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Extended Event Handlers v1.92

09 Feb
Ein weiteres Update des Standard Addons von Killswitch wurde zusammen mit dem ACE Mod veröffentlicht.

Mehr Info´s zu den neuesten Änderungen in XEH findet ihr im Klapptext.
Dateigröße: 25.8 kB
Autor: Killswitch
Datum: 09.02.09
Downloads: 1397

Kaman SH-2G Seasprite

05 April
Kaman SH-2G Seasprite

Final Project By ***CheyenneAH56***


- 3d Model and Texture from Flight Simulator 2004 & FSX project by ***Nigel Booth***


Installation :

Put "SH2.pbo" in your ArmA's Addons file

Use this Addons at your own risk

If you want to modify the Addons, send me an Email to

fsxflitschen #1
Dateigröße: 14.79 MB
Autor: CheyenneAh56
Datum: 05.04.08
Downloads: 1394

USEC F117 v1.3

11 Sept
Zitat von Changelog:
v1.3 - September 2008
FIXED: Horizon gauges in cockpit
FIXED: Raised stall speed to be more realistic
FIXED: Nose Wheel turn now turns correct direction
FIXED: CRASH: Panel_1.paa texture resized to 1024x512
CHANGE: Opening/Closed door name to more descriptive term
CHANGE: Rainbow glass effect reduced
FIXED: Model.CFG data moved to seperate file
FIXED: Added IR Target capability to GBU
FIXED: LODs Added (further work required)
FIXED: Autopilot and AI flight of the aircraft
ADDED: GBU33 Weapon loadout with custom model and textures

Dateigröße: 24.92 MB
Autor: Rocket
Datum: 11.09.08
Downloads: 1394

HWM Addon Pack #2

07 Jan
Dateigröße: 76.1 MB
Autor: Hellenic Warfare Mod
Datum: 07.01.08
Downloads: 1392

Pressedemo Multiplayer Video

20 Mai
Ein 4 Minuten langes Video, welches den Mulitplayer-Modus von Armed Assault zeigt.
Dateigröße: 26 MB
Datum: 20.05.06
Downloads: 1384
Download GC 2006 Video

30 Aug Gc2006 GC2006 Video

In dem 14 minütigen Video seht ihr die Präsentation durch Morphicon, sowie eine Reihe von InGame Szenen aus Armed Assault.
Dateigröße: 62,8 MB
Datum: 30.08.06
Downloads: 1383

EricM Mi-24 BETA1 Pack (SLA)

21 Juni
Released: 21-June-08

Model and Textures – EricM
Config and animations – Rock (RKSL studios)

THIS IS A BETA RELEASE please treat it as such. Expect some bugs or issues.
The Software is distributed without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
The Software is not an official addon or tool. Use of the Software (in whole or in part) is entirely at your own risk.

By downloading this addon you accept ALL the following terms and conditions:
- EricM and RKSL grant to you a personal, non-exclusive license to use this addon.
- This addons is NOT FREEWARE and it does not contain any BIS copyrighted materials.
- You may NOT alter or reskin this release. (A template and paint kit will be released as part of the FULL release.)
- This addon, model, textures or config may not be commercially exploited in any way. This includes “pay to download” or “burn to disk” services and or Military training purposes.
- This addon is designed for use only in BIS’ Armed Assault PC game. You may not port or convert any of its content for use in any other game or platform
- You may NOT use this in VBS2.
- You may freely distribute these addons only in its original package.

- Carries 1 pilot, 1 Gunner and 6 passengers
- Animated “cargo” doors
- Animated sensor doors
- Working Landing gear including Dampers
- Working lights
- Working Instruments
- Texture Normal mapping
- Damage Textures

0.9B - | 21-06-08 ! - EricM Hind - Public Beta
0.8b - | 21-06-08 ! - EricM Hind - Private Beta
0.1a - | 21-06-08 ! - EricM Hind - Private ALPHA

ericm_hind_1 = Mi-24D HIND-D
ericm_hind_fg_1 = MI-24P Hind-F

You can find the models in the editor as:

We want to give you the best addon we can but we can only do that if you help us. Please report any bug or issues you have here:

1 – This addon is unsigned at this time future releases will be signed to ensure proper MP compatibility.
2 - This pack only contains a sample of two versions. The MI-24D and the MI-24P with fixed Twin 30mm cannon
3 – This version contains ONLY the SLA (Opfor) skins subsequent packs will contain several preset versions
4 – As per EricM’s wishes. The FULL release will include all the MLODS and source files to allow you to create your own versions
5 - The Archive is passworded to ensure you actually read the readme and agree to the Terms and Conditions. The password is at the end of the readme

Dateigröße: 31.41 MB
Autor: EricM / RKSL Studios
Datum: 21.06.08
Downloads: 1380

High Definition Tropic Island (beta 1.0)

14 Juni
Finally, the beta is OUT!
Ok guys, let me explain the work and the effort me and Deanosbeano put in this island, and all the features it brings.
Well, I always thought that we could try to destroy environment in a bettere realistic way than ArmA uses for almost all the objects.
The idea was quite simple, but the creation took us some weeks... Apply RTMs to objects to animated them when destroyed.
Well, seems easy, but it's not.
Of course deanosBeano was already working on such thing, but after that day, we cooperated, and we made everything good!
Now this addon will be a mix of these new features, and of an intensive jungle atmosphere, which will bring you to play and play and play and play... :D

The island is full covered with large numbers of trees, palms and plants, so expect lag on mid-end computers.
To play with good FPS, you should add fog.

What causes lag is the large amount of models loaded, and the shadow. Textures and RVMATS are optimized to use the best shaders and to not create lag.

Vegetation textures have been taken from Crysis©, since it took ages to build all the RTMs and to insert them into ArmA.
I asked for permission directly to EA studio, to
  • EA Senior Joseph B.
  • Player Relations
  • Tech Support
  • Electronic Arts

he said that there's no problem using them for amateur use.

Permission is granted for personal use only. Any commercial, military or educational use is strictly forbidden without permission from me.
Permission is granted to distribute this software as long as it is 100% free of charge and this readme file is distributed with it.
I assume no responsibility for any damages this program may cause - use at your own risk. If your video card overheats or your computer blows up you're on your own.
hdt\_isl #3hdt\_isl #4hdt\_isl #1hdt\_isl #2hdt\_isl #0

Dateigröße: 82.66 MB
Autor: Linker Split
Datum: 14.06.08
Downloads: 1370


04 Juni
ArmA2-Mark ist eine Einzelspielermission welche (relativ) vergleichbare Tests zur Bestimmung der Systemleistung in ArmA2 ermöglicht. Die ursprünglich von Toadlife für OFP erfundene Benchmark Mission geht dank binkster´s Konvertierung in die dritte Runde.

Eine genaue Anleitung zur Verwendung und die empfohlenen Test Einstellungen, sowie Ergebnisse der internationalen Community findet ihr hier:
Dateigröße: 48.1 KB
Autor: Toadlife / binkster
Datum: 04.06.09
Downloads: 1368

Paras, GER

20 Nov
Ein kleines Video von Luemmel, Global Earth Reunion, dass in rund 2 Minuten und 30 Sekunden das Besetzen eines Littlebirds und einen Absprung über einer Stadt Sahranis zeigt.


Dateigröße: 35 MB
Autor: Luemmel
Datum: 20.11.06
Downloads: 1367

SIG Vehicles v1.0

11 Juli
Dateigröße: 145 MB
Autor: Sigma6
Datum: 11.07.08
Downloads: 1360

Vopsound 2.0 Config-Fix

13 Juni
Config-Fix für den VopSound 2.0:

Vopsound 2.0 ArmA2

- remote artillery is now working
- player controlled artillery with Arty Module placed is now working
- config cleaned up
- signed
Dateigröße: 25.4 kB
Autor: vo.2 [Halle44]
Datum: 13.06.09
Downloads: 1349

Eble Phantom II F4

29 Jan
Als fleißiger OFP-ArmA Konvertierer widmetet sich Eble der McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II von Footmunch und stellte im BI-Forum eine Beta Version zum Download bereit.
Phantom II F4 #1Phantom II F4 #2

Beschreibung (englisch)

addon includes:

  • special FX scripts by Lethal/Gnat (modified by me)
  • after burner sound (known issue cuts out after 8 secs)
  • sonic boom sound > 850 speed
  • normal/spec maps
  • Camo texture and Grey Texture thanks to eddyD
  • animated canopy (glass only hoping to fix in next version)
  • multi weapon load outs
  • Cluster bomb script care of Franze
  • modified flight model
  • (modified and fixed sounds by ANZACSAS Steve)
  • XEH (extended event handlers compatable)
  • Tested and flown in ACE Mod
  • F-4E features fully operational gunners position with aiming optics.
  • a
  • djusted HUD brightness, should be visable against light backgrounds
  • exhaust smoke
  • PSD and MLOD sample included for creating your own colour schemes.

