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Hamas (beta)

21 Feb
Dateigröße: 3.95 MB
Autor: namman2
Datum: 21.02.08
Downloads: 1301

GC ´08 Pressekit

20 Aug
off. ArmA 2 Pressekit zur Games Convention 2008
Dateigröße: 9.27 MB
Autor: BIS
Datum: 20.08.08
Downloads: 1294

OFP Anniversary, Armed Assault Video

22 Juni
JRC Screens-0JRC Screens-1
Ein Video von Armed Assault, sowie 6 hochauflösende Screenshots und ein Ankündigungsschreiben von BIS - alles in einem Paket.

Video und Screenshots einzeln herunterladen.
Dateigröße: 40,5 MB
Autor: BIS
Datum: 22.06.06
Downloads: 1279

ArmA Roundup, Noobs-Reloaded

18 Nov
Anywheres kleiner ArmA-Trailer mit Eindrücken der Engine.


Dateigröße: 53 MB
Autor: Noobs Reloaded
Datum: 18.11.06
Downloads: 1278


18 April
rte\_v4 #2rte\_v4 #0rte\_v4 #1

Zitat von i0n0s,April 18 2008,19:09:
Basing on RTEV3

Editor controls:
Camera movement: WASD
Use R & F to zoom, Q & Y to change camera angle and X & C to change camera direction.
Left double-click for object creation.
Right click to move an object.
Shift and Mouse to rotate an object, CTRL and Mouse to raise or lower an object.

How to export:
Start ArmA RTE Capture and activate monitoring. Then switch back to ArmA. Select the object you wish to export (only one object on the same time). The click on "Export". In the editfield below a text like "Controller Text;[2544.14,2510.21,0];0;UAZ;" will show up. Copy the hole text using ctrl + C. ArmA RTE Capture should now get the focus and the copied text should show up in ArmA RTE Capture. Then switch back to ArmA and export the other object the same way. After having all items exported, stop monitoring in ArmA RTE Capture.
Now you can save the file (in RTE Capture) and convert it into a script.

What I forgot in the readme about the export:
You also can use the 3D Controller by LowFly to capture the string.

If you've got an error: Please make a screenshot, so that I can find the code which produce the error.

Dateigröße: 232 kB
Autor: i0n0s
Datum: 18.04.08
Downloads: 1277

BW Flecktarn Einheiten v1.02

13 Dez

  • retextured all Units but pilot is still missing ;o)
  • changed displayname of the Units
  • added 2 groups (F2) -BW Assault Squad -BW KSK Team
  • added Class Names in the readme Beste

Dateigröße: 33.5 MB
Autor: ViconX
Datum: 13.12.06
Downloads: 1270

Unsung Mod (ARMA 2)

05 Okt
ARMA II UNSUNG Release R1 Alpha.

Well it's been a long road, for our team. But we are glad to release this intro to our vietnam mod.
This is basically the foundation to our mod that we are quickly building on. It is an Aplha release, there are known issues that we are debugging but if we waited for all the issues to be dealt with Arma III will be already out.

THe island is a fictional area based on CSJ's Arma I lowlands. Everyone in the mod team worked as hard as Real Life would let them on this and previous unsung mods (OFP/ARMA I).

There are three SP missions that come with this release, we will be releasing more including various MP missions in the weeks to come, but we decided we didn't want to wait any longer. Plus I know the community will be making there own missions and we look forward to trying them out.

So from the UNSUNG MOD Team.

Good luck out there, you'll need it.
a2oa\_unsung #1a2oa\_unsung #2
a2oa\_unsung #3
Dateigröße: 729 MB
Autor: Unsung Mod
Datum: 05.10.10
Downloads: 1269

SAP Clutter

23 Juni
Sgt.Ace setzte für euch den Rasenmäher an und hat die Chernarussischen Gräser und Farne ein wenig gestutzt. Diese Maßnahme schafft etwas Linderung für alle die sich von der KI in Sachen Durchblick stellenweise veralbert fühlen, aber dennoch nicht komplett auf das schöne Grasgeflecht verzichten möchten.

Links das Original, rechts die überarbeitete Variante

Dateigröße: 3 kB
Autor: Sgt.Ace
Datum: 23.06.09
Downloads: 1268

BI Editing Tools 2

14 Aug
Nun ist es endlich soweit, nach langer Wartezeit wurden die Editingtools für ArmA2 veröffentlicht. Die Editing Tool-Suite enthält folgende Programme: Oxygen 2; Visitor 3; TexView 2; BinPBO; Sound Tools; FSM Editor; BinMake und Tools Drive. Bei der Installation werden die alten BI-Tools überschrieben.
Dateigröße: 33.37 MB
Autor: Bohemia Interactive
Datum: 14.08.09
Downloads: 1255

Army Special Forces (rc1)

18 Juli
Version: 1.0

By: Johannes 'Jonny' Wagner (

Requires Armed Assault V1.14

1. Required Addons
2. Beta testers
3. Version history
4. Addon Description
5. Classnames
6. Installation
7. Known issues

1. Required Addons

Aimpoint Desert Weapon Pack:
Download: Aimpoint Desert Weapon Pack 1.2
Größe: 18 MB Download
Datum: 09.06.08

I dont need beta testing fags.

