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Cold War Assault

23 Juni

Version 1.99 Change Log

- Improved: Default gamma and brightness settings
- Fixed: Two cursors appeared in some configurations
- Fixed: Login hack prevention.
- Improved: cheat / spam protection.
- Changed: "missionName" function now returns user friendly name
- Fixed: Preprocessor bugs and crashes
- Changed: createMarker function now works only local
- Added: isServer function
- Fixed: missionStart function on dedicated server
- Added: disableAI option for disable automatic animation selection
- Added: User defined maps in missions
- Added: function: array find item
- Added: function getWorld
- Added: functions getPosASL, setPosASL
- Added: Event handler AnimChanged
- Added: function getMove

Update: Offenbar handelt es sich bei CWA um ein Update, welches aus den uns bekannten Namensrechtlichen Beschränkungen nun in dieser Form erschien. Enthalten sind komplett CWC & Resistance, jedoch wie gesagt, man muss zur Installation einen gültigen CWC Key besitzen.
Dateigröße: 540 MB
Autor: Bohemia Interactive
Datum: 23.06.11
Downloads: 632

Cold War Operations Release 01

07 Juni
********** Cold War Operations Addon Pack 1 (beta 0.2) **********

1. Contents & Information:

This Pack is the first release Of the Cold War Operation (CWO) Modification and contains 4 add-ons.
- Mk. 19 MOD3
- M2 HMG
- M923 5t truck (MERDC european winter camouflage)
- M923A1 5t Truck (CARC woodland camouflage)

All included add-ons are still in development and some things are missing, like specular maps, more detailed textures (mud and dust) and other things.

If you find a bug please report it with all necessary details to locate the problem.

Contact me via PM on BI forums or my E-Mail:

2. Installation:

Place the following *.pbo’s in your add-on folder:
- cwo_data.pbo
- mc_m2hmg.pbo
- mc_m923a1wd.pbo
- mc_923ew.pbo
- mc_mk19mod3.pbo

You will find the add-ons on BLUFOR side under:
- U.S. Army (1981-85): Car
- U.S. Army (1986-90): Car
- U.S. Army (1981-85): Support
- U.S. Army (1986-90): Support
- U.S. Army (1981-85): Weapons
- U.S. Army (1986-90): Weapons
- U.S. Marine Corps (1981-85): Car
- U.S. Marine Corps (1986-90): Car
- U.S. Marine Corps (1981-85): Support
- U.S. Marine Corps (1986-90): Support
- U.S. Marine Corps (1981-85): Weapons
- U.S. Marine Corps (1986-90): Weapons

At the moment the BIS soldiers is used as a place holder for the crew. Maybe in later additions an Infantry add-on will follow.


Use this add-on at your own risk, RHS and its members are not responsible for any damage caused to your PC or your ArmA installation.
e report it with all nessesary details to locate the problem

Dateigröße: 74.7 MB
Autor: FischKopp
Datum: 07.06.08
Downloads: 422

Compact Fix Pack for ArmA v1.14H

24 Nov
Zguba hat Seine neueste Version von Compact Fix Pack for ArmA v1.14H in den BI Foren veröffentlicht.

Das Pack enthält eine Reihe von spezifischen Veränderungen bzw. Ergänzungen am letzten ArmA Patch 1.14.

Pack Inhalt

Contents of the pack

Legend of MP compatibility markings:

Clientside - install for client
Clientside only - useless for dedicated servers
Common - install both for client and dedicated server for full functionality

Adds weapon and magazine classes ready to be used by addonmakers.

Clientside road accidents and overruns handling. Currently does nothing but adds rating - better avoid running your teammates over.
Thanks for solution to Issetea and Fewo.
Common. The more people use it, the better.

Enables radio commands menu for BMP-2 and ZSU-23-4 commander's position. Hold spacebar and press [F] to switch weapons, [R] to switch ammo type.
Common. Affects locally created vehicles.

"Death camera" effect. Fully optional.
SP only.

Improved Franze's countermeasures system, featuring more random effects dependant on "fear factor".
MP Fair - you can spoof remote incoming missiles, but local missiles fired at remote aircrafts will be spoofed too. Fully remote events won't be affected.
Thanks go to Franze, william1 and Frederf!

Only for conditions in scripting. Function detects height above ground with large positive error.
When the function reports unit to be close to the ground, you're sure it is at least that close.
BIS getPos has variously sized negative error issued by objects between ground and unit.
Cannot be used to set object position relative to other's or even itself.
Template of use: _getPosAlt = vehicle _unit call getPosAlternate; _unitHeight = _getPosAlt select 3

100/1000 grids and 6 digit military coordinates system for Sahrani, Southern Sahrani and Rahmadi.
Thanks to Jinef!

