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FDF Podagorsk Island

20 Dez
Und wieder beschert uns ein Mod-Team, welches uns schon seit Operation Flashpoint Zeiten begleitet, ein vorzeitiges Weihnachtsgeschenk. Hierbei handelt es sich um eine Insel mit dem Namen "Podagorsk", welche vom FDF Team erstellt wurde. Natürlich soll diese dem finnischen Flair gerecht werden und kann mit ihren vielen neuen Objekten und ihrer Vegetation überzeugen.
Dateigröße: 158.58 MB
Autor: FDF Mod
Datum: 20.12.09
Downloads: 1841

Patch 1.08 (International)

11 Juni

© 2007 Bohemia Interactive Studio. All rights reserved.

This application will update your ArmA: Armed Assault / Combat Operations to version 1.08.5160.

System requirements:

How to install the Patch:
Run the patch exe to apply the patch setup automatically (you may be prompted to choose your exact version in some occasions).

There's no uninstall option for the patch itself. You need to reinstall the game from the original setup to get it to the original version.


Version 1.08 is released as free patch to all existing editions of ArmA (updated to version 1.05 or US version 1.06).

Main New Features:

* Improved clarity and reliability of Voice over net.
* Increased contrast of light for all weather conditions.
* Bullet impact is now visualised also on all objects and vehicles.
* 2D optics now support wide screen aspect ratio correctly.
* Various AI, UI, gameplay and stability improvements and tweaks.
* New texture detail "Default" that autodetects the amount of VRAM. Recommended Texture Detail setting for users of cards with more than 512 VRAM.
* Reworked logic of teamswitch to make it more suitable for detailed manual squad command control.
* Full support for multiple airports.
* A bit faster and more fluent radio protocol.

Engine Change Log - Release Candidate 0

* Fixed: Very long MP mission name could cause crashes or freezes.
* Fixed: UI-Double click on listbox scrollbar does not launch the listbox action now.
* Fixed: Optics were deformed when using other than 4:3 screen ratio.
* Fixed: Tanks were having troubles driving up the stones.
* Fixed: Functions createGroup, createUnit now fully works in MP.
* Fixed: AI now gets in vehicles on the positions where dead units are.
* Fixed: Gear dialog is closed when player dies.
* New: Weapons-optics camera can have a different direction than muzzle direction now.
* Fixed: UI-Gear display-icons for empty slots.
* Fixed: Mission loading screen-missing text given in onLoadMission.
* Fixed: When failed to join to a locked server, the correct cause is shown now.
* New: Mission editor-year control in intel dialog.
* Fixed: UI-Missing addons error message-show the list of missing addons.
* Fixed: VoN sources management to prevent some sounds not audible in multiplayer.
* Fixed: Tow missile weapons are guided after they are fired.
* Fixed: AI-gunners was sometimes unable to fire simultaneously
* Fixed: Functions getVariable, setVariable can be used for more object types now.
* New: Improved support for X360 controller.
* Fixed: MP crash sometimes happened after deleteVehicle on some person.
* Fixed: Actions menu-drawing ofarrows when scrolling is enabled.
* Fixed: Tanks were thrown in the air when colliding with some destructed buildings.
* Fixed: Gear action did not sometimes work in buildings (high over surface).
* Fixed: MP-multiplication of magazines when putting them into a full crate.
* Fixed: UI-listboxes with texts of different color-color of selected text.
* Fixed: Game running in full screen had invisible but clickable window areas (close, minimize).
* Fixed: Helicopters-state of hovering autopilot was not saved nor transferred in MP.
* Fixed: Touch off action available also in vehicles now.
* Fixed: Watch and GPS minimap forced not to be shown in cutscenes.
* Fixed: In-game UI-In wide-screen aspects, the aiming cursor disappeared outside the UI area of the screen.
* Fixed: Dedicated server-ban.txt was locked for edit during the game
* Fixed: MP mission statistics can be written to the file given by command line argument -ranking=.
* Fixed: Invisible magazine when player get in vehicle during reloading and get out again.
* Added: function clearVehicleInit.
* Fixed: Movement config-entry primaryActionMaps telling what action maps will be loaded first (and so used for initialization of movement).
* Fixed: RCtrl is no longer reserved for combos, it can be used as a separate key as well.
* Fixed: Keys with dik code greater than 128 (numpad, some special keys) can now serve as combos.
* Fixed: AI no longer starts firing in Hold fire unless the enemy is really threatening it.
* Fixed: Helicopter center of rotation is now center of mass, not rotor mast.
* Fixed: Improved AI and autohover hovering stability.
* Fixed: XInput handling of input devices disabled because of missing configuration options.
* Fixed: Position of Present call in the frame changed to improve Alt-Tab stability and work around possible driver errors.
* Fixed: Reduced texture memory requirements for little varied parts of the terrain.
* Fixed: M1A1 was never turning out in safe or careless mode.
* Added: function nearTargets.
* Fixed: MP-Helicopter could appear as destroyed when in fact it was unharmed.
* Fixed: MP-more reliable transfer of damage status of vehicles to other clients.
* Fixed: Better VRAM allocation estimations for nVidia 8800 card, resulting in less frequent missing textures.
* New: Cheat Shift+Minus FLUSH to allow to manually flushing all VRAM allocations to restore performance if needed.
* Fixed: AI no longer uses RPG/LAW for looking at unknown enemies.
* Fixed: AI target position accuracy sometimes was fluctuating a little bit for distant targets.
* Fixed: AI Commander no longer commands individual targets when using weapons which gunner can operate autonomously, like machine guns.
* Fixed: AI could be stuck on Seek and Destroyed waypoint when group consisted of one vehicle with multiple crew positions.
* Fixed: Some Joystick buttons have fixed function in UI and game.
* Fixed: Improved radio protocol fluency by binding words together.
* New: VoN 2D voice volume is now controlled by radio volume.
* New: Console output of dedicated servers can be logged to file specified in the server config entry logFile.
* Fixed: Reduced occurrences where AI characters walked through each other.
* New: MP Statistics table now indicate who is speaking over VoN by flashing given players name.
* Optimized: Text rendering optimized, should make situations where a lot of UI text is rendered faster.
* Added: functions isKindOf, sizeOf.
* Optimized: Terrain rendering uses less CPU.
* Fixed: Improved VRAM managment for ATI cards with Catalyst 7.3 or newer.
* New: Support for larger texture cache with new Texture Detail level. "Default", useful for cards withover 512 MB VRAM.
* Fixed: Flare disappearing is now smooth near screen edges.
* Fixed: Wall and other obstacles now provide better shielding against explosions.
* Fixed: Voice over net was not working when DS and client was running on a single PC.
* Fixed: VoN connection established by retranslation through server Game socket when NAT negotiation fails.
* Fixed: Memory manager sometimes flushed caches too deeply, causing short intensive disk activity.
* Fixed: VoN peer to peer connections are kept alive by sending special packets.
* Fixed: Voice over IP direct speak is made louder now.
* Fixed: Improved Voice codec quality, bandwidth for voice increased from 6 kbps to 8 kbps.
* New: Speex1.2 beta 2 used as VoN codec.
* Fixed: VoN voice clipping is reduced now.
* Fixed: Dedicated server crashes when retranslating VoN packets through Game Socket.
* Fixed: Increased rudder authority for airplanes, improved AI using rudder while engaging.
* Fixed: Briefing was sometimes cut on the right edge.
* Fixed: MP: Crash when ammo created via createVehicle killed the player.
* Fixed: Overall quality indication in the options changed for large view distances.
* Fixed: Laser target acquire distance for AI was limited by rendering distance.
* Fixed: Removed delay between target creation and its line of sight being tested. Should help laser targets and dynamically created vehicles.
* New: Config entry vonCodecQuality to set VoN codec quality on dedicated servers (default value is 3, can be value from 1..10).
* Fixed: AI subordinates now follow leader orders even when was stopped before by the Team switch.
* Fixed: Team switch shortcuts (previous / next unit) accessible also when map is shown.
* Fixed: Flap actions no longer present in the action menu for plane with no flaps.
* New: Event handlers LandedTouchDown and LandedStopped.
* Added: functions id setAirportSide side, airportSide id, plane landAt id, plane assignToAirport id.
* Fixed: Group leader left by team switch no longer orders some commands.
* Optimized: Reduced amount of data transferred when JIP into a complex and long running mission.
* Fixed: Bugs in VoN OpenAL source management.
* New: Animation controllers gmeterx, gmetery, gmeterz.
* Fixed: Connection to GameSpy during dedicated server reporting was sometimes lost (Windows 2000 SP2 or newer are required now).
* Fixed: Scripting function soldier moveInCargo [vehicle,position] was not implemented.
* Fixed: Tanks now slow down when destroying a tree or other big objects.
* Fixed: Scripting function person moveInTurret [vehicle,[x,y,z]] crashed when [x,y,z] was invalid.
* Fixed: External camera was sometimes forced close to the person when some tree or bush was behind it.
* Fixed: Changing audio options while playing MP could cause VoN not working or crash the game.
* Fixed: MP: setPos and setDir effects are now transferred across the network.
* Fixed: In some situations, Rearm / Repair / Refuel did not fill all.


