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Skoda Felicia v1.0

23 März
skoda\_felicia #3skoda\_felicia #2skoda\_felicia #1skoda\_felicia #0

Dateigröße: 2.99 MB
Autor: Frizy & Faust (FF Studio)
Datum: 23.03.08
Downloads: 710

Patch 1.11 Beta (International)

20 März
* Fixed compatibility issues with Vista x64 platform

* Voice over net and multiplayer related fixes and improvements

* Fixed Out Of Memory problems caused by exhausting 32b virtual address space

* Significant optimizations with large view distances

* AI bridge pathfinding much improved

* Fixed some bugs in the AI target recognition both visually and aurally

* Improved airplane turn dynamics simulation (including improved rudder simulation)

* Fixed clipping issues with 16:9 or TrippleHead displays
Dateigröße: 25 MB
Autor: BIS
Datum: 20.03.08
Downloads: 6705

Hornet 0.25b

20 März
franze\_hornet #0
Franze hat in den BI-Foren eine weitere Beta-Version seiner Hornisse veröffentlicht. Die Änderungen in dieser 0.25 titulierten Auflage entnehmt ihr bitte der folgenden Liste.

  • Numerous minor bug fixes.
  • New Over-G feature: pull over 7.5Gs for too long and risk damage, pull over 9Gs for too long and risk extreme damage.
  • Modified arming menu GUI to include new weapon info selection and pre-selected loadouts.
  • Introduced scripts to place pre-selected weaponry on aircraft.

Dateigröße: 16 MB
Autor: Franze
Datum: 20.03.08
Downloads: 625

Apocalypse Mod 1.0 (beta)

19 März
Zitat von agamoth:
The Resistance units has been turned into a post-apocalypse mod now and there will much more to it from here on...
Before I get on with that here's the last beta of the units so you don't have to wait too long to try out the newest additions.

The new version contains following:
    Freedom fighters:
  • 46 unique units
  • includes the 5 new female models

  • New order:
  • new order is the opfor of the resistance they are more organized army looking group with an officer and a group leader
  • There's 9 New Order units and 2 new zombie/mutant models (no new textures though)

  • Object pack:
  • A couple of Beta objects
  • Two half-textures biohazrd contrainers/barreks
  • Two concrete wall sections and a concrete shelter
  • A destroyed baby carrige
  • A propane bomb
  • And my personal favorite the Teddybear bomb

Dateigröße: 68.97 MB
Autor: agamoth
Datum: 19.03.08
Downloads: 759

Hornet Update #2

17 März
franze\_hornet #0
Franze hat erneut seiner F/A-18E/F Super Hornet ein paar Updates spendiert und veröffentlichte eine weitere Beta-Version namens Beta 0.2 in den BI-Foren.

Die Änderungen entnehmt ihr bitte der Liste, die ihr wie üblich unter weiterlesen einsehen könnt.
Dateigröße: 16 MB
Autor: Franze
Datum: 17.03.08
Downloads: 384

PKW Mercenary

15 März
pkw\_merc #2pkw\_merc #1
pkw\_merc #3pkw\_merc #0

  • Marksman - equipped with M21 EBR and Glock 17SD
  • Teamleader - equipped with G36K, and Glock 17
  • Mercenary - equipped with SIG 551 ACOG scope
  • Grenadier - equipped with M4GL
  • Machinegunner - equipped with M 259 Para Elcan scope and Glock 17
  • Ghille suit sniper : - equipped with M21SD and Glock 17SD
  • Night-ops : equipped with MP5 and Glock 17SD

Dateigröße: 65.68 MB
Autor: YacieK
Datum: 15.03.08
Downloads: 513

PKW Weapons

15 März
Dateigröße: 28.32 MB
Autor: YacieK
Datum: 15.03.08
Downloads: 863

RTMToolbox 2.2.1b

15 März
RTMToolbox 2.2.1b

Fab. hat in den BI-Foren ein interessantes Tool veröffentlicht das in Zusammenarbeit mit OFP-Anim dazu geeignet ist, Animationen für OFP/ArmA herzustellen.
Dateigröße: 145 kB
Autor: Fab.
Datum: 15.03.08
Downloads: 213

ECS Server 10150

14 März
Enhanced Configuration System - für Server
Dateigröße: 199 kB
Autor: ECS Mod
Datum: 14.03.08
Downloads: 115

ECS Client HD 10150

14 März
Enhanced Configuration System (High Definition) - für Client
(HD: high quality sound version of ECS, for users that experienced sounds problem in the game with using high compression level Ogg vorbis or for users that want the max sounds quality)
Dateigröße: 172.58 MB
Autor: ECS Mod
Datum: 14.03.08
Downloads: 597

