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Zitat von Jonric/IGN:
What would you rate as the major factors have contributed to your success up to now?
2. IGN Interview -0

Paul R. Statham: One of the keys to the success we have experienced is the fact that within our studio, we have the technology and people to essentially complete all areas of development. We have our own motion capture studio and our own 3D scanner for scanning objects and equipment as well as people's faces to be used on characters, so it really leaves us able to avoid depending on third-party people or products.

It isn't aimed at one specific niche of the market; wherever the gamer is, whether they're young or old, student, white collar, blue collar, even retired military, there is plenty in Armed Assault to appeal to all of them.

Zitat von Jonric/IGN:
Are there any other interesting features or elements you'd like to discuss? Is there anything else you'd like to tell our readers, or something might want to ask them?

Paul R. Statham: With Armed Assault, we have a vision for a game that appeals to a varied set of gamers, one that has a lot to offer through its great depth, realism and of course, very significant fun. While we certainly intend to retain the elements that led to us becoming developers of military training simulators, we are, of course, always looking at ways to improve the areas of gameplay and ease of use, the often overlooked elements of a game that can really make or break it due to the level of frustration they cause.

We really believe that we're well on the road to arriving at this vision, that players will find a game with masses of depth and realism that will serve to challenge them while still making sure they enjoy the experience, the sense of challenge and achievement that single-player has to offer, and the great sense of teamwork and camaraderie that multiplayer presents.

Another element that I'd like to discuss briefly is community. Games and even companies can live or die by the communities they're able to build up and support. Operation Flashpoint reached unprecedented levels in both community and community created content. Thousands of missions, add-ons and mods created by fans were available for download, which enabled Flashpoint to have a lifespan that still hasn't ended; the game has improved significantly since it was released and continues to be enhanced.

For Armed Assault, we intend to build on this already fantastic community and support it with the tools and information that are required to create new content for people to download. More information will be available as the game moves closer to being published.
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