* A10.pbo
o config.cpp.
o fixed Maverick rocket indirect hit range (to match other rockets).
o set damageResistance.
o only one Maverick per target is used now.
* Air.pbo
o Ah1Z fire geometry fix.
o 2D optics models enlarged for 16:9 aspect.
o config.cpp.
o set damageResistance.
o balanced helicopter armor and hitzones, so they survive emergency landing but remain vulnerable to AA gunfire.
o Tweeked texture of 2D optics.
* Air3.pbo
o config.cpp.
o set armor and damageResistance.
* Anims.pbo
o Fixed wrong "stand" links in several action maps.
o introduced primaryActionMaps.
o Ladder moves reworked (rifle moves introduced).
o Transition erc rfl low to pne added.
o Interpolation for AI movement erc stp ras rfl to erc spr low rfl added.
* Animals.pbo
o fixed shadow problems with small insects.
* Buildigs.pbo
o fixed maping in 1st LOD of castle\helfenburg.p3d.
o fixed "empty or no skeleton" errors for hotel and kostel_mexico.
o fixed Z-fight flickering on misc\zidka03.
o fixed shadow volume at brana02nodoor.p3d.
o fixed top roof ladder in Tovarna2.
o misc\runway_papi-increased shining flare.
* Ca.pbo
o Getting rid of hardcoded strings.
o Fixing turret errors on some of the library objects.
o Bouys are not reported by AI anymore.
* Desert.pbo
o Map repacked to lower VRAM usage.
o Updated ilsTaxiIn for Rahmadi strip.
o Added drawTaxiway value.
* Characters.pbo
o Fixed clan for all civilian.
o deleted faulty last lod of np_soldier_pilot.
* Misc.pbo
o config.cpp.
o increased armor of sanbags fence to 800 (equal to fortress).
o decreased arnmor of barrels and pallettes to 20 (equal to civil car).
o empty skeleton error on armored target fixed.
o paletaA, paletyC, paletyD fixed fire geometry.
o Bilboard_Revolucion_bez_noh.p3d changed damage settings.
o drevena_bedna.p3d changed damage settings.
* Sara.pbo
o Map repacked to lower texture usagev
o sara.wrp.
o Bush moved from gate.
o Terrain adjusted, pavement accessible.
o Rock moved, scaled, rotated.
o Terrain of Pita runwaz flattened.
o config.cpp.
o Added class SecondaryAirfields, 3 more ILS definitions in it.
o Updated ilsTaxiIn for Rahmadi strip.
o Added drawTaxiway value.
* Sounds.pbo
o Church bell sounds had wrong paths.
* Tracked.pbo
o 2D optics models enlarged for 16:9 aspect.
o T72, M1A1 changed comander_out view + improved hitpoints.
o T72, ZSU, M1A1 fixed fire geometry.
o config.cpp.
o set damageResistance.
o HUD reworked for M113 variants.
o HUD removed for ambulances.
o set real T72 and M1A1 main turret elevation.
o Tank commanders have new 2D square optics, some optics models cleaned.
o tweaked 2D optics of brdm.
* Ui.pbo
o Introducing class RscInGameUI.RscUnitInfoNoHUD as default no hud class.
o Introducing class RscInGameUI.RscUnitVehicle, that works together with compass hud.
* Water.pbo
o config.cpp.
o zoom for ironsights on turrets set equal to other weapons.
* Wheeled.pbo
o Enabled landrover police version.
o Increased magazine loads on ammo trucks.
o HUDs for armed vehicles changed to work with compass.
* Weapons.pbo
o 2D optics models enlarged for 16:9 aspect.
o G36 fixed after 1.07 beta.
o cfgAmmo.hpp.
o redesigned indirect hit and ranges for HE ammo and explosive hit.
o small arms amo now has tracers only in arcade, reduced visible fire too.
o changed ammo audible/visible settings.
o defined Vickers mgun tracers.
o all SD ammo defined as subsonic.
o reduced GBU12 bomb indirect hit to not harm that much distant tanks.
o cfgMagazines.hpp.
o M24 uses traceless ammo.
o AmmoBoxes.hpp + cfgVehicles.hpp.
o ammocrates destruction.
o VehicleWeapons.hpp-PKT 100rnd mags introduced, mag.reload times balanced for all MGuns.
o MP5 magazines have names now.
o M16 GL, AK GL and M4 ACOG+GL have new grenadelauncher ironsights.
o add in readme: Grenadelauncher ironsights can be now used for aiming on 150m distance, in case M4 it is 200m.
o GP-25 set to correct 40mm ammo.
o tweeked textures of 2D optics of acog, ags and soflam.
* Weapons3.pbo
o 2D optics models enlarged for 16:9 aspect.
o M16A4 GL and M16A4 ACOG+GL have added ironsights for grenade launcher and new view axis.
o Burst rate of fire for M16A4 changed, required cahnges in config.cpp of all 4 versions.
o | config.cpp.
o changed ammo audible/visible settings.
o ammo B_25mm_HE indirectHitValue fixed.
* Wheeled.pbo
o 2D optics models enlarged for 16:9 aspect.
o config.cpp.
o set damageResistance.
o zoom for ironsights on turrets set equal to other weapons.
o Tweeking 2D sights.
o Humers and Landrover with turret no more injures gunner while getting out.