For ease of use for the bombs all are self targetting and all can laser lock.

  • Mk82 (iron bomb)
  • CBU-87 (cluster bomb)
  • AGM-88 (air to ground missile)
  • Aim-7 (AA missile)
  • 28 rnds FFAR rocket pod
  • 640rnd Vulcan cannnon

Aircraft Loadouts

    F-4E version (grey, camo)
  • 4 x Aim-7
  • 2 x AGM-88
  • 3 x MK-82
  • 2 x CBU-87
  • 28rnds FFAR

Dateigröße: 6,7 MB
Datum: 29.01.09
Downloads: 1348

Armed Assault Technologie Video

25 Juni
Dieses Video, welches mit einem Pressekit veröffentlicht wurde, zeigt einen sehr weiten Entwicklungstand von Armed Assault und geht auf die neuen Technischen Möglichkeiten des Spiels ein.
Dateigröße: 24 MB
Datum: 25.06.06
Downloads: 1330

Russian Armor 5.0

27 Sept
Russian Armor Pack 5.0
Marijus hat Version 5 seines Russian-Armor-Pakets veröffentlicht.

Unter anderem neu in dieser Version sind der runderneuerte Turm des Kampfpanzers T-90, sowie die Umbenennung der DSKM in NVST - Detailfragen eben.
Enthalten sind T-90, T-80UD, T-72MP, und T-72BM
Dateigröße: 9 MB
Autor: Marijus
Datum: 27.09.08
Downloads: 1325

F-14 Tomcat (beta)

01 Nov
Nicht wirklich neu, aber immernoch hübsch, ist die F-14 welche Southy nun veröffentlichte. Wieder handelt es sich um einen OFP Import, natürlich mit Genehmigung des ursprünglichen Machers: IkaRikar\_f14


With permission, coversion of IkaR's F 14 Tomcat from Opf by Southy

Video showing ROI (Gunners position):

Addon features:
Fully integrated gunners position
Spec/normal maps
full special effects packeage (Afterburner, sonic boom and vapour, Special FX by Lethal edited by Gnat and further modified by the Project RACS Mod/Scars)
Modified flight model
Binarized PBO
XEH compatible
3 x custom textures thanks to EddyD
1 x USN colour scheme
2 x Iranian colour schemes
templates for creating your own textures, again thanks to EddyD
Weapon scrips work thanks to namman2[/list]

Multi weapon loadouts:
CAS – 38 FFAR, cannon, 2 x AIM9 and 4 x AGM65
CAP - 6 x AIM 54, 2 x Aim9, Cannon
Strike – 5 x GBU12 (LANTIRN system), 2 x Aim9, Cannon (Bombcat)

Working ROI (Gunner position) target selection etc.

Known issues:
Cockpit textuers need tweaking
Damage textures need completing
Shadow LODs need to be included
Uses standard BIS land gear, can fold on landing on carrier if too hard a landing (manual landing gear to be implemented)

Please remember this is Beta 1 so it will have bugs.

I'm aware of the large amount of interest in this addon, at least from the way my in-box has filled up, if anyone can help move this addon on to make it better please let me know.


Dateigröße: 19.35 MB
Autor: IkaR / Southy
Datum: 01.11.08
Downloads: 1325

updated Helisteuerung Video

14 Dez
Wie in unserer englischen Sektion zu lesen war, wird derzeit fleißig an einer vereinfachten Flugsteuerung gearbeitet, die dann auch in einem der kommenden Patches enthalten sein soll.
Dateigröße: 19.6 MB
Datum: 14.12.06
Downloads: 1323

ARMA 2 Operation Arrowhead Patch 1.50 to 1.55

12 Nov
ARMA 2 Operation Arrowhead Patch 1.50-1.52 to 1.54
Copyright (c) 2010 Bohemia Interactive. All rights reserved.

An original version of Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead 1.50-1.53.

