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ArmA2 Patch 1.04

15 Sept
Zitat von Version 1.04 Highlights:
  • Mouse controls: Improved mouse handling and responsivness
  • Stability: Fixed CTD caused by Voice Over Net when many players were speaking simultaneously and other stability problems
  • Sound: Fixed speed of sould simulation and other improvements
  • Multiplayer: fixed scoring, multiple mission parameters added and various other MP-related improvements

Change Log

* New: Added mouse smoothing to game options.
* New: Enabled multiple parameters for MP missions.
* New: Mouse filtering strenght adjustable using mouseSmoothing=NNNN in user config.
* New: Command line argument -cpuCount=NNN to override cpu count detection.
* Improved: Mouse smoothing disabled for fast movement.
* Improved: Mouse smoothing can be disabled in user profile file using line mouseSmoothing=0;
* Improved: Audio volume settings.
* Fixed: Soldier were walking on non-existant heaps of debris from destroyed buildings.
* Fixed: Autocoordination caused rudder oscillation in high speed flight.
* Fixed: Crashes in VoN when many players were speaking simultaneously.
* Fixed: Immortal freezed soldiers occured in MP.
* Fixed: Broken kill scoring in MP (two points for unit kill).
* Fixed: Input key actions are no longer active while chat mode.
* Fixed: Diag_log used with long text argument caused crash.
* Fixed: Mouse scrolling in diary.
* Fixed: Enemy kills made by player using stolen enemy vehicle are no longer considered as friendly kills.
* Fixed: Switching to Utes from Chernarus caused Utes to contain infinite landscape.
* Fixed: Time of day synchronized on client after connection to server.
* Fixed: Speed of sound simulation.
* Fixed: Fire from rifle distort sound.
* Fixed: Crash by malformed input to a diag_log scripting function.
* Fixed: Dark muzzle flash in some of the weapon optics.
* Fixed: MP: Ships and boats used excessive bandwidth and CPU power.
* Fixed: Players are no longer forced to reconnect after MP Load on server.
* Fixed: Bike rider can be no longer healed.
* Fixed: Sometimes crew of a near vehicle was visible through the vehicle.

* Improved: Communication menu updated to work with the new menu systems.
* Fixed: Some persistent RE calls added for better JIP compatibility in campaign.
* Fixed: Music was sometimes not playing properly due to faulty playMusic RE command call.
* Fixed: Scene area cleared from exploding destroyed vehicles during various scenes.
* Fixed: Possible appearance of immortal non-player characters in campaign.
* Fixed: (First to Fight) MP: Logos shown on client every time after JIP.
* Fixed: (First to Fight) MP: Skeet shooting not working for clients after JIP.
* Fixed: (First to Fight) Players not boarded in the chopper if they got in the towing tractor.
* Fixed: (Into the Storm) MP: Bad position of client players during converation.
* Fixed: (Into the Storm) Some voice-subtitles difference in the first dialog.
* Fixed: (Into the Storm) MP: No callsign for HQ entity on clients.
* Fixed: (One Week Later) MP: Clients not sitting on bikes after leaving the AAV.
* Fixed: (One Week Later) MP: Player is no longer the co-pilot in the Osprey.
* Fixed: (Manhattan) Escort chopper often shot down.
* Fixed: (Manhattan) Palyer stuck in the animation after first scene.
* Fixed: (Badlands) Prizrak no longer initiates conversation if Cooper is in a vehicle.
* Fixed: (Badlands) Non-fucntional ending in campaign scenario.
* Fixed: (Missing in Action) Redundant random sentences from Razor.

* Improved: Ambient Civilians module caused lag in MP due to window lights.
* Fixed: Undefined variables in Ambient Civilians module.
* Fixed: High Command could behave strange when someone added his own display event handler.
* Fixed: Wrong positions of objects/logics.
* Fixed: Performance problems related to Animals module in MP.

* Improved: Some of the vehicle HUDs now contain missing info.
* Fixed: Alignment issues on several wrapper UI screens.

Dateigröße: 134 MB
Autor: Bohemia Interactive
Datum: 15.09.09
Downloads: 10730

Arma Effects v0.6

23 Jan
ie neuen Features:

- Neue Effekte für Waffen und Explosionen

- Verschiedene Effekte für das Abfeuern von Waffen

- Mehr Rauch beim Einsturz/ dem Zerstören eines Gebäudes

- Neue Feuer- und Raucheffekte

- Rückstoßeffekte für Panzerabwehrwaffen verbessert

- In der Luft beschädigte Luftfahrzeuge ziehen nun einen Schweif aus Rauch und Feuer hinter sich her

Eine ältere Version des Addons muss unbedingt gelöscht werden, da ihre Dateien andere Bezeichnungen haben und dadurch Probleme entstehen könnten.