100/1000 grids and 6 digit military coordinates system for Porto and United Sahrani.
Thanks to Jinef!
Requires Queens Gambit.

Adds horns to driver position for armed M939, HMMWVs and UAZs, disabling firing control from driver's seat.
There's minor animation bug with UAZ driver swapping position with gunner.
Common. Affects locally created vehicles.

Adds horns to driver position for Queens Gambit armed cars, disabling firing control from driver's seat.
Requires Queens Gambit.
Common. Affects locally created vehicles.

Modifies position and appearance of GPS and IR Scanner.

ZGB_LanguageFix.pbo and ZGB_LanguageFix_Bin.pbo
Multilingual vehicle and weapon designation fix. It's made similar way as my previous one Polish language fix. Languages affected:
English, Czech, German, Polish, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian.
Polish players would also gain some bonuses like better radio stringtable or Armory comments for civilian cars.

Improved version of Inkompetent's Real M136. Uses bunch of scripts, config tweaks and tricks, and used M136 model.
Thanks to Inkompetent!

That addon changes ammo count for M1A1's M240 and Mi-17's six UB-32 launchers to their real values.
Common. Affects locally created vehicles.

Adds ejection effect to BIS jets and Ka-50, disconnecting rotor blades for Hokum and three kinds of ejection seats for jets.
Please read the license at the end of this file.
Thanks to Mandoble!

Fixes Javelin tearing on some machines, adds new tractor animations, and probably fixes MP motorcycle flipping, if there's any significant flipping in ArmA 1.14.
Comparision test between BIS and these ones is needed - up to You!
Clientside only. The more people use it, the better.

Addon version of OFPEC Lightbulbs. Creates fancy effect for nearby street lamps.
Thanks to Mandoble and Planck!

Life saving pontoons for all aircrews ejected over sea.
Thanks to Mandoble!

ZGB_RACS_Faces.pbo, ZGB_Civilian_Faces.pbo, ZGB_SLA_Faces.pbo, ZGB_US_Faces.pbo
RACS one excludes black faces from RACS soldiers, Civilians one does same, US one reduces their percentage to a more realistic level. SLA one adds them to SLA troops.
Suggested combinations: Civilian-RACS-US or SLA only, as they act completely opposite. I've recently fixed the class bug.
Thanks to Alienmad462 for doing the thing unstuck.
Common. Affects locally created units.

Seatbelt propaganda. Fully optional, as it does more damage to You when You forget to do fasten them. That's the only purpose of this addon.

For people encountering "Missing sound..." when playing Warfare. Neutralized developer's bug of using OFP style array sounds[] in cfgSounds.

New, unique models for salvagers and supply trucks.

Core of Compact Fix. Contains AI tweaks for use of AT and automatic rifles, improves 2A42 and Su-34's S8 launchers rate of fire, disables optics enforcement and IR tracking of static weapons. Provides support of ammo & weapon definitions for ZGB_VLD.
I took additional config settings from SLX mod's Vehicle Laser Designator.
Thanks to Solus!

Enables laser scanners for aircrafts and assault helicopters, makes AI stop sniping crew out of aircrafts, tweaks sweeping for helicopters, disables IR signature of pontoons.
Thanks to PROPER Studios and Solus!
Requires ZGB_Weapons.
Controls behaviour of local AI.

Press your "Compass" key while doing night missions in armored vehicle or airplane. Use Page Up/Down keys to adjust brightness.
Compatible with s-Hole's and based on s-Hole's NightVision.
Thanks to s-Hole!


- ZGB_VLD.pbo
Use it to enable laser designators for AH-1, AH-6 and Ka-50.
Based on same concept as Solus, done independently at the beginning of the 2008 year.
Requires ZGB_Vehicles and ZGB_Weapons. Disabled due to MP issues.

- ZGB_Flares_Settings.pbo
You can change class exlusion for aircrafts in ZGB_Flares using this addon and HPP\ZGB_Flares_Settings.hpp (file that comes with the archive).
Thanks to Sickboy and MadDogX!
This addon is optional, You don't have to use it.
Requires ZGB_Flares_Settings.hpp file present in Your ArmA\Dta directory.

Dateigröße: 8 MB
Autor: zguba
Datum: 24.11.08
Downloads: 332

Converter biedi-> sqm

25 Juli
Zitat von Usage:
Drag mission.biedi on the program icon (3de_conv.exe).
In the folder where the mission.biedi, will be created mission.sqm, but if it already exists, then - overwritten.

