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Zitat von Jonric/IGN:
Would you care to tell us about any of these other modes, and why they fit particularly well within the style of your game?

Paul R. Statham: One of the other multiplayer modes that we're very excited to ship with the game is the Capture The Island type. In this mode, the players are split into two teams. Each has the same objective, to capture and hold towns on the island, which then gives it resources to create better defensive positions as well as to increase its offensive capability through further weapons and vehicles. A game mode such as this played out in the Armed Assault engine, which has such depth and possibilities, means that there really can be large-scale persistent battles taking place over the whole of the island, not simply restricted to artificially created choke points as in other games.

It isn't aimed at one specific niche of the market; wherever the gamer is, whether they're young or old, student, white collar, blue collar, even retired military, there is plenty in Armed Assault to appeal to all of them.

Zitat von Jonric/IGN:
What about the music and sound elements in Armed Assault? How prominent will they be, and are you using professional voice actors?

Paul R. Statham: In Armed Assault, the tension and immersion are primarily created by the events and circumstances the player faces during combat; therefore, music is generally used as a peripheral means rather than as a necessary mood setter. It will generally be of a classical style and will be composed by Ondrej Matejka.

Unfortunately, on the island of Sahrani, the days for dialogue and talking have passed. As the nation has become gripped in the midst of war conversation is generally kept to a minimum. There will be a limited amount of cutscene and tertiary dialogue that will be spoken by professional voice actors. During an actual mission, the primary dialogue will consist of spoken orders and responses as used by Armed Assault's DCRRP (dynamic command, response and reply protocols), generally heard via the military radio the soldier is equipped with.

Zitat von Jonric/IGN:
What engine and other technology are you using, and what features are especially important in light of the nature of the game?

Paul R. Statham: We are using our own engine and technology. Te engine is constantly being developed in one of our offices, and in one form or another, serves to power Armed Assault, VBS1, VBS2 and our next generation PC project. Because it has grown, advanced and developed over many years, it allows us to constantly implement features that enable us to best serve the available hardware; for example, from our time developing the Xbox version of our military shooter, we developed special terrain streaming technology that allows us to have very large environments optimized and performing well within the limits of current generation PCs.

Zitat von Jonric/IGN:
What kind of editing capabilities will be available, and what would you like our readers to know about creating maps and mods?

Paul R. Statham: One of the very important aspects of our previous games and technology is that the community who buy and play them can create add-ons and mods covering a very broad spectrum of areas - anything from new music and sound packs to new soldiers, islands, vehicles, weapons, animations, campaigns, even AI features and other core gameplay elements. It seems that with our engine and the community's great talent and imagination, there is no limit to what can be achieved. Our previous titles have resulted in hundreds of gigabytes of available content for download, much of such high quality it could easily be mistaken for professional retail product.

Due to the fact that the Armed Assault engine is from the same "family" as our previous PC games, this one will be just as if not more moddable. It will even be possible to convert existing add-ons and mods to run in Armed Assault with a minimum of fuss and effort. Therefore, once Armed Assault is released, it will only be a matter of days before there are new campaigns, islands, soldiers, vehicles and weapons covering all nations and periods. Buying and playing Armed Assault certainly doesn't start and end with the units, weapons, islands and campaign that come in the box, no matter how significant they alone will be.

Zitat von Jonric/IGN:
When did development of Armed Assault begin, and what is its current status? What is your situation with respect to publishers, particularly for North America and Western Europe?

Paul R. Statham: Development of Armed Assault started around April 2005. In terms of progress, we're moving steadily towards a projected completion of around mid-2006. We intend it to be released in as many markets as possible; one of the strengths of the game is that it appeals to many people from all backgrounds, all walks of life. It isn't aimed at one specific niche of the market; wherever the gamer is, whether they're young or old, student, white collar, blue collar, even retired military, there is plenty in Armed Assault to appeal to all of them.

With regards to publishers, we're currently not signed to anyone for a worldwide publishing deal, and we're quickly approaching the stage where development will wrap up in readiness for beta then gold and finally publication. We attended E3 2006 under the representation of IDEA Games, and anyone wishing to speak to us regarding publishing is very welcome to contact us at

Zitat von Jonric/IGN:
How would you introduce your company, Bohemia Interactive? Where is it located and what are its current projects?

Paul R. Statham: Since its founding in 1999, Bohemia Interactive has significantly grown as a company, in terms of both personnel and offices. Currently, there are three main Bohemia Interactive offices, one in Prague, one to the south of it, and one in Australia. The second of these hosts the next gen / Game2 team as well as the main engine team that programs and develops the engine and technology used for Armed Assault, Game2 and our military simulators, VBS1 and VBS2. The Prague office hosts our Armed Assault team, and the Australian office is where VBS1 and VBS2 are developed.

The core teams consist of approximately 35 people spread around the three studios. They consist of something like six programmers, eight designers and 15 artists; the other members of the teams generally focus on areas such as technology research and design, which enables us to work with new technology as it advances.
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