Dateigröße: 4 MB
Datum: 23.01.08
Downloads: 380

Kamov KA-52 Alligator v1.01

15 Sept
EricM_Kamov 52

---------------------------------------Version 1.00 ------------------------------------------

I- Features :
Full Kamov 52 model with various resolution LODs for performance,
Custom “SLA” Black Camo texture, hand painted from photo reference
Custom RVMATs for all surfaces,
Working cockpit for pilot and gunner,
Retracting gears with working dampers,
Working turret with realistic values,
Working Shadow LOD,
Working damage textures for cockpit and fuselage,
Working instruments and screens in the cockpit (custom horizon and radar screen hand painted from photo reference)
Working night textures in the cockpit,
Tweaked flight model thanks to RKSL Studios

II- Known Bugs :
- Nothing obvious so far…

III- Licence :

The author grants you the right to use and redistribute this addon freely for non-commercial use in Armed Assault and Armed Assault 2.

If you wish to modify, enhance, tweak… feel free to ask ericmarodon[at]


Dateigröße: 22.87 MB
Autor: EricM
Datum: 15.09.08
Downloads: 1407

AACF Sound 2.1

14 Feb
BlackKnight (Sound Design and Configs)
Fromz (Sound Design and Configs)
Sgt_Savage (Sound Design and Configs)
pingu (configs)

This mod is a combination of Fromz's original work in the FFAM mod (was editted with his permission and help) ,many hours of pouring over sound banks and many hours of editing and testing

All Sounds in the mod either came from the original FFAM mod sound pack (this mod uses it as its base) or were outsourced from outside the ArmA community from sound banks and recordings some of which i aquired myself

Dateigröße: 25.8 MB
Autor: AACF
Datum: 14.02.08
Downloads: 464

CAT Afghanistan v1.0

07 Mai
This is OFP port with pretty much the same look as you found in original release. Terrain and objects have been edited to work in ArmA. This is a release with Agent Smith (AGS) permissions.

From OFP history, we can show that AGS did two releases for this island: CAT's Afghanistan Revisited and CAT's Afghanistan Revisited 1.2. Just a small nostalgy trip for some of us.

There are some issues like faulty geometry's on few models (one or two buildings you can walk through walls) and the usual OFP style forest block floating here and there (nothing we can do about it now). Also as tip; dont fly fast moving aircrafts with 10km viewdistances, situation like that is prone to CTDs. Other than that, there should not be major issues. Depending if people like this or not, I might put in some more time to it and fix/tweak issues.

This addon doesn't require any other addons to work, including Queens Gambit. You only need default ArmA v1.12 installed.

Dateigröße: 18.43 MB
Autor: CatShitOne / Snake Man
Datum: 07.05.08
Downloads: 764

"AAS-Advance and Secure" Installer-Package

23 Mai
Zitat von BCA Cat Toaster:
In der Entwicklung des Advance and Secure Spielmodus für Armed Assault ist der Release der Version 1.1 ein ganz besonderer: So einfach war es wohl noch nie Community-Addons zu installieren die in Verbindung mit dem Advance and Secure Spielmodus benutzt werden können. Insbesondere für Neulinge in der ArmA-Welt eröffnet dieses Paket praktisch und im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes ganz neue Welten.


  • Installation von ArmA2-Addons für AAS-Missionen so einfach wie nie zuvor!
  • Zukünftige Aktualisierungen über integrierten Updater
  • Durch Neusignierung (AAS-Key) der Inhalte kann eine Vermischung mit Clients die ältere Versionen der enthaltenen Addons nutzen verhindert werden, vorausgesetzt der Admin entfernt ggf. vorhandene Keys der Einzel-Addons auf dem Server
  • Über 100 AAS-Missionen für fast alle enthaltenen Welten (davon mehr als 20 neu in V1.1)
  • 3rd-Person-Ansicht nur für Fahrzeuge einzeln einstellbar!
  • Flugzeugträger begehbar
  • Vorlagen zum Bau eigener Missionen
  • Div. KI-Verbesserungen (Flug-Kollisionsvermeidungssystem)
  • Diverse Bugfixes und Optimierungen

