pack entält drei verschiedene F-15 Camo-Arten und eine Reihe von verschiedensten Waffensystemen und anderen Features.
Dateigröße: 11,6 MB
Autor: Eble/Footmunch
Datum: 16.01.09
Downloads: 1863

ACE v1.03 (update)

16 Feb
Auch in dieser Woche schiebt die ACE Mod ein Update nach - diesmal auf Version 1.03

Alle Änderungen und Verbesserungen findet ihr im ACE v1.03 Changelog.
Dateigröße: 185 MB
Autor: ACE Mod
Datum: 16.02.09
Downloads: 1839
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