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RTE Promo Video

22 Sept
Der Real Time Editor von i0n0s ermöglicht es mit einfachen mitteln eine Mission zubauen und ist somit die 3D Weiterentwicklung des Standartwerks von BIS.

i0n0s veröffentlichte nun in den BI-Foren ein Video zu der neuesten Version des RTE, welche bald erscheinen wird.
Dateigröße: 4 MB
Datum: 22.09.08
Downloads: 205

Extended Event Handlers v1.92

09 Feb
Ein weiteres Update des Standard Addons von Killswitch wurde zusammen mit dem ACE Mod veröffentlicht.

Mehr Info´s zu den neuesten Änderungen in XEH findet ihr im Klapptext.
Dateigröße: 25.8 kB
Autor: Killswitch
Datum: 09.02.09
Downloads: 1395

Eble Phantom II F4

29 Jan
Als fleißiger OFP-ArmA Konvertierer widmetet sich Eble der McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II von Footmunch und stellte im BI-Forum eine Beta Version zum Download bereit.
Phantom II F4 #1Phantom II F4 #2

Beschreibung (englisch)

addon includes:

  • special FX scripts by Lethal/Gnat (modified by me)
  • after burner sound (known issue cuts out after 8 secs)
  • sonic boom sound > 850 speed
  • normal/spec maps
  • Camo texture and Grey Texture thanks to eddyD
  • animated canopy (glass only hoping to fix in next version)
  • multi weapon load outs
  • Cluster bomb script care of Franze
  • modified flight model
  • (modified and fixed sounds by ANZACSAS Steve)
  • XEH (extended event handlers compatable)
  • Tested and flown in ACE Mod
  • F-4E features fully operational gunners position with aiming optics.
  • a
  • djusted HUD brightness, should be visable against light backgrounds
  • exhaust smoke
  • PSD and MLOD sample included for creating your own colour schemes.

For ease of use for the bombs all are self targetting and all can laser lock.

  • Mk82 (iron bomb)
  • CBU-87 (cluster bomb)
  • AGM-88 (air to ground missile)
  • Aim-7 (AA missile)
  • 28 rnds FFAR rocket pod
  • 640rnd Vulcan cannnon

Aircraft Loadouts

    F-4E version (grey, camo)
  • 4 x Aim-7
  • 2 x AGM-88
  • 3 x MK-82
  • 2 x CBU-87
  • 28rnds FFAR

Dateigröße: 6,7 MB
Datum: 29.01.09
Downloads: 1348

SenChi NewSkyPack

24 Feb
Manch einer, der tagsüber die die Prärie von Sahrani streift und sein Blick gen Himmel richtet, dem wird aufgefallen sein, dass der Standarthimmel etwas langweilig aussieht. Das geht noch schöner, sagte sich auch SenChi und veröffentlichte nun in den BI-Foren ein neue Betaversion seines eher düsteren Skypacks. Das Pack beinhaltet neben neuen Texturen, Schatten auch neue Modelle für die Wolkenbilder.
SenChi New Sky #1SenChi New Sky #2

Dateigröße: 18 MB
Datum: 24.02.09
Downloads: 79

Specnaz FSB (beta)

24 Sept
Vor gerade mal einer Woche gab es erste Mutmaßungen über einen bevorstehenden Release der atmospärischen Objekte vom russischen Addonmacher SMERSH vom Studio SARMAT, und bereits heute gibt es einen Beta Release zu verkünden. Neben den Objekten bekommt ihr obendrein noch passende Truppen und einen modifizierten T-72 geboten.
Dateigröße: 35.62 MB
Autor: SMERSH & Studio SARMAT
Datum: 24.09.08
Downloads: 887

Sarve Island v1.1

22 Feb

Queens Gambit wird benötigt

by Ike
Version: 1.1
Required addons:
Queens gambit
Ofp in ArmA - Objects Pack(included in download)

Hi, here's my first map made with Visitor3. Just wanted to release it and see what you think about it.
I wanted to keep it small and size is 7,5x7,5km.