Dateigröße: 855.7 MB
Datum: 23.05.10
Downloads: 175

The Cause Campaign Chapter 1

17 Jan
Made for Arma Version 1.08
5 Missions with cutscenes
Introductory/storyline Cutscene
Voice acting: Full
Composed music (nothing special but hope you like it anyway)
All missions Beta tested: Yes.
Required Addons: None


The story is set a few months after the initial SLA invasion and begins with the aftermath of the RACS invasion of Corazol which has left the SLA's 4th Armoured division (fighting near Cayo) cut off from their native North Sahrani. The story does not revolve soley around the player. The player is more a product of the story. The player sees life through the eyes of a lowly SLA soldier for the most part of the campaign. This Chapter is set along the west to south west coast of North Sahrani. I plan to take the player all around the two countries systematically in the next few chapters while keeping within the frame of the unfolding story.

Dateigröße: 37.9 MB
Autor: Rejenorst
Datum: 17.01.08
Downloads: 575

Vopsound 1.19 (+ A.C.E. Edition)

20 April
Vo.2 bringt mit dem Virtual Operations Soundmod Version 1.19 einen neuen Soundmod heraus, der mit einer beiliegenden Config mit dem A.C.E.-Mod betrieben werden kann. Mittlerweile setzt vo.2 bei seinem Soundmod den Schwerpunkt auf A.C.E., so wurden nicht nur alle normalen Sounds aus Armed-Assault sondern auch alle die im A.C.E.-Mod enthalten sind.

Vopsound 1.19
In der Datei sind zwei verschiedene Configs enthalten - welche ihr mit dem Mod ladet hängt davon ab, ob ihr ArmA "normal" oder mit A.C.E. spielen möchtet.
Dateigröße: 184 MB
Datum: 20.04.09
Downloads: 1525

Dassault Mirage 2000 by Eble (Beta)

06 Okt
Eble hat heute die Dassault Mirage 2000 in den BI Foren released.

Dieses schöne Flugobjekt ist eine OFP Konvertierung ursprünglich vom Ersteller "Southy" mit entsprechender Genehmigung.
Dateigröße: 9 MB
Autor: Eble
Datum: 06.10.08
Downloads: 807

ACE v1.02 (full)

09 Feb
Drei Wochen nach dem Update auf 1.01 bereichern uns die Jungs vom ACE Mod mit einem weiteren Update auf Version 1.02

Als Erstes fallen beim Stöbern die neuen Waffenmodelle, Fahrzeuge, und Ladebildschirme ins Auge. Alle weiteren Änderungen im Detail erfahrt ihr im ACE v1.02 Changelog.
Dateigröße: 702 MB
Autor: ACE Mod
Datum: 09.02.09
Downloads: 2292

Hifi Sound FX V1.1

17 April
V1.1 Fix/Update

-Hand grenade throw sound reworked. should work better with the animation.
-m4 volume notched up alittle
-Hand grenade Explosions reworked (added some bass frequencies to the boom sound and falling debris to the trailoff sound)
-M203 & GP 25 explosion sounds reworked (added more variation in sounds, watched some footage on Youtube, noticed variation in the sound over range was quite different so tried to copy it. the problem I beleive is that the 8 samples designated for this fire off randomly, so you could be firing at close range and here an explosion sound that would be virtually 200-300 metres away...Guess we'll have to see, please comment on this as I'm also considering building 1 base sound and then modeling the other 7 sounds around that, just for consistancy.
-MP5 volume notched up alittle
-Javelin sorted ! (nasty phasing sound busted)
-Bikey thingy fixed
HiFi Sound v1

Small Arms.
Crew Mounted Arms.
Vehical Mounted Arms.
Sonic Cracks.
Projectile Hits.
Enviromental FX.
Misc small FX changes.

Dateigröße: 34.35 MB
Autor: Mark XIII
Datum: 17.04.08
Downloads: 238

Saltbeach Island v2.0

27 Jan
saltbeach #2saltbeach #0saltbeach #1

Zitat von rimmer:
Saltbeach island for all ArmA versions, requires no addons.

I've designed this island for mission creators so there are
not many buildings but plenty of space for them.

Also includes new high resolution ground textures with high detail normal mapping, so for those with expensive graphics cards you will see some nice eye candy with textures set to high.