Dateigröße: 564.65 MB
Autor: Bohemia Interactive
Datum: 11.06.07
Downloads: 31687

JTD Smoke Effects 5.21

24 Juni
DMSmokeEffects beta 5 Multiplayer by DM.
*Please note that DMSmokeEffects is now part of the JTD group*

**This addon requires Extended Event Handlers addon by Solus**

This beta includes:

DMSmokeEffects, thick billowing smoke for helicopters & fuel trucks, and thick black smoke for tanks etc. After about a twenty minutes (default timing, can be affected by multiplier in ArmA\dta\DMSmokeEffects_Config.hpp file) the smoke changes to smoldering smoke. After another twenty minutes the smoldering smoke peters out. If it rains, the smoldering smoke will steadily get lighter in colour and will extinguish quicker, depending on how fast it's raining. After about three-quarters of an hour the average battlefield will be clear of smoke generally, but there's randomness coded in.

Improved building collapse effects. Basically just made the existing effect 10x bigger and last 10 times longer. Also made the dust grey, heavier, and more difficult to see through for longer.

Grenade effects. I'm really happy with this one, it looks almost exactly the same as footage I reseached on grenades. A sudden "poofing" of instantaneous dark smoke, which lightens and drifts & settles over 10 or so seconds.

Various improved effects & settings. Tank rounds that miss their target & impact the ground will now throw up huge clods of earth for example.



**This addon requires Extended Event Handlers addon by Solus**

1. Extract content to someplace.
2. Put the @JTD folder in your ArmA folder
3. Make a shortcut to your ArmA game with the switch -mod=@JTD or add the @JTD to your list of mods already there.
4. Place DMSmokeEffects_Config.hpp file into your ArmA\dta folder.
5. Place the sample mission into your ArmA/MPMissions folder.
6. Ingame, select New MP game, and select the mission "Smoke Effects Beta x" and choose one of the civilians. It's a stress test that I use to guage the general performance and as such will probably drag the FPS down. However, for light to moderate armour battles you should see no appreciable drop in performance.

Instructions for the totally clueless :) (as requested)
1. First, make sure you copied the @JTD folder into your ArmA game folder, AND you also copied the DMSmokeEffects_Config.hpp file into your ArmA\dta folder.

2. right click on your desktop ArmA shortcut, copy it and paste the copy right back in the same place. You now have TWO desktop shortcuts, one of which we will now modify to use the DMSmokeEffects mod, the other will remain just ArmA.

3. Right click one of the shortcuts, and choose Properties from the list.
In the Target textbox field you will see the command that is executed by this shortcut, it will read something like:
"D:\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\arma.exe"

You will now add
to the end of this, so in the example above the entire line in the textbox will read:
"D:\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\arma.exe" -mod=@JTD

4. Now you can OK the Properties box and the shortcut will now run DMSmokeEffects. You can rename the shortcut to remind you of what mod it runs, I have several shortcuts that run various different mods.

5.1 improvements
Bikey added. Added config setting to include more ammo types for the dirt debris particles.

5.0 improvements
Multiplayer friendly :) Server and clients must have addon or DMSMokeEffects error message will show.
Configuarable. ArmA\dta folder must contain the file DMSmokeEffects_Config.hpp. At the moment this file only contains 3 config settings, smoke particle lifetime multiplier(which affects how long particles hang around for, smoke source lifetime multiplier (which affects how long vehicles burn for). You are also able to switch smoke viewblock on & off with this, but be aware that viewblock smoke severely impacts your FPS.
Viewblock can be activated for serverside only, or clientside and serverside. I expect serverside to be most useful as all server controlled AI will be affected by viewblock, but if you want player-controlled AI to be affected by smoke viewblock then clientside must also be enabled.
Bigger & better fuel fire effects.
Tweaked grenade effects.

4.3a improvements
Extended Init compatible. (Extended Init addon v1.1 required, and included, with this release. If you already have Extended Init eventhandler addons you can delete them from the @DMSmokeEffects Addons folder.)
Smoke grenades have AI viewblock functionality. The viewbock reacts to wind direction & strength.
A new player Action, Wind info, is added. This is useful for smoke grenade usage, as well as general realism & ballistics addons. On use it will give you the strength & direction of the wind at the time you requested it.
Frag grenades tweaked slightly to be lighter in colour.
Although extensive viewblock functionality for vehicle & building smoke is coded in, for this "a" release it is disabled for FPS concerns. Another "b" version will be released with it enabled for those who wish to try it out.

4.2 improvements:
New, more varied look to entire effect.
New pale animated smoke texture for more realistic battlefield look.
MaddMatt's settings for fuel explosion effect.
Default vehicle smoke altered substantially.
Smoke grenade improvements.
Most smoke effects now have lighting effects too for better night battles.
Smoke effects are now relative to world axis rather than vehicle axis. (Before, a tank on it's side would eject smoke to the side. Or even straight down if it was upside-down.)

4.1 improvements:
A new animated fuel fire particle.
Tank classes start their smoke effect a lot sooner.
All animated particles are now hi-res and no longer blurry.
Microdebris sounds temporarily disabled until a problem can be fixed.