Additional parameters (only the 1):
Intro - Convert as entry missions
Win - Convert a conclusion, (victory) mission
Loose - Convert a report (defeated) mission
Example (label program, the field site):
"C:\3de_conv\3de_conv.exe" intro "C: \ 3de_conv \ 3de_conv.exe" intro
Drag mission.biedi at this label.

[color=red]! Existing mission.sqm will be overwritten, not updated![/color] Forenpost #1 @google Translator Forenpost #2 @google Translator
Dateigröße: 116.7 kB
Autor: ShakI / Wass
Datum: 25.07.09
Downloads: 17007

Coop Video, Noobs-Reloaded

18 Nov
Von den Noobs-Reloaded exklusiv für angefertigtes CoopVideo. Zeigt Mission in einem Dorf am Abend und in der Nacht.

nore\_video\_screenshots #4nore\_video\_screenshots #5

Dateigröße: 120 MB
Autor: Noobs-Reloaded
Datum: 18.11.06
Downloads: 2315

Crazy Frog Bike

16 Okt

The function of this mod is to get a good thing and make it annoying. I revamped the thing I made for... "That Movie"... and made it available to all of you.

Find the annoying bike under:
  • OPFOR / Cars / TT650G Crazy Frog

Dateigröße: 247 kB
Autor: Deepsmeg
Datum: 16.10.08
Downloads: 190

crCTI 1.0 Final

01 Jan
Der seit vielen Jahren beliebte Spielmodus crCTI hat nun einen finalen Status mit der Version 1.0 für ArmA durch Serg vom ZZ United Clan erreicht.

crCTI (cleanrock's Capture the Island) ist derzeit die mit komplexeste Möglichkeit ArmA im CTI Modus zu spielen.

Neben dieser addon-freien Version welche Ihr im Anhang findet, gibt es auch eine addonbasierte Version welche alle Standardeinheiten ersetzt.

Das Mission Pack wurde von Squ33z3 in den BI Foren bislang für folgende Inseln veröffentlicht:

  • sara
  • saralite
  • uhao
  • slx_desertisland

Vielen Dank an Muecke von Angry-Insects für die Information in unseren Foren inklusive dem kurzen Video Tutorial.

Download der Missionen und weitere Infos unter Weiterlesen.
Dateigröße: 4 MB
Autor: Serg
Datum: 01.01.09
Downloads: 796


01 Feb
Frisch aus dem BI Forum kommt die Neuigkeit über den jüngsten Wurf der CSLA Mod, die uns nicht nur bereits seit OFP Zeiten begleitet und beglückt, sondern nun auch in ArmA2OA mit der neusten Version ihrer Mod in Runde Nummer drei geht. Wie gewohnt kann man ein äusserst komplettes und ausgereiftes Paket erwarten, zum direkten Loszocken sind ebenso Singleplayer- wie Multiplayermissionen bereits enthalten.

a2oa\_csla\_200 #2a2oa\_csla\_200 #9a2oa\_csla\_200 #11
a2oa\_csla\_200 #12a2oa\_csla\_200 #13a2oa\_csla\_200 #14

Dateigröße: 704.17 MB
Autor: CSLA Mod
Datum: 01.02.11
Downloads: 1579

CSLA3 Phase1 - v1.0

14 Dez
Die Jungs von CSLA bescheren euch ein frühes Weinachtsgeschenk mit der Veröffentlichung von Phase 1 ihrer Mod. Neben einer reichaltigen Auswahl an Waffen, Einheiten und Fahrzeugen, gibt es zudem auch gleich 10 SP - sowie einige MP Missionen damit die Addons nicht im Editor verstauben.
csla3phase1 #1csla3phase1 #2csla3phase1 #3
csla3phase1 #7csla3phase1 #8csla3phase1 #9
csla3phase1 #4csla3phase1 #5csla3phase1 #6

Dateigröße: 229 MB
Autor: CSLA Mod
Datum: 14.12.08
Downloads: 1730

CSM2 Beta

04 Jan
Protegimus veröffentlichte in den BI-Foren eine aktuelle Beta des CSM (Chammys Sound Mod). Dazu sagte er, dass der Soundmod mit 1.05 kompatibel ist und A.C.E.2 unterstützt. Weiterhin hofft er auf eine Zusammenarbeit aller "Soundmodder" um qualitativ hochwertige Sounds zu erstellen. Hiermit spielt er sicherlich auf die Modularität an, welche ebenfalls wie z.B. bei VopSound gegeben ist.
Dateigröße: 60,5 MB MB
Autor: India Kilo, Chammy
Datum: 04.01.10
Downloads: 393

