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Everon v.1.0

09 März
Hier ein paar Informationen zu seiner Insel:

Ich hab die Insel upgedated um jeglichen Problemen mit dem ACE Mod vorzubeugen. Die Tags wurden für neue Projekte umgeändert in SAP.

Ich habe die Config ein wenig überarbeitet und dann noch den Bikey Signature File hinzugefügt. Der Rest ist so geblieben wie er war.

Für ältere Missionen müsst ihr die Classnames noch ändern:
  • SAP_Everon
  • SAP_DES_Everon

Dateigröße: 20 MB
Autor: Sgt.Ace
Datum: 09.03.08
Downloads: 691


09 März
Freedom Fighters #5
agamoth hat heute Nacht seine Widerstandskämpfer in einer ersten Beta-Version veröffentlicht.

Inspiriert von Spielen wie Freedom-Fighters und Half-Life 2, sowie Filmen wie Equilibrium, war er es müde, ständig auf Resistance-Einheiten in ArmA zu treffen, die entweder meist aussehen wie halbe OPFOR-Sympathisanten oder aber wie aus dem mittleren Osten mit Teppich eingeflogene Dschihadisten. Also auf gut deutsch: Einheitsbrei!

Dieses Addon benötigt kein Queen's Gambit!
Dateigröße: 65 MB
Autor: agamoth
Datum: 09.03.08
Downloads: 437

F/A-18E/F Super Hornet v0.1 (beta)

08 März

F/A-18E/F Super Hornet!
Beta 0.1 for ArmA

  • Remodeled and improved version of the MAS F/A-18E/F from FP
  • Firepower! Including the AIM-9M/X, AIM-120C, AIM-7M, Mk82, Mk83, Mk84, Mk20, CBU-78, GBU-10, GBU-12, GBU-16, AGM-65E, AGM-88, AGM-154A, AGM-84D, and AGM-84H.
  • Real functioning cockpits - see your fuel level in the cockpit, aircraft status on MFDs, your location on the map, and more!
  • Aircraft damage - take hits and be prepared to hear "WARNING: AIRCRAFT DAMAGE" as your computer lists the various systems damaged or destroyed by enemy fire!
  • Aerial refueling: both aircraft come with capability to refuel from a F/A-18F with a buddy pod.
  • GUI Arming system: Select your weaponry on the fly through an intuitive menu system.
  • Standoff weapon targeting features enable you to strike at the enemy without him even knowing about you!
franze\_hornet #1franze\_hornet #0

Dateigröße: 14.01 MB
Autor: Franze
Datum: 08.03.08
Downloads: 1566

PKW_Pilots (west jet pilots v 1.0)

08 März
PKW\_Pilots #4
Passend zum gestrigen Footmunch Friday, hat YacieK ein paar WIP-Bilder seiner in Arbeit befindlichen Piloten-Replacements, in den BI-Foren veröffentlicht.

Kurz und knapp formulierte er dazu:

"Ich hab mich dazu entschieden, die westlichen Piloten zu korrigieren."

Gleichfalls gab er bekannt, dass er nach Fertigstellung mit Helikopterpiloten weitermachen will.

Ein paar mehr Bilder unter weiterlesen.
Dateigröße: 22 MB
Autor: YacieK
Datum: 08.03.08
Downloads: 366

Roleplay Objects

07 März
This addon contains a couple of objects which can be carried in your inventory. Its designed for roleplay missions or missions that have some roleplay aspects. In this version you will get 35 magslot objects and a new building (jail). Even if this is not a beta version you can expect another version with more military content in the future (maybe in ACE-Mod).
Theres one know bug when using this addon. Everytime you pick up a new weapon all objects will be taken out of your inventory and put into the crate/body from which you where resuplying.
I hope you enjoy this addon please give me feedback and let me know if you making missions with it (would like to play them then ;) )
    Content and classnames:
  • RPO_obj1 = 1Kg cocaine
  • RPO_obj2 = 5Kg Cocaine
  • RPO_obj3 = $100 pack
  • RPO_obj4= $200 pack
  • RPO_obj5= $500 pack
  • RPO_obj6= $1000 pack
  • RPO_obj7= $2000 pack
  • RPO_obj8= $5000 pack
  • RPO_obj9= $10000 pack
  • RPO_obj10= $50000 pack
  • RPO_obj11= $100000 pack
  • RPO_obj12= $500000 pack
  • RPO_obj13= $1000000 pack
  • RPO_obj14= PDA
  • RPO_obj15= W810i mobile phone
  • RPO_obj16= 300g goldbar
  • RPO_obj17= Smirnoff Red Label
  • RPO_obj18= German Passport
  • RPO_obj19= UK Passport
  • RPO_obj20= US Passport
  • RPO_obj21= 500 Euro
  • RPO_obj22= 1000 Euro
  • RPO_obj23= 2000 Euro
  • RPO_obj24= 5000 Euro
  • RPO_obj25= 10000 Euro
  • RPO_obj26= 20000 Euro
  • RPO_obj27= 50000 Euro
  • RPO_obj28= 100g dope
  • RPO_obj29= Compass
  • RPO_obj30= GPS
  • RPO_obj31= Radio
  • RPO_obj32= Watch
  • RPO_obj33= HMMWV spare tire
  • RPO_obj34= Fuel can
  • RPO_obj35= fire extinguisher
You can find a sample crate under
Empty>>Roleplay objects>> objects box