- Run the patch exe to apply the patch setup automatically.
- It will install all content of the patch to the folder with your Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead installation.
- Please note that it is not possible to rollback to a previous version after the installation of this patch, only a full reinstall of the game is possible, if you want to keep your previous version you may want to backup the entire game installation folder before applying this patch.
- NOTE: This patch will also update your ARMA 2 1.05 to 1.07 and ARMA 2 BAF 1.00 to 1.01 if necessary.

* Numerous stability and functionality fixes and improvements
* Reworked MP SP/MP Mission Selector
* Various visual optimizations and fidelity additions
* Added many new scripting commands and event-handlers
* AI behaviour related fixes and improvements


Version 1.54-1.55 Changelog


* Fixed: Subordinates would ignore their leaders' GetIn/GetOut commands in some MP situations.
* Fixed: Tanks were jumping a lot when driving over stones far from a camera (
* Optimized: Improved performance when wheeled or tracked vehicles are moving (related to ground trace maintenance).
* Fixed: Possible player desync after DeleteVehicle command when player is a gunner.
* Fixed: Audibility of the VoN direct channel and conversations are now based on the player camera position, instead of the unit position.
* Improved: Tree LOD blending is now smoother in many situations.
* New: Free camera can be locked to plain objects like trees.
* New: New MP UI for Create Game (both host and remote).
* Fixed: Fps degradation when vehicles collided with rocks (
* New: -skipintro command line option to disable loading menu cutscenes.
* Optimized: File cache memory handling is now faster.
* Changed: foreach variable _index renamed to _forEachIndex
* Fixed: Stop firing at vehicle crew once it is dead. (
* Fixed: Rpt file no longer created in local settings when -profile is used (
* Fixed: Some texture or model files not loaded from mod paths starting with @. (
* Fix: Flooding of RPT file by "Cannot find Object" and similar messages after client disconnection.
* New: Scripting command HostMission.
* FIX: Engine crash with diag_log versus %
* New: MP Diagnostics logged into the mpStatistics.log file at the end of mission.
* New: VSync config option
* New: GetResolution script function
* New: forEach: variable _index added to retrieve the position of _x within the Array
* New: getVariable: default value can be defined
* Changed: Preprocessor error no longer terminates the game.
* New: getTerrainHeightASL script function
* Fixed: Reduced z-fight in scopes.
* New: event handler "fired" returns magazine name and object of projectile.
* Fixed: Slow animation step on some buildings (doors on LHD,..)
* Fixed: Alpha blend in fog.
* New: mergeConfigFile script function
* Fixed: Heads of distant soldiers were sometimes invisible (
* Fixed: Fired EH (
* Fixed: Person - helicopter collision not causing heli damage, (
* New: setSimpleTaskTarget script function
* Fixed: SetIdentity (relate to 73319)
* Fixed: Ammo created with createvehicle inflicts no "hit" damage
* Fixed: My own shots no longer causing stress.
* New: WeaponAssembled, WeaponDisassembled events
* Fixed: Nearby units are notified of vehicles created by CreateVehicle command immediately now.
* Fixed: AI helicopters hovering too high when deploying troops on transport unload WP.
* Improved: Animation interpolation no longer shortening hands.
* Fixed: Relative formation command (advance/fallback/flank) now working as expected.
* Improved: AI mounting vehicles or catching up with formation covering a bit less to move faster.
* New: Expansions possibly registered in Windows Registry (by some future setups) are loaded and available through ModLauncher.
When used with -mod commandline the prefix '%' should be used, such as -mod=%someInstalledMod.
* New: added addWeaponCargoGlobal, addMagazineCargoGlobal, addBackpackCargoGlobal
* Improved: Improved helicopter AI formation flying and collision avoidance.
* Fixed: MPEvents were not synchronized to clients after respawn.
* Fixed: leaveVehicle no longer unassigns units from other groups (
* Changed: Event handlers evaluation, EH are now processed after simulation.
* Fixed: AI soldier unable to fire at targets below or above itself (
* New: addBackpackCargo script function
* New: Multiplayer Event MPRespawn synchronized on all clients but triggered only on the client where respawn happens.
* Fixed: Client had problems taking weapon from remote vehicle (supply target was handled localy)
* New: Multiplayer Event Handlers MPKilled and MPHit. Their event handlers are synchronized over network to be the same on all clients.
Moreover, when the MPKilled or MPHit event occurs it is triggered on all clients, ie. it works in global manner.
Use them by new scripting commands addMPEventHandler, removeMPEventHandler and removeAllMPEventHandlers.
* Fixed: Join group changes unit's side
* Changed: Airplanes parallax HUD disabled, can be enabled by "enableParallax" in config
* Fixed: execVM with a zero sized file has frozen the game.
* Fixed: Switching vision mode with fire mode
* Fixed: AI equipped with TI see through smokes
* Fixed: Commanding units with aiming deadzone
* Fixed: crash on server when loading ban.txt
* Fixed: crash in Ka52 while player as gunner
* Fixed: Shadows sometimes disappeared, esp. when sun was behind a player.
* Improved: changed tank AI driver behaviour
* New: Better clients bad CDKey checking on server.
* Fixed: Crash with AI leaving vehicle with GetOut EH (
* Fixed: Client with bad CD key is kicked off from server instead of being politely asked to disconnect.
* Fixed: Airplanes HUDs projected into infinity.
* Improved: Tracers visible in all directions.
* Fixed: Unable to connect to servers with equalModRequired.
* Fixed: AI stuck while in combat/stealth mode
* New: Explosive shells penetrate bushes;
* Fixed: FireAtPosition aimpoint
* Fixed: Multiplayer on LAN was crashing when GameSpy server was unavailable.