CWM Pack 1.0

11 Mai
The mod contains:

UI modification (optional)

MVD troops in woodland reed camo
MVD troops in urban/snow blue reed camo
MVD OMON troops in urban/snow blue reed camo
MVD Sniper in KLMK camo
MVD troops in mixed Kamysh woodland and urban tiger camo

Russian MI17 MG
Russian MI17 FFAR
Russian Kamov

BMD-1 (green and desert camo)

MVD Ammo crate containing:

Weapon name
AKS74 GP25
Bizon CWM_Bizon
Bizon Silenced
VSS Vintorez
SVD Dragunov

How to install:

copy the "@CWM" folder into your ArmA folder
create shortcut on desktop then add -mod=@CWM -nosplash
it should be like this :
D:\ArmA\arma.exe -mod=@CWM -nosplash
1.12 beta
D:\ArmA\beta\arma.exe -mod=beta;@CWM -nosplash

note: if you use a sound mod, be sure to add the "@CWM" after the sound mod. In example : "C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\beta\arma.exe" -nosplash -mod=beta;@sSound;@Radical_G_IVD;@CWM

Join the CWMod at : (English, Russian and french forum)
to report bugs, make suggestions, contribute and help us in any way or simply say hi !

These units are dedicated to those who served and died in this conflict.

The CWM dev team

Dateigröße: 107.07 MB
Autor: Chechnya War Mod
Datum: 11.05.08
Downloads: 1570

CWR Addons v0.80

04 Jan
[hr1]Cold War Rearmed Addons v0.80[/hr1]

cwr\_add #1cwr\_add #0

As a little special, we decided to release some addons which have not been in the original OFP:R series.

  • Mikero made the CWR Editor addon which conatins classes of the OFP Editor/Object addons.
  • BergHoff and some others created Winter Kolgujev.

Please note that this is a fun addon. It's there to make it easier to convert OFP missions. Some things in the Editor Addon are only templates etc...

Also note that this addon is not going to work with later CWR releases. We'll provide you with an updated version shortly after the release of Cold War Rearmed 1.00 :)

Have fun anyway. :)

Dateigröße: 139.11 MB
Autor: CWR
Datum: 04.01.08
Downloads: 524

CWR Hotfix1

04 Jan
[hr1]Cold War Rearmed v0.36 Hotfix 1[/hr1]

Staetverknüpfungen für ArmA mit Version 1.09
Dateigröße: 3 kB
Autor: CWR
Datum: 04.01.08
Downloads: 685

CWR Missi Pack

04 Jan
Zusammenstellung aller bisher konvertierten Mission für CWR.

Dateigröße: 10.31 MB
Autor: diverse
Datum: 04.01.08
Downloads: 312

CWR v0.36

04 Jan
[hr1]Cold War Rearmed v0.36 released

OFP Demo State[/hr1]

cwrpromo #1cwrpromo #0

Bohemia Interactive and the Cold War Rearmed team are delighted to announce the first release of the Cold War Rearmed Modification for Armed Assault. This release tries to bring the OFP Demo State to Armed Assault.

  • Malden island
  • The OFP User Interface
  • Completely new US and Russian soldiers from the 1985 era
  • A new BMP-1 model
  • New and converted buildings and plants
  • Music files from Operation Flashpoint
  • Jeep from OFPE
  • AT-4 Fagot, AT-4 Carl Gustav and M-72 LAW Launchers from OFP
  • M60 MG from OFPE
  • Two SP demo missions and four MP bonus missions

Dateigröße: 305.08 MB
Autor: CWR
Datum: 04.01.08
Downloads: 1563

CWR² Demo (Patched/Hotfixed)

08 Aug
Ten years ago today, the small, independent developer from the Czech Republic, Bohemia Interactive Studios, unleashed Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis on the world. No one could have anticipated the effect it would have. OFP immediately shot to the top of the PC sales charts, and garnered critical acclaim from reviewers world-wide, including Game of the Year from GameSpy. The Cold War-era weaponry and setting, combined with open battlegrounds, and the most hardcore realism of its time resonated with fans, creating the ever-amazing community we have today. Though there have been many imitators (some more... "directly" than others), there will ever only be one OFP in the eyes of true fans. Today, ten years on, we are releasing our demo for Cold War Rearmed² to celebrate this anniversary and take you back to the Malden Islands.