4.0 improvements:
Now a "magic" addon, works just by having the addon. No in mission trigger is needed anymore and the install & use instructions below have been amended to reflect this.
New effects including fuel-fire effects, helicopters planes fuel trucks all burn with this effect. Especially effective at night :)
More config tweaks including (but not limited to) tank firing dust, helicopter damage smoke.
Streamlined sripting, now the effects are split into their own files instead of being one huge effects file. Better for editing & keeping track of.
Half of all tank class vehicles have the same effect applied (huge plumes of dark smoke) but half have a different behavior. Now half the tanks will eject lighter coloured but heavier smoke, more in keeping with some footage I have seen, and also a few people requested drifting smoke.
More particle images for people to use in their own addons if they so please. Just credit me etc :)

3.3 improvements:
All files are placed into one single PBO file now. PLEASE DELETE ALL THE OLD @DM FILES.
Added micro-debris sound for grenades. Each grenade is likely, but not necessarily definately, to produce small debris sound effects.
Added building collapse micro-debris sounds. A wall of dust will be accompanied by a wall of crunching, tinkling sounds as dust debris strikes all surfaces.
Lost the fuel station smoke effect, as it was an ugly basic test that was accidentally left in the last release. Also it was interfereing with MapFact's Chinhook helicopters. Mapfact Chinhooks do not call the helicopter smoke scripts for some reason.

3.2 improvements:
New texture for building collapse particles, tweaked settings.

*3.1 improvements:
Better grenade effects
Better smoke effects

Leave feedback :)

All the new custom textures may be used for your own projects, just credit me :) they're fairly nice :)

Vehicles that land or otherwise end up on their side or upside down eject smoke along their own Z-axis. (fixed mostly as of 4.2)
Very, very occasionally all the smoke in the game will suddenly disappear, and will start again. It's only happened to me twice in all the tests I did (hundreds) so I don't know if it's an ArmA bug or too much data :)
A smoking tank on a bridge will have the smoke effects origin underneath the bridge.
Vehicles moved after destruction will have the smoke effect still apparent at it's old location.

Kindest regards

DM (DMarkwick)

Dateigröße: 1,8 MB
Autor: DM (DMarkwick)
Datum: 24.06.08
Downloads: 536


05 Nov
Dateigröße: 38.95 MB
Datum: 05.11.08
Downloads: 1614

GNAT Osprey V22

09 Juni
beta 1

by Gnat

for Armed Assault

June 2008

Based on the OFP Osprey by Sole and Wipman.
Thanks to Sole and Wipman for their great work
and permissions.

Thanks to those who answered my various script,
config and O2 questions
Including but not limited to;
- RobertHammer for his prop blurs and
- RockofSL for his Config tips
- MadDogX for windscreens

****** FIRST NOTE *******
****** READ IT !!!! *******
This primarily is a HELICOPTER in the way
it flys. While I have tweaked everything so
it *nearly* flys like a plane in level flight,
DONT DONT DO NOT expect it to fly perfect like
a fixed wing plane. (Wait for ArmA2 for that)
Dont dive in level flight and expect to climb
out of the dive. Deadly it can be.
The Q key (up pitch) is VERY important.
AI fly pretty good, but big mountains will
kill them.
************ RANT OVER ***********
Heaps of info on the web like;
---- THE ADDON ----
Original addon by Sole and retex'ed by Wipman
For BIS Armed Assault
Converted and modified to ArmA from OFP by Gnat
with permissions
Various changes including refining the 3D model,
increasing the texture resolution, cleaning the
textures and new "Transform" Config.

BLUFOR Transport Aircraft
BLUFOR -> Air -> V22 Osprey

- Carries 1 pilot and 23 passengers
- Working ramp and cargo area
- Working lights
- Working Instruments
- Texture Normal mapping (mostly)
- Damage Textures

MP Compatible? Should be, there are no scripts.
Signature Key Included
Beta 1: Current
---- CLASS NAMES ----
V22 Osprey : GNT_V22
( class Helicopter )
- Armed units (if proper)
- Wheelwells
- Undercarriage dampers
- Proper instrument display (maybe)
- Knee window fixed
- More LODs
- Fix shadows
- and other things ... maybe
---- N O T E S !!!! ----
Please report bugs.

- Self shadow not working below 30 meters in the air
(RPT report say Shadow LOD too much detail, yet its similar to BIS models! )
- Knee window not proper in External or Cabin views
- Undercarriage not going into a proper wheelwells
- Only using copy of UH60 cockpit instrumentation
- Only 2 Resolution LODs
- Still using a few OFP textures for cargo areas
- Not visible under water
- Needs a glass damage texture
- Light source points dont animate at speed
- Cant shoot Pilot from outside
- Altitude sometimes reads zero (because of Roadway LOD)

Dateigröße: 2,88 MB
Datum: 09.06.08
Downloads: 850

ACE2 v1.0 (stable/RC10)

10 März

Release Info

A.C.E. Mod for ArmA 2, Official Announcement!

It has been nearly 1 year, since the A.C.E. Advanced Combat Environment Mod, for ArmA 1, was released.
Since that release, we have been constantly working on our Mod, to improve it, expand it, and fix the things we could.
In the meantime, ArmA 2 has been released for about 6 months, and our attention has been on the mod for ArmA 2, for at least that long.

Today we would like to announce our Public Beta Release.
We intend to keep updating our Mod on a daily basis in this Public Beta stage.
We do this to get as much feedback and bug reports as possible, as soon as possible, and provide everyone the latest code to test.
This means the development will be ongoing, new improvements and additions will arrive as we go

What is A.C.E. and what is it not

A.C.E. for ArmA 2 is a full conversion mod and is based on A.C.E. for ArmA 1, which was based on WGL for OFP.
The WGL roots were "When realism matters". We lifted this already a little bit with A.C.E. 1.
And with A.C.E. 2 it is no different. We try to keep a balance between realism and gameplay. We try not to sacrifice either in name of the other.
We try to please as many as possible, but it is simply impossible to please all.
Please feel free to give constructive feedback on our choices.

The Package

The A.C.E. Package for ArmA 2 consists out of 3 building blocks:

CBA and ACE are a requirement, while ACEX is an optional expansion pack.
This way, we hope to support our users who have requested smaller mod size, and ability to concentrate on their type of units/vehicles/weapons for countries they like to play with/against.


Much of the Mod has been rewritten / optimized, and we have based our workflow and tools on CBA methods.
Frequently Asked Questions
Previous ACE2 Discussion Thread
ACE Features
ACEX Features
Youtube ACE2 Channel


We strive to keep our addons/mods as compatible as possible with others.
Sometimes this is not possible, or there were specific reasons why we had to go some way.
Please feel free to supply feedback on any compatibility issue you might encounter.


Our thanks goes to everyone involved in our Mod, from Developers to Testers, Contributors to Supporters, PR to Hosters, and Programmer- and Docu-wizards.
Special thanks goes out to our Lead Developer, Rocko, who has devoted most (if not all :p) of his free time and dedication to the mod's development.