- fixed rvmat files
Dateigröße: 26.94 kB
Autor: rimmer
Datum: 27.01.08
Downloads: 166

Sigma6 Vehicles (v 1.0 BETA)

23 April
*Sigma-6's Vehicles v0.9*
Here is a set of vehicles. A school bus, an updated version of my Mack R model, a 2008 Challenger concept, a Honda Civic (my own car, in fact), a Dodge Monaco, and a bulk carrier. These addons are *not finished*, and they are *full of bugs*, but I realized that I would never release them if I didn't just send them out anyway, because my time is limited by school. I definitely welcome and invite anyone else with the expertise to finish these and debug them. I'm mainly an artist, anyway. . . ;)

Everything in this pack is Copyright (c) 2007 by William Richardson. Use this addon pack according to the BIS O2 and ArmA licenses. If you have any intention of editing or altering anything in this pack for re-release, or have any comments, please contact me at: I'm usually good about that kind of stuff.
*Installing this addon:*
Place the .pbo files inside your Arma Addons folder, if you have any previous versions, overwrite all previous files with the ones presented in this zip file.

The land vehicles will be found under 'civilian/Sigma Wheeled'.

* Known Bugs: *
Lights are not fully functional. Gauges do not work. Driver and Passenger animations are much less than ideal. The ship has even more bugs.

All of these issues are slated for future versions, but if anyone skilled in these areas wants to go ahead and update for these issues, do not hesitate to contact me.

*List of changes:*
v0.9 First release version
v0.9 First release version
v0.9 First release version

*For mission makers:*

Classnames are:

Dateigröße: 37.77 kB
Autor: Sigma6
Datum: 23.04.08
Downloads: 1426


01 Feb
Frisch aus dem BI Forum kommt die Neuigkeit über den jüngsten Wurf der CSLA Mod, die uns nicht nur bereits seit OFP Zeiten begleitet und beglückt, sondern nun auch in ArmA2OA mit der neusten Version ihrer Mod in Runde Nummer drei geht. Wie gewohnt kann man ein äusserst komplettes und ausgereiftes Paket erwarten, zum direkten Loszocken sind ebenso Singleplayer- wie Multiplayermissionen bereits enthalten.

a2oa\_csla\_200 #2a2oa\_csla\_200 #9a2oa\_csla\_200 #11
a2oa\_csla\_200 #12a2oa\_csla\_200 #13a2oa\_csla\_200 #14

Dateigröße: 704.17 MB
Autor: CSLA Mod
Datum: 01.02.11
Downloads: 1575

OFrP Objects Pack

20 April
ofrp\_rel #3
Dateigröße: 2.88 MB
Autor: OFrP Mod
Datum: 20.04.08
Downloads: 480

ADO© Units v1.0

21 Juni

// L'armée de l'ombre (ADO©)
// ---------------------------------------------------
// par ADO©GMC le 25/05/08 :
// ---------------------------------------------------


auteur: ADO© GMC du Clan ADO©.

fichier: ado_armes.pbo ; taille: 49 Mo
fichier: ado_compagnie.pbo ; taille: 157 Mo

(1) Installation:

Vous devez impérativement avoir installé la version 1.08 d'Armed Assault.

** !!! Vous devez impérativement avoir désinstallé les anciens Addons ADO©. !!! **

placer les fichiers ado_armes.pbo, ado_compagnie.pbo dans le répertoire \Addons de Arma ou dans un mini-Mod.
Les unités ADO© sont accessibles dans l'éditeur dans:
-camp: Indépendant
-classe: ado_compagnie

* Soldat ADO© : ado_soldat
* Soldat (Infirmier) ADO© : ado_infirmier
* Soldat (AT) ADO© : ado_AT
* soldat (Radio) ADO© : ado_radio
* soldat (Eclaireur) ADO© : ado_eclaireur
* Officier ADO© : ado_officier
* Sniper Urbain ADO© : ado_sniper_urbain
* Sniper Ghillie ADO© : ado_sniper_Ghillie
* soldat (Commando) ADO© : ado_commando
* soldat (Mitrailleur) ADO© : ado_Mitrailleur
* Soldat (Assault) ADO© : ado_s_assault
* Soldat (N.B.C) ADO© : ado_soldat_NBC

-classe: ado_GIGN
* Bouclier (G.IG.N) ADO© : ado_gign
* Assaut (G.IG.N) ADO© : ado_gign2
* Sniper (G.IG.N) ADO© : ado_gign3
* Officier (G.IG.N) ADO© : ado_gign4