The second addon is a new building that can be used as jail. There are 4 animated doors but only the main entrance door can be opened directly. To open the cell doors you need to got to the control panel behind the observation window.

You can find it under:
Empty>>roleplay objects>> jail

Dateigröße: 19.3 MB
Autor: Al Simmons & Tiger
Datum: 07.03.08
Downloads: 356

USAF F-16C Falcon (beta)

07 März
(Thanks to eddyD and Blue_Flight for testing and texture work)

Included in the PBO are three versions (listed under BLUFOR->Air):

CAP - Combat Air Patrol - 6 (BIS) AIM-9 Sidewinders
CAS - Close Air Support - 4 AGM-65 Mavericks and rockets
GBU - Precision Strike - 4 (BIS) GBU's - skin by eddyD
Dateigröße: 4.47 MB
Autor: Footmunch
Datum: 07.03.08
Downloads: 1761

XAM 1.4.05 "light"

06 März
Zitat von snake22000:
You are waiting for a XAM Mod version allowing you to connect on any server without troubles while enjoying sound and visual effects and some of the XAM gameplay without any change in ArmA core ?

XAM 1.4 Light is coming, it will allow all that !

This will allow you to connect on any server without troubles while enjoying sound and visual effects and some of the XAM gameplay without any change in ArmA core.

This light version is compatible with all other community addons & with Arma version 1.08

Dateigröße: 373.1 MB
Autor: XAM Mod
Datum: 06.03.08
Downloads: 702

Sky Replacement

05 März
Zitat von Ryan_D:
Was bored so made a little replacement addon that changes the ArmA sky. I changed the no cloudy sky, semi cloudy sky, and cloudy sky. Rain clouds are still the original ones, because I got the pics of google and couldn't find any good ones for them.
sky-repl #1sky-repl #0

Dateigröße: 935 kB
Autor: Ryan_D
Datum: 05.03.08
Downloads: 166

RH AKS Pack ver 1.5

05 März

RH AKS Pack ver 1.5


In this pack are these types :
AKS47 with buttstock and without
AK47 with GP30
AKS74U with PB silencer
AKS74U with PB silencer + Tishina GL
AK74's and Kobra sight
AKM with GP30
AKM with PSO
RK95 Sako
AN94 Abakan
AN94 Abakan with GP30
SVD normal and grey grip SVD
Oc14's , Groza-1's
and Bonus guns:
AK47 Gold , Silver
SVD Gold

*****Credits & Weapons and Skin made*****

Model: Warfrog
Skin: Tha_Slaya

AKM/GP30 model : Twinke Masta
PSO Scope: Twinke Masta
retractible stock: Spydr
AKM skin: Thanez, NCFurious, Moonspoon, Twinke Masta, Sproily
PSO Scope skin: Smokey Joe
stock skin: Kimono

RK-95 Sako:
Sako body model: Darkstorn
Magazine model: Twinke Masta
Skin: Twinke Masta

Models: Ettubrutesbro
Textures: specnaz1980 , WangChung

Model: The_Lama
Skin: specnaz1980 , Polygon
PB and Tishina: Toxikneedle and Fipoch

Model: Malignant
Skin: Rosa Jonas

Base model : Twinke Masta
AK74 skin: Twinke Masta, Sproily and RobertHammer
Reworked from AKM model : RobertHammer
Kobra sight and skin : The_Lama and Millenia

Base Model: The_Lama
Skin: specnaz1980 , Polygon
GL parts and Skin : GSC
Some old parts and skin : Mr_Dexter1945
Reworked from AKSU : RobertHammer

And Golden skins:
AK47 Gold and Silver skin: RobertHammer
SVD Gold skin : WangChung and RobertHammer

BIG Thx for permission to compiling your the best stuff into great game and make the game nicer