- Ofp in ArmA Objects Pack bunkers
- Lot of woods/natural cover
- Big harbour
- Few villages and bases
- Airfield
- Swamp
- Works on dedi

Dateigröße: 15.19 MB
Autor: Ike
Datum: 22.02.08
Downloads: 92

SLA Woodland Troops

29 Juni
SLA Woodland Troops
v.1.1 - (29 June 2008)
by Rellikki <>

This addon comes up with a redux version of the BIS SLA troops. The main purpose of the addon is to
bring you SLA troops without the Interceptor body armor, as I thought that it was unrealistic to have
an Eastern world nation with Western world equipment. Other changes comparared to BIS SLA troops are
for example: enhanced camo pattern, some different unit types, etc.

Version 1.1 changes:
- Added signature files for MP gaming purposes
- New wound textures
- Adjusted the chestrig's straps to fit better with the shape of the body
- Replaced the 2D belt on the uniforms with a 3D one
- Added support for multiple languages for the display names
- New units: Crewman and Marksman
... and several other minor updates.

ArmA v.1.04 or higher.

To install, simply excract the content inside the AddOns folder of the archieve into your ArmA AddOns
folder, or a mod folder of your choice.
The units can be found under the OPFOR side in a category named "REL - Woodland SLA".

Credits & thanks to:
- Ebud, CWR and BIS for the base 3D models & textures
- ObmaR for the 3D models of the bandana and the field cap
- Von Rundstedt for the 3D model of the beret
- Benoist, W0lle, Tiger205,, wipman, Old Bear and MODUL for the translations of the display
names to different languages.

Please visit my website for more ArmA stuff by me:

Have fun...
...and use the addon at your own risk!
Dateigröße: 21,5 MB
Autor: Rellikki
Datum: 29.06.08
Downloads: 246

Satellite view (SATCOM)

12 Feb
Satcom von Chicago.

- Satellite view
- Artillery support über Funkkommunikation
- Rocket system über Funkkommunikation
- Notebook Addons[/i][/quote]


Dateigröße: 3 MB
Autor: Chicago
Datum: 12.02.08
Downloads: 312

Editor - Mechanized Assault

21 Nov
Dateigröße: 39.1 MB
Autor: burns
Datum: 21.11.06
Downloads: 894

ACE - Update 1.05

16 März

Generated by ArmA BuildTools v0.9.0, by Sickboy (
Dateigröße: 519 MB
Autor: Sickboy
Datum: 16.03.09
Downloads: 1820

ArmA Gameplay Video @E3 ´06

15 Mai
Video einer Armed Assault Präsentation bei der Electronic Entertainment Expo 2006
Dateigröße: 39,7 MB
Autor: IDEA Games / Gamona
Datum: 15.05.06
Downloads: 1664

Unique ammo models

04 März
Zitat von andersson:
I been dead tired on the satchel bags as ammo. Now when BI so kindly released their mlods it was a piece of cake to do this. So most credit goes to BIS as they made the models, I only cutted away the magasines.

As this is made using the released BI mlods I agree to the licens they are released with. So read the readme if you are going to use something for your own models.

One thing I'm not really satisfied with is the grenades, they use the same model regardless of HE or flare...

Dateigröße: 1.31 MB
Autor: andersson
Datum: 04.03.08
Downloads: 881

SJB SMG-Pack v1.00 (beta)

15 Sept

##### ##### ####
# # # #
##### # ###
# # # #
##### ## ####

Released on: Sunday 14th Spetember 2008

NOTE: This readme.txt is best read with WordWrap OFF

> Armed Assault/ArmA/Combat Operations (patched to v1.08 minimum).


You may re-distribute this package provided the file is kept in its original state and is
not modified, and that no commercial gain is made by either renting, leasing or selling of
this package.

The addon file (in .CAB format) should contain the following:
> sjb_tossmg.pbo - PBO containing the models/textures.
> sjb_tossmg_cpp.pbo - PBO containing the config.cpp defines for the weapons.
> sjb_optics.pbo - Optic models used by some of the weapons in this pack (and future releases).
> sjb_tosammo.pbo - Ammo defines used by this pack (and future releases).
> *.pbo.SJB.bisign - Signed files to prevent MP cheating.
> Credits.txt - Please check this file out, it shows who truly made this pack possible.

