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Zitat von Jonric/IGN:
Are you willing to tell us anything more about the nature of the gameworld? For instance, are there many different types of terrain?
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Paul R. Statham: As mentioned previously, the game features an island covering an area of approximately 250 square miles. Located in the Atlantic Ocean, Sahrani is the divided into two very different countries; the northern nation is a Communist dictatorship, whilst the one to the south is a democratic monarchy.

With the northern neighbour being a communist regime, it's no surprise that its forces generally use Russian weapons and vehicles. While they may not be quite as modern as those used by the southern foes, they have a lot.

Southern Sahrani profits fairly well from the sale of oil and other exports, so the buildings and surroundings display a little more affluence than those of its northern neighbour. It's also a little warmer in the South, so the architecture tends to reflect that.

The landscape and terrain the player will experience vary quite significantly as the story moves around the island. Obviously, all areas of the island are accessible, so the player can find himself wading through water on a beach, or pushing through trees in the forest. Of course, a lot of the combat will also involve moving from town to town, and fighting inside and around the numerous buildings and structures, as is normal in modern urban combat, so the surroundings will reflect that as well.

Zitat von Jonric/IGN:
How would you describe the player character and the unit of which he's a member? Do the others have individual identities?

Paul R. Statham: There are many soldiers. Some are fighting on one side, some on the other. They're individuals, but each is just one small part of the greater war machine. Separately, they're like specks of dust that are blown away in the wind; collectively and organized, they join together to become something stronger than the sum of their parts.

The soldiers around you have their own names, ranks and serial numbers, so if they stay alive, they'll turn up in future missions, which certainly helps you feel that they have a living presence and a personalities. Obviously, it's in your best interest to try to ensure that your squadmates survive. Keeping them alive will make life easier for you as you progress through the missions. There's no feeling like seeing an enemy about to shoot you as you're in the middle of reloading. You freeze and think "This is it; I'm dead now", only to hear a bang from behind you, and the enemy drops. You turn round, and Will Porter is standing there, but you have no time to thank him for saving your life; you have to move on with the mission.

Like any soldier, you're issued equipment by the United States Army as they deem appropriate to your mission or your orders. But of course, as a smart and resourceful soldier knows, sometimes the equipment that the Army gives you isn't always the best choice for the job at hand; therefore, be ready to take advantage of other gear you find available to use, such as that found inside weapon crates, ammunition vehicles, or even on the fallen bodies of comrades or enemies.

Zitat von Jonric/IGN:
What kinds of weapons will be available, and will any have prerequisites associated with using them? How about player-controlled vehicles?

Paul R. Statham: A large number of weapons will be available, both for the player's side and the opposing forces; currently, we're looking at around 50 in total. As is usual, the player will be issued with his weaponry prior to any mission; however, it's possible for him to choose his loadout based on personal preference. The weapons will cover many different types, from single-shot sidearms to automatic weapons with single, burst and auto modes, on to squad-based heavy machineguns. Of course, it doesn't end there. Armed Assault will contain a large variety of anti-armour and anti-air weapons plus the more usual things such as grenades and timed C4 charges.

Weapons are acquired by being issued them for a mission, or by the player collecting them from ammunition containers of some kind (ammo crates, vehicles, etc). There is no "earning" weapon system or anything like that. This is a realistic game, so there's none of the "kill 50 tangos and earn points to unlock shiny new gun" nonsense. It's also possible to retrieve weapons from the bodies of fallen compatriots (and enemies).

Armed Assault features over 40 different vehicles, all usable by the player, ranging from simple civilian cars and trucks to the more resilient types such as jeeps and Hummers, then heavily armoured vehicles such as APCs and tanks. For those gamers who like to get off the ground, a number of different helicopters and planes will be available in both single- and multiplayer. Obviously, for each type of vehicle, there is a parallel variant of some kind for the enemy. If you capture an enemy vehicle without it being too damaged, you can of course use it yourself.

Zitat von Jonric/IGN:
How will the weapons and vehicles used by the two sides differ? Will each have its own assortments?

Paul R. Statham: As Southern Sahrani is an American friendly democracy, its troops will generally have American equipment. The more elite will be equipped with the latest in American weaponry and hardware, whereas its regular grunts will use slightly older generation arms.

With the northern neighbour being a communist regime, it's no surprise that its forces generally use Russian weapons and vehicles. While they may not be quite as modern as those used by the southern foes, they have a lot.

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