1.0 (17-07-08) (official release)
- First public release

- Fictional United States Army Special as of 2008
- Signed Addon for Multiplayer
- 3 Camo Version (Woodland, Desert and ACU)
- Light units with backpacks

I cant be arsed to write any more about this shit so fuck this. readmes are for fags anyway!

Desert Units:

joh_armysf_dcu_tl dcu Team Leader
joh_armysf_dcu_med dcu Medic
joh_armysf_dcu_com dcu Communications Operator
joh_armysf_dcu_saw dcu Operator SAW
joh_armysf_dcu_op dcu Operator
joh_armysf_dcu_gl dcu Operator GL
joh_armysf_dcu_tll dcu Team Leader (Light)
joh_armysf_dcu_medl dcu Medic (Light)
joh_armysf_dcu_coml dcu Communications Operator (Light)
joh_armysf_dcu_sawl dcu Operator SAW (Light)
joh_armysf_dcu_opl dcu Operator (Light)
joh_armysf_dcu_gll dcu Operator GL (Light)

Woodland Units:

joh_armysf_bdu_tl bdu Team Leader
joh_armysf_bdu_med bdu Medic
joh_armysf_bdu_com bdu Communications Operator
joh_armysf_bdu_saw bdu Operator SAW
joh_armysf_bdu_op bdu Operator
joh_armysf_bdu_gl bdu Operator GL
joh_armysf_bdu_tll bdu Team Leader (Light)
joh_armysf_bdu_medl bdu Medic (Light)
joh_armysf_bdu_coml bdu Communications Operator (Light)
joh_armysf_bdu_sawl bdu Operator SAW (Light)
joh_armysf_bdu_opl bdu Operator (Light)
joh_armysf_bdu_gll bdu Operator GL (Light)

ACU Units:

joh_armysf_acu_tl ACU Team Leader
joh_armysf_acu_med ACU Medic
joh_armysf_acu_com ACU Communications Operator
joh_armysf_acu_saw ACU Operator SAW
joh_armysf_acu_op ACU Operator
joh_armysf_acu_gl ACU Operator GL
joh_armysf_acu_tll ACU Team Leader (Light)
joh_armysf_acu_medl ACU Medic (Light)
joh_armysf_acu_coml ACU Communications Operator (Light)
joh_armysf_acu_sawl ACU Operator SAW (Light)
joh_armysf_acu_opl ACU Operator (Light)
joh_armysf_acu_gll ACU Operator GL (Light)

There is one PBO file in the .rar archive, which needs to be extracted into your ArmeA/Addons folder.

Put the following files in your addons folder:

Units can be found under "bluefor\US Army SF acu", "bluefor\US Army SF wod" and "bluefor\US Army SF dcu".

- None yet

Please visit the Official Forums ( for further updates and discussions of this addon.

This is not an official Addon. Use it at your own risk.
Editing or redistributing this addon, or any part of it, is not allowed in any way without my explicit, written, permission.

Enjoy the addon!

Dateigröße: 29.19 MB
Autor: jonny
Datum: 18.07.08
Downloads: 1248

Police Units v0.5

21 Sept



extract Police.pbo into the Addons folder in the main ArmA folder directory.

List name:
<SG> Police

6 units total

Police Long Sleves
Police Long Sleves with Hat
Police Long Sleves with Vest & Riot Helmet
Police Short Sleves
Police Short Sleves with Hat
Police Short Sleves with Riot Helmet

Dateigröße: 7.59 MB
Autor: gT.SWAT-guy
Datum: 21.09.08
Downloads: 1239

Extended Event Handlers v1.9

22 Sept
Killswitch hat erneut ein Update des, nun bereits standardmäßigen, XEH Addons veröffentlicht.

Obwohl nur die Cracks unter euch wirklich etwas von den Änderungen/Verbesserungen verstehen werden, ist es auch als Otto Normal User immer ratsam die neueste Version installiert zu haben.
Dateigröße: 24 kB
Autor: Solus & Killswitch
Datum: 22.09.08
Downloads: 1234

Schmalfelden v0.9

16 Mai
schmal #1schmal #0
Dateigröße: 47.5 MB
Autor: Nicholas Bell
Datum: 16.05.08
Downloads: 1227

SAP Everon 2.0

23 April
Sgt.Ace, oder nunmehr Acè, konnte es nicht lassen an seiner Lieblingsinsel zu basteln und veröffentlichte bereits gestern sein Everon in Version 2.0

Da es sich um einen kompletten Neubau handelt, lassen sich einige Neuheiten finden. Neben einer besseren SatMaske und verändertem GrassClutter, finden sich nun auch erstmal Weizenfelder auf Eden.
sap\_eve #2sap\_eve #3sap\_eve #4

Dateigröße: 91.4 MB
Autor: Acè
Datum: 23.04.09
Downloads: 1227

Syrian Army Pack 1.2

01 März
This pack is made up units based on customized versions of SLA units with some custom gear from our OFP mod added to them. Before anyone says it, in real life the Syrian Army DOES use AK-74's. They are one of the few non-Russian countries to use them.
We used a slightly modified SLA cammo for the woodland cammo and our Syrian lizard skin cammo as we had from our OFP Syrian units.

