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UKF Shared

04 Okt
... ... .... .....
Dateigröße: 7.41 MB
Autor: P:UKF
Datum: 04.10.09
Downloads: 31

Geminis Trainingsziele

18 Jan
Hier gibt es das Video zum Addon.
Dateigröße: 115 kB
Autor: Gemini
Datum: 18.01.08
Downloads: 28

ACR Weapon Pack

07 Aug


This pack contains several models of weapons used by Czech army, be it special forces or regular infantry. A lot of the weapons are present in ArmA already, these just add more varability to them.

Weapons and ammo can be found in an ammobox under EMPTY->AMUNITION->WEAPONS AND AMMO[ACR]
All weapons (except for CG and G17) come in woodland/green, black and desert camo.
Weapons use BIS standart mags as well as new mags with according models.
Each weapon has it's own custom hand animation.
Recomended to use with SABRE's retexed czech soldiers (


Class: Weapon:
-"ACR_M4A3","ACR_M4A3_B","ACR_M4A3_D", M4A3 rifle with ironsights (black/green/desert)
-"ACR_M4A3REF","ACR_M4A3REF_B","ACR_M4A3REF_D", M4A3 rifle with red dot and flashlight (black/green/desert)
-"ACR_M4A3ACOG","ACR_M4A3ACOG_B","ACR_M4A3ACOG_D", M4A3 rifle with ACOG and laser (black/green/desert)
-"ACR_SD6","ACR_SD6_B","ACR_SD6_D", MP5SD6 with red dot (black/green/desert)
-"ACR_M60E4", M60E4
-"ACR_M60E4M1", M60E4 mod1 with ACOG
-"ACR_SA58REF","ACR_SA58REF","ACR_SA58REF", Sa58 with red dot and flashlight (black/green/desert)
-"ACR_SA58ACOG","ACR_SA58ACOG_B","ACR_SA58ACOG_D", Sa58 with ACOG and laser (black/green/desert)
-"ACR_GLOCK17", Glock 17 with a flashlight
-"ACR_GLOCK17SD", Glock 17 with silencer and laser
-"ACR_CG", Carl Gustav M3
-"ACR_AW_308","ACR_AW_308_D", Arctic Warfare sniper rifle (green/desert)
-"ACR_AmmoBox" Ammobox

Copy both the acr_weapons.pbo and the acr_weapons.pbo.ACR.bisign in Addons folder in your ArmA2:OA / ArmA2:CO installation directory.

TheSun (

Yano from CSLA mod for his Sa-58 base model.

Required version:

This addon was tested and works. The author takes no responsibility for any damage caused to your system. If you want to use this addon or parts of it, please contact the author first fo permission.

Dateigröße: 104,87 kB
Autor: TheSun / CSLA Mod
Datum: 07.08.11
Downloads: 28

Lords of the Night v1.0

28 Okt
loki, Lord of Destruction und sympathischer Co-Moderator an Jerry Hopper's Seite, veröffentlichte in den OFPEC Foren eine Beta der 1. Mission seiner Lords of the Night MP Kampagne.

Ziel dieser Coop ist es, die neue Wunderwaffe der OPFOR´ianer lahmzulegen bevor sie in Betrieb genommen werden kann.

Loki´s Nightmare - Homepage
Dateigröße: 1.21 MB
Autor: loki
Datum: 28.10.08
Downloads: 26

INKO Disposable

28 Jan
This addon makes the M136 and RPG-18 man-portable anti-tank launchers disposable as they are in real life. After one shot the tube is spent and cannot be reused in any way.
Dateigröße: 1 MB
Datum: 28.01.10
Downloads: 25
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