Config work: Q1184 and RobertHammer
New recoils , bullets and other tweaks: Q1184
Improved Textures and sounds: RobertHammer , FDF RK-95 fire sound and The Noid's AK47 bolt sound
Animations : Inspirated from SLX
Cool Real optics: NonWonderDog
Testers : Aimpoint and Mark

THX ALL you are the BEST

*****NOTES/BUGS KNOWN*******
- Gold effect is not perfect , but better then nothing
- SD versions with Scopes , when they using SD mags , they firing up the Scope's middle , i dunno why , same "bug" is on BIS mags too
- added model of mags for custom mags (thx wipman)
- added configs for versions 1.08 and 1.09beta (created by Q1184):
If you use 1.09 you only put RH_aks.pbo and RH_aks_109cfg.pbo, and if you use 1.08, you should have RH_aks.pbo and RH_aks_108cfg.pbo.

Working installation of Armed Assault: Version 1.08 or higher and Queen´s Gambit.
Weapons only needs Arma , it can be run without QG too :)

There's also ammo box for these weapons and ENjoy those weapons !!

Dateigröße: 63.3 MB
Autor: RobertHammer
Datum: 05.03.08
Downloads: 701

Unique ammo models

04 März
Zitat von andersson:
I been dead tired on the satchel bags as ammo. Now when BI so kindly released their mlods it was a piece of cake to do this. So most credit goes to BIS as they made the models, I only cutted away the magasines.

As this is made using the released BI mlods I agree to the licens they are released with. So read the readme if you are going to use something for your own models.

One thing I'm not really satisfied with is the grenades, they use the same model regardless of HE or flare...

Dateigröße: 1.31 MB
Autor: andersson
Datum: 04.03.08
Downloads: 881

Lowplants v1.1

04 März
Kegetys Lowplants entfernt einige Shader aus der Vegetation was zu erheblicher Performancesteigerung führt.

Zitat von Kegetys:
Here's a small mod I made, it changes the vegetation in Sahrani to use the 'very low' detail shaders when shader detail is set to a higher setting. This increases performance quite alot without having to disable all the normal maps etc from everywhere as you get with 'very low' shaders. The vegetation textures are also modified so that they do not look as pale without the normal maps. The main grass model and texture are also modified for better performance and appearance. All this gives a nice performance boost without a significant loss in image quality.

Some comparison screenshots (Downscaled from 2048x1536):
Shot 1: Normal shaders (25FPS) / with lowplants (37FPS, 48% increase)
Shot 2: Normal shaders (16FPS) / with lowplants (24FPS, 50% increase)
Shot 3: Normal shaders (33FPS) / with lowplants (46FPS, 40% increase)

To install, just run the installer and then use the 'lowplants' modfolder (Ie. add -mod=lowplants to your ArmA shortcut).

Dateigröße: 4.29 MB
Autor: Kegetys
Datum: 04.03.08
Downloads: 433

XAM 1.4.05

01 März
We are back at it again, after being away for too many weeks, XAM is back in a 1.4:05 version, featuring:

- Gameplay balance.
- Bugs corrections
- Main stability and performances improvement .
- Content added.

This version works with 1.09 Beta patch for Armed Assault ! We suggest to download this update needed to improve stability and performances.
An ArmA 1.08 compatible version, is on the way and will be here soon, but it's a less recommended version.
Dateigröße: 885 MB
Datum: 01.03.08
Downloads: 567

Claymore 1.0

01 März
- Simulated shrapnel as well as blast damage.
- Peep sight for sighting in.
- Safety mechanism so that you can safely blow a predetermined set of mines.
- Command detonated up to 200m and tripwire (Illegal in many armies).
- Anyone (including enemies) may rotate, attach tripwires or disarm any claymore.
- Scripts included for mission editors to place armed claymores anywhere (pointing anywhere too) with thier own triggers.

Please note! This script does not use extended event handlers and will require you to place a claymore ammo box in the mission somewhere to have them work properly.

I consider this release quite stable, it has gone through two betas and private testing. All mods are free to use and modify this addon, all I ask is that credit remains mine and any useful modifications are made avaliable to the community again. I'd suggest that vietnaam mods take out the night vision for the peep sight and modern warfare mods remove the tripwires if it's not legal. Night vision can be removed in peep_sight.sqf, tripwires can be removed in proximity_loop.sqf. If you need help, PM me.