* Tweaked envelope and landing speed of L39.
* Fixed respawn weapons for some TK soldiers
* Renamed faction CZ - > ACR.
* Tweaked airplanes radars.
* Parallax airplane HUD projection.

Dateigröße: 254 MB
Autor: Bohemia Interactive
Datum: 12.11.10
Downloads: 1321

Mapfact 3D Editor Video

01 Juli
Nein heute ist nicht Weihnachten....aber das stört die Mapfact Jungs rein garnicht.
Sie haben das geschafft was BIS uns für ArmA2 versprochen haben und in VBS2 schon längst eingebaut ist.

Es ist ein vollfunktionsfähiger 3D Editor

Dazu haben sie auf ihrer Seite ein großen Artikel verfasst der euch alles nahe bringt was ihr dazu wissen müsst.

Und als wäre dies nicht genug hat Lester gleich noch ein paar neue Information über sein neues EditorUpgrade veröffentlicht.

Und zu guter letzt hat Sgt.Ace ein paar schicke Screenshots von seiner kommenden Insel "3DE" gezeigt. Diese entschand in Zusammen arbeit mit MCPXXL der die Satelliten Texturen dazu lieferte.

Alle Informationen und ein Video des Realtime Editor findet ihr auf
Dateigröße: 165 MB
Datum: 01.07.08
Downloads: 1313

BWMod (Fix)

15 April
the mega bwmod fix from the moerderhoschi and the burns and the terp and the xeno

This will make BWMod v1.7 work with latest ArmA2 OA patches.

Everything in this is a hybrid of non working v1.7 config & a working but unreleased v1.8 config, + some other things.
Basically saying, it´s all Terp´s and he did it before. We only nagged him enough to let us make & release the fix - so we could finally play Flecktarn again!

BWMod 1.7 -
ArmA2 & OA -
CO Patch 1.60 -

Installation: (presuming you have official BWMod 1.7 installed)
1) delete bwmod.pbo
2) add bwmod_fix.pbo & bwmod_scripts.pbo from this archive, overwrite if asked
3) for use with ACE mod, copy the files from this "optional ace config" folder into your aceaddons or bwmodaddons folder

-all errors from BWMod 1.7 in ArmA2 >1.54 environment gone
-now requires ArmA2 & Operation Arrowhead (CO) instead of only ArmA2
-Woodland units use black G36´s which are adapted to have OAs dual scope
-Desert units use OAs G36_Camo
-freaky Pzf3 animation fixed (replaced with 1.8 closed beta animation)
-Fuchs wreck wrong texture path (replaced with 1.8 closed beta model)
-updated ACE compatibility config addon

Known issues:
-weird issue with track marks, not fixable for us, needs p3d edits

This release comes with a set of optional, but highly recommended v2 signatures.

to terp! for allowing us to rip the unreleased 1.8 beta apart in order to get 1.7 working again!

Dateigröße: 80 kB
Autor: moerderhoschi, terp, xeno, bur
Datum: 15.04.12
Downloads: 1309
Ältere Downloads: 12...67891011121314...3839