ECS Client 10150

14 März

Enhanced Configuration System - für Client
Dateigröße: 26.64 MB
Autor: ECS Mod
Datum: 14.03.08
Downloads: 159
Download Weaponpack v0.2beta2

13 März
== Wiki ==

== Installation ==
* Place the Addon folder: @SIX_Weaponpack into your ArmA Installation Folder
* Edit your ArmA shortcut to include the mod, add: -mod=@SIX_WeaponPack
* or if you have multiple mods, per example: -mod=@ModWar;@MAP_Air;@SIX_Weaponpack

== Notes ==
* Currently Beta

== Classes ==
=== Weapons ===
* SIX_HK416
* SIX_HK416_aim
* SIX_HK416_eotech
* SIX_HK416_eotech_gl
* SIX_HK416_ACOG_gl
* SIX_HK416_CarS
* SIX_HK416_Leu
* SIX_HK417
* SIX_HK417_ACOG_gl
* SIX_HK417_Leu

* SIX_SCAR_L_acog
* SIX_SCAR_L_leu_gl
* SIX_SCAR_L_CQB_eotech
* SIX_SCAR_L_CQB_eotechS
* SIX_SCAR_L_Marksman
* SIX_SCAR_L_MarksmanS
* SIX_SCAR_H_acog
* SIX_SCAR_H_CQB_eotech
* SIX_SCAR_H_CQB_eotechS
* SIX_SCAR_H_Marksman
* SIX_SCAR_H_MarksmanS

* SIX_M14
* SIX_M14_des
* SIX_M14_wdl
* SIX_M14_wdl_acog
* SIX_M14_reflex
* SIX_M14_nam
* SIX_M14_sop
* SIX_M14_sop_gl
* SIX_M14_sop_aim
* SIX_M14_sop_aim_gl
* SIX_M14_sop_acog
* SIX_M14_sop_acog_gl
* SIX_M14_sop_cmore
* SIX_M14_sop_dmr
* SIX_M14_sop_elcan
* SIX_M14_sop_eotech
* SIX_M14_sop_eotech_gl
* SIX_M14_sopS
* SIX_M14_sop_aimS
* SIX_M14_sop_acogS
* SIX_M14_sop_cmoreS
* SIX_M14_sop_dmrS
* SIX_M14_sop_elcanS
* SIX_M14_sop_eotechS
* SIX_M21
* SIX_M21_des
* SIX_M21_wdl
* SIX_M21_dmr
* SIX_M21_dmrS
* SIX_M21_Police

* SIX_M32
* SIX_WilsonCombat"

=== Magazines ===
* SIX_20Rnd_762x51_Nato
* SIX_20Rnd_762x51_Nato_Nt
* SIX_20Rnd_762x51_NatoSUPER
* SIX_20Rnd_762x51_NatoSUB
* SIX_25Rnd_762x51_Nato

* SIX_20Rnd_762x51_M14
* SIX_20Rnd_762x51_M21
* SIX_20Rnd_762x51_FAL
* SIX_20Rnd_762x51_HK417
* SIX_20Rnd_762x51_HK417_Match
* SIX_20Rnd_762x51_SCAR
* SIX_20Rnd_762x51_SCAR_Match

* 20Rnd_556x45_Stanag (original ArmA)
* 30Rnd_556x45_Stanag (original ArmA)
* SIX_30Rnd_556x45_StanagSuper
* SIX_30Rnd_556x45_StanagSub

* SIX_6Rnd_HE_M32
* SIX_8Rnd_1911"

=== Boxes ===
* SIX_WeaponPack_WBox - All Weaps+Mags

== Credits ==
* Addon & Configs by Sickboy
* M14/M21, HK416/417, M32 and M1911 Wilson Combat by Garlay
* M1911 Config help by Ghost
* M14 Sight/scope models and textures by SJB Team (Jackal326, DaSquade, Drill Sergeant). Models based on work by Vilas
* SCAR-L/H/AK by Scubaman3D
* Weapon Characteristics by Alex T.

Dateigröße: 43.81 MB
Autor: sickboy /
Datum: 13.03.08
Downloads: 1407

Hornet 0.15beta

13 März
franze\_hornet #0
Franze hat seiner wunderschönen Hornet ein kleines Update spendiert und erhöht die Versionsnummer damit von 0.1beta auf 0.15beta.

  • ST errors resolved due to binarization.
  • Model sections optimized: Main LOD has less than 20 sections.