-class ado_hubert
* Nageur combat (hubert) ADO© : ado_nageur_combat

-camp: OPFOR
-classe: ado_terro

* Soldat Arabe : ado_terro1
* Soldat Arabe AT : ado_terro2
* Soldat Rebel : ado_terro3
* Rebel civil : ado_terro4


* Famas F1 : arme= ado_famasF1 : chargeur= ado_5_56Mag
* Famas F1 SD : arme= ado_famasF1SD : chargeur= ado_5_56Mag
* Famas F1 ACOG zoom *3 : arme= ado_famasF1ACOG : chargeur= ado_5_56Mag
* Famas F1 M203 : arme= ado_famasF1M203 : chargeur= ado_5_56Mag : chargeur= ado_M203
* Famas F1 J4 zoom *4 : arme= ado_famasF1j4 : chargeur= ado_5_56Mag
* Fusil FRF2 zoom *8 : arme= ado_frf2 : chargeur= ado_SnipeMag
* Fusil FRF2SD Camo zoom *8 : arme= ADO_frf2SD_camo : chargeur= ado_SnipeMag
* Fusil QBU88 zoom *10 : arme= ado_QBU88 : chargeur= ado_SnipeMag
* Fusil à pompe SPAs12 : arme= ado_SPAS12 : chargeur= ado_ChevroMag
* Mitrailleuse HK21E : arme= ado_HK21E : chargeur= ado_7_62Mag
* Lanceur AT/GMX : arme= ado_ATGMX : chargeur= ado_ATGMXMag


-classe: ado_objet

* Caisse de munitions 1 : objet= ado_caisse1
* Caisse de munitions 2 : objet= ado_caisse2
* Caisse d'armes : objet= ado_caisse_armes

Pour plus d'informations sur cet addon, visitez le site ADO©:

(2) Bugs corrigés

(3) Crédits

Le Sniper Ghillie a été basé sur le model 3D de Lodu.
Ont participé au béta Test Killer & les membres du clan ADO©.
Merci aux ADO©.

// Bon jeu la Team ADO©.
// L'armée de l'ombre (ADO©) :
// ADO©GMC :

Dateigröße: 68.39 MB
Autor: GMC / ADO©
Datum: 21.06.08
Downloads: 584


15 Juni
zyco veröffentlichte in unseren Foren sein LandTex Addon welches einige der Teppiche auf Chernarus aufpeppt. Neben einer Überarbeitung der gesamten Küstenlinie und der vorgelagerten Inseln, hat er die übrigen Texturen insoweit überarbeitet, daß sie etwas weicher aussehen, mit weniger ins Auge stechenden Pixel-Häufchen.
a2\_landtex #1a2\_landtex #2
a2\_landtex #3a2\_landtex #4

Dateigröße: 219 MB
Autor: zyco
Datum: 15.06.09
Downloads: 2742

RealTime Editor V4 ECS Fix

04 Juni
Fix für alle ECS User die auch den neuen Realtime Editor nutzen möchten.
Dateigröße: 69 kB
Datum: 04.06.08
Downloads: 166

Russian architecture pack v1.0

01 Okt
SMERSH spendierte seinem kürzlich veröffentlichtem Objekt Paket ein kleines Update, womit es nun bei Version 1.0 angelangt ist.
Verbesserte view/fire/ & geometry lods, sowie funktionierende Schatten zählen neben dem geänderten Maßstab eingier Häuser zu den wichtigstens Neuerungen.

Fixed & New in v1.0:

- Geometry lods
- Viev geometry & Fire geometry lods
- Scale is corrected

- Select of the soldier positions in the buildings
- Shadows of the objects
- 1 new building
- Shop is opened now


The russian architecture pack includes 35 different objects.
It contains models created by SARMAT and models, converted from the other games.
We do not claim for the authorship modells, converted from other games and ask to take this correctly.
We don't wanted to glorified at the expense of others' work. We wanted to introduce some new and beautiful to ArmA.
We hope this objects will help you in creating of missions, campaigns, islands, videos abd screen-arts.

Dateigröße: 42.35 MB
Autor: SMERSH & Studio SARMAT
Datum: 01.10.08
Downloads: 206

ArmA Face Pack V1

06 Dez
Alle ArmA Standard Faces in einem Paket, geeignet zur Erstellung eigener Custom Faces.
Dateigröße: 39.64 MB
Autor: BloodOmen / BIS
Datum: 06.12.06
Downloads: 2836
Ältere Downloads: 123456789101112...3839