Units to be found under OPFOR include:
    Syrian Infantry (Woodland Camo):
  • Squad leader
  • RPG gunner
  • Machine Gunner
  • Medic
  • AA specialist
  • Sniper
  • Tank crew
  • Pilot

  • Syrian Infantry (Lizard Camo)
  • Squad leader
  • RPG gunner
  • Machine Gunner
  • Medic
  • AA specialist
  • Sniper

  • Syrian Commandos (Woodland)
  • Squad Leader
  • Operator
  • Operator (covert)
  • Marksman

  • Syrian Commandos (Lizard Camo)
  • Squad Leader
  • Operator
  • Operator (covert)
  • Marksman

  • Vehicles:
  • T-72
  • BMP-2
  • BDRM-2
  • URAL
  • MI-17 HIP
  • UAZ (MG)
lobo\_syrarmy #3lobo\_syrarmy #2
lobo\_syrarmy #1lobo\_syrarmy #0

Dateigröße: 26.38 MB
Autor: Lost Brothers Mod
Datum: 01.03.08
Downloads: 1212

F-117 Nighthawk beta 0.5

08 Mai
Addon was created by SerapH]X[Lt. from "TEAM Stealth" @

1. Credits
2. Known issues and future plans
3. Installation and requirements
4. Usage with AI
5.Personal message to all

Colonel Klink
Linker Split
WIKI guys
and all i forgot to mention here.

EMSI & pochyst
for letting me use the FLIR-script
thank you for your fast response EMSI !
-Cockpit (textures, instruments and modeling) more detail
-Lower Body textures
-Geo and Fire Geometry needs to be reworked
-adding Dammage textures
-adding Shadows
-Script optimizing
Installation: copy f117.pbo addon in addons\ folder.
You will find the Nighthawk in West->Air->F-117 Nighthawk.

Addon was created and tested under Arma ver. 1.08-1.12beta.

I can NOT guarantee 100% compatibility with other addons and/or mods.
Type this in the init-field of the AI -> this addWeapon "gbuRail"; <-
otherwise it won`t drop Bombs.
Please keep in mind that i started making Addons for ArmA about 2 months ago!
So dont expect a BIS quality model or some kind..
So enjoy! or not..
Thank You

Dateigröße: 3.62 MB
Autor: SerapH]X[Lt.
Datum: 08.05.08
Downloads: 1200

Thirsk Island von Raunhofer

13 März
Thirsk Wallpaper
Soeben veröffentlichte "Raunhofer", pünktlich zum 70. Jahrestages des Kriegsende zwischen der Sowjetunion und Finnland ("Winterkrieg" ), sein neustes Werk, eine Insel mit finnischem Touch, vielen spannenden Locations und als ob das noch nicht gut genug wäre, spendiert uns unser Freund aus dem hohen Norden gleich noch eine Winterversion inklusive neuer Wintereinheiten/Objekten/Waffen, welche von Kuik erstellt wurden. Also liebe Missionsbastler... ran an die Arbeit, denn es gibt wieder was zu tun!

KuiK's Winter CamosThirsh release #4Thirsh release #3

Thirsh release #5Thirsh release #2Thirsh reles #1

Dateigröße: 249 MB
Autor: Raunhofer
Datum: 13.03.10
Downloads: 1198

V-22 Osprey Trailer [High]

06 Jan
Dies ist der hochdetailierte Trailer zum V-22 Osprey von Gnat.
Dateigröße: 25.26 MB
Autor: Gnat
Datum: 06.01.08
Downloads: 1195

MIG 15

29 März
MIG 15 #0
Wie die Jungs von berichten, haben Bdfy und Volksturm über ihr Forum eine MIG 15 veröffentlicht.

* highly detailed cockpit
* several weapon loads
* hull numbers
* compatible with Multiplayer and effect mods

Dateigröße: 20 MB
Autor: Bdfy & Volksturm
Datum: 29.03.08
Downloads: 1181

i0n0s' Arma2 Realtime Editor

04 Sept
i0n0s hat seinen Realtime-Editor nun nach Arma2 portiert.

Viele ArmA-Spieler - vor allem aber Missionsbastler - werden sich sicherlich an dieses Projekt erinnern können, dass damals ArmA zu einem Echtzeit- und 3D-Editor verhalf und nun für Arma 2 zur Verfügung steht. Ihr könnt damit Missionen bauen und speichern, Objekte in 3D platzieren und mit anderen Leuten zeitgleich an einer Mission arbeiten.

Wenn ihr mehr erfahren wollt, folgt diesem Link in unseren Foren.
Dateigröße: 12,2 MB
Autor: i0n0s
Datum: 04.09.09
Downloads: 1177
Ältere Downloads: 12...789101112131415...3839