Installer, Updater, Patcher

There have been significant changes to the way we distribute our Mod.
Due to the ever growing sizes of content, and thus installers and updates, we have switched to a realtime patching system, called rSync, which is the core tool of the "Six Updater" Suite.
The software, once installed, can be used to install, update, maintain and repair managed modfolders.
It uses smart technologies to minimize the amount of data that needs to be downloaded, and is a very lightweight and fast protocol.

The technology has been in use for several months by the ACE team, and individual testers aswell as communities.
Documentation will be provided, and support delivered where possible.

Our milestone releases will be available in easy mirrorable 7z files, to minimize the stress on the rsync system, and give people casual means to download the initial install.

More Info


On the BIKI

Downloads & Installation

Hier gehts zum offiziellen Thread im BI-Forum.
Dateigröße: 917 MB
Autor: ACE Mod
Datum: 10.03.10
Downloads: 5173

ARMA 2 Operation Arrowhead Patch 1.50-1.56 to 1.57

22 Dez
ARMA 2 Operation Arrowhead Patch 1.50-1.56 to 1.57
Copyright (c) 2010 Bohemia Interactive. All rights reserved.

An original version of Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead 1.50-1.56.

- Run the patch exe to apply the patch setup automatically.
- It will install all patch content to the folder with your Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead installation.
- Please note that it is not possible to rollback to a previous version after the installation of this patch, only a full reinstall of the game is possible, if you want to keep your previous version you may want to backup the entire game installation folder before applying this patch.
- NOTE: This patch will also update your:
* ARMA 2 1.05 to 1.07.
* ARMA 2 BAF 1.00 to 1.02 if necessary.
* ARMA 2 PMC 1.00 to 1.01 if necessary.

* improved netcode (better locality handling)
* new scripting commands
* 4 new bonus scenarios for owners of the full version of Arma 2: Private Military Company

Version 1.56-1.57 Changelog


* Fixed: Cursor on the windows borders no longer flashing when attempting to drag/resize the window.
* Fixed: Win7/Vista Aero preview should no longer be activated by mouse movement while playing.
* Fixed: Helicopters no longer lifting off when aircraft passed over them (
* Fixed: AI Helicopters wobbling up and down (
* Improved: Enemy targets are now unassigned once their crew is killed.
* Fixed: doFire did not work on most targets.
* New: Multihome servers support. Commandline parameter -ip=my.ip.add.res available.
* Fixed: SetCaptive doesn't stop AI shooting at a unit/player.
* New: allMissionObjects script command.
* New: Script command setPlayerRespawnTime.
* New: new AllDead command.
* Fixed: Video playback stuttering.
* Fixed: Locality issues of objects in MP (mainly updates from nonowner errors). Version raised to 1.57 due to MP incompatibility.

* Add: camo (replaceable textures) selections for M2A2/3.
* Changed: GPS added for all SUVs.
* Fixed: A/MH6 main rotor artifact.
* Fixed: Missions: 06 From Hell, task "Locate the pilot" always failed.

PMC changelog 1.00-1.01
* Fixed: Shadow artifact on bridge on Proving Grounds map.
* Changed: XM8 optics reworked.
* Fixed: XM8 Front grip
* New: Ammo create with PMC weapons.

PMC Missions changelog 1.00-1.01
* Added: Campaign teaser including CP00 and trailer.
* Fixed: CP10A - The Boss was not leaving the villa when in danger.
* Fixed: CP10A - Player was not able to finish the Boss from distance.
* Fixed: CP08B - Group callsign was "Sword", not "Spear".
* Fixed: CP08A - Player was not able to access helicopter gear menu.
* Fixed: CP07 - Client UAV re-enabled again.
* Fixed: CP05 - Mission did end before conversation was finished.
* Fixed: CP02 - Dixon fired only once, causing mission not to continue.
* Fixed: CP00 - Mortar explosions now occur further away from player.
* Fixed: Backpack content is now saved between CP05 and CP06.

* Arma 2: Private Military Company Lite - all units, vehicles and weapons from Arma 2: Private Military Company are included in this patch with lower quality textures and audio files. The full version of Arma 2: Private Military Company with high resolution textures and packed with a new campaign is available for purchase; see for more information about the content of Arma 2: Private Military Company.
* ARMEX - The Multiplayer Armory - enables you to try out all weapons and every single vehicle model from Arma 2 in dynamically generated missions with up to eight friends online or over LAN!

Version 1.55-1.56 Changelog

* Add: more camo (replaceable textures) selection for OA vehicles.
* Fixed: missing shadows and heads in distance LODs for some OA characters.
* Added: MP Armory.

* Improved: -exThreads=3 now default for dual cores.
* Improved: -cpuCount defaults improved for 6 or more than 8 CPUs.
* Fixed: No more LOD blending issues (esp. with vegetation).
* Fixed: Ignored collision with some vehicles.
* Improved: AI cover selection improved a bit.
* New: Video options VSync selection.
* Fixed: Character collisions with stones often resulted in flying or being stuck. (

BAF changelog 1.01-1.02
* Added portrait and wounds of PMC operatives
* Fixed CM immunity of missiles
* Missions have new headers
* Adjusted sensitivity of Her Majesty's soldiers
* Music tracks have their respective names displayed
* Adjusted values of many items in armoury
* L111A1 sounds better on Jackals
* Backpacks are now useable in editor
* Fixed names of IEDs
* Many weapons are now able to hold compatible magazines designed for other weapons
* Snipers have learned how to handle AS50 correctly
* US flyboys adjusted HMD for Apache and BAF pilots are now able to aim unguided missiles better

Version 1.54-1.55 Changelog

BAF changelog 1.00-1.01
* Fixed: Tripod bags bug preventing BAF static weapon completion
* Fixed: SUSAT GL has working alternative optic
* Fixed: Reverse faces on FV-510 driver hatch
* Fixed: Permanent muzzle flash on Chinook door gunner
* Fixed: Chinook left-gunner-chief position is rotate-able
* New: Auto-registration of BAF addons (preLoadAddons)
* Fixed: Wrong proxy position of pilot in BAF models
* Fixed: Missing proxy of Jackal GMG's crew shadow LOD
* Fixed: gunnerCanSee was broken by BAF for static weapons
* Fixed: non-working GL rangefinder
* Fixed: cfgMod correction
* Fixed: IED deactivation issues
* New: New addon config parameter isLite for BAF-Lite
* Fixed: DR.Haladik is not mystified with world directions anymore
* Fixed: invisible bag bug
* Fixed: IEDs have theirs proper names and actions
* Fixed: Adjusted FV-150 cannon strength
* Bonus: Textures quality for BAF-Lite doubled
* Bonus: Sound quality for BAF-Lite doubled
* Bonus: Brand new grenade launcher optics to fit ballistic trajectory