Dateigröße: 16 MB
Autor: Franze
Datum: 13.03.08
Downloads: 385

Predators 2.0

13 März
UAV-Update 2
Die Predatoren von EMSI & pochyst haben Version 2.0 erreicht. Leider gibt es keine ausreichenden Informationen respektive Changelogs über das was sich geändert hat. Oder der Autor hat's überlesen.
Dateigröße: 3 MB
Autor: EMSI & pochyst
Datum: 13.03.08
Downloads: 1051

agamoth resistance update

13 März
agamoth hat seine Widerstandskämpfer verbessert und eine neue Version im BI-Forums veröffentlicht. Änderungen entnehmt ihr bitte dem Zitat, den Download findet ihr unter weiterlesen.

agamoth resistance update #2
  • fixed custom faces
  • new units
  • new grayish color tone to all units
  • a few smaller bugs corrected

Dateigröße: 70 MB
Autor: agamoth
Datum: 13.03.08
Downloads: 331


12 März
El Templato Gigante

Opensource template for a Car with multiple turrets.

Thanks to.

BWMod for the first help with the basic car (you know who you are guys).
Glen for listning to all my stupid questions at wird times.

Who els i forgot.. franly.. one persons memory is really fryed after working 14 hrs in a row :S
El-Templato #0El-Templato #1

Dateigröße: 61.4 kB
Autor: RavenDK
Datum: 12.03.08
Downloads: 99

Extended Voice Addon v0.9.1

11 März
Description: Addon contains some of additional words and adds some variants in AI radioprotocol. Basically, this is the reports on wounds, losses, targeting and attack.
Two variants are given: with a standard set of words, and with reduced. In the reduced variant - bot's numbers, the exact indication of target (machinegunner or specops - both are simple men), and exact distance - cut off. This is little accelerates and simplifies a radioprotocol. All bots radiochat subtitles are saved as original. The new words variants are taken from ca\sounds\missions\character_name and completely correspond to characters voices in ca\voice. Addon based on Armed Assault Speech Database, by =BFP=Cheetah, and flea's detailed instructions.
Objectives: to make a radioexchange less tiresome and more variable and faster.
Attention: only English, rating 13 +, contains adult language, not tested in MP.
Issues: the large size. less variants.
To install:unpack archive to game folder and add to properties -mod = EVA or -mod = ArmAEffects; @TrueMods;.........; @EVA
Credits: Cheetah for detailed base of files, flea for the operative and detailed instructions, and certainly BIS, for tens written down, but not switched on in game, voices of the original game characters.
Disclaimer: Addon does not contain materials protected by the laws on the copyrights, behind exception already given BIS. You can supplement and change it, not asking my permission, ut to specify my authorship and help those whom I have listed, is necessary.
Contact: to the complaints and suggestions mail to: or

Dateigröße: 146.3 MB
Autor: nikietha
Datum: 11.03.08
Downloads: 179

Be 32K v1.3

10 März
Be\_32K #1Be\_32K #0
  • Finaly fixed the damage textures.
  • Fixed the classnames and demo mission..
  • Right crew in Be32 US and UN
  • Fab 250 in russian letters..
  • Fab 250 damage tweaked.
  • No blue color on the fab 250
  • Working dampers
  • Front wheel steers on ground.
  • Improved rvmat for UN and windows
  • Windows remapped, works better now.
  • RC_be32k
  • RC_Be32k_fab250
  • RC_Be32k_kab500L
  • RC_Be32kUN
  • RC_Be32kUS
    For the FAB250
  • Weapon: RC_FAB250Rail
  • Magazine: RC_9x_FAB250
  • Ammo: RC_FAB250
    For the KAB500L
  • Weapon: RC_KAB500Rail
  • Magazines: RC_4x_KAB500L,RC_2x_KAB500L
  • Ammo: RC_KAB500L

Dateigröße: 19.1 MB
Autor: granQ
Datum: 10.03.08
Downloads: 1406

P44 Buildings 0.1b

09 März
P44\_Buildings #0P44\_Buildings #1
P44\_Buildings #0P44\_Buildings #1

Dateigröße: 4.48 MB
Autor: DPS
Datum: 09.03.08
Downloads: 790

FFN Config Replacement

09 März
Zitat von william1:
Some time ago , TonyRanger released a beautiful minimod that went quite unnoticed between the Arma comunity ,it contained some beautiful features especially the great dodge movement when hit or the cqb movement. Unfortunately those features were only available for his Tr_men.

Well, i thought to give it a new go with a updated replacement config that enables some of ffn mod features to the default Arma soldiers . So you can make an idea of how it works you can see this video:

The replacement comes in two versions, normal and XAM 1.405 compatible version, read the "how to install" before installing. To run, the replacement needs the "TR_OBJ.PBO" from FFN mod ,(Included in the rar file).
Note : only tested in SP since i never play MP, so anyone more skilled than me is free to optimize the replacements as he wish

Dateigröße: 18.5 MB
Autor: TonyRanger
Datum: 09.03.08
Downloads: 312
Ältere Downloads: 12...242526272829303132...3839