Just remember one thing: If you see the flash, it's already too late!

Cold War Rearmed² is the sequel to the popular Cold War Rearmed Beta. It aims to recreate the experience of the excellent Cold War Crisis and Resistance campaigns from Operation Flashpoint, taking advantage of Bohemia Interactives's modern engine and gameplay enhancements from Operation Arrowhead.

The Cold War Rearmed² Demo Release celebrates the 10 year anniversary of the release date of Operation Flashpoint. Congratulations BIS!

This release showcases the capabilities of the small but dedicated Mod team. It includes many kind donations from other amazing development teams, and serves as a collection of works from the who's who of the incredibly productive and generous Bohemia Interactive Community.

Included in this Demo:

* Everon Island completely revamped from scratch, including all buildings, fountains, and other objects from the original. This island features some of the densest forest ever seen in the RV 2 Engine- going into the woods is scary again!

* A demo campaign made from a subset of the CWC Everon missions, plus bonus, community made, single and multiplayer content, including PvP missions by Celery.

* Over 150 units, weapons, and vehicles, not including subvariants. The full complement of assets from Operation Flashpoint have been redone completely to ArmA 2+ specifications, or enhanced from source material. In addition, bonus weapons and vehicles have been provided to add diversity to your user generated scenarios!

Enjoy the demo and stay tuned for the Cold War Rearmed² full release, including all missions and islands!

This release is dedicated to James 'Planck' McNicoll.
You will be missed and we're sure you would be happy with what we achieved.

Important if you have the previously released standalone Islands:

The pbo files which came with the standalone islands are totally outdated by now. The only thing that can be kept are the terrain pbo files.
Everything else (buildings, plants etc) must be removed or replaced with the Demo pbo files!

I do not recommend to use the Winter release together with the Demo.

Please note: Both ArmA2 and Operation Arrowhead (Combined Operations) is required!

Dateigröße: 1390 MB
Autor: Cold War Rearmed
Datum: 08.08.11
Downloads: 373

CWR² Winter

25 Dez
Zitat von W0lle:
cwr\_xmasMerry christmas from the Cold War Rearmed² Team! As a small christmas present we release the famous Winter Kolgujev Island, together with some Units, the required Weapons and some interesting Missions.

This Release contains the following features:
* Winter Kolgujev Island
* A basic set of units in Winter camouflage
* A basic set of weapons required for the Units and Missions
* Some SP and MP Missions

Please see the included readme for details, instructions and class names.
Note that Operation Arrowhead is required!

The password for the archive is: Merry_Xmas_from_CWR2

Patches, Hotfixes
CWR² Winter Patch 1 (updated 26.12.10)

Dedicated to Planck, we will never forget you.

Dateigröße: 368 MB
Autor: Cold War Rearmed
Datum: 25.12.10
Downloads: 818

CWR: Cold War Rearmed Public Beta

18 Mai
Der Cold War Rearmed Mod bringt, in Zusammenarbeit mit BIS, die Kampagne aus Operation Flashpoint nach Armed Assault.

Da es sich um eine Public Beta handelt, sind noch einige Modelle unvollständig und es kann im Missionsablauf zu Fehlern kommen.

Update: Für die Resistance Kampagne benötigt man dieses Update.
Dateigröße: 1400 MB
Datum: 18.05.09
Downloads: 5122


19 Mai

Broadcast the horn in Multiplayer v1.0

made by Cyborg11

Thanks to BIS for ArmA 2 and for the horn sounds

Dateigröße: 375 kB
Autor: cyborg11
Datum: 19.05.10
Downloads: 97

DAC V3.0

30 Mai
Das wahrscheinlich bekannteste und am sehnlichsten erwartete KI Spawnscript der Szene geht heute mit Version 3.0, nach OFP und ArmA, nun für ArmA 2 in die dritte Runde.

Silola und seine zahlreichen Helfer gaben sich erneut alle Mühe um den Missionsdesignern ein umfassendes und vor allem sehr gut dokumentiertes Werkzeug an die Hand zu geben. So enthält der 3. Teil der DAC Reihe alle bisher bekannten Features wie die dynamische Erzeugung von KI, deren Verhaltensbestimmung, und etliche andere Feinheiten, sowie auch neue Funktionen wie die Erstellung von DAC Zonen während eines laufenden Spiels.
Dateigröße: 7.92 MB
Autor: Silola
Datum: 30.05.10
Downloads: 765
Ältere Downloads: 12...789101112131415...3839