* Fixed: Subordinates would ignore their leaders' GetIn/GetOut commands in some MP situations.
* Fixed: Tanks were jumping a lot when driving over stones far from a camera (
* Optimized: Improved performance when wheeled or tracked vehicles are moving (related to ground trace maintenance).
* Fixed: Possible player desync after DeleteVehicle command when player is a gunner.
* Fixed: Audibility of the VoN direct channel and conversations are now based on the player camera position, instead of the unit position.
* Improved: Tree LOD blending is now smoother in many situations.
* New: Free camera can be locked to plain objects like trees.
* New: New MP UI for Create Game (both host and remote).
* Fixed: Fps degradation when vehicles collided with rocks (
* New: -skipintro command line option to disable loading menu cutscenes.
* Optimized: File cache memory handling is now faster.
* Changed: foreach variable _index renamed to _forEachIndex
* Fixed: Stop firing at vehicle crew once it is dead. (
* Fixed: Rpt file no longer created in local settings when -profile is used (
* Fixed: Some texture or model files not loaded from mod paths starting with @. (
* Fix: Flooding of RPT file by "Cannot find Object" and similar messages after client disconnection.
* New: Scripting command HostMission.
* FIX: Engine crash with diag_log versus %
* New: MP Diagnostics logged into the mpStatistics.log file at the end of mission.
* New: VSync config option
* New: GetResolution script function
* New: forEach: variable _index added to retrieve the position of _x within the Array
* New: getVariable: default value can be defined
* Changed: Preprocessor error no longer terminates the game.
* New: getTerrainHeightASL script function
* Fixed: Reduced z-fight in scopes.
* New: event handler "fired" returns magazine name and object of projectile. Fixed: Slow animation step on some buildings (doors on LHD,..)
* Fixed: Alpha blend in fog.
* New: mergeConfigFile script function
* Fixed: Heads of distant soldiers were sometimes invisible (
* Fixed: Fired EH (
* Fixed: Person - helicopter collision not cause heli damage, (
* New: setSimpleTaskTarget script function
* Fixed: SetIdentity (relate to 73319)
* Fixed: Ammo created with createvehicle inflicts no "hit" damage
* Fixed: My own shots no longer causing a stress.
* New: WeaponAssembled, WeaponDisassembled events
* Fixed: Nearby units are notified of vehicles created by CreateVehicle command immediately now.
* Fixed: AI helicopters hovering too high when deploying troops on transport unload WP.
* Improved: Animation interpolation no longer shortening hands.
* Fixed: Relative formation command (advance/fallback/flank) now working as expected. Improved: AI mounting vehicles or catching up with formation covering a bit less to move faster.
* New: Expansions possibly registered in Windows Registry (by some future setups) are loaded and available through ModLauncher. When used with -mod commandline the prefix '%' should be used, such as -mod=%someInstalledMod.
* New: added addWeaponCargoGlobal, addMagazineCargoGlobal, addBackpackCargoGlobal
* Improved: Improved helicopter AI formation flying and collision avoidance.
* Fixed: MPEvents were not synchronized to clients after respawn.
* Fixed: leaveVehicle no longer un-assigns units from other groups (
* Changed: Event handlers evaluation, EH are now processed after simulation.
* Fixed: AI soldier unable to fire at targets below or above itself (
* New: addBackpackCargo script function
* New: Multiplayer Event MPRespawn synchronized on all clients but triggered only on the client where respawn happens.
* Fixed: Client had problems taking weapon from remote vehicle (supply target was handled locally)
* New: Multiplayer Event Handlers MPKilled and MPHit. Their event handlers are synchronized over the network to be the same on all clients. Moreover, when the MPKilled or MPHit event occurs it is triggered on all clients, ie. it works in a global manner. Use them by new scripting commands addMPEventHandler, removeMPEventHandler and removeAllMPEventHandlers.
* Fixed: Join group changes unit's side
* Changed: Airplanes parallax HUD disabled, can be enabled by "enableParallax" in config
* Fixed: execVM with a zero sized file has frozen the game.
* Fixed: Switching vision mode with fire mode
* Fixed: AI equipped with TI see through smokes
* Fixed: Commanding units with aiming deadzone
* Fixed: crash on server when loading ban.txt
* Fixed: crash in Ka52 while player as gunner
* Fixed: Shadows sometimes disappeared, esp. when sun was behind a player.
* Improved: changed tank AI driver behaviour
* New: Better client bad CDKey checking on server.
* Fixed: Crash with AI leaving vehicle with GetOut EH (
* Fixed: Client with bad CD key is kicked off from server instead of being politely asked to disconnect.
* Fixed: Airplanes HUDs projected into infinity.
* Improved: Tracers visible in all directions.
* Fixed: Unable to connect to servers with equalModRequired.
* Fixed: AI stuck while in combat/stealth mode
* New: Explosive shells penetrate bushes; Fixed: FireAtPosition aimpoint
* Fixed: Multiplayer on LAN was crashing when GameSpy server was unavailable.

* Tweaked envelope and landing speed of L39.
* Fixed respawn weapons for some TK soldiers
* Renamed faction CZ - > ACR.
* Tweaked airplanes radars.
* Parallax airplane HUD projection.