> sjb_mercedits.pbo - A Preview of the Mercenary units myself and Safetycatch have been working on
for the past few months on and off. Some are re-workings of the original
Queen's Gambit Mercenaries (so these WILL require Queen's Gambit) and some
are brand new "Personal Units" based around gear Safetycatch and myself
would carry if we were to ship out to Sahrani as PMCs.

Extract all the files to your '\ArmA\MODFOLDER\addons' folder, for example

The standard US units carrying the weapons from the pack can be found under:
'WEST > Men (SJB Weapons - SMGs)'

- Public BETA Version v1.0 (THIS RELEASE)
- ~65 Sub-Machineguns with more to come.

- Numerous errors per model reported in the ArmA.rpt file (issues with buggy faces in the model etc). These may, or may not, be fixed in future releases.
- There are probably other issues/niggles I've forgotten to mention and/or fix, so feel free to report in the release thread on the BIS Forums.

Last edit: 23:24 on 13/09/2008

Dateigröße: 139 MB
Autor: Jackal326
Datum: 15.09.08
Downloads: 226

Extended Event Handlers v1.9

22 Sept
Killswitch hat erneut ein Update des, nun bereits standardmäßigen, XEH Addons veröffentlicht.

Obwohl nur die Cracks unter euch wirklich etwas von den Änderungen/Verbesserungen verstehen werden, ist es auch als Otto Normal User immer ratsam die neueste Version installiert zu haben.
Dateigröße: 24 kB
Autor: Solus & Killswitch
Datum: 22.09.08
Downloads: 1234

HD Tropical Island Objectpack Update

29 Jan
Angestiftet von Linker Splits High Definition Tropical Island Objects Pack veröffentlichte Pathetic_Berserker in den BI-Foren ein Replacment für dessen fc_t.pbo Datei.
HD Tropical ISland Objects FIx #1HD Tropical ISland Objects FIx #2


The list of changes below out line some of the changes I've made. But that doesn't cover the plant groups or masses of folige
in his pack as they are a bit dated for the new engine and the only changes made to them were to remove binarizing errors.

No p3ds have been removed or paths changed. This pack is will fully replace the original version

  • Rework of all visual LODS. Basicaly laying them out similar to BIS and removing the preload LOD (LOD 10.000 was a trick used
  • in OFP to load the textures ahead of time and create a smoother running when up close. Can now use frequent=1)
  • Rework of the GEO, FIRE, and VIEW LODs to better suit the respective tasks.
  • ie. Fire LOD = wooded material, View LOD = obscuring folige, and Geo LOD is weighted to allow trees to fall over
    (Big trees need a BIG hit however)
  • Included a Shadow 0 LOD for almost all trees and most plants and called on the 2nd or 3rd visual LOD as the shadow buffer.
  • If there was such a thing as unlimited time this could be taken further but what I've done is working well and I think its
    better than simply using the first visual LOD. Also provides a good range of shadowing levels via the video options.
  • Added various tree/bush classes in properties to many of the items
  • (the realy big trees did look a bit odd however with the degree of sway so left as just 'tree' )
  • 'keep height' is now used only on the base of big_tree1-7 and tree5 & all of tree6 and a few select ground covering plants.
  • So tree canopy no longer slopes with ground.
  • Added tree5_flat for purposes specific to the upcoming Australia Island (no 'keep height' )
  • Added tree5_nv, tree6_nv, and tree7_nv. exactly as tree5, tree6, and tree7 respectively but hanging vines have been removed
  • And various other fixes that showed up in the Binarize Log

Dateigröße: 25 MB
Datum: 29.01.09
Downloads: 595

Revive Script

19 Juni
Macht aber nix, brauchen wir nämlich nicht.
Denn zum Glück gibt es norrin. Sein Revive Script aus ArmA1 könnte praktisch als Vorgänger der San-Module in A2 bezeichnet werden. Das beste daran ist, sie funktionieren! Nicht nur lassen sich hiermit verwundete Gefährten in Sicherheit ziehen, es gibt auch viele optionale Features wie etwa Spectating Script, Bestrafung von Teamkillern, etc.