Here's the mirror for now, will update when someone mirrors it properly. Please call it 'claymore', the version is 1.0.
Dateigröße: 1.1 MB
Autor: _Pingu_
Datum: 01.03.08
Downloads: 517

Syrian Army Pack 1.2

01 März
This pack is made up units based on customized versions of SLA units with some custom gear from our OFP mod added to them. Before anyone says it, in real life the Syrian Army DOES use AK-74's. They are one of the few non-Russian countries to use them.
We used a slightly modified SLA cammo for the woodland cammo and our Syrian lizard skin cammo as we had from our OFP Syrian units.

Units to be found under OPFOR include:
    Syrian Infantry (Woodland Camo):
  • Squad leader
  • RPG gunner
  • Machine Gunner
  • Medic
  • AA specialist
  • Sniper
  • Tank crew
  • Pilot

  • Syrian Infantry (Lizard Camo)
  • Squad leader
  • RPG gunner
  • Machine Gunner
  • Medic
  • AA specialist
  • Sniper

  • Syrian Commandos (Woodland)
  • Squad Leader
  • Operator
  • Operator (covert)
  • Marksman

  • Syrian Commandos (Lizard Camo)
  • Squad Leader
  • Operator
  • Operator (covert)
  • Marksman

  • Vehicles:
  • T-72
  • BMP-2
  • BDRM-2
  • URAL
  • MI-17 HIP
  • UAZ (MG)
lobo\_syrarmy #3lobo\_syrarmy #2
lobo\_syrarmy #1lobo\_syrarmy #0

Dateigröße: 26.38 MB
Autor: Lost Brothers Mod
Datum: 01.03.08
Downloads: 1212

Bank Building (beta)

29 Feb
bankbuilding #0bankbuilding #1bankbuilding #2bankbuilding #3bankbuilding #4bankbuilding #5

Dateigröße: 1.31 MB
Autor: I.M.G.
Datum: 29.02.08
Downloads: 398

EddyD Softshelter

29 Feb
Das Softshelter ist eigentlich für Kampfjets gedacht, doch die A-10 könnte auch drin Platz nehmen.
Das Addon befindet sich noch im Betastatus und kann deshalb Bugs aufweisen.
Dateigröße: 750 kB
Autor: eddyD
Datum: 29.02.08
Downloads: 93

UAV RQ-1 Predator

28 Feb
UAV RQ-1 Predator Addon for ArmA: Armed Assault


RQ-1 Predator is a long-endurance, medium-altitude unmanned aerial vehicle for surveillance and reconnaissance missions.
The Northrop Grumman TESAR synthetic aperture radar, which provides all-weather surveillance capability, has a resolution of 1 feet.
Surveillance imagery from synthetic aperture radar, video cameras and a Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) can be distributed in real-time both to the front line soldier and to the operational commander, or worldwide in real-time via satellite communication links.

How to use:

Cut and paste addon file (emsi_mrquavs.pbo) with sign file (emsi_mrquavs.pbo.EMSI.bisign) into your Addons directory, or use your own Mod directory for unofficial addons and testing.
Then you find this unit in editor through BLUFOR -> UAV -> RQ-1 Predator.

Dateigröße: 2.35 MB
Autor: EMSI
Datum: 28.02.08
Downloads: 587

ArmAliens v3.0

28 Feb
armaliens #2armaliens #1armaliens #0

What's New:
-Alien lifeforms!
-Many more UFO's including another version of Black Baron's, a mothership that's almost unstopable, and much more!
-UFO's now shoot lasers much more rapidly
-New laser guns
-Game logics which add more features for the UFO's such as making tripod noises (from the "War of the Worlds" movie) or escaping to space when seriously damaged
-Bug fixes and much more

Dateigröße: 18.2 MB
Autor: Ryan_D
Datum: 28.02.08
Downloads: 750

Farmland Zombie Mod V. Beta 1

28 Feb
Dateigröße: 61 MB
Autor: Cervantes
Datum: 28.02.08
Downloads: 1995

Sarve Island v1.2

24 Feb

Queens Gambit wird benötigt

by Ike
Version: 1.1
Required addons:
Queens gambit
Ofp in ArmA - Objects Pack(included in download)

Hi, here's my first map made with Visitor3. Just wanted to release it and see what you think about it.
I wanted to keep it small and size is 7,5x7,5km.

- Ofp in ArmA Objects Pack bunkers
- Lot of woods/natural cover
- Big harbour
- Few villages and bases
- Airfield
- Swamp
- Works on dedi

- Added harbours and roads to Saarnaki and Valipe
- Tweaked config
- Changed some objects

Dateigröße: 13.7 MB
Autor: Ike
Datum: 24.02.08
Downloads: 106
Ältere Downloads: 12...252627282930313233...3839