Version 1.52-1.54 Changelog

* New: GameSpy modhash key contains list of mods hashes and is used to check there are additional mods on server missing on client (yellow icon in UI).
* New: Mods contents hashes are compared instead of mods lists when equal mods are required on server.
* Fixed: Commandline -mod behaviour, active Mods list in UI, ModLauncher UI dialog with better mods detection and handling.
* Fixed: Terrain shadows were too short (
* New: getWeaponCargo, getMagazineCargo, getBackpackCargo script commands
* Experimental: TCMalloc used as a memory allocator.
* New: Aircraft now auto-trims at high speed to prevent climbing.
* Improved: More 3D/2D resolution ratios (8:7 and 6:5) added.
* Fixed: Transport waited for dead unit to get out.
* Fixed: NV tracers visible in TI (
* Fixed: Decreased tank sliding.
* Fixed: Sonic Cracks and Tracers not working in multiplayer
* Optimized: Frame rate stutter near complex walkable objects (like low rock walls) caused by grass computations.
* Fixed: crew getting killed in vehicles driving from hill/slope
* Fixed: Audio unsupported sample frequency error
* Fixed: IRStrobe (
* Fixed: 3D editor - creating of logic centre failed (
* Fixed: Unit in vehicle could not open gear in map.
* Fixed: client freezes when accessing ammobox (
* Fixed: No volume drop on distance with weapon click, car horn and etc. (
* Fixed: Dead player bodies disappeared after respawn.
* New: Repair vehicle and deactivate satchel charge action for engineer.
* Fixed: EEIncomingMissile event parameter
* New: Added scripting function disableTIEquipment.
* New: Artillery computer; Fire at position AI command; enableEngineArtillery script command
* Fixed: Surface sound in infinite terrain (
* Fixed: AI vision was not affected by light sources.
* Fixed: Birds were heard inside of a closed vehicle.
* Fixed: Scripting command isFlatEmpty did not work with non-zero third coordinate. (
* Fixed: TI was red instead of B/W with some settings and graphics cards.
* Fixed: Night vision simulation was not simulating colour sensitivity and blue shift in dark scenes.
* Fixed: Disabled debugging message "Added texture headers from file"
* Fixed: Av8 unable to takeoff from Chernarus NE airstrip (
* Fixed: Fog and sky colours did not match when dark.
* Fixed: Moon rotates when moving camera (
* Fixed: Stars no longer visible through terrain with low view distance (
* Fixed: Improved game stability with a small page file.
* Fixed: Gun recoil in ironsights view was missing kick-back (
* Fixed: possible crash after mouse click to Prev/Next button in DisplayConfigureAction

* Fixed: In E06 player should survive fall on ground without opening parachute.
* Fixed: Module Alice2 MP issues.

* Fixed: Improved AI path planning and path tracking with tanks.
* Fixed: Assembling/disassembling issue with M2 minitripod and M2 machinegun.
* Fixed: Sound of silenced Mk17 CCO.
* Fixed: Mi8 and Mi17 model animations bug in ARMA2:Combined operations only.
* Fixed: Fire-geometry in all Mi8 and Mi17, crew wasn't vulnerable in some cases.
* Fixed: Get-in points for MH-6J.
* Improved: Special units in US, CZ and Germany factions can hide bodies.
* Changed: Slot size of MAAWS magazines.
* Improved: AI wasn't able to destroy static weapons in some cases.
* Fixed: Animations of US Static TOW launcher.
* Fixed: Words Sabot and M-gun in radio protocols.
* Fixed: Damage zone indicator ATRQ and MROT were exchanged in helicopter.
* Fixed: Rockets count in Mi-171Sh.
* Changed: Destruct type for market tents.
* Fixed: HEAT ammunition for T-55 and Stryker MGS.
* Fixed: Glass penetrability of Mi-171Sh.

Version 1.50-1.52 Changelog

* Fixed: C130 was crashing on takeoff.
* Fixed: Multiplayer UI - Cannot play after cancel.
* Improved: Helmet Mounted Display is drawn only for driver.
* Fixed: AutoSaves in MP.
* Improved: Show cargo unit name when speaking in vehicle.
* Fixed: Crash with fired event handler.
* Fixed: Allow soldier to shoot if his target is too close and on higher ground.
* Improved: VON: speech encoding/decoding - dropout silence is not inserted so often.
* Improved: Blinking camp fires.
* Fixed: MP clients crash when they are ordered to turn on their flashlights or lasers.
* Fixed: Allow zeroing in external camera.

* "Pathfinder" tuned opfor positions and flow.
* "Coltan blues" inputting code has been tuned and timer delayed.
* "Coltan blues" FTL tuning.
* "From hell" tuned default weapons in MP.
* "From hell" optimized unit count and positions - improved FPS and playability.
* "Good morning T-stan" tuned winning conditions and FTL.
* "Good morning T-stan” convoy skill lowered and composition tweaked to decrease the mission difficulty.
* "Phoenix Op" optimized and tuned Opfor positions and unit count.
* "Laser show" fixed crashing chopper.
* "Press conference" fixed for MP.
* SP scenarios loading screens changed.
* SSM several fixes in the simple support module.
* surrendering fixed in "Pathfinder" and "From hell".
* Several localization fixes.
* Deathmatch and teamdeathmatch templates fixed.
* Several minor fixes of the singleplayer missions.
* UAV & ULB can now be used with terminal backpack on

* Fixed: Healing by UH-60M MEV, Stryker MEV and S1203 ambulance.
* Fixed: Speed indicators in UAZs.
* Fixed: Missing shadow on V3S (Fuel).
* Fixed: Optics model of static AT-13 Metis.
* Fixed: L39 wreck geometry.
* Fixed: S1203 number plate.
* New: Microphone volume slider.

Dateigröße: 415.27 MB
Autor: Bohemia Interactive
Datum: 22.12.10
Downloads: 4989

Klurs Island beta (build 8000)

02 Mai
SenChi veröffentlichte nach langem Schaffen nun schonmal diese Vorabversion seiner postapokalyptisch angehauchten Winterinsel. Darauf zu finden sind viele neue Objekte, stimmungsvolle Orte, und auch teilweise versteckte Überraschungen....
klurs\_island #34klurs\_island #40klurs\_island #41

Dateigröße: 388.77 MB
Autor: SenChi
Datum: 02.05.09
Downloads: 1407

Avgani 1.5 & Afghan village 1.0 (fixed)

17 April
Opteryx hat soeben die neuste Version seiner Avgani- (Iraq) und Afghan Village-Insel (Afghanistan) herausgebracht. Somit lauten die aktuellen Versionen Avgani 1.5 und Afghan Village 1.0!
Seiner eigenen Aussage nach hat sich "recht" viel geändert und es soll wohl vorerst seine letzte Version bleiben, allerdings sind die Inseln nun mit den neusten OPX-Objekten kompatibel.

Avgani 1.5
Dateigröße: 256 MB
Autor: Opteryx
Datum: 17.04.09
Downloads: 1816

SFF Recce Element v.0.2

21 Nov
SFF Recce Element v.02 #1SFF Recce Element v.02 #0

Dateigröße: 170 kB
Datum: 21.11.06
Downloads: 123

NWD Fire Control System 0.2

06 Jan
NWD FCS 0.2 #2
Bewegt man sein Eisenschwein in ArmA über das Gefechtsfeld, fällt dem geneigten Panzermann schnell auf, dass essentielle Teile wie etwa Bediengeräte vernachlässigt worden sind. Es gibt weder Wärmebildgeräte noch Laserentfernungsmesser, keinen Feuerleitrechner, kein "Übersteuern" des Turms und vor allem keinen dynamischen Vorhalt.