Nun ist sein geniales, Teamplay förderndes, Script auch für ArmA2 erhältlich. Weitere Versionen werden folgen, aber diese funktioniert bereits gut.
Dateigröße: 266 kB
Autor: norrin
Datum: 19.06.09
Downloads: 418

AT-Glasses Pack

04 Juni
at-glassesMondkalb und seine Kollegen von AT hatten die Idee das wieder eingeführte Brillen-Feature in ArmA2 direkt ein wenig zu erweitern. So finden sich in diesem Addon insgesamt 13 neue Nasenfahrräder, Bärte und eine sehr kleidsame Tüte.
Dateigröße: 553 kB
Autor: mondkalb
Datum: 04.06.09
Downloads: 238

Walther P99-Pack

22 März
Chris P99
Für alle Doppelnullen gibt es von unserem deutschen Community-Mitglied Christian.1987 heute wieder ein kleines aber ansehnliches Waffenpack. Es beinhaltet die Walther P99 in den drei Trendfarbenfarben Schwarz, Grün und Silber mit Schalldämpfer, Laserpointer und als Standardversion.

Dateigröße: 4.76 MB
Autor: Christian.1987
Datum: 22.03.10
Downloads: 190

Igromania Armed Assault Trailer AVI/Tschechisch

11 Mai
Dies ist ein Trailer des russichen Magazins IgroMania.

Am Anfang des Videos werden einige Szenen aus Operation Flashpoint , VBS ( Virtual Battlefield System ) und des älteren Score Trailers gezeigt.

Erst ab der Mitte werden neuere Szenen aus Armed Assault gezeigt.

Auch dieser Trailer zeigt nur ein sehr frühen Entwicklungstand des Spiels.
Dateigröße: 80,4 MB
Autor: Raptor
Datum: 11.05.06
Downloads: 232

Robotech Vf-1s Fighter (beta)

10 April
robojet #3robojet #2robojet #0robojet #1

Zitat von Ghost:
There is some bugs (notably on some textures alpha), but nothing that doesn't prevent from using the addon entirely. The "biggest " bug concerns AI which does not succeed in hiring a target with the plane. I could not make tests in multi, then it is possible that there is bugs also there.

Features :
- Plane is quick (until 2400 km/h) and rather heavy (difficult to make him raise the nose in takeoff).
- It is more robust than a conventional plane, but avoid being in carried by shooting of a cannon of tank (support the impact of 2 shooting AA, but not a shooting AT).
- The weapon is identical to that introduced in my video (Laser, cannon, missiles by salvo of 2 or 4 and " Gun pod ").
- The weaponry is rather powerful, but asks for one good aim (has part the missiles which are auto-guided). For instance, for one T72, 4 missile can destroy it, while 2 shooting to purpose with "Gun Pod" is needed.
- Variable geometry is automatic and begins 700 kms / h. Obturators have an influence on this geometry: when they went out, geometry returns in " normal mode ".
- The additional booster work with a restricted length and consume rather well of kerosène. But it allows to earn about 1000 km / h in some seconds (what take of shelter).
- There are quite a lot of small securities, as for instance the boost which cannot be triggered off when the train went out.
- HUD of the cockpit is functional and shows information, on top of that, on the boost, the position of variable geometry (seeing home gauche), essence (seeing red down to the right, when there is not almost any more), the position of the undercarriage (in the centre to the left), a warning when the plane is locké by a missile, etc...
- To it is added some + as the glass roof who opens is close up automatically, the animations of the undercarriage, the animations of the fire of thrusters, shells ejected by the cannon when one shooting, 2 levels of destruction on the plane, etc...

That to say furthermore (it already makes a lot and it explains the left out time). And say that by beginning, I knew nothing in scripts :)

Dateigröße: 6.53 MB
Autor: Ghost
Datum: 10.04.08
Downloads: 1027
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