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Zitat von Jonric/IGN:
What are the primary goals you set out to achieve in the area of mission design, and how does this element help Armed Assault to stand apart from other tactical military titles?

Paul R. Statham: One of the key areas that set Armed Assault apart from all other tactical military games out there is the fact that the player really is not funneled towards any certain action or solution. While there will, of course, be certain specific objectives that he must achieve or certain orders he must follow, the freedom of the game and landscape around him means that he can do it anyway he wishes - slow and stealthy or direct, fast and aggressive. There really is no limit to the choices available. Throw a vast array of vehicles into the mix, and it further emphasizes the point.

multiplayer can mean quick blastathons lasting minutes, or intense, militarily structured wide-scale conflicts lasting hours, perhaps even days. The choice is really up to the gamer, which is where the choice should be.

Zitat von Jonric/IGN:
Does this mean missions will typically have multiple objectives, and how will the order in which they're addressed matter?

Paul R. Statham: Most missions will consist of multiple objectives. There is no specific order in which they must be achieved, but as everything on the island is intelligently linked by means of AI or locale, it means that approaching objectives in a certain order can result in later ones being either harder or easier. For example, if the objectives are to capture an enemy base, ambush a convoy and clear an enemy guard post, it would perhaps result in a much harder mission if the player decides to go direct to the enemy base. An attack there could attract the attention of the guard post, resulting in a number of additional enemy troops from it attacking the player from the rear or side, therefore creating a significant tactical disadvantage.

Also, completing objectives in a certain order may open up further tactical opportunities to the player; for example, ambushing the convoy first may result in the capture of some artillery pieces that can then be used against the guard post and base to significantly reduce the enemy threat from a safe distance.

Zitat von Jonric/IGN:
Approximately what duration of single-player gameplay can we expect, and what degree of replayability should we anticipate?

Paul R. Statham: The main campaign of Armed Assault will last for approximately 20 hours. Of course, that will vary significantly for each gamer depending on how they play the game and their knowledge of our previous titles as well as any military experience or training.

The flexibility of our engine and design means that gamers can play the game any way they like; they can play it as full-on simulation abiding by military rules of movement, tactics and procedure, or they can play it as an arcade shooter running around firing wildly on full automatic. The latter play style will result in an average single-player campaign length of around one to two minutes. :)

Zitat von Jonric/IGN:
What would you like to tell our readers about the multiplayer portion of the game and how it will differentiate your game?

Paul R. Statham: Many games of genres similar to Armed Assault focus primarily on single-player or multiplayer, with the "runt" part receiving little developmental focus and serving merely as filler to put a check in a feature box. In Armed Assault, multiplayer can mean quick blastathons lasting minutes, or intense, militarily structured wide-scale conflicts lasting hours, perhaps even days. The choice is really up to the gamer, which is where the choice should be.

Armed Assault will provide the gamer with rigorous, varied and challenging multiplayer that significantly complements the depth of the campaign and engine. There are various different multiplayer modes, some of which are the common and well understood types such as deathmatch, team deathmatch and capture the flag... and, of course, the very popular cooperative. There are also other multiplayer modes that may be less familiar to the average gamer; some examples are Flag Fight, Sector Control, and Hold Location.
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