Mit diesem Addon wird Abhilfe geleistet.
Dateigröße: 2 kB
Autor: NoWonderDog
Datum: 06.01.08
Downloads: 1425

Vilas WW2 Pack (quick fix)

06 Jan
vilas ww2vilas ww22

vilas ww23vilas ww24

- Benötigt keinen Vilas Mod mehr
- Eine PBO, keine Config Files mehr
- neue SVT-40
- Schatten gefixed bei den Russischen Einheiten
- Manche Waffen haben nur einfache Schatten, aber dies wird in einem neuen Addon gefixed. Aber erst nachdem Project 85 veröffentlicht worden ist. Neue Waffenmodels sind nämlich vorhanden und werden dann auch eingebaut
- Bugfixes

Dateigröße: 35 MB
Autor: vilas
Datum: 06.01.08
Downloads: 1649

SP-Mission LibertySTAR

11 Jan
Die Lage auf Japahto ist schwierig. Es wird berichtet, dass die aufständischen Truppen ethnische Säuberungen der Zivilbevölkerung vornehmen. Die Drohnenaufklärung meldet verschiedene Hinweise auf kleinere Gefechte. Die Russen, unter dem Oberbefehl von General Götz Serginski, befinden sich auf Japahto und scheinen die Aufständischen mit Waffen zu unterstützen. Unsere Aufklärungssatelliten haben ein russisches Lager, Codename Wodka, entdeckt. Offiziell leugnen die Russen, dass Sie auf Japahto operieren. Da wir derzeit über kein UN-Mandat für einen militärischen Einsatz auf
Japahto verfügen, ist es nicht möglich die Truppen von General Götz Serginski direkt anzugreifen. Dies ändert sich jedoch wenn wir Beweise finden, dass es zu ethnischen Säuberungen gekommen ist und die Russen dies unterstützen.

So wird das Team Razor nach Japahto gebracht um eben diese Beweise zu finden, es muss abwechslungsreiche Nebenmissionen erfüllen, und letztendlich den Verantwortlichen zur Rechenschaft ziehen. Im Laufe der Mission kann das Razorteam verschiedene Arten von Unterstützung anfordern und sich in feindlichen Lagern neu aufmunitionieren. Mehr Informationen findet ihr im Briefing!

Dateigröße: 3.57 MB
Autor: r3D
Datum: 11.01.10
Downloads: 1434

Fire Texturen

27 Nov
Symbiot veröffentlichte ein Texturen Pack für die Feueranimationen.

Das Pack wird in folgenden Ordner kopiert:

Fire Textures by Symbiot #1Fire Textures by Symbiot #0

Dateigröße: 3,7 MB
Datum: 27.11.06
Downloads: 595

LN Skysled & Megatruck (beta2)

02 Jan
Loki und seine Kumpanen von LN veröffentlichten 2 Gefährte die ganz unverhohlen auf Realismus verzichten, dafür aber Boni in Sachen Spaßfaktor mitbringen.
ln\_toys #3ln\_toys #5ln\_toys #8ln\_toys #9ln\_toys #1ln\_toys #2ln\_toys #4ln\_toys #6ln\_toys #7

Dateigröße: 6.04 MB
Datum: 02.01.09
Downloads: 443

Namalsk Island

06 Okt
Namalsk Test Neu
Heute veröffentlichte Sumrak von der "Shadow of Namalsk" Modifikation seine fertiggestellte Winter-Insel "Namalsk". Diese Insel bietet sehr interessante Locations für die Missionsdesigner, denn sie enthält viele neue Gebäude, neue Vegetation und statische Objekte. Zusätzlich beinhaltet das Pack auch noch einige Multiplayermissionen, um die Insel bequem testen zu können und eine Alpha-Version der eigens erstellten Module, mit denen es möglich ist verschiedene Farbfilter für seine Missionen zu nutzen. Ein kleines "Gewinnspiel", wenn man es so nennen darf, gibt es auch... die ersten drei Spieler, welche auf der Insel vier Schneemänner gefunden haben und dies mit Screenshots bestätigen, haben die Ehre, die Kampagne der Modifikation betatesten zu dürfen.
SoN Screen#4SoN Screen#3SoN Screen#2SoN Screen#1SoN Screen#6SoN Screen#5

Dateigröße: 308 MB
Autor: Sumrak
Datum: 06.10.09
Downloads: 695

Ensk Island v2.0

18 Mai
Erst vor Kurzem wurde die v1.0 der Ensk Insel veröffentlich, diese enthielten wir euch allerdings wegen einiger Mängel vor. Die Jungs vom SARMAT Studio liessen sich jedenfalls nicht von den kleinen Startschwierigkeiten aufhalten, und schoben im Eiltempo die neue Version ihrer Insel nach.

Die Macher haben eine Vielzahl von neuen Objekten verbaut um eine Atmospäre zu schaffen, wie man sie in den GUS-Staaten üblicherweise erlebt.
ensk\_island #1ensk\_island #2ensk\_island #3
ensk\_island #4ensk\_island #5ensk\_island #6

Benötigt / requires:

Download: Ensk Objects v2.0
Größe: 218.29 MB Download
Datum: 18.05.09

Dateigröße: 31.7 MB
Autor: -=SARMAT=- Studio
Datum: 18.05.09
Downloads: 827

Teamspeak v. Client

16 Dez
TeamSpeak ist eine Software zur Sprachkommunikation via Internet mit einer klar getrennten Server-Client-Architektur. Unsere Serversoftware ist in der Lage Tausende von Clients bzw. Nutzern gleichzeitig zu verwalten - im Endeffekt resultiert daraus eine Lösung zu Internet-basiertem Teleconferencing, welche sich für verschiedene Aufgaben und Anwendungen einsetzen lässt, zum Beispiel als Alternative zu Telefonkonferenzen und Meetings, als Möglichkeit durch Ferngespräche entstehende Kosten zu senken oder als Medium um sich mit Freunden und Familie zu unterhalten.

Diese Software steht allen nicht-kommerziellen Nutzern kostenlos zur Verfügung[...]
Dateigröße: 5,59 MB
Datum: 16.12.06
Downloads: 459

USAF F-16C Falcon (beta)

07 März
(Thanks to eddyD and Blue_Flight for testing and texture work)

Included in the PBO are three versions (listed under BLUFOR->Air):

CAP - Combat Air Patrol - 6 (BIS) AIM-9 Sidewinders
CAS - Close Air Support - 4 AGM-65 Mavericks and rockets
GBU - Precision Strike - 4 (BIS) GBU's - skin by eddyD
Dateigröße: 4.47 MB
Autor: Footmunch
Datum: 07.03.08
Downloads: 1759

HWM Community Module (Nam Era Hueys)

24 Juni
Dateigröße: 25.6 MB
Autor: Hellenic Warfare Mod / Red Dev
Datum: 24.06.